Best Fixed Gear Bikes under $500, $300 – Buyer’s Guide


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Fixed gear bikes, often referred to as fixies, are a type of bike different from the standard, mountain, and BMX models.

These bikes differentiate from the rest due to the structure design, which features drivetrains with one gear fixed to the rear wheel.

Because of that connection, there’s no option to coast. You’ll have to keep pedaling as long as the bike moves.

They may sound complicated, but fixies are among the most simple bike types. There are no derailleurs, shifters, or triple-chainring sets needed. Some models don’t even have brakes!

As you can see, there’s a lot of interesting features involved when it comes to fixies. If you want to find out more and check different alternatives, we’ve created a list of bikes available in different price ranges. Continue reading to learn more about these bikes!

5 Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under $500

Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under $500

The following bikes are available below the 500 dollars threshold. They’re relatively affordable, and their performance truly makes them worth every bit of money invested. Do you want to find out more? Then let’s see what these fixed-gear bikes have to offer for us.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear & Single Speed Bike

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear & Single Speed Bike

This bike is the perfect example of what a fixie should be. The Pure Fix Original is a bike that offers speed and affordability for everyone.

With more than five colors available, young and older customers will find one that they like. The frame featured is high-tensile, and Tig-welded made with steel.

This material, as we all know, is durable. So, even if the bike is a little expensive, it’s a long-term investment. Whether you use it for regular rides or sporadically, this fixed-gear bike is reliable.

For more versatility and convenience, the bike comes with the flip-flop rear hub system. If you want to change the fixed gear mode to single-speed, then you’ll be able to do just that.

The process to make this adjustment is both quick and easy, requiring barely any effort on your part.

Some of the other high-quality components are the Kenda tires and tubes, accompanied by Oury Grips and remarkable KMC chain.

The wheelset is 40mm Pure Cycles with 32-hole deep-dish rims. Also, the included front brake is removable, in case you prefer to take it out.

In fact, you may want to either change to brake or take it out completely. It works, but not efficiently.

The response time takes time, decelerating pretty slowly. If you’re not careful, that slow reaction could be dangerous.

Overall, this bike is simple, fun, and stylish. It comes assembled as a single speed, but making the adjustment to fixed-gear isn’t a hassle. In less than 20 minutes, the bike will ready to hit the roads.


  • Comes pre-assembled for the most part
  • Easy to adjust from single speed to fixed-gear
  • Works as a single-speed or fixed-gear
  • Durable steel frame
  • Removable front brake
  • High-quality components like the tires, grips, and chain


  • The brake included isn’t that effective

Throne Phantom Series Complete Track Bike

Throne Phantom Series Complete Track Bike

This bike could easily be the first pick on everyone’s list. The Phantom Series of fixed-gear bikes are among the best, as they deliver outstanding performance with complete reliability. Whether you use it for short or long distances, this bike never disappoints.

The 6061-T6 aluminum frame is remarkable, with proper sturdiness to ride the bike through the streets.

Additionally, the carbon/alloy fork helps improve the bike’s performance, working well with the Throne Cycles 48T crank-set and the wheelset featuring sealed bearings.

Besides the high-quality components mentioned above, you’ll like the riser bars and the racing saddle too. Regardless of the surface, the bike allows you to have full control while sitting comfortably.

And the pedals come included in the package as well, but they’re not that good. If you’re not a fan of them either, you could get some platform pedals instead, and make the changes. However, changing the pedals may require you to buy some straps.

After weeks of using it, the bike continues to perform pleasantly. There’s no doubt that it isn’t the fanciest, but the paint and the welds are incredible, making this fixie among the most stylish currently available. If you’re not a fan of the black version, you could go for the red or white instead.

Moreover, the most noticeable flaw of the bike is the included pedals, and even them, you can change them. Apart from that, expect nothing but good things from this incredible fixed-gear bike.


