Best IR Illuminator for CCTV – Review

Best IR Illuminator for CCTV

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Outdoor CCTV cameras offer exceptional security, whether it is outside your home, office, or any other confidential area. But when the daylight goes low, the cameras suffer immensely from low visibility. To avoid being handicapped in low light, you will require an IR Illuminator.

IR illuminators work along with the camera and allow it to capture visible pixels even in the dimmest environment. They will let the camera obtain bright and vivid images without attracting too much attention.

You might find yourself in a tricky situation while trying to find the best IR illuminator for CCTV as the market is full of options from different manufacturers. To let you comfortably make the decision, we are here to present the five best ones that your money can buy.

5 Best IR Illuminator for CCTV Review

Here, we have scoured the entire market and huddled the top ones that stood out the most from the others.

Tendelux 120ft IR Illuminator | BI8 Compact and Powerful 90° Infrared Light for CCTV Security Camera

Tendelux 120ft IR Illuminator

Having an IR Illuminator, that aids the camera to capture vivid images even in pitch-black darkness will allow you to obtain the maximum security. Only a few devices are capable of doing so, and this one from Tendelux in one of them.

Just like the label of this unit states, this IR illuminator will let your CCTV camera to capture objects that are as far as 120 feet clearly in the dark. You will get excellent coverage of the area that you decide to install this device.

This IR illuminator spreads the infrared light evenly throughout the covered area. It comes packed with an anti-UV IR pass filter that eliminates the hots spots, which ensures bright and vivid images throughout the entire region. This filter also prevents the overexposure of foreground objects.

The construction of the body is of sturdy materials that are CE/RoHs/FCC certified. It requires minimal maintenance as it comes with a built-in CdS photocell, which turns on and off automatically.

You will not have to worry about the medium splashes of rainwater as the unit comes with an IP66 rating. Moreover, it is easy to install as it comes with U-bracket and is rotatable for lighting adjustments.


  • Comes with an IR pass filter
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • The body is of premium materials
  • IP66 rating
  • Easy to install


  • The IR lights are not that well concealed
  • Not adequately protected from rain

Tendelux 200ft Long Range IR Illuminator | BI18 90° LED Outdoor IR Flood Light for Security Camera

Tendelux 200ft Long Range IR Illuminator

There might be scenarios where you might not be able to put multiple CCTV cameras in a particular area. In such situations, you might require an IR Illuminator that can illuminate a more substantial area even when the ambient light is pitch black.

This IR Illuminator from Tendelux will tick your requirements for situations such as the one mentioned above. The device can easily illuminate objects that are within the 200 feet range of the CCTV camera, even in the darkest nights.

It comes featured with an anti-UV IR pass filter, which substantially reduces the hot spots during illumination. This feature also efficiently prevents overexposing the foreground objects. You will have a bright and vivid image of the objects that are in the area with this unit.

The device is effortless to install because of the included U-bracket. You can adjust it according to the lighting angle as well. Weatherproofing is done to a certain amount with the IP66 rating.

It requires minimal maintenance as it comes packed with CdS photocell, which automatically sets the power of the unit depending on the ambient light. The build quality is up to par as well.


  • 200 feet range
  • Somewhat weatherproof with IP66 rating
  • Even illumination with anti-UV IR pass filter
  • Prevents overexposing of foreground objects
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • Not adequately protected to survive in the rain
  • Quality control is below average

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LONNKY LED IR Illuminator Wide Angle 8-LEDs 90 Degree 100Ft IR Infrared Flood Light

LONNKY LED IR Illuminator Wide Angle 8-LEDs 90 Degree 100Ft IR Infrared Flood Light

An IR Illuminator that can spread the illumination to a wide-angle and lets the camera capture a more extensive area will substantially increase the security. They also eliminate the need for equipping the vicinity with multiple CCTVs.

This unit from LONNKY will let your camera capture objects with a broader range. It can evenly illuminate an area with a 90-degree viewpoint. With the 850nm wavelength infrared light, it will enhance the capability of your CCTV camera to a substantial amount.

The device comes with eight individual IR lights that are more than capable enough to illuminate the area. With this installed, you will get a decent quality image out of your camera, even in a pitch-black environment.

It comes packed with a photocell sensor. This sensor lets the illuminator to automatically switch on and off depending on the amount of environmental light. This makes sure the unit is power efficient and requires no maintenance at all.

The device comes featured with a heavy-duty aluminum housing and a thick heat sink that prevents the internals from overheating. With the reinforced glass windows, the unit achieves the waterproof rating of IP66.


  • Photocell sensor automatically turns the device on and off
  • Comes with a sturdy body
  • Built-in thick heat sink that keeps the internals cool
  • IP66 rating
  • A full 90-degree viewpoint


  • Prone to overexposing foreground objects
  • Can’t illuminate objects farther than 30 feet properly

CMVision IRS324-850940 Combo 850nm & 940nm Wavelength 45 Degree 324pc LED IR

CMVision IRS324-850940 Combo 850nm & 940nm Wavelength 45 Degree 324pc LED IR

We all like having options. Ever thought what kind of versatility you would be able to enjoy if the IR Illuminator came with choices for the IR wavelength it transmits? You could easily switch between the wavelengths according to the way you prefer your camera to capture objects.

