Best Camera for SmartThings Review in 2021

best SmartThings camera

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Renowned tech company Samsung owns the SmartThings brand. Unlike most products from the electronics group, SmartThings does not refer to a device but is an app used to control all other smart devices in your homes or offices.

It also pertains to a cloud-based system that makes these work. Securing your properties at all costs should be a priority.

Configuring your home security cameras into this brand will provide you with unparalleled benefits.

They are better than CCTVs by monitoring everything in your house or building, thus safeguarding you and your family.

Here’s how you can select the best camera for SmartThings with discussion on the right features, and more.

Benefits of SmartThings Camera

Many of you might think that installing security cameras in residential units is a luxury. They are very common in commercial establishments.

Yet, since crime rates are on the rise, it is important to decide about having this. These devices deter crimes and prevent vandalism.

Real-Time Monitoring

The best video camera for SmartThings will deliver you real-time updates right from your home anytime and anywhere you are. You can refer to these reports even from your mobile devices.

Night Vision Capabilities

Most of these types of cameras provide you with night vision capabilities that display the clearest views all-day-round.

In addition, their two-day audio and built-in mic setups will allow you to communicate with the people in the vicinity.

Intelligent Object Detection

These cameras also alert the person with advanced object detection, differentiating between a human being and an object. You can even customize certain activity zones that the camera can zoom into.


Furthermore, the multi-view lets you view four cameras all at once, giving you a clear perspective of every angle in your spaces.

It also lets you change the settings from portrait or landscape mode, depending on your specifications.

5 Best Camera for SmartThings – Review

The market is abundant with security cameras, more on with the SmartThings design. Device features include motion sensors, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 360-degree rolling ability. When your home and office is secured, you increase their value.

Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

This SmartThings security camera perfectly works with the Alexa voice control system and is wire-free. With these, it means the device is free of the annoying wires and power cords so that you can monitor your homes with maximum ease.

Its night vision feature is also impressive, illuminating your area up to 25 feet. You can also configure and customize the video resolution of this weather-resistant gadget.

These details allow you to install them anywhere, whether for your indoor or outdoor spaces. Arlo Pro’s security cameras also have rechargeable batteries with quick charging.

It also provides you with the best two-way audio and seven days of free recording on the cloud. The device works with Amazon Alexa, Echo Show, Fire TV, Google Assistant, and many others.


  • Wire-free, and free of power cords
  • The weatherproof feature lets you install this indoors and outdoors
  • Provides HD video with clarity of images
  • Has long-lasting rechargeable batteries that charge fast
  • Includes smart siren, wide-angle lens, and live stream
  • Secure the recordings with the USB local backup storage
  • Features the two-way audio with built-in speaker and mic


  • Image quality is slightly poorer than other products of this kind
  • There are one to two-second delays when the camera detects motion

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Samsung SNH-P6410BN SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi Camera

Samsung SNH-P6410BN SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi Camera

The smart camera from Samsung, meanwhile, also works perfectly when monitoring your children, your relatives, or your pets.

Thus, it ensures that your home is secured by keeping an eye not only on the people moving around but also on your personal belongings.

View the images produced on the device right from your mobile phones anywhere you are in the globe.

If you are still at work and you need to see what your children are doing as they reach home from school, or you are traveling on a business trip, and you want to monitor your house, this device serves you well.

You can even customize the camera to provide instant alerts with both motion and audio features included.

It also delivers notification in real-time on your Android device, iPhone, iPad, or tablet. With the built-in memory card slot, you can access the videos anytime you need to review them.

Homeowners who have it installed up their window allow them to see their front door for visitors entering and walking the pathways.

It may give a strong glare from the sun during the morning, but overall, the daytime quality is still good.

Once you view the live feeds or the recording from the Samsung website, it will be very easy to navigate, similar to how you’ll do it on YouTube.

However, keep in mind that the Internet speed and wireless router will affect the camera load time, and there might be stream delays.


  • Simple and intuitive Wi-Fi setup
  • Advanced motion and audio detection
  • Provides full HD streaming to your mobile
  • Offers ultra-wide angle for daytime and nighttime viewing
  • Motion zone select feature allows you to customize where the camera will zoom in


  • The camera may get sensitive to Wi-Fi signals
  • The dynamic image range may have lesser quality compared with other products

Arlo Q Plus – Wired PoE, 1080p HD Security Camera

Arlo Q Plus - Wired PoE, 1080p HD Security Camera

Another best camera system for SmartThings is this security camera from Arlo. Many businesses prefer to have this in their offices because of its 1080p HD video and excellent two-way audio.

It allows you to maintain security in your establishments even at night. The features of this camera include the free cloud recording, power-over-Ethernet, motion alerts, night vision, 24/7 cloud recording, the SD card slot for video review, and more.