  • Different colors available, including white, black, and red
  • 6061-T6 aluminum frame with carbon alloy fork
  • Comfortable saddle and handlebar for more control
  • Simple, easy to assemble right out of the box
  • Different sizes available to suit people of different height


  • The pedals included are not the most comfortable

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Pure Fix Premium Fixed Gear & Single Speed Bike

Pure Fix Premium Fixed Gear & Single Speed Bike

True to Pure Cycles’ style, this bike offers the best of the brand. It’s a large bike for people that enjoy spending quality time taking a ride.

Very much like other bikes from the company, this fixie also includes the flip-flip rear wheel hub, allowing you to set either single-speed or fixed-gear.

The bike features a full 4130 Chromoly frame and fork, guaranteeing a comfortable, pleasant, and efficient ride through the streets.

With 700x28C thick tires measuring 30 mm, you’ll be able to go over most surfaces with flat protection, especially on urban surroundings.

As for the rest of the components, they’re fairly similar to what we’ve seen in previous Pure Cycles bikes.

For instance, we have the Kenda Tubes, KMC chain, and other additions, such as the Wellgo pedals and the Tektro front brake.

Besides the front brake, you can set up a rear brake too. However, that’s optional, only if you find it necessary.

Pretty much every component comes attached. Still, you’ll have to do some work yourself, attaching the front wheel, pedals, saddle, and the seat post.

Additionally, you can make adjustments to the handlebar and the brake. This process shouldn’t take that much time.

While most of the instructions are clear, the lack of information on how to set up the brake cable is frustrating. If you want to make those changes, you’d have to go to third parties. Luckily, there’s plenty of information online.

Even though it’s among the best-fixed gear bikes under 500, the design of this bike isn’t that good. Perhaps more colors would’ve been better. If you’re looking for a fancy fixie, this one’s not it. Everything else is worth the money, though.


  • Flip-flip rear wheel hub for single-speed or fixed-gear modes
  • 4130 full Chromoly frame & fork are durable
  • Thick tires for more speed and comfort


  • The bike looks dull
  • Lacks instructions to set up components like the brake cable

State Bicycle Fixed Gear/Single Speed Bike

State Bicycle Fixed Gear/Single Speed Bike

Although this bike looks simple, simplicity is one of its biggest advantages. While riding it, you’ll notice the light weight of the bike, guaranteeing a comfortable experience even after hours on the road.

Also, despite being simple, the components are durable and highly resistant. For instance, the 4130 Chromoly steel, as we’ve seen so far, it’s incredible.

Also, the bike features sealed hubs and the always useful double-butted tubing. Each one of these components continues working properly even after months, making the investment worth every bit of money.

Particularly, one big reason to like this bike is the variety of handlebars. There are three versions available, which are the riser bar, the bullhorn bar, and the drop bar.

Each one of the handlebars has its own benefits. For instance, the riser bar is suitable for upright and comfortable riding.

The bullhorn bar is better for that aggressive riding. Lastly, the drop bar offers more versatility with great aerodynamic positions.

Deciding which handlebar to use is entirely up to you. Regardless, all of the handlebars use Van’s grips with that waffle-pattern design for more comfort.

Even at high speeds, you have total control over the bike thanks to the responsive handlebar and the comfortable grips.

Similar to the previous bike, the most noticeable issue with the bike is the color design. With more variety, riders would probably enjoy the bikes more. Nonetheless, it’s a small nitpick that doesn’t affect the bike’s performance at all.


  • Well-made fixed-gear bike with long-lasting components
  • Flip-flop hub included
  • Lightweight
  • 4130 Chromoly frame is reliable
  • Includes useful accessories
  • Different handlebar options available


  • Not much color variety available for customers

Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike

Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike

Giving the fact that the previous bikes weren’t good-looking, we’ll finish up the reviews by talking about one of the most stylish fixies.

This bike, as you can see, comes in three versions: orange, purple, and gray. All of them look incredible, which means that you’d look great riding them too.

Not everything is about good looks, though. The frame features aluminum as material, which may not be as good as the alternatives, but still good enough for certain tasks.

For example, this fixed-gear bike delivers reliable and comfortable performance for training or competing.

Also, the bike features track rake, vertical angles, and large dropouts that allow you to set up the chain tension perfectly.

