Best IR Floodlight Review in 2021 – New Guide

Best IR Floodlight Review

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Are you having trouble with trespassers? Are intruders getting away without being caught? Or is it too bright of a floodlight to cause light pollution?

Our guide to the best IR floodlight reviews will positively help you with a perfect solution. These floodlights are reliable when it comes to unyielding surveillance.

It is exactly what your CCTV camera requires. So, every single action done by a trespasser will be recorded as clear as daytime. And he/she will not even know it!

This is possible due to the advanced capabilities of night vision provided by a floodlight. It has become more demanding with each passing day. Why should it not?

The lights can also be used to avoid irritating brightness—places where bright lights are not allowed, or outdoor and indoor illuminating decorations.

With this review guide, we hope to believe it will lead you to choose the right ones. Safety and comfortability before everything else, right?

5 Best IR Floodlight Review in 2021

Some of these mentioned models may be entirely new to you. Nonetheless, you would be surprised how these items are individually specialized for different goals.

We have thus compiled a shortlist of the very top IR floodlights in the market. Let us keep on reading to get a better insight into each product, shall we?

Onforu 4 Pack 12W Color LED Flood Lights

Onforu 4 Pack 12W Color LED Flood Lights

Onforu Floodlight is an all-rounder IR that has about 11 colored lights to select from. You can adjust their dimness, and choose different modes of action such as flash, fade, or color cycling as you like.

It also has a timer function of 2 and 6 hours. Once you switch the device on, the light that you selected previously will stay without being reset.

The heat sink fins have been upgraded to release heat effectively. This ensures prolonged life of the device, allowing you to benefit from its features longer.

It is constructed from qualified metals of Die Cast Aluminum housing for the exterior. The glass is tempered for higher durability in rain, snow, or sleet.

You can, therefore, apply it anywhere outside like garden, park, yard, patio, street, etc. It is a perfect decoration for indoor beautification as well. From wedding parties to indoor stage and buildings, the four packed 12 watts IR floodlight is a must-have!


  • IP66 waterproof and dustproof
  • Beam angle is over 110 degrees
  • Efficient and durable under any circumstance
  • Versatile use on outdoor or indoor
  • Easy installation, no wiring mess
  • Multiple color options with timing function
  • Remote control included along with a battery


  • RGB light display cannot be synched in a flash/fade mode

Tendelux 200ft Long Range IR Illuminator

Tendelux 200ft Long Range IR Illuminator

A gorgeous IR illuminator of 200 feet long range! The photocell sensor automatically functions whennatural light depletes under 10lux. Extra maintenance is no longer needed.

The light’s viewing angle of 90 degrees can correspond with 2.8/3.6/4 mm lens CCTV. Of course, they must be compatible with 850nm wavelength.

Tendelux uses IR pass filters in order to discard other light sources. This causes the LED light to spread out evenly and protect LEDs from damage. It helps in reducing hot spots too.

The product is incorporated with an IP66 weatherproof grade. Although, it is advisable to protect the PSU and DC connection when setting up outdoors. Its robust exterior offers extreme durability.

This IR illuminator will definitely help you see maximum distance and guard your valuables.


  • Energy efficient
  • Automatic off/on system
  • Applicable for outdoor and indoor environments
  • Weatherproof and strong peripheral
  • Light adjustments available via rotation


  • Emits red glow that is visible from more than 5 feet range
  • Power cord might be a little shorter

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Solarmks 10W 20 LED Solar Lights

Solarmks 10W 20 LED Solar Lights

Looking for a floodlight with less power consumption? And remotely accessed control to light up your patio, yard, or driveway? Search no further.

The brand has presented the 20 LEDs with a solar panel that can be rotated to 180 degrees. Remember to set it up where the panel can get enough sunlight.

Once fully charged, the light beams will brightly spread out up to 120 degrees. You can adjust the lighting body to your suitable corner between 90 degrees.

Moreover, both the panel and the LEDs are IP65 waterproofs to withstand any rainy situation. This is why it is a perfect choice as an emergency lighting and street light anywhere as well.


  • Brightens up more than 260 square feet
  • IR remote control can be used from more than 50 feet away
  • 10 lighting speeds and brightness levels available
  • Far better longevity and durable than ordinary floodlights
  • Easy installation on higher places or on the ground
  • Provides excellent brightness without casting any shadow
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Brightness may vary due to weak sunlight infiltration on solar panel

RSN LED Slim Flood Light

RSN LED Slim Flood Light

RSN floodlight is pretty ideal for any festival decoration since they have RGB bulbs of White, Red, Green, and Blue. They are used to apply 16 different color tones!

