Mongoose Dolomite Review – Buyer’s Guide


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Looking for good quality, high-power mountain bike but on a tight budget? The Mongoose Dolomite might be the solution to all your problems. A bike with monstrous wheels like this one is hard to find at such a low price.

There are certain features and functions that mountain bikes must-have. These bikes need to be safer as they go through bumpier roads. The uneven path and the probability of facing rocks, pebbles, mud, and sand on the way require these bikes to have better wheels and gears as well.

So, in this Mongoose Dolomite guide, we are going to discuss all the features that this model is known for in detail. You’ll get to know all the pros and cons of the bike so that you get an idea of what you’re getting into.

Mongoose Dolomite Review

Mongoose Dolomite Review

Mongoose is a brand that has been selling high-quality bicycles for quite some time now. They make bikes for people of all ages. This model, in particular, is the most famous one from their line for its immense power, safety, and modern design.

As this bike is made for the general public, there are no complicated assemblies required. All the parts that come detached are easy to install on your own.

This model comes with a mechanical disk brake instead of a hydraulic disk brake. The mechanical brake is quite effective and can handle rigid and sudden brakes. A shortened braking distance helps prevent accidents and keeps you safe and sound.

If you like to cycle throughout the year, no matter what weather it is, you’ll love this bike. No matter what the condition is, snow, rain, or muddy trains, this bike can cruise through with ease. No harm is done to the bike. Now you can enjoy your bike rides all year long.

A-frame made out of steel alloy makes the whole bike light. No extra weight is added, and so you get less tired. This is a great bike if you like cycling for long hours.

All of these features kept aside, the thing that this model is the most well known for is the bike’s wheels.

These fat wheels are strong, sturdy, and help you get a batter grip of the ground when riding up mountains. Engraved designs or patterns on the wheels ensure that you have enough balance and control to have a safe ride.

Cushioned saddles make sitting on your bike for hours comfortable and painless. No sore backs or discomfort when you have these seats.

And if there is any feature that you don’t like, be it appearance or function, Mongoose gives you the flexibility to play around and change every feature.

So this model happens to be very popular amongst people who want to buy a bike for personal projects.

Key Features

The key features of the Mongoose Dolomite are as follows;


Finding a bike that has all the things that you want can be quite hard. If you get a bike that has all the functions you need, the physical features might not be what you were looking for or vice-versa.

So when you get a bike that gives you the option to change most parts, you can get exactly what you want.Add personal touches to this bike and make your version of the product.


Sitting in the same position for a long time can be tough on your body. Saddles that are padded allow you to sit in one position for long hours with ease. You won’t get sore, and the seat also helps prevent backaches.

Fat Tires

Thicker tires are always preferred when buying a mountain bike. The grooves on these wheels make sure you have a strong grip and don’t slip when you’re on those rocky roads. A better balance and posture are always welcome when cycling in the mountains.

Safe Brakes

Mechanic disk brakes make sure that you’re able to break any time you want no matter how sudden. A shortened braking distance gives you a safer journey.

Lightweight Frame

Made out of steel alloy, this bike frame weighs very less. This allows you to carry the bike around with ease when you’re not riding it.

The steel alloy frame is also sturdy and can take on aggressive cycling as well. With the ability to not get scratches and dents easily, this model will stay looking brand new for months.


The sturdy frame and monstrous wheels allow you to cycle in any weather. Be it rain, snow, or the scorching heat. Weather conditions do not affect this model.

Easy Installation

With easy-to-install parts that take less than an hour to assemble this bike can be a gift to people of any age. There are no complicated additions to this model, so you can set this thing up at home on your own.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight frame adds no extra weight
  • Easy to control and has a good balance
  • Big tires give you a better grip
  • Easy on the wallet
  • Cushioned seats for comfort
  • Mechanical disk brake
  • Does not need that much maintenance
  • Can be used in snow, mud or sand
  • Features can be changed to get a personal or customized model


  • Bottom brackets and hubs need lubrication before using
  • The bottom bracket is not fully sealed and might cause grit to enter

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions that might be helpful for you when buying this bike.

How good is the mongoose dolomite for heavy riders?

Yes, the strong frame of the bike can even support riders that weigh more than 370 lbs.

Is the Mongoose Dolomite ideal for riding in the sand?

The fat tires allow you to cruise through sand without sinking.

How much does the Mongoose Dolomite weigh?

Weighing just 48 pounds, this model is the ideal lightweight bike.

Do thicker tires burn more calories?

Studies have shown that thicker tires help you burn more calories than slimmer tires.

Does modifying the Mongoose Dolomite decrease bike performance?

Exterior modifications will not cause and change in the bike’s performance.

Final Words

We’re sure this Mongoose Dolomite guide has convinced you just how awesome this bike is. Getting a bike with such high-quality features at such a low price range is truly shocking. We’d suggest getting your hands on this thing as soon as possible.


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