Goodman Air Conditioner Review in 2021 – New Guide

Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews

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If you are reading this article right now, chances are you’re in search of a way to combat this scorching heat. Well, congratulations because you are already at the first step in fighting this dilemma.

It is at this particular season where air conditioners come into play. Installing one in your home is one of the perfect solutions to keep each member of the family fresh and cool.

And it’s totally fine if you’re not familiar with air conditioners because we are here to guide you. This article is about the Goodman air conditioner reviews. It’s a brand that’s been known to provide the market with the coolest, most efficient air conditioners you can get. We picked the top 5 models just for you!

Benefits of Goodman Air Conditioner

Here are the benefits of installing a Goodman air conditioner.

Ensures Utmost Comfort

The two-stage compressor featured in higher models creates a good temperature balance since they run in two speeds, high and low. If you are in a budget, no need to worry, the single-stage compressors will still be able to quickly cool the entire house. Say goodbye to the sweaty, sticky feeling!

Highly Energy Efficient

No one wants to end up with a large electricity bill. This is one of the hindrances why some homeowners avoid installing air conditioners. Well, that’s not an issue with Goodman models.

Goodman’s higher models (GSXC18, GSXC16, and GSX16) are Energy Star certified. The magic is in the compressor that efficiently moves the refrigerant.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ComfortBridge communicating technology that allows the unit to efficiently control the temperature.

Efficient Humidity Management

When summer comes, overly humid air follows. This is the reason why you feel that the air is heavier, causing that sticky, sweaty sensation. The good news is that these units from Goodman also works as dehumidifiers. No need to buy a separate appliance since your AC will remove excess humid in the air.

Quiet Operation

These models are quieter than cheap brands, especially the 2 stage models. You’ll definitely have a good night’s sleep!

Top 5 Goodman Air Conditioner Review

These are the top options from Goodman. We also listed each model’s pros and cons to help you in choosing.

Goodman 3 Ton 14 SEER Vertical Gas Furnace Split System

Goodman 3 Ton 14 SEER Vertical Gas Furnace Split System

If you have a tight budget but still wish to get rid of that boiling feeling, you might want to check out this one. It is affordable but will do the job well.

The unit size of this air conditioner is 3 tons, perfect for rooms of our houses that are 1,600 square feet up to 1,900 square feet in size. Not bad, right? If you’re living in an apartment or condo, this is a good choice.

In terms of specifications, this unit falls under the GSX14 model. The single-stage compressor will quickly cool the whole room, thanks to the high-speed system.

Another feature of this unit is the factory-installed filter drier that helps in maximizing the unit’s performance without frequent professional maintenance.

Let us talk about construction. Heavy-duty aluminized steel and stainless steel were used to build this product. No doubt that this is a durable unit.

If you want to keep the electric bill at bay (just like any homeowner), you might ask, “Are Goodman air conditioners good? Will they cause my bill to blow up?” Well, you do not have to worry about it costing you too much, thanks to the 14 SEER rating!

Another thing you must be concerned about is the installation fee. Since this unit is not very large, you don’t need to spend too much. The 36,000 BTU/h cooling capacity is enough to give the whole family a refreshing and comfortable feeling.


  • Affordable price and the installation does not cost too much
  • The materials used are all heavy-duty and will last for years
  • Energy Efficient, thanks to the 14 SEER rating
  • Has 36,000 BTU/h cooling capacity


  • Can only cool down spaces as large as 1,900 square feet

Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner R-410a GSX160361

Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner R-410a GSX160361

A lot of reviews on Goodman air conditioner, just like this one, will tell you that their products are very efficient and perform really well. This particular unit under the model GSX160 is on par with more expensive products out there.

Most times, we fail to realize how important it is to be concerned and pro-active about humidity. In summer, it plays such an important role in our overall comfort. A hot summer day with an average humidity can be a perfect time for a barbeque party but add a bit too much humidity to it, and it will be unbearable.

No matter if you’re outside or inside the house, humidity affects your level of comfort. This split system air conditioning unit will not only cool down your house but will also manage the humidity levels.

No need to worry about a high electric bill, thanks to the unit’s Electronically Commutated Motor feature. Other communication system’s compressor will cool the area until the desired temperature is reached. After so, it will turn off on its own. This might use more energy because of the fluctuating temperature.

Instead of doing this, the ECM feature will automatically adjust the compressor’s speed while keeping the temperature steady. The 16 SEER rating really speaks for itself.
This unit also features a SMARTCOIL™ that reduces the amount of refrigerant needed. The 3-ton capacity of the unit is good for 1,601-1,900 square feet.


