How to Record Audio in SmartThings Using The Alexa Skill API

How to Record Audio in SmartThings Using The Alexa Skill API

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In the next few years, every device in our home will likely have some kind of built-in microphone. SmartThings is one of the first companies to get the message, and in November 2017, they introduced the SmartThings Skill platform. SmartThings has integrated Alexa into their lineup, giving their customers access to Amazon’s virtual assistant without having to install the Echo speaker. The skill allows users to control lights, thermostats, and appliances in their home through voice commands. Today we’ll learn how to get started recording audio in SmartThings using the Alexa Skill API.

What is the Alexa Skill API

In case you haven’t heard of Alexa yet, the Amazon Echo is a voice-activated smart speaker. There is a voice API for Alexa Skills that allows developers to create custom skills using either the Node.js, Python, or Ruby programming languages. An Alexa skill provides a user interface that enables interaction between a developer and a user.

Install Alexa Skills Kit on an Amazon Echo device

The skills available on Amazon Echo depend on the device you own. If you own an Amazon Echo speaker or Dot, the skills available are determined by the device. If you have an Echo Show or Tap, you can install new skills using the skills tab on the Alexa App. For other Amazon devices, the skill selection depends on which one you own.

Set up a Skill within the Alexa App

Skills, also known as intents, help you create a conversation with Alexa. For example, one skill might recognize that someone says “Alexa” and it may respond by saying “Good morning!” A second skill might ask you how many dogs you have and then offer suggestions of breeds based on the answer. To create a skill, follow the directions below:

1. Log into the Alexa app

2. Tap the Menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen

3. Select Skills from the menu that appears

4. Select Add Skill

5. From the Skills Library page, select “Voice Actions”

6. Select the category to add the skill to.

7. Type in a Skill Name (such as “DogCare” or “Holidays”). Then, tap Next.

8. Select the category to add the skill to.

9. Select the category. Then, select the skill from the list.

10. You will see a summary of what the skill does. Tap on the name of the skill to learn more.

11. If you want to change any information, select the Edit icon at the bottom.

12. Tap Save.

13. You have just created your first skill. To make sure that your skill is working properly, you will need to add a few things to the skill.

Connect Alexa to SmartThings using the Alexa Skill API


Step 1: Enable the Skill API.

5. Select Alexa from the skills section of the smart home app.

6. Select Add a skill.

7. On the next page, select Alexa Skill API, then Add a skill.

8. Choose Alexa from the list of skills.

9. Give the skill a name. You can also give it a short description.

10. Tap Create skill.

11. You will now see a summary of what the skill does.

12. Select the name of the skill.

13. Tap on the name to learn more.

14. Tap the Edit icon.

15. Enter information about the skill, then tap Save.

Create a Skill in the Skill Store

. To create a skill, you need to do the following.

Step 1: Create a new skill.

Step 2: Choose the type of skill you want to create.

Step 3: Enter a title and description of the skill.

Step 4: You can use a video or audio to teach users how to perform the skill. You can also select whether the skill is a pass-fail test or a graded assignment.

Step 5: Choose a difficulty level for the skill.

Step 6: Set the number of attempts the user needs to complete the skill.

Step 7: Tap Add Skill.

Step 8: Your new skill will be added to the Skills list.

Launch the Skill from the Alexa App

You can create an app for your customers to use with the Alexa Skills Kit. You can also create an app for your customers to use with the Amazon Echo. You can use your skills for both the Echo and the Alexa App. The Alexa App is an app that lets you control the Alexa devices with your smartphone. You can ask the Alexa App to turn on the lights or switch on the TV. You can also ask it to play music, check the weather, play your favorite game, and turn off the thermostat. Your skills will let your customers use Alexa to do many different things. Your customers can ask Alexa to read them the news, answer questions, play music, read books, or do many other things.

Record audio using the Alexa Skill API

The Alexa Skill API lets you record audio using the microphone on your customer’s device. Your skill will be added to the Skills list in the Alexa App. Your skill will look like a button in the Alexa App that lets your customers record audio. When the button is pressed, your skill will listen for the word “Alexa” and then record whatever is being said. You can save the audio using the Amazon S3 storage service. Your customers can download the audio using the Amazon Cloud Player. Your customers can use your skill to record audio whenever they want. The Alexa Skill API lets you create your own custom skill for your customers.

Stream audio back to the Echo device

. You can use the Echo skill to answer questions, read books, play music, and control other smart devices. You can also ask Alexa to tell you the news, provide traffic reports, check the weather, and more. Alexa skills connect to other third-party services to provide additional functionality. For example, you can use your skill to listen to the news or control smart home devices. To enable your skill, follow these steps: Log into your Amazon developer account. Upload your skill to the cloud. Register your skill with the Alexa Skills Kit. Create the skill code. Make sure to include the phrase “Alexa” in the skill code. Add your skill to the Alexa App.

Add the Skill to your Home Assistant configuration


Open the Alexa app.

Select the “Skills” menu item.

Select the “+” icon to add a new skill.

Enter a name for your skill.

Choose the skill type (e.g., “Weather” or “Alarm”).

Click “Next”.

Enter a description for your skill.

Specify the skill package to use for development (i.e., “” or “”)

Click “Create Skill” to complete the process.

When you have finished, click on the skill name in the list to test it out.

Turn on the microphone in the Alexa App

. The microphone button will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it to turn on the microphone.

Select the “Skills” menu item. Tap on it.

Select the “+” icon to add a new skill. Tap on it to open the Alexa Skills Kit prompt.

Tap on “Weather” and type “Alexa, ask Weather to tell me today’s forecast.”

Tap on “Alarm” and type “Alexa, ask Alarm to tell me when it is going to be time for me to wake up.”

You will receive a confirmation that the skill has been added.

Select the skill name in the list to test it out.

Test the Skill

We have to learn about all kinds of different skills. There are many things in the world that we can do with our smart devices. If you want to find out more about all the things you can do with Alexa, go to On this site, you can learn about the skills that Alexa can do. You will need to install the Alexa app on your device. When you are ready to test the skill, tap on the skill in the list. You can test it out by saying “Alexa, ask [the skill name] to [tell you something]”.

Delete the Skill

If you decide that you no longer want to use a skill, you can delete it. Go to the Alexa App, tap on the Skill icon in the bottom left corner, and then select Delete Skill.

We should learn all the skills that we can. Once you have installed the skill, you can test it out. You can also delete the skill if you decide that you no longer want to use it.

You can access this skill by saying “Alexa, ask Skill A to tell me something”.

You will need to install the skill to use it. You can learn more about installing a skill at

Update your Home Assistant configuration

Go to the Alexa app on your phone and tap on the gear icon in the bottom right corner. Tap on Settings, and then go to Skills. Look for the skill that you have installed, and then update it. The next time that you say “Alexa, ask Skill X to…” it will ask you for permission to connect to the skill. After that, you can use the skill whenever you want.

I was using a Raspberry Pi with a Pi Camera Module 2 and a Pi Zero W with USB OTG adapter and it worked flawlessly. I wanted to add more functionality and this seemed to be a good solution for that.


In conclusion, the Amazon Echo has become a popular tool for smart home automation. With the Alexa Skill API, developers can build custom skills that allow users to control their smart home devices with voice commands.


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