Top 10 Best Bandsaw Under $200 – Review in 2021


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Are you a professional woodcutter or someone who is pursuing this profession? You can also develop this into one of your hobbies, where you can implement your artistic skills. Well, then it is mandatory to have a bandsaw that is of good quality.

You may not be aware of bandsaw and other necessary details related to this tool. And without knowing, you cannot go to the market, aiming to get a perfect bandsaw.

So, to make this task easier, we have come up with our today’s article where we have mentioned the high-quality bandsaw in the market based on different tastes and compatibility of different people.

Best Bandsaw Under $200

We know that researching and getting enough information can be hard. Hence, go through the entire article where we have mentioned the top ones available out there.

Hopefully, you will be able to make a wise decision out of it and buy your suitable bandsaw. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the topic.

Top 10 Bandsaw Under $200 Review in 2021

Choosing a suitable piece is not always easy; we get that. And that is exactly why we have piled up the top ten bandsaws available in the market, just for you!

After reading detailed information regarding them, you will not feel puzzled anymore!

WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch

When it comes to bandsaws, you need to make sure you are purchasing one that is easy to assemble. Or else, you might end up with a frustrating start, and you surely wouldn’t want that.

Fortunately, here’s a product that has kept that in mind. But, along with that, this particular tool has a lot more to offer. It comes with features that will only amaze you.

For instance, the product has a motor with 2.5 amp current, and it rotates the blade up to 2500 feet each minute.

On the other hand, this level of power goes hand in hand with its cutting depth and width. With 3.5 inches of depth and 9 inches of width, you will never feel any sort of hesitation even when cutting thick materials.

The tool already comes with blades that are 59.5 inches, which’s size can be anywhere from 1/8 inches to 3/8 inches. Hence, you can easily replace this certain part whenever you deem it necessary.

Moreover, the blade included is about ¼ inches wide. But, the tool includes other parts as well.

For instance, it comes with a 2-1/2 inches dust port as well as a rip fence. But that’s not all. It also includes a meter gauge.

As for the tablespace, you can choose one that is about 12-1/4 x 11-7/8 inches in size. The benefit of this particular size frame is that the worktable can bevel up to 45 degrees, giving you the best table experience.

Even though the machine includes professional features, it actually doesn’t work out for a professional quite well. You can only use it as a hobbyist. Furthermore, the saw does not make straight cuts in some instances.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 2.3 amp motor with 2500 feet per minute rotating blades
  • Cuts with 3.5 inches depth and 9 inches width
  • Includes a ¼ inches wide blade along with a lot more useful parts
  • Bevels up to 45 degrees with the right work table frame


  • Not for professionals
  • Does not make straight cuts at times

DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer

DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer

Are you looking for something lightweight as well as accurate? Because in that case, here’s the tool you should be purchasing right away!

But, fret not. This machine has a lot more to offer than just that, to give you the best working experience.

You will be astonished by the amount of power this bandsaw is capable of offering. It comes with a brushless motor, which can provide a runtime of up to 32 thousand cuts each minute.

That is sufficiently higher than what its competitors provide. However, for the betterment of your experience and work, the tool also includes a calibrated depth adjustment knob.

You can alter the depth up to 2mm for higher precision and praiseworthy accuracy. With a no-load speed of 15000 rotation per minute, you will never waste your time. But that’s not all.

The tool saves your workplace quite professionally, as well. Its kickstand feature allows the users to rest the planer on the work surface without any hassle whatsoever.

On the other hand, to make sure your cuts are absolutely parallel, the tool comes with aluminum shoes both in the front and back. This not only ensures the parallelism of cut but also keeps you free of tension.

Worried about replacing the tool right after purchasing it? Well, stop right away. The machine comes with a poly-v drive belt, which is very durable and ensures the intactness of the product for a long period of time.

However, you might end up with a product that is poorly adjusted from the factory, so you need to be a little careful when purchasing one of these. Also, the aluminum shoes included are not coplanar, which can be quite troublesome.


  • Brushless motor with 32000 cuts per minute running time
  • No-load speed of 15000 rpm and includes a kickstand feature
  • Includes an adjustment knob for higher precision
  • Comes with aluminum shoes both on the front and back
  • Poly-v belt drive for increased durability


  • Some machines might be poorly adjusted from the factory
  • Aluminum shoes provided are not coplanar

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Milwaukee 2429-20 Cordless Sub Compact

Milwaukee 2429-20 Cordless Sub Compact

There are some aspects that make a bandsaw great, and two of them are- good value for money and the ease of use. Without these two aspects, you might as well be buying something at a loss.

Keeping that in mind, this product has been made so that you can be fully satisfied with it.

