What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill?


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It is quite difficult to find some time to go to the gym regularly during workdays. And during weekends, you need to catch up with friends and family.

So it is a wiser idea to invest in a treadmill for your home so you can exercise at your convenience.

What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill

You can use the treadmill as long as you want without worrying when your time to use it is over.

Having a treadmill will save you from paying tons of money to update gym membership too. But it is daunting to try and buy the perfect treadmill.

There are a lot of things to consider. So, let’s get to learn what to look for when buying a treadmill.

What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill

Below, we are going to talk about the factors you need to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Price of the Treadmill

Price of the Treadmill

There are some best treadmills under 600 to 3,000 dollars. So that means you will get what you paid for. Treadmills priced as low as $500 will not have many features or may even lack a motor.

Such treadmills may perform well if you do not want to exercise regularly. Also, the warranties of such machines may run out after three months.

As the price goes up, you will get more features and facilities, for example, some expensive treadmills even come with a TV screen built in the machine.

Hence, the treadmill you need depends on your budget, features you want, how seriously and regularly you intend on exercising.

One thing to keep in mind while browsing for a treadmill, keep an eye for sales.

Also, different brands come with different warranties, so a little difference in price can determine whether you are safely covered for one or five years.

Available Space

Before you buy a treadmill, think about how much space you actually have available to keep the treadmill.

You need to think about the length, width, and height of the treadmill. Also, it is a good idea to keep some space on both sides of the machine to avoid any incidents.

Size and Type of the Treadmill

Size and Type of the Treadmill

After measuring the space available to put the treadmill, it is a good idea to begin thinking about the size of the treadmill. Usually, home treadmills measure 7ft in length and 3ft in width.

You also need to keep in mind the type of exercise you intend on doing, and for instance, if you want to only walk or jog, the recommended belt size is 50-inch, whereas 55inch for running.

Nowadays, there are folding treadmills available, which can be stored away after your exercise. You can also opt for a desk treadmill if you spend too much time sitting at work.

Such machines come with desk space and allow you to work while burning calories. So you can work and exercise at the same time.


Another point to keep in mind is the horsepower of the treadmill. If you have many people in your family who will use the treadmill, then you will need one that has more horsepower than you would need if you plan to jog occasionally.

So the horsepower depends on your usage, if you are going to train extensively or exercise for a long period, you need a machine with plenty of power.

Also, keep in mind that more horsepower means you have to spend more money on the machine.

Try before You Buy

It is very important for you to check the stability of the treadmill before you decide on buying it. You should run, jog and walk to get a feel of the machine.

For example, if you are 6ft or taller, you need a wider belt than someone much shorter, or you might think the bars on the side are not at a comfortable level.

By reading descriptions of the product, it is not possible to get a feel of the product, so make sure to try it out.

Track Speed

This is an important aspect you need to consider before buying a treadmill. With time you might become faster or advance to more rigorous exercises and so want more speed from the machine.

So before you settle on one that is 5-7mph, think about your future usage as such a machine is not something you will buy often.

Material of the Track Belt

Track belts that consist of two or four-ply are quieter and much more durable than ones with only one ply. Also, for smooth performance, you need a well-lubricated track belt.

Unless you want to lubricate the track belt every couple of months, look for one that is infused with either silicone or other forms of lubricant, so you are free from the hassle of maintaining it.

You should also read product specifications to check the diameter of the rollers; this is because rollers of large diameters put less pressure on the motor as well as lengthen the life of the track belt.

Track Incline

Having incline can help you burn calories faster and become fitter in a short period. You will also put less stress on your joints and be able to work out different parts of your body.

Most come with a motorized incline that inclines from 6-20%, but there are some low priced ones that have to be inclined manually.


If you are unsure of which exercises to start with, you can look out for preset programs in the treadmill.

As these programs are preset, the machine will control the speed, incline, etc. leaving you free to concentrate on your training or exercise.

Final Thoughts

As it is quite expensive, takes up a lot of space, and weighs a lot, a treadmill cannot be bought on short notice. It requires consideration of many facts apart from your wish to exercise at home.

For example, is the treadmill of your choice noisy? Will it be suitable for your exercise requirements? How does it perform, and how often does it break?

You can also read reviews about the treadmill you want and see what others liked or disliked about it. After considering all the factors above, you can hopefully find the treadmill perfect for you.


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