  • Features Electronically Commutated Motor for communication
  • 16 SEER; very efficient in energy
  • Good for cooling down the area and improving humidity level
  • Has 34,800 BTU/h cooling capacity


  • The unit and installation are quite expensive

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Goodman 4 Ton 14 Seer Air Conditioning System

Goodman 4 Ton 14 Seer Air Conditioning System

Looking for an air conditioning unit for your medium-sized house? If you are, then look no further. This unit is another promising product from Goodman, under GSX14.

The 4-ton model is great for houses or large bedrooms and living rooms with an area of 2,201-2,600 square feet. It is equipped with a single-stage compressor that automatically stops whenever you reach the desired temperature.

This means that you don’t have to worry about it consuming too much electricity. How cool is that?
Another advantage of this unit is the coolant. The R-410A coolant is free of chlorine and is more environmentally friendly than other coolants. Accompanied by high-efficiency cooling and heating equipment, it will result in better air quality and lower energy bills.

The single-speed condenser fan motor will effectively cool down the house in minutes. When winter comes, you can use this product as a heater as well. No need to buy a separate appliance and no need for additional installments and maintenance!

Being a product of Goodman, you can expect that it’s not just the temperature that it improves but also the humidity level. This is an important consideration because you want to combat the very humid air that comes with summer.

Not only will it be beneficial to your health, but you’ll also prevent molds and bacteria from forming. The 14 SEER rating will make way for the best energy-efficient performance.


  • Can cool down large areas (2,201-2,600 square feet)
  • Single-stage compressor quickly cools the room
  • Good heating and improves humidity level
  • The R-410A coolant is environmentally friendly


  • You may want a higher SEER rating for this size of air conditioner

Ton 14 Seer Goodman Package Air Conditioner – GPC1436H41

Ton 14 Seer Goodman Package Air Conditioner - GPC1436H41

This unit is Goodman’s take on a dedicated horizontal air conditioner. It can be installed in areas with limited space like garages, attics, or even at basements. Although more compact than vertical type air conditioners, they do not come short in terms of performance.

The GPC1436H41 is a self-contained packaged air conditioner. What does this mean? It combines the condenser coil, compressor, and blower fan in a single unit that you can place in small spaces.

This air conditioning unit measures 3 tons. In terms of coverage, it will be best for areas that are 1,601 square feet to 1,900 square feet. It’s perfect for medium-sized houses and small offices.

Durability is one of the most important factors when it comes to appliances. It’s made with heavy-duty steel cabinet that is protected by a top of the line, UV-resistant powder-paint finish. If you do not have enough space, you can install it outdoors, and it will not affect its performance.

Thanks to the 14 SEER rating, you do not have to worry about high energy consumption. What’s more, you will like that it does not produce a loud noise, unlike cheaply made units. The compressor is also energy efficient and will quickly cool down your home or office.
It also comes with an R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant that is environmentally friendly.


  • Dedicated horizontal air conditioning unit that will fit limited spaces
  • The case and body are made with heavy-duty materials
  • Equipped with both heating and humidity management capacity
  • Can be installed outside, thanks to the UV-resistant finish
  • Includes the environmentally friendly R-410A coolant


  • Can only cool down spaces as large as 1,900 square feet

Goodman 3 Ton 15.5 SEER Air Conditioner GSX160361

Goodman 3 Ton 15.5 SEER Air Conditioner GSX160361

This unit is one of the best in terms of energy-saving. The GMEC96 features a two-stage gas valve and a multi-speed circulating blower to give you the best performance that will fit medium-sized areas.

The unit measures 3 tons and can cool down 1,601 to1,900 square feet of space. It comes equipped with the R-410A coolant that has no chlorine in it, so it’s very safe to use.

Moreover, the sound level on this model is among the lowest you can find in the market—no other way to provide your family with a good night’s sleep in the middle of summer.

If you want to save money in the long run, it’s important to invest in a high SEER rating, like this one. The 15.5 SEER rating will never blow up your energy consumption.

To give you an idea, it is 12% more efficient than 14 SEERS. On top of that, you have a factory-installed filter drier that will help minimize the need for maintenance.

In terms of construction, you will be impressed. A heavy-gauge galvanized-steel with a baked-on painted finish is used to construct this unit. It’s very durable and is even approved for 500 hours of salt spray.
The CAPF3743C6 evaporator coil improves this unit’s performance. It can be installed in both the up-flow and downflow orientations.


  • Very efficient when it comes to energy consumption, thanks to the 15.5 SEER rating
  • Made with heavy-duty materials and is even approved for 500 hours of salt spray
  • Comes with a CAPF3743C6 evaporator coil
  • The R-410A coolant is environmentally friendly


  • The unit and installation are quite expensive

Feature to Look for in Goodman Air Conditioner

These Goodman air conditioners were not created the same. As a buyer, you should set some considerations before you make a purchase, especially that your goal is to make use of your air conditioner for as long as possible.
Here are some tips and guidelines to help you get the best one in your budget.