If you enjoy making the best out fixed-gear bikes, then this one will provide different settings for you to customize.

The brakes are standard Promax models, and the handlebar comes from Cinelli. When compared, these two components aren’t a big deal, but they do provide efficient methods to control speed and make sudden stops if needed.

Lastly, the bike is lightweight. The frame weighs 1850g, while the fork’s weight is 500g. Certainly, it’s not the lightest bike available, but it’s not heavy either. Even after hours on the road, you won’t feel this fixed-gear like a burden.

If you decide to go with this bike, make sure to check everything’s alright. Previous customers have mentioned missing parts, such as the pedals. It may not be an issue for most customers, but it’s still worth keeping those considerations in mind either way.


  • Beautiful, stylish fixed-gear bikes
  • Works as a single-speed or fixed-gear bike
  • Lightweight bike
  • Comfortable handlebar and grips


  • Previous customers have reported missing components
  • The frame isn’t as good as the competition

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed & Fixed-Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed & Fixed-Gear Urban Commuter Bike

It’s hard to find a decent bike at a low price, but not impossible. If you look deeply, you’ll find companies like Retrospec, which uses high-quality parts to build durable and reliable bikes.

That’s no exaggeration, as you’ll find out, thanks to two of the brand’s fixies that made it to this list.

The first one is the Harper Urban Commuter Bike, which offers quite a lot of versatility. Due to the included flip-flop hub, riders have the opportunity to ride it as a fixed or a freewheel bike. Besides being versatile, the bike is available in more than five colors, offering variety for all.

Regardless of how you decide to ride it, the bike is a reliable pick for any rider. By featuring a high-tensile steel frame, you can expect the bike to be strong and long-lasting.

Another benefit of this incredible frame is its capacity to absorb bumps, compensating for the thin wheels.

And the assembling process is quite straightforward, with no complications at all. Considering that every tool to set up the bike comes in the package, anyone with or without experience will be able to do it. Still, there are particular components like the reflectors that may need an extra screwdriver.

When you’re taking a ride, the thin wheels are definitely something that you’ll notice. They are not as effective as other wheels to reduce the impact of bumps, so you may want to be careful where you ride. The Harper Urban Commuter is a road bike above anything else.


  • Flip-flop hub included for fixed or freewheel ride
  • The high-tensile steel frame is strong and durable
  • Two sets of brakes included
  • Suitable for road rides


  • Thin wheels don’t do well with bumps
  • You may need extra tools to adjust the reflectors

5 Best Fixed Gear Bikes under $300

Best Fixed Gear Bikes under $300

Let’s go down a notch. The next products are available under 300 dollars, and they’re equally as capable as some of the more expensive models.

6KU Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Bike

Visually, this bike is good-looking. The matte black design, for instance, is uniform, and it looks incredible close by. What else does the bike have in store for you? Let’s see.

The frame used by this bike features lightweight 6061 aluminum, including welds that feel smooth to the touch.

Not only is the bike reliable because of the frame, but also versatile due to the flip-flop hub. As we know by now, this component helps to ride the bike as either fixed or freewheel.

This bike is user-friendly too. The chain and bolts have the proper lubrication, the set up is pretty straightforward, and there are small markings that work as guidelines. If you’re having trouble with the alignment, those visuals instructions will help you out.

As a side benefit of the frame, the bike is also lightweight. You can pretty much tell it doesn’t weigh much from just looking at it, and you later confirm that while riding it. Certainly, you won’t feel the bike as a burden at all.

After mentioning all the good, it’s fair we point out the bad as well. The most frustrating issue with this bike is the pedals, which aren’t durable, and the size is just not comfortable. Consider changing them to avoid any unpleasant incident.


  • User-friendly setup due to lubricated bolts & chains
  • Includes marking guidelines for better alignment
  • Calibrated brakes right out of the box
  • Lightweight bike
  • High-quality welds improve the visuals


  • The pedals included are cheap and too large for comfort

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike w/ Front & Rear Brakes

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike w/ Front & Rear Brakes

Fancy fixed-gear bikes don’t get any better than this one. The color variations are many, making sure everyone finds one of their likings. With a particular design featuring colors on the frame and rims, not only will you be able to have fun time riding, but also look good while you’re at it.

