5 Mongoose BMX Bike Review in 2021 – New Edition


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In the bike industry, including BMX bikes, Mongoose has a good reputation among pro riders for manufacturing bikes with high-grade components and specs.

Whether you are looking for an entry-level bike or want to upgrade your current BMX ride, you can pick the most suitable one from their wide range of bikes.

This article includes the top 5 mongoose BMX bike buying guide that are designed to improve your BMX riding skills.

These bikes come with specs and features that make you able to perform stunts and tricks with ease. And most importantly, you will enjoy every bit of your ride.

Mongoose BMX Bike Review in 2021

The following models are picked for both beginners and pro riders. Durability, performance, component quality, etc. were the matters that I focused on while choosing them.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line

The very first one on the list is for those kids and teenagers whose height is between 3 ft. 8 inches to 4 ft. 8 inches.

If a standard 20 BMX seems a bit larger than what the rider needs, this one with a slightly smaller frame can be the right choice.

With a 16.9 inches top tube length, this bike features a high-quality frame made of Hi-Ten steel. As BMX bikes have to endure a lot of impacts when the rider jumps, having such a durable frame will make sure the bike lasts longer than bikes with other materials.

The L18 sports a single crank of 140 millimeters in size with a 25T alloy made chainring that assures you of utmost durability.

Its American ball bottom bracket makes pedaling a lot easier regardless of the age of the riders. Pedaling will feel much smoother and less-tiring even when riding for hours.

No matter how hard the kid pedals, and how much abuse it has to go through, the crankset can easily survive long without any issue.

Equipped with aluminum single wall 28H rims, and 18×2.3 inches tires, this bike will get the rider comfortable grip regardless of the riding surface.

Before you roll a 20 inches wheeled BMX bike, this one with 18 inches wheels will make you more skillful to be able to easily ride on bigger wheels.

For precise speed control, the manufacturer used an aluminum U-braking system. In addition to that, its Hi-Ten steel 6.5 inches handlebar along with a 40mm stem allows the rider to have good control over the bike.


  • Durable aluminum frame and handlebar
  • Reliable drivetrain with smooth ball bottom bracket
  • Aluminum single wall wheelset
  • Better steering performance


  • Cranks aren’t the best

Mongoose Legion Freestyle – 16-20-Inch

Mongoose Legion Freestyle - 16-20-Inch

If you are looking forward to stepping up to the next level and getting a 20 inches BMX bike, you might like what this one has to offer.

Ideal for the riders with a height between 4 ft. 4 inches to 5 ft.; the bike features impressive geometry, which most pro riders prefer.

Like the previously reviewed one, this one also sports a Hi-Ten steel durable frame that includes a 20 inches top tube.

The frame makes the ride stronger to endure impacts without much issue. Its lengthy top tube is just right for the grown-up teenagers.

In addition to that, the Hi-Ten handlebar will make you feel very comfortable to hold. A 48mm stem sealed integrated threadless headset holds the handlebar securely. All these equipment will make sure you get better steering performance from the bike.

When you pull the brake levers, its steel u-brake mechanism will allow you to precisely control the speed as well.

The bike is equipped with a 170mm crankset that has 25T chainring onto it. Due to forged steel material, both the crank and chairing feel solid and perfect for intensive BMX riding sessions.

To make you pedaling easy, it has an American loose ball bottom bracket providing smoothness no matter how hard you pedal.

To accommodate its 20 inches tires, the bike got a 36H single-wall aluminum rims. The connection is well-secured by a 3/8 inches female axle front hub; in the rear hub, there is a 9T bearing cassette.

So, no matter how hard you hit the trails, you will find the fork is tightly mounted with the tires.


  • Durable steel frame
  • 20 inches wheel size
  • Sturdy rim, crankset, and chainring
  • Good steering performance
  • Lightweight design


  • Seat can be uncomfortable for some
  • Not for pro tricks

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Mongoose Title Expert BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title Expert BMX Race Bike

If you are up to BMX racing, and you are in between 5 ft. to 5 ft. 4 inches, then this expert bike can be your trophy winning ride.

The bike comes with specs and features that you will rarely find in other BMX bikes similar to this one’s level.

Bikers prefer to keep their bike as lightweight as possible to be able to move faster and easier. The title expert comes with a Tectonic T1 aluminum frame, which is very lightweight compared to frames of other materials. Its 19.45 inches top tube along with the frame weigh only 2.8 lbs.

The bike also features internal cable routing and an integrated headset that keeps wiring a lot cleaner. This also contributes to the overall protection of the rider as well.

To make your racing more efficient, the bike got 3-piece tubular cranks with 42T chainring. The entire crankset is supported by a euro cartridge bottom bracket that makes sure you are pedaling smoothly.

In addition to that, its high-pressure Arisun 20 inches tires provide you better traction on the track. The tires are mounted on aluminum made double-wall rims.

To keep the structure well-secured, the manufacturer relied on an aluminum ball bearing front and freewheel rear hub with 16T cog.

The V-braking system is made of alloy in this model. It allows you to get well a decent control over the speed.

No matter where you are rolling these wheels on, its durable handlebar and fork will provide you excellent steering experience that is connected to a sealed bearing headset and a 48mm stem.


  • Lightweight yet durable tectonic aluminum made frame
  • Easy and smooth drivetrain
  • High pressure 20 inches tires
  • Reliable front and rear hub
  • Great value for money


  • The parts are of average quality except for the frame

Mongoose Title Pro XXL BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title Pro XXL BMX Race Bike

Say hello to the elder sibling of the previously reviewed little expert. This model got quite a few upgrades that are focused on the size of the rider.