Do you have multiple workplaces? Worry not. This compact and cordless tool allows its users to work in different places and make one-handed cuts. Moreover, its low weight also makes transporting the product quite simple.

But just because it is lightweight and compact, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful enough. The motor makes cuts of ¾ inches EMT in seconds.

As a result, you can make up to 150 cuts per charge, if you are operating it with the XC battery.

On the other hand, you will be amazed by its wide range of cutting applications. The tool can cut up to 1-5/8 inches, which allows its users to cut different materials in a variety of styles.

More importantly, you can use the product for professional work as well. That is because the machine meets OSHA guarding requirements, and is safely suited for one-handed use.

To make sure you get conveniently precise cuts through this tool, it offers LED lights, which highlights the cut line and ensures no mistakes throughout the cut. Furthermore, you can also replace the battery if you deem it necessary.

Sadly, the machine can get a little unstable at times. That might raise the possibility of unwanted accidents. Furthermore, the product isn’t very durable. It might break down after a few months of use.


  • Compact and cordless too, which is easy to carry
  • Quite powerful and makes speedy cuts
  • Offers a wide range of cutting applications
  • Suited for one-handed use and meet OSHA guarding requirements
  • Includes LED lights and replaceable batteries


  • Might get unstable at times
  • Not long-lasting

SKIL 9” Band Saw

SKIL 9” Band Saw

With the ease of assembly and great movements, one can’t possibly go wrong with bandsaws. That is why this tool has been constructed using exactly these features.

But, the product has a lot more to offer, which makes it one of the good bandsaw under $200.

Without straight and accurate cuts, you can’t really rely on a bandsaw. That is why this product comes with a rip fence to make sure you can fully depend on it for your woodworking.

Furthermore, the machine can cut through a variety of wood materials, which will keep your work diverse and versatile. However, you can use the product for other materials as well, which only adds more diversity.

To make sure you get more accurate cuts throughout your work, the product comes with LED lights. This follows your cut line, so you get a better view with less error.

But, for further accuracy, the tool includes rack and pinion table adjustment, which will let you shift the angle and the height quickly. Moreover, the added dust port makes sure your workplace is free of dust at all times.

On the other hand, the motor offers a speed, with which you can work on both wood and metal materials. As a result, you won’t face any sort of hassle with speed adjustment when it comes to working with different materials.

However, the power provided is not always enough for working with certain materials, which can be quite unpleasant. Moreover, the blades provided are quite poor in design, so you may need to replace them soon after purchase.


  • Comes with a rip fence
  • Can cut through a variety of wood materials
  • Includes LED lights
  • Features rack and pinion table adjustment
  • Motor provides power that can be used to work with wood and metal materials


  • Certain materials can’t be cut because of the power
  • Poor blade design

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 2.5 in. Portable (Tool Only) P590

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+

Quick and accurate cuts are necessary when it comes to woodworking. Or else, you may not get a satisfactory enough result, and you surely wouldn’t want that.

Keeping that in mind, this product has been made, which is why you will absolutely love it.

Speaking of which, the tool offers 560 SFPM, which allows its users to make quick cuts through the materials of work. As a result, you can work efficiently with no more time wasted.

On the other hand, the product comes with a 2-1/2 inch cut capacity. You can use the tool for a variety of applications. It can be used to make different cuts for diversity in work, producing desired results at all times.

But that’s not all. This versatility does not apply to cuts only. In fact, it extends to different materials as well.

You can cut wood, metal, and even plastic with this particular bandsaw; hence, your work will not be limited to a specific material only.

Furthermore, to make sure you get comfort as well during work, the product comes with an integrated pommel handle.

This feature increases coziness as well as visibility in work. So, you are getting accuracy and comfort all at once.

Moreover, you can easily replace the battery as well as the blade whenever you deem it necessary.

The replacement process is quite hassle-free as well, to make sure you don’t get stressed out at all during work.

However, the battery is sold separately, and you might need to purchase a few other parts with this product, which might be a little hassle-some.

Moreover, the machine might not last long enough if you work with heavy materials frequently.


  • Offers 560 SFPM
  • Comes with 2-1/2 inches of cut capacity
  • Can cut wood, metal, and plastic
  • Integrated pommel handle for increased comfort
  • Battery and blades can be easily replaced


  • Necessary parts should be purchased separately
  • Not durable

WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable

WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch

If your bandsaw isn’t versatile enough, then your applications and work will be limited to some extent. Hence, choosing one with diverse applications is necessary. And that is exactly what this tool offers. However, it does offer a lot more.