Cost Expectations

When we talk about cost, it does not only pertain to the actual price of the product, but it also includes the installation cost and estimated running cost. You have seen in our reviews that the higher the SEER, the higher the price will be. And you might be intimidated and go for the most affordable, even if you need a higher model.

Well, doing this will actually cost you more in the long run. If you happen to live in a bigger house, it’s recommended to go for the higher models because they’ll result in a lower estimated running cost.

However, this does not mean that the lower models are bad. It still depends on your needs. If you live in a small apartment or a studio type house, there’s no sense of getting the highest model out there.


In line with the cost expectation, this is a quick guide to determine what size of air conditioner you will be needing.
A 1.5-ton air conditioner is good for houses or rooms with an area of 600 to 1,000 square feet. If you live in a 1,300 square feet house, go for the 2-ton model. The list goes on. If you live in a pretty large house (2,601 – 3,200 square feet), go big and choose the 5-ton model.


You might be tempted to install your air conditioner on your own, but please don’t make this mistake. The slightest error in installation might end up costing you a lot more. Worse, you might even need to throw away the aircon or get the warranty voided.
So before purchasing, also consider the installation cost. You may pay a lot more if you’re going for the higher model, but it will be worth it.

Communication Feature

Some models from Goodman feature the ComfortBridge™ technology. This ensures that the model operates at its peak and provides energy-efficient performance. What it does is that it uses smart algorithms that allow the air conditioner to automatically adjust the energy used.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Other than its communication feature, the models from Goodman will impress you with their ability to use energy efficiently. This is easily measured by the SEER given to each model. The higher the SEER is, the more efficient the product will be.

Compressor Options

Compressor Options

An air conditioner compressor is a component in the system that enables the unit to cool the room.
There are two kinds of compressors, single-stage, and two-stage.

Single-Stage Compressor

This type of compressor will run on high speed, lower the room’s temperature, and once the desired temperature is reached, it will turn off. If the room gets warm, it will turn on and cool the room again. They work quickly in cooling the room, but since it works with fluctuating temperatures, it might lead to a higher electricity bill.

Two Stage Compressor

On the other hand, two-stage compressors work using two settings, high and low speeds. The first run at high speed, and once the desired temperature is achieved, it will switch to the low-speed setting. Unlike with the single-stage compressors, this type will not blow up your electric bill.

Condenser Fan

The condenser fan of your air conditioner is located in the condensing unit or at the outdoor unit. Its purpose is to keep the condenser cool while it’s running.

This piece is crucial in maximizing the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. As the fan rotates, it blows air through the condenser coil, which cools the refrigerant. This will eventually turn it from gas to liquid.

Goodman units are equipped with top of the line condenser fans. The lower models, GSX16, GSX14, and GSX13, come with a single-speed condenser fan, which works just like the single-stage compressor. It runs until the desired temperature is achieved and then turns off.

The higher models, on the other hand, come with a very efficient two-speed condenser fan motor. It runs on the highest speed and switches to the lower-speed once the desired temperature is achieved.

Heating Options

Do you live in an area where you experience both hot and then extremely cold seasons? If you do, you should also consider buying a heater unit. The good news is, Goodman’s air conditioners work as heaters as well, so you don’t need to buy two separate appliances.
How does this happen? If you use it for cooling, the condenser fan turns the gas into a liquid. For heating, it will do the opposite.

Noise Levels

It’s important to choose a model that does not make too much noise, or else, you might be annoyed when using it. In terms of air conditioners, noise is inevitable. But you will be glad that Goodman units are known and proven to produce only little noise, specifically between 40dB to 70dB only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Goodman air conditioners any good?

Yes. Goodman air conditioner units are a good choice if you want comfort, efficiency, and performance at a low cost.

What other ways can I maximize my unit’s energy efficiency?

There are a few ways in which you can maximize your unit’s efficiency. You can leave all air vents unblocked, and of course, doing regular maintenance. Fans are also a great way to keep the whole room cooler.

Can I do the maintenance on my own?

We suggest letting only professionals do the maintenance. Moreover, it’s recommended to get your air conditioning units examined by professionals once or twice a year to help prevent possible issues.

What about the winter season? Can these units still be beneficial?

Yes, these models work both as air conditioners and heaters, thanks to the compressors. You can maximize the performance of these units all year long.

Can these air conditioning units control humidity at my house?

Yes! And kudos to you for being concerned about your area’s humidity. They work both as a humidifier and dehumidifier.

How long will these air conditioners last?

Good air conditioners like these models can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

Final Words

That’s about it! Our take on Goodman air conditioner reviews!
Which of the five models did you choose? Be sure to buy now to experience the benefits we discussed. Good luck and enjoy the summer!


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