Either you hang it, nail it, or place it; this model is simply the best for illuminating your home, garden, or even hotels. A remote can control every feature.

It saves about 60% of electricity bills, unlike the regular halogen floodlights. The Die-cast Aluminum and tempered glass have been used to make the model endure hard fall.

Being fully waterproof turns the product robust enough to survive in continuous rain and snow for a longer period. The Slim Flood Light adds cool ambiance to the desired areas.


  • Energy efficient
  • Resistance to water is excellent
  • 16 types of color tones can be applied
  • Memory function available
  • Can be adjusted with tilts up and down
  • The exterior is UV painted for durable use
  • Great for lighting up pathways and highlighting objects


  • Cannot save the color setting as wished, only the default set up is possible

Lucent Infrared Light IR Illuminator Flood Light

Lucent Infrared Light IR Illuminator Flood Light

Our final selection, when mounted accordingly, will distribute perfectly even illumination throughout the visual zone. It is possible because of the 50 LEDs with a light diffuser.

Infrared Pro warrants optimum brightness and distance for a better view of the area. Lucent IR is considered the most powerful illuminator in the market that does not face any frustrating issues.

It is a great model for supreme filming outcomes as Lucent Illuminators are mostly designed for cameras and tripods. The compact build can easily fit in a bag or pocket!

A simple replaceable battery or 9-volt powers it. This allows more than 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation.


  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Compact and lightweight makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • Battery charge lasts a long time
  • Illuminates everything within 45 feet
  • Can be easily attached to tripods or camcorders
  • 30-day refund guarantee available


  • This works effectively only on IR enabled cameras and camcorders

What to Look for Before Buying Floodlight?

You know what you want to buy, but do you know what exactly you are getting? A little knowledge about a product will guarantee a better perception of its details.

Let us throw in some vital facts to look for before purchasing IR floodlights or as commonly known as infrared floodlights.


You need to know that most IR floodlights come with a wavelength of 850 nm. 850 nm is the ideal length to cover the approximate area. Going less than 850 will make the faint glow too noticeable.


An imperative factor to look for in the device. It is beyond doubt that the longer-range you choose, the maximum distance is to be covered. We recommend a range of approximately 200 meters.


Make certain of the product being waterproof as well as shockproof. An IR floodlight must survive through any harsh weather and impact. May it be a hard fall or repetitive raindrops. The floodlight must have the ability to endure it all.

Battery and Life Span

Some batteries are rechargeable, while some are replaceable. Depending on your intended use, choose wisely.

We suggest getting the ones that use solar power to recharge. This way, no more hassling with long cables around, plus it will save more energy.

Not everything lasts forever. Typically, IR floodlights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Seems less? It is more than five years of nonstop use!

Floodlight Auto-Function

Floodlight Auto-Function

This feature will not only save power consumption; it will also extend the operational life of the illumination and ambiance.

See if the product you choose comes with this option or not. The function mechanically turns the lights on and off according to some degree of natural light.

These few features are absolutely a game-changer. You will not need to blindly trust your instinct. Instead, a simple inspection can be conducted all by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wavelength of infrared is to be used?

Wavelength variation comes in three ways. They are subjected to the purpose of how and where you apply them.

730nm is used when the only highest range is required. It gives off a semi-visible red glow, and most cameras are sensitive to it.

850nm is generally used in almost all applications since it covers greater detail in further distances. It gives off a nearly invisible glow, and only some cameras pose sensitivity to it.

940nm is utilized in applications that require covert operations. It does not produce any visible glow. However, 940nm IR renders less detail and reduced distances.

How to stop the camera from switching back to color once IR is activated?

Use the connection in the supply called photocell relay output. The camera then receives a signal to override the auto-switching options.

Does the visible light affect IR floodlight performance?

Yes. It is like using a normal flashlight during the day. The visible light weakens the IR illuminators. As a result, it fails to deliver a proper range and performance accordingly.

Final Words

Finally, we only wish to make your life as safe and sound as possible. Our selections of the floodlights offers to give a hundred percent performance. You will not be disappointed with the results.
And when you successfully find the best IR floodlight that can be relied on during darkest of the nights, our research then shall fully be worthwhile!


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