Gravity Bullseye Monster XE Electric Review – New Guide


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Electric bicycles are what all the rage is about now. They’re great to have around as now you don’t have to gas yourself up biking up the hills anymore.

Electric bikes are also a great way to commute. You can use these bikes to cruise around town, avoid traffic, and also help the world become a better place to live in by reducing pollution.

Now that you know how amazing this product is, it is time for you to meet the best one on the market: the Gravity Bullseye monster.

In this Gravity 2019 Bullseye Monster XE electric review, we are going to let you know all about its amazing features and capabilities. Just as the name suggests, this is a monstrous bike that is going to change the way to ride.

Gravity Bullseye Monster XE Electric Review

Gravity Bullseye Monster XE Electric Review


Gravity has been blessing us with great quality bikes for ages. From little kids to professional bike riders, everyone knows their name. They are great at what they do, and they rarely fail to make a customer happy.

A pronounced and advanced Bafang throttle motor is used to power this beast. The motor comes in a decent 750-Watt and is more than enough to carry you around for a few hours. Running on a smart lithium-ion battery, this motor is the best for mountain bikes.

We know that the roads can be a bit bumpy and uneven in the mountains and so you end up needing more power. With this bike, you can bike up those rocky roads in minutes.

Hydraulic disk brakes make sure that you are safe at all times. These high-performance brakes ensure that you can make swift and quick brakes.

The bike can completely stop at a position without much advance notice needed. Decreased braking distance is always a good thing to have on a mountain bike.

Designed with an RST suspension fork, now you won’t be that affected by those painful lumps and locks.

This is a great feature for people who have backaches as the pressure and vibration felt on the body is reduced.

The main feature of this bike that has made this model so famous is the wheels on this thing.

Mighty 26-inch x 4.25-inch VEE bulldozer wheels can take you anywhere. A TPI of 72 makes these tires easy to maintain.

Fat wheels like such are a great thing as they give you better control and balance. This is just what you need when you’re riding on muddy, dusty, and sandy soil.

You’ll be able to reach your destination faster and safer. Although all the features that this model has made this the ideal bike for mountain riders, you can easily use the bike for your everyday chores as well.

Meaning this bike is not limited to high mountains and rocky roads. Take this monster out for a stroll in your town, reach places faster, and get some exercise in your daily routine as well.

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Key Features

Gravity Bullseye Monster Xe

Here we have some of the most important features of the Gravity 2019 Bullseye Monster XE;


Weighty mountain bikes are the worst to deal with. You go through enough fatigue climbing up those hills, and you don’t need any extra weight added to your list.

The large wheels on this model do increase the weight but only by a small amount. Although the frame is strong and durable, it does not weigh much and can be carried around easily.

Easy to Install

This model has no extra fancy parts that need to be installed by an expert. Some basic parts come unhinged that can be set up at home and is a one-man job.

Large Size Range

Gravity makes bikes that can cater to people who are 5’5 to 6’4 easily. Customer’s comfort is always prioritized. A huge benefit of getting bikes that come in so many sizes is that you can find your exact match and don’t have to go through tedious adjustments to make the product usable.


As we’ve mentioned before, this bike has features that make the model suitable for both mountain bike riding and riding in plain roads as well.

You can use this bike in the snow, in mud, on the sand, and plain old concrete roads as well. There is no limitation.

750-Watt Motor

A high-power motor like this one that runs on a lithium-ion battery helps you ride up the mountains without any stress. The motor gives you enough power to cruise through like a breeze.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Safety always comes first. These hydraulic disk brakes allow you to make sudden brakes, decrease your braking distance, and help you avoid any mishaps.

RST Suspension Fork

A bike with a good suspension means a smoother ride. On rocky mountain roads, the RST suspension fork is going to be your best pal.

Thick Wheels

Fatter wheels mean more control, balance, and speed too. These wheels can get a better grip and keep you on track.


  • Works great in snow
  • Fat tires give you better control
  • Lightweight
  • Hydraulic disk brakes keep you safe
  • RST suspension fork for a smoother ride
  • 750-Watt powerful lithium-ion operated battery
  • Easy installation


  • Requires a lot of tuning before getting started

Frequently Asked Questions

To help clear out any confusion you might have, we have answered some commonly asked questions.

Are thicker wheels better?

Yes, they give you more balance and control on soil or sand.

How much does the Gravity Bullseye Monster weigh?

They weight around 30-40 pounds.

Can the Gravity Bullseye Monster XE be ridden in the snow?

This model can speed through snow, mud, or soil easily.

Can the Gravity Bullseye Monster XE be ridden in the snow

What is the rim size of the Gravity Bullseye wheels?

They are 88-mm rims.

What is the Gravity Bullseye frame made of?

Constructed with hydroformed allow this model is quite sturdy.

Final Words

The benefits of an electronic bike are endless. You can paddle the bike when you want and just when you get tired, you can turn the motor on and jazz through the town.

These bikes are gaining more and more popularity every day. They’re good for the environment and extremely helpful as well.

This Gravity 2019 Bullseye Monster XE Electric review has all the information you need to know before you go ahead and buy the model. So stop waiting around and go get your hands on this electric bike.


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