Because by the name, you can tell that this bike is for elders. Technically, anyone above 6 ft. height can ride this BMX bike with great comfort.

Frame, which is the most crucial factor of any type of bike; this one got a tectonic aluminum frame. The structural properties of tectonic aluminum are quite lightweight.

So, that means, even if the bike is a bit larger, you will still not feel it heavy while riding on it.If you are concerned about the top tube length, it’s about 21.73 inches long. Still, the bike weighs nearly 3.31 lbs.

All the cables go through the tube, so there will be less messy wire on the tube. Apart from that, it got an integrated headset that assures you of better protection of the structure.

To help you win the race, the bike comes with 20 inches tires of Arisun that are high-pressure tires providing excellent traction down the racing track.

The tires are mounted on aluminum made double-wall rims that ensure the durability of the wheels. Its aluminum ball-bearing front and 16T cog rear hub freewheel allow the wheels to roll smoothly.

Title pro is equipped with an alloy made V-braking system that provides decent speed control. Its durable handlebar and fork seem to provide excellent steering performance regardless of the track.

With its 175mm 3-piece crankset and 44T chainring, you will be able to pedal very smoothly. The euro cartridge bottom bracket makes sure everything on the drivetrain goes nicely as you would expect it to be.


  • Lightweight frame design
  • Internal cable routing
  • Long top tube
  • Drivetrain makes pedaling easier
  • High-pressure tires for better traction


  • Average quality components
  • Not for pro tricks

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

You can go wrong if you are on a tight budget but want a BMX bike that comes with components worthy of cruising racing trophies?

Ideal for the riders 5 ft. 7 inches and above, this one can be the right pick considering what it offers at such a price tag.

The manufacturer kept the weight very minimum and used Tectonic aluminum material to make the frame of this bike. It got a long top tube that measures 21.77 inches.

Mongoose designed the tube as a route for internal cables of its V-brakes. An integrated headset is also there that makes the structure is more reliable.

You will be able to swiftly pedal without tiring the legs. No matter how long you ride for, the drivetrain will make pedaling much easier with its 175mm 3-piece crank and 42T chainring. To make them well secure, there is a euro cartridge bottom bracket as well.

As you have asked for it, this model is equipped with 24 inches tires from Arisun that performs brilliantly when it’s about traction.

Aluminum double-wall rims further increase the overall strength of the wheels. The bike also has a reliable front and rear hub that keeps the wheels well-mounted.

You can effectively control the speed using its V-brakes. The handlebar and fork are connected to a 48mm stem.

In addition to that, the bearing headset further contributes to the overall steering performance that goes to your favor.


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Longer top tube
  • Lightweight design
  • 24 inches high-pressure tires
  • Wheelset provides better traction
  • Excellent steering ability


  • High gearing for beginners

Things to Consider Before Buying Mongoose Bike

Even though all bikes roll their wheels on the road, when it’s about BMX bikes, there are certain characteristics that differentiate this type from others

Frame and Fork Material

Both the frame and fork need to be made of durable and lightweight material such as aluminum.

There are Hi-tensile aluminum-made frames that are used in bikes. This material is pretty lightweight and cheaper as well.

Chromo steel frames are a bit expensive. If you want a bike with an utmost lightweight and durable frame, go for carbon fiber frames. These are more expensive ones.

Wheel Size

BMX bikes come with different wheel sizes. 20 inches is considered as the standard size, which is for more skilled riders. Beginners suit best with 16 to 18 inches wheels; this is for kids and teenagers.

However, there are also 22-inch and 24-inch wheel sizes available in the market. These are for BMX dirt racing and jumping. Larger ones are for taller pro BMX riders.

Rim Size

The standard rim size for freestyle BMX bikes is 32mm. If you prefer to put a bit more pressure and the rim has to endure more impact than usual, consider getting a 36mm wider one.

There are single, double, and triple-walled aluminum made rims to provide necessary structural support depending on the strength and weight.


Both the spoke count and rim size has to do with the overall strength of the wheelset. For most riders, 36 spokes will be enough to go with a freestyle BMX ride. Pro and advanced riders require up to 48 spokes on the wheels.


If you mostly ride on parks and smooth surfaces, wider tires are recommended. Tires that can withstand up to 110 psi, roll faster while giving protection to the rim as well.

Low-pressure tires provide more grip for dirt jumpers. 2.1 inches wider tires will provide better stability in this case

Ball Bearings

Open cage ball bearings are good for entry-level bikes, as they cost much less. Sealed or cartridge bearings, on the other hand, are more expensive and can endure tough conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to assemble the BMX bike I ordered?

Yes, you need to assemble the bike yourself. There will be instructions from the manufacturer about how to do it.

When do I need 20 inches tires?

If you do well with 18 inches tires, you can upgrade them without any issue. Beginners can also start with 20 inches as per their ability to handle the bike.

What age is a 20 inches BMX bike for?

Being the standard bike size, kids over 8 years and teenagers are good to go with a 20 inches bike without much trouble.

What does make a BMX bike different from a regular bike?

Unlike regular road and mountain bikes, BMX bikes are made for sprinting around short man-made tracks. These are not for long-distance, natural, and rough terrains.

Is BMX safe for kids?

Even though BMX biking is among the most dangerous sports, it only refers to adults who
perform risky tricks and stunts. If the kids use a BMX bike for riding on a road, in the yard, and not doing any tricks, they are safe.

Final Words

Hopefully, these Mongoose BMX bike guide helped you out to choose a suitable bike, whether it’s for kids or teenagers.

Make sure the rider is wearing all safety accessories and gears as BMX biking has a higher chance of getting injured compared to other formats.


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