For instance, you will be astonished by its cutting capacity. With 5 inches of width and 5 inches of depth, you will never have to compromise while woodworking. This facility will let you make a variety of shapes and sizes with ease.

In fact, what makes it more diverse is its variable speed operation. You can easily adjust the blade speed, which will allow you to work with multiple materials- such as wood, metal, and lot others; hence, your field of work will not be limited.

What’s more, the speed can be adjusted from about 60 to 420 feet per minute. Hence, you can work slow and steady, as well as super-fast. Its powerful motor, with 10 amp current, will only make the process easier for you.

Despite being so powerful and versatile, the product itself isn’t heavy at all. In fact, its lightweight design makes it only easy to carry. With 14.5 pounds of weight, you will feel no sort of pain when carrying the tool.

However, the tool includes a lot of other useful facilities as well. For instance, it includes an adjustable front handle as well as ball-bearing blade guides, which only makes using the tool much easier.

Even though the product is quite powerful, it actually isn’t heavy-duty and might break apart after a few rough uses. So, it’s better to be careful with this. Moreover, the manual provided has some information missing.


  • Cuts with 5 inches of width and 5 inches of depth
  • Blade speed can be adjusted from 60 to 420 feet per minute
  • Can be used to cut a variety of materials
  • Good portability
  • Comes with a lot of other useful facilities


  • Not heavy duty
  • The manual has some information missing

XtremepowerUS 9” inch Pro Benchtop

XtremepowerUS 9” inch Pro Benchtop

Are you looking for the best benchtop bandsaw under 200 out there? Because in that case, we have got great news for you.

This product is exactly what you are looking for, and working with it will only be a great experience for you.

First of all, this product is great for cutting irregular shapes, and it can also be used to cut lumber into thinner pieces.

This facility is missing from a lot of its competitors- giving you more reason to like this one better.

Moreover, the spacious work surface, which comes with a frame of 11-3/4 x 11-3/4, gives you enough room to stretch while you are getting your job done. Hence, you can work as comfortably as you would like to.

For the right angle and height alteration, the tool provides a rack and pinion table adjustment. As a result, you can make convenient changes without any hassle whatsoever.

On the other hand, you can work with the tool at multiple places. That is because the product is compact and can be used on any flat surface without any trouble whatsoever. In fact, carrying it is easy as well.

No one likes too much dust in their work station. It makes visibility unclear and the line of work hazy. That is why the tool comes with a dust port, which can be attached to any vacuum hose for proper cleaning.

If you are looking for something long-lasting, then this is not for you. The product might break down after a year of use only; hence, you should be careful with it. Furthermore, you can’t really adjust the speed with this tool.


  • Used to cut irregular shapes and lumber into thin pieces
  • A spacious work surface for comfort
  • Rack and pinion table adjustment is included
  • Can be used in any flat surface
  • Includes a dust port


  • Might not last more than a year
  • Speed cannot be adjusted

Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B 18-Volt

Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B

In case you are already familiar with the brand, then you are aware of the fact that it does not disappoint. And this product is no different. In fact, with amazing features and top-grade quality, it will only exceed your expectations.

If you are looking for a bandsaw that can be carried easily from place to place, then this will surely satisfy you.

Its compact design and lightweight body make the process very much convenient for its users.

Furthermore, it’s LED light feature makes sure you get to cut properly even in a low light environment.

This aspect increases accuracy to a huge extent. Hence, you can confidently work without worrying about making mistakes.

But that’s not all. The product comes with a 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 cutting capacity, which allows its users to work with various materials. As a result, you won’t falter in terms of versatility, either.

If you work in tight spaces, then this is more than ideal for you. That is because the tool doesn’t take up much space. So, you can not only use it in different workplaces, but you can also use it in a variety of work surfaces.

More importantly, the product provides good value for money. Now, obviously, you wouldn’t want to invest in the wrong product. Hence, this is a good product for those who wouldn’t want their investment to be a loss.

The blades provided with the product are actually not sturdy at all. They might break after a few cuts, so you should be careful to avoid accidents. Moreover, the replacement of blades can cost extra money, which is unacceptable to some extent.


  • Compact design and lightweight body
  • LED light feature for better visibility
  • 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 cutting capacity
  • Ideal for work in tight places
  • Good value for money


  • Blade breaks down frequently
  • Replacement of blade costs extra

10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed

10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed

Being sufficiently lightweight and accurate is essential when it comes to bandsaws. Or else, you will surely regret getting the product at hand.

But, that’s not the kind of problem you will be facing with this one, because it comes with everything that you could possibly want in a bandsaw.

First of all, the saw comes with a motor that contains about 10 amp of current. With this power, you can easily cut a variety of materials with ease, and will not be facing problems even if you work with hardwoods.