Just like most others, this bike comes with the flip-flop rear hub too. Both fixed and single-speed modes are possible, with each one offering unique benefits.

For instance, riding freewheel provides the capacity to coast and cruise. On the other hand, if you go riding fixed, you’ll have total control of both the bike and your pedal stroke.

Either way, you have to know on which surfaces are better to go fixed-gear or freewheel to enjoy the ride.

Another incredible addition is the high-tensile, Tig-welded steel frame. This bike isn’t the first one to feature said frame, but there’s no need to change it because it works efficiently. Besides delivering outstanding balance, the frame is quite durable.

The other components included are 130BCD crank to create the perfect drivetrain, and brakes for front and rear.

These brakes are alloy caliper brakes, which don’t take much time to install. If needed, you can remove them afterward using a 5mm hex tool.

Although the package includes most of the tools needed to assemble the bike, you may need to buy another set of hexes depending on the bike’s size.

Fortunately, that’s one of the only issues of this fixie, and it doesn’t affect the riding experience at all.


  • Stylish bikes with interesting color combination designs
  • Features flip-flop hub for fixed or single-speed riding
  • High-tensile steel frame with Tig-welds
  • Remarkable drivetrain for more comfort and control
  • Includes alloy caliper brakes on the front and rear


  • You may need extra hex tools

Retrospec Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie & Single-Speed Commuter Bike

Retrospec Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie & Single-Speed Commuter Bike

With the quality offered by Retrospec’s bikes, it’s only natural that you’d see more than one of the brand’s products here. Realistically, this bike isn’t that different from the one we reviewed before. However, the addition of a foot brake, among other noticeable differences, makes it worth checking.

Very much like any other Retrospec bike, the Harper Coaster Fixie is available in different colors. They may not be the fanciest fixed-gear bikes, but there’s no denying that each one looks sleek.

If you’re looking for a visually appealing and affordable bike, you may want to consider this one.

Is the sleek design everything this bike offers? Not by a mile. Here’s what you should expect after ordering.

The bike comes with a high-tensile steel frame, which is a constant in most bikes from this manufacturer.

As we’ve learned before, this material creates a strong frame capable of absorbing the energy caused by bumps, improving your comfort as you’re riding through the streets.

Other incredible features are the 30mm deep V rims, the Kendal tires, KMC chain, and the freestyle pedals included. Additionally, you’ll have a coaster brake too.

While the coaster brake is ideal for some conditions if you ride through high-traffic areas regularly, perhaps changing them would be best. Having hand brakes on both front and rear would prove to be better in those circumstances.

Apart from the components mentioned above, the package includes maintenance tools to help you keep the bike in good shape.

The maintenance process itself is both quick and easy, allowing you to get back to the streets in no time.


  • Sleek design, available in different colors
  • The high-tensile steel frame is strong and durable
  • Great 30mm rims, tires, and pedals
  • Includes maintenance tools


  • The coaster brake isn’t suitable for high-traffic areas

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Bike

There’s no other way to end the best fixed-gear bikes under 300 section than talking about a simple, yet effective fixie.

This bike from 6KU is available in many color combinations, offering riders variety to choose a bike that matches their expectations. Fairly enough, every version offered looks incredible.

The frame included in the building of this bike features steel material. It’s not the most impressive attribute of the bike, but the frame performs well over most surfaces, feeling comfortable and reducing impacts. Most of the other components feature an aluminum construction instead.

These materials, and thus the components, are capable of enduring tough conditions. Months may go by, but the bike still goes strong with no broken or damaged parts. Another benefit is that you can clean these components easily, with barely any effort.

Although most fixed-gear bikes don’t have brakes, this one does have a set of them. You can find one on both ends, front and rear.

They come pre-assembled in the package, and surprisingly enough, they work great. When you’re riding at high speeds, the response of the brakes is impeccable.