This unit from CMVision comes with the flexibility that we have mentioned above. It features a switchable IR wavelength option, with which you can make the device transmit a visible red glow IR light or an invisible IR wavelength.

Furthermore, it comes featured with 324 pieces of IR LED lights. Out of them, 162 can transmit 940nm wavelength IR, and the rest 162 LEDs are capable of outputting 850 nm IR light.

The unit comes with three different buttons. With the waterproof lux button on, the device will work just like every other illuminator. The second button is for the 940nm wavelength LEDs. And the last one activates the 850nm IR lights.

With this unit installed, you can expect your camera to pick up objects that are in 200 feet range. The device spreads over a 45-degree angle too. You will get a good range out of this unit.


  • Packed with 324 IR LEDs
  • Three different illumination options
  • The 940nm wavelength option makes the IR lights invisible
  • Can illuminate objects that are in 200 feet range
  • Wide 45-degree illumination angle


  • Power adapter does not come included
  • Moderate water protection with a rating of IP6

Infrared Illuminator Microlight IR

Infrared Illuminator Microlight IR

If you have a CCTV camera that is somewhat exposed and is out in the open with no adequate protection from rain and dust, you might want to invest in an IR Illuminator that comes with proper protection and can withstand that type of environment.

This IR Illuminator from Microlight might be what you require for that specific camera installed outside. It comes with an upgraded protection rating of IP67. You can expect this to serve for a more extended amount of time.

The compact-sized device comes with ST-5 mounting brackets, which will let you adjust the angle to work along with your 5.0-50mm camera lens. You can keep your entire setup covert with this unit.

With the efficient 850 nm IR LEDs, your camera will be able to pick up objects that are within the 400 feet range. Furthermore, aluminum alloy housing will do an excellent job of dissipating heat efficiently from the LEDs.

The IP67 rating ensures the internals are moisture-proof. It is splash resistant and dust resistant. You can expect this unit to last for an extended period.
Installing the unit is relatively easy. You will also get an included wide-ranged voltage power brick that protects the device from reverse polarity.


  • High powered 850nm IR LEDs
  • Can cover a range up to 400 feet
  • Sturdy construction
  • IP67 rating
  • Easy to install


  • The unit is comparatively bulky and requires multiple screws
  • It gets relatively warm during prolonged use

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you head out in the market, you will find a plethora of options from different manufacturers that are offering loads of features. But, to get the very best one among them, you will have to keep some factors into consideration. These are:

Build Quality

In most cases, CCTV cameras stay exposed and out in the open. In such scenarios, if there is not adequate shade from the weather, you are going to require an illuminator that can withstand the harsh weather conditions.

So, while you are out in the market looking for a device that can go along with your sturdy camera, look for the ones that have a higher weatherproof rating. The better the build quality of the unit is, the better they will be protected from the harsh weather.


Among all the illuminators that are available, each of them is capable of covering a certain amount of area.

You would not want to install multiple monitoring devices in an area where one camera with a proper illuminator can get the work done. Connecting more than one device is not just costly but also makes the monitoring hard.

That is why we recommend you to get an illuminator that can easily cover the amount of distance you require. So, before you buy a unit, check the range beforehand.

Low Maintenance

As most of the CCTV cameras are located at a higher position where it is quite hard to reach, you would not want to install a device that requires regular maintenance. It would make monitoring the area quite a hassle.

Features such as a photocell sensor built-in the device makes the device require minimal maintenance. So, while choosing, look for such features in an illuminator.


CCTV cameras that are installed in a sensitive area are mostly covert. Installing an IR Illuminator whose wavelength is visible to the human eye will give away the position of the camera.

So, if you are looking for a device for such locations, go for the ones whose IR LEDs emit invisible wavelengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the IP rating refer to in case of protection?

IP stands for Ingress Protection. The rating refers to the level of sealing effectiveness in the case of electrical devices from foreign objects such as dust and water.

The first digit that comes after the letters IP is intrusion protection, and the second letter stands for moisture protection. For example, IP67 means the unit is totally dust resistant and is well protected from water for about 30 minutes.

Do more LEDs mean more coverage?

Not exactly. If a device contains more LEDs, it might just be able to cover a minimal distance, whereas a device with few big LEDs might be capable of covering a substantial area.

What is the function of built-in photocells?

If a device comes with a built-in photocell, it means it will automatically turn itself on and off depending on the amount of light that is available in the environment.

Can I use a different power brick for my device?

If the power brick that you intend to use matches the rating of voltage and amps as the included power brick, you will be able to use it for your device.

Which illuminators can survive rain?

It all depends on the IP rating that the unit has. The devices that come with an IP rating higher than 66 will be able to survive rain easily.

Final Words

The IR illuminator for CCTV will enhance the level of security to a substantial amount. For your convenience, we have narrowed down the options and made it easy for you to choose the very best one. We would like to conclude the article here by wishing you good luck and hoping for your utmost security.


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