But, for working with different kinds of materials, the tool gives you the option to change its speed from time to time.

With a variable speed of 0 to 420 feet per minute, you can alter it in accordance with the material you are cutting.

On the other hand, the machine comes with a cut capacity of 5 x 5 inches. That is enough for you to try a variety of projects. Hence, your tasks will not remain limited to a specific framework only.

But, the machine cares about your comfort as well. That is why it comes with super ergonomics, which will cause you to feel less fatigued throughout your working period. So, you will be able to work more efficiently.

Moreover, the tool provides a balance, which provides accurate cuts at all times. What’s more, you can take this tool from workplace to workplace, as it is pretty lightweight and easy to move.

The tool might make noises while you are working with it, which can be pretty unpleasant from time to time. Furthermore, the product is not very long-lasting, which can be pretty disappointing and might require you to get a replacement soon.


  • Motor with 10 amp current
  • Adjustable speed with 10 to 420 feet per minute
  • Cutting capacity of 5 x 5 inches
  • Provides comfort and less fatigue
  • Easy to move and makes accurate cuts


  • Makes noise during operation
  • Not long-lasting

ShopSeries RK7453 9”

ShopSeries RK7453 9”

If you are looking for something powerful and lightweight all at once, then here’s a product that you will love. With optimal strength and accuracy, this product really does excel in what it does, which is why you will absolutely love it.

For instance, the motor of the tool generates a power of 2.5 amp. This feature allows the machine to cut through the toughest of materials with ease.

But, despite being powerful, the product can be easily carried or moved, thanks to its low weight body.

Furthermore, the work table is made of die-cast aluminum, which ensures both sturdiness and resistance to corrosion/rust. The table can bevel up from 0 to 45 degrees, all to increase convenience for your work.

On the other hand, the tool comes with a tungsten carbide blade, which is about 59.5 inches in length. Moreover, it has a cutting depth of 3.125 inches and a throat depth of about 9 inches.

Apart from this, the product includes other amazing facilities. Such as, it comes with a built-in work light, which is quite flexible. As a result, you can view your cuts clearly, resulting in accurate and precise cuts.

More importantly, the product includes a micro-adjustable rack and pinion. This added part makes the replacement and adjustment of blades absolutely easy and hassle-free.

Sadly, the tool might not deliver straight cuts at all times, which might be a little disappointing for the users. On the other hand, adequate instructions are not provided, which might make operating the tool a little difficult.


  • Generates a power of 2.5 amp
  • Table is made of die-cast aluminum, which can bevel up to 45 degrees
  • Blade of 59.5 inches length and 3.125 inches width
  • Built-in work light
  • Adjustable rack and pinion provided


  • Does not deliver straight cuts at all times
  • Adequate instructions are not provided

What to Look for in a Bandsaw Under 200?

What to Look for in a Bandsaw

Even if you are aware of what you exactly want from a bandsaw, you should not overlook the important factors that actually make one good. After all, some characteristics are more essential than what you are looking for.

To make sure you make no mistake when choosing the right band saw on the budget for yourself, we have made a list of all the traits that should be present in an ideal bandsaw.

If you keep them in mind while purchasing the product, then you can surely acquire the best one for your work! So, here goes the factors that you should look for.

What Do You Need It For?

Before you decide to purchase a bandsaw, you need to first determine the kind of projects that you will need it for. For instance, some bandsaws are made for woodworking, whereas others are made for metalworking or carpentry.

Of course, multifunctional tools are available as well, but if your requirement is specific, then why waste extra bucks? That is why determining your frame of work/projects is quite necessary.

Most bandsaws are capable of woodworking and carpentry, so it is something you will be getting everywhere anyway.

Ease of Assembly

Even though this factor is often not given much importance, but it is quite essential when it comes to tools such as bandsaws.

Why? It’s because, if the process of setting it up happens to be complicated, then you will need to seek help from a professional, which will cost unnecessary bucks.

So, make sure setting the tool up is easy and hassle-free. Make sure the manual provided contains all the information necessary to set it up. More importantly, you should focus on this factor, especially if you are a beginner.

Also, you should make sure that the tool comes with all the parts that will be required for the assembly. If not, then you might have to take the trouble of purchasing the extras separately.

Ease of Use

Now, this factor is necessary both for a beginner and a professional. If the tool is hassle-some to use, then executing the projects or getting the work done will be quite frustrating for you.

That is simply because bandsaws come with a lot of aspects that need to be managed. And you surely wouldn’t want them to be complicated. With more complications, the end results of your will become only more unsatisfactory.