Moreover, the brakes may come attached already, but you’ll still have to do some work to assemble the rest. Fortunately, the setting up process doesn’t take much time, and even beginners should be able to do it.

Nonetheless, you may encounter some issues with the size of the bike. The guide provided by the manufacturer seems misleading, which has caused many customers to complain because the bike is too tall for them. Make sure to check this information twice before ordering.


  • Different color combinations available
  • Includes front and rear brakes
  • Flip-flop hub included
  • Components are easy to maintain
  • Steel frame with aluminum components featured


  • The size guide isn’t accurate

What to Look for before Buying

What are some essential features you must keep in mind before choosing your fixed-gear bike? Here, we’ll further expand that information.


Ideally, you’d want to have a step-over steel frame for your fixed-gear bike, including steel forks too. This particular structure is what people call track frame. The idea behind the concept is to make the bike both simple and rugged.

If you’re not a fan of that type of frame, you could choose either aluminum or carbon. Ultimately, it’s your decision.


bike Wheels

Since fixies are always on the go, wheels could take considerable damage. The most common wheel used for these bikes are 700c wheels, but of course, that varies depending on the brand.

Also, keep in mind that many fixed-gear bikes use deep-section wheels too. These are 40+ mm deep wheels that improve aerodynamics significantly.


Most bikes, whether they are fixed-gear or single-speed, feature road cycling-styled tires. The size of these tires varies from 23 to 28 mm wide, and many would argue that a thinner tire makes the bike faster.

Still, thin tires have certain disadvantages such as less comfort. Go for 28 mm ties for that perfect balance.


There are many types of handlebars for fixies and single-speed bikes. The most popular are the drop bars, bullhorns, flat bars, riser bars, and mustache bars, to name a few.

Luckily, to find the best one, you have to do nothing but follow your instincts. Pick the one handlebar you like the most.

Freewheel/Flip-Flop Hub

Components like the rear hub are essential. They come in different versions, offering you the option to pick either freewheel hubs or fixed cog. Alternatively, you could go for a flip-flip hub instead, which offers both.

What does that mean? Well, flip-flip hubs allow you to adjust the bike from fixed-gear to single-speed if needed.

Stopping Mechanism

Brakes are not the first thing you’d consider when picking up your ideal fixed-gear bike, but you still need a mechanism to stop.

If the bike lacks brakes, at least make sure it responds well when you press against the pedals to stop the wheel from spinning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best fixed-gear bikes under 500 and 300. Read on to clear any confusion that you might have:

Why use a fixed gear bike?

Fixed-gear bikes are far more efficient at transferring energy between pedal and wheel due to the short length of the chain. The straight chain line and the lack of derailleur pulleys also play an important role.

Realistically, that’s not the first thing that comes to mind while looking for a bike, but this level of efficiency is noticeable in long rides.

What’s the difference between single speed and fixed gear bikes?

Single-speed bikes, on the one hand, feature a freewheel while the fixed-gear bikes do not. However, the biggest difference between the two is that the pedaling on a fixed-gear model never stops.

If you keep the pedals from moving, it’ll lock the rear wheel, working as a brake system too.

Should I get a road or a fixed-gear bike?

Choosing between the two models depends on what you want to do with the bikes. Fixed-gear bikes are usually affordable at lower prices, and they’re easier to maintain too.

Are fixed-gear bikes dangerous?

These bikes aren’t more dangerous than the other types. As long as your fixed-gear has a functional brake mechanism, and you’re careful, you should be fine.

Can you stop pedaling on fixed gear bikes?

As long as the bike is moving, the pedals will also move. That’s because of the connection
established between the pedals and the rear wheel, which makes the pedals move for as long as the wheel moves too.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean you’ll be pedaling indefinitely. You can still use the brakes to stop.

Final Words

Fixies don’t have the recognition they deserve. Many riders would often prefer BMX bikes above anything else without knowing that fixed-gear models are better for the activities they want to do.

Clearly, fixies aren’t that great for tricks and fancy moves, but when it comes to quiet and long rides, there are none better. So, whether you want bikes available at 500 or 300, just make sure to choose the one most comfortable for you.


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