Does Treadmill Help Lose Weight from Your Stoma


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Losing weight has been on most people’s minds. For some, this might be a harder task than for others.

Now, there might be many of us who need to lose the weight from our legs or hips, while others need it off of their stomach. So, for that, do you think treadmills would be the best option?

Does Treadmill Help Lose Weight from Stoma

Well, here we are going to take a look at how treadmills affect our body and how it might actually help us to lose weight from our stomach.

In short, you’ll get the answer to your question, “does treadmill help lose weight your stomach?”.

Does Treadmill Help Lose Weight from Your Stoma

How Can We Lose Weight from Stomach?

How Can We Lose Weight from Stomach

Before we tackle the correlation of running on treadmills and losing belly fat, let us discuss ways in which we can deal with stomach fat in general.

And the very first thing you need to do when it comes to cutting down weight is watching what you eat. Well, just watching isn’t going to help.

You have to actively make decisions to eat better on a daily basis, and also have to be conscious about the number of calories to take in.

For an average man, 2500 calories are required, while for an average woman, it is 2000 calories. Your goal here is to create a calorie deficit so that you end up consuming lesser calories than you need.

So, say you cut down your calorie intake by 500 per day, then in a week, you are able to cut down on 3500 calories, which equals 1 pound. In a month you will be able to go down 4 pounds.

Along with this, you need to work out. That way, you will be able to burn up all the excessive calories you take in.

So, if you decide to further burn 200 hundred calories a day by the end of the month, your weight loss figure will be around 5.5 pounds.

How Will Running on Treadmills Reduce Belly Fat?

Now, working out might give us an overall result, but how will running on treadmills have a direct effect on fat or weight in our belly? Different people get different types of results from their diet and workout.

Now, when it comes to weight loss, it is commonly believed that cardio helps us lose the highest number of pounds. There is a lot of research that indicates this very fact. And we are not here to fight with facts.

Cardiovascular exercised such as running on treadmills really works to get out heart rate up. This increase in heart rate is what enables us to lose weight much faster.

There are other workouts like swimming, cycling, and rowing, which will also get your heart pumping and help you lose more weight than anything else.

Will the Results Last?

Now, one of the questions all of us are bound to have is whether running on treadmills is actually going to leave a lasting effect on us or not.

Well, let me give you the answer first and then jump into the details. YES! The results are going to last in the long run.

People who run on treadmills, or run in general are less likely to gain weight in their stomach, even though they may end up gaining overall weight.

A study was conducted at the University of Alabama. Here, people were put on a strict diet, some of the subjects used to workout along with their diet, and after a year, they quit their diet.

But those who worked out were told to keep working out. When they were weighed again, those who worked out did gain weight but not in their stomach, while those who didn’t work out, 33% of them experienced a weight gain in their belly.

How to Run to Lose Belly Weight

Even though physical activity should be good enough to help you lose weight, but you should try to maximize the effect by working out properly, which would enable you to lose the most weight.

Firstly, try to run on an incline, this will have a much greater impact than it would if you run on a plain surface. This will require you to put in more effort and burn more calories.

The next thing for you to do is by walking quicker, basically increasing your speed. This will get your heart rate higher than it would when you run at a slower pace.

So, you will burn more calories if you take 8 minutes to run a mile rather than 10 minutes. But try going at a slower pace first, get used to the run.

Stomach fat might be a bit stubborn, and you will see the results after putting in a lot of effort, but the key here is to persist and keep trying.

It is not possible to see a change overnight, you must keep running, and after some time you will see a change in yourself. And when you do, you will be more motivated to keep going.

Final Thoughts

The science behind losing stomach weight by running on treadmills isn’t very hard. You just have to give it to your best and try to make it a little more difficult for you each time. And you will want to burn the highest number of calories to get the best result.


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