How to Use Treadmill Control Panel?


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Do you know what everyone loves about using a treadmill? It works the way you want it to work irrespective of the physical condition of the user. Basically, individuals of any age, size, and figure can use a treadmill according to their needs.

And that’s where a treadmill control panel comes in! The control panel is where all of it is controlled, and where you can adjust the treadmill according to your will.

How to Use Treadmill Control Panel

Here we are going to explain how to use a treadmill control panel the right way. Care to discover more about it and become an expert treadmill user? Then keep scrolling and learn! If you want to be an expert treadmill user and your budget is low then you should check the best treadmill under 600.

Learn to Use a Treadmill Control Panel in 9 Simple Steps

Learn to Use a Treadmill Control Panel in 9 Simple Steps

Treadmill Control Panel is not hard in any way unless you are entirely clueless. If you are, then follow the following 9 steps to use it like an expert:

Read the Instruction Manual

Firstly, you have to familiarize yourself with the functions of the control panel of the treadmill you will be using by reading the provided manual thoroughly. When you are in the gym, you can ask the trainer to help you.

Before starting the machine, you have to make sure that you know how to increase speed and incline. You have to also make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the common functions like on/off buttons and manual buttons.

Ensure Safety

You need to ensure that you know where the emergency button is to shut the machine down and also how it works. Some treadmills have a red-colored safety key. So, you have to put in to ensure your safety

Start the Treadmill

You need to press on the ‘On’ or ‘Start’ button to make the treadmill wake up.

Adjust the Control Panel’s Height

You can adjust the height of the control panel where it is placed as your need by pressing on the buttons, which are usually designated as ‘Height Up’ and ‘Height Down’ placed on the control panel.

Start the Treadmill Belt

You have to press again on the ‘Start’ or ‘On’ button to kick off the belt. The speed of the belt will be slow because of the preset program built-in. And the speed will probably be 6 mph by the standard.

Choose a Program

If you are a beginner, the preset program is the ideal way to start with, as this will take you through all of the levels like warm-ups, exercises, and cool-down. This will also help you become used to the treadmill.

Adjust Speed

If you have become used to the treadmill, you can adjust the speed as you want to by pressing on the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows of the ‘Speed’ labeled portion on the control panel.

It is very simple to use as you just need to press on the ‘Up’ arrow to increase speed and on the ‘Down’ arrow to decrease speed.

Take a Test Run

Now, you are ready as ever to operate the control panel of the treadmill while using it. But it is recommended to take a test run before you start working out properly.

So, you should begin from the first step and follow the steps carefully in the same order and see if anything seems wrong to you.


If you have managed to take a test run without anything seeming wrong to you, then simply start walking on the treadmill belt and work out as per your needs!

Things You Should Know

  • At first, the control panel of the treadmill can seem intimidating, but you need to keep calm and focus on the key buttons like ‘On’/‘Off’.
  • You should not worry about the options you get while choosing a program as the preset program is the ideal one to start with.
  • You should remember that even the most regular gym goers have a tough time getting to know a new panel. So, don’t stress when you see a new control panel.
  • You can stop the treadmill anytime by simply pressing on the ‘Off’ or ‘Stop’ button. Again, the treadmills which have red-colored safety key, you can stop them by pulling out the safety key.
  • You should keep in mind that when you stop the treadmill suddenly, you will lose the information about your calories spent and mileage. And you will also reset your time spent.
  • You should not assume that you can’t change or adjust the height of the control panel of your treadmill as you can always adjust it to your requirement by following the above-mentioned way.
  • Lastly, you should be careful while increasing the speed of the treadmill because if you lose balance, you can end up harming yourself.

Start Using a Treadmill Control Panel Like an Expert Now!

Start Using a Treadmill Control Panel Like an Expert Now

Does using a treadmill control panel look like a hard job? Not at all – even for an inexperienced user, this will be a total piece of cake.

There are many things to consider and tips to follow. But as long as you read this guide carefully and take our advice into account, you can always use any kind of treadmill control panel and get rid of any kind of difficulties.

So, are you ready to start using a treadmill control panel as an expert? Don’t waste more time and begin now!


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