Hence, make sure the manual provided contains information regarding its operations. And also, make sure that the product does not come with any hassle-some part requiring difficult execution.

Ease of Changing Blades

Ease of Changing Blades

When you purchase a bandsaw, you need to keep in mind that changing its blades is quite essential.

Blades get damaged from time to time, for a variety of reasons, and so every saw is integrated with a system that allows its users to change the blades.

But, what actually matters is how easy or difficult it is to change the blades when necessary. For that, you need to see the structure of the tool.

If the process happens to be difficult, then you will have a hard time executing it, which you surely wouldn’t want.

So, make sure that the process is relatively easy so that you won’t be facing any sort of hassle while you are at it.

Power of Motor

The power generated by the motor of a bandsaw is one of the most important factors that you should look out for. Without sufficient power, you will not be able to work with a variety of materials.

Of course, if you plan on working with softwoods or such materials only then low power would be enough for the purpose. However, for tougher materials, a really powerful tool would be necessary.

But, do make sure that the construction of the tool will be capable of handling the power well. Or else, the tool might break down after a few operations, which you surely wouldn’t want.

Speed Adjustments

To work with a variety of materials, varying speed is quite necessary. For instance, to work with thicker and tougher materials, you will need a high speed.

Whereas, to work with soft and thin objects, a low speed would be good enough. That will also be necessary if you are looking to do your work as detailed as possible.

Hence, you should make sure that the tool comes with knobs or switches that will allow you to change the speed as you deem necessary.

Without this aspect, your frame of work will be limited to a certain extent, and you surely wouldn’t prefer that.


There are a variety of woods available out there, and so is metal. Working with all of them would require a tool that is capable of executing tasks concerning those as smoothly as possible.

For instance, the tool should be capable of doing detailed work, but it should also be able to cut through thick and sturdy materials. But, that is only if you work with a variety of projects.

If you do certain types of tasks only, then there is no need for such versatility. In fact, in that case, you should go for specificity.

Added Features

Bandsaws come with a lot of added features, two of which are LED lights and dust ports. Both of these features increase visibility, which is needed both when doing detailed work and when cutting straight lines.

LED lights can also prove to be beneficial while working under low light. Even though that is not recommended, but you still won’t face much trouble if your chosen bandsaw includes this feature.

No one likes a dusty workspace, and we are pretty sure neither do you. That is why many bandsaws include dust ports. But, you need to make sure that the dust port is efficient enough.

The same goes for LED lights. If you want these features, then you should be absolutely sure about their efficiency. In case they don’t work well, then getting them would be completely unnecessary.


You will be getting bandsaws of multiple price ranges under 200 dollars. Some will be exactly 200 dollars, and others are going to be way below that.

However, if you want one in a reasonable price range with great features, then it is better to choose one between 150-180 dollars.

Expensive ones are amazing, sure, but the ones that are reasonable don’t disappoint its users either.

More importantly, before you start to look for one, you should decide your budget and see what you can actually afford. You can then start looking accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to build bandsaws by oneself?

Yes, it is very much possible to build a bandsaw by oneself. All you will be needing are the right tools and materials.

Along with that, you need to make sure that you are following the process correctly. If every factor is maintained appropriately, then you can build one quite easily.

Is wood used to make bandsaw frames?

Yes, some hardwoods can be used to make bandsaw frames. However, not all bandsaws are made of wood.

Mostly, you will find the ones that are made using cast iron or aluminum. Even though they are suitable for the part as well, you can choose one according to your preference.

Why does a bandsaw vibrate?

Bandsaws usually vibrate if the wheels on it are not round or coplanar. Moreover, if the wheels happen to have an uneven thickness, then there’s a possibility of the bandsaw vibrating as well.

Nonetheless, the vibration is nothing to worry about, as it is not a signal of damage or danger on the saw.

Why does a bandsaw vibrate

How to use a bandsaw blade correctly?

If you use a bandsaw blade correctly, then you will only be increasing its life further. And for that, you need to use the appropriate speed for the material that you are about to cut.

Make sure the blade gets completely into the material while making cuts, and also ensure that the blade doesn’t overheat during work.

How long do bandsaw blades last?

Replacing band saw blades frequently can be quite hassle-some. Hence, you should try your hardest to make them last. If you do that, then the blade can last for years.

However, if not taken care of properly, then the blade will last under six months or even less.

Final Words

We have done comprehensive research so that it might quench your queries. So we included the top 10 bandsaw under 200 in the market according to people’s preferences.

Thanks a lot for staying with us throughout the whole article. Now the question is, which bandsaw is yours? We hope you have chosen one already. Cheers!


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