Arlo’s wide range of security cameras includes free cloud recording systems that have tons of options for you to upgrade.

These allow you to watch the recorded videos live from your PCs, smartphones, and tablets. You only need to download the free Arlo app to make it fully work.

With its free cloud recording, you can stream the videos live wherever you are in the world.

It also provides seven days of secure recordings on the cloud, as well as non-stop video and audio streaming with the continuous video recording or CVR plan.

This also includes simultaneous viewing of five live video streams, push notifications, and email alerts.

The built-in microphone system allows you to talk to anybody at home to ask about their conditions, or make suggestions with the cleaning, even if you are in a distant area.


  • HD video recording allows you to see what’s going on at home in crisp and clear quality
  • Provides seven days of free cloud recording
  • Easily connect the device with your Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or PoE
  • Review the videos with the SD card slot for recording and local backup
  • Two-way communication lets you speak with whoever is at home or in the space where the camera is
  • Receive instant alerts and notification on mobile
  • 24/7 continuous cloud recording


  • There is a shorter detection range compared with other devices of this kind
  • Night vision videos may be a bit blurry or grainy

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Arlo – Add-on Camera with Motion Detection

Arlo - Add-on Camera with Motion Detection

One of the greatest advantages of any security camera more than others is when it carries a state-of-the-art design.

Arlo’s add-on camera has every feature that this brand offers. Yet, it comes in sleek and stylish with the way it’s made, contributing to its reputation as the best camera with SmartThings.

This device lets you get exactly the image or the video you need, whether you have this inside or outside your buildings.

You can install the Arlo security camera at any space you want to record. The design also allows you to elevate the wire-free camera above the floor.

To monitor side-to-side traffic, you will use the motion sensor. This is more sensitive than other fields of view, so you have to look for the best area to detect motion.

You can also expand the range of the camera system by connecting to an Ethernet port on a Powerline adapter or Wi-Fi range extender, instead of just at the router’s base.

This maximizes its range of capturing images, even if positioned in a central location in your home.

It is important to note that motion detection with Arlo cameras does not work through glass or windows.

You may have to consider this specification before purchasing the unit. If your house is glass-insulated, heat motion may be limited.


  • A high-definition smart home security camera that’s 100 percent wire-free
  • Comes with weather-resistant features with motion detection and night vision
  • Receive instant notifications once the camera detects movement
  • Free cloud storage capability allows you to store and review activity whenever you need to
  • Offers live remote video streaming
  • Supports up to five camera angles


  • The battery life may run out quickly
  • Delay in the recording make this a better choice for indoors rather than outdoors

Samsung SNH-V6414BMR SmartCam HD Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi Camera

Samsung SNH-V6414BMR SmartCam HD Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi Camera

Among the best features of this smart camera from Samsung is the dynamic day and night vision.

This feature automatically figures out when the light needs adjustment to maintain viewing quality even with imperfect lighting, thus making it the industry’s best security camera for SmartThings.

It takes the capture range up to 32 feet, allowing you to get similar clarity no matter what the distance is.

This unit also precisely corrects low-light recording to produce the clearest footage even from surroundings in pitch-black.

You’ll know who gets down the kitchen right in the middle of your sleep. With its powerful sensor and lens, you get an incomparable viewing experience in bright video captures, vivid colors, and stunning detail.

The five various viewing streams allow both you and your partner to monitor what’s happening at home.

Keep the safety of your kids at home, zooming in at a particular area to monitor, as you get alerted when someone approaches the doorway.

Simply draw a box in these areas on the screen to set the camera with this customization. It lets you select a maximum of three motion zones in the view.

The camera device is offered at a great price, with all the significant features included. It is also compatible with Wi-Fi internet and is very easy to install.


  • Captures a wide range of view, with the automatic lens-distortion correction included
  • Gives a clear picture both night and day
  • Alerts you if it detects sound or movement
  • Motion Zone Select lets you specify which areas to capture
  • Equipped with large storage and two-way talk function


  • In the downloadable app, it is difficult to delete the recordings
  • It may not be possible to view all cameras at once in a single screen

Features to Look for Before Buying Best Smart Camera

You may have searched or asked yourself, “What is the best camera for SmartThings?”

However, before you get to your purchase, the features of the product will determine your option. There are different types of cameras with features that make one group different from the other.

Camera Quality

You’ll beat the purpose of having these security cameras if the video resolution is too grainy to see movements of people or objects.

At least 1280 x 720 pixels can already be great for you. However, if you want to invest more, there are brands that offer cameras at 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution.

This point of consideration also tackles the way the camera can zoom in a certain angle you want to monitor. In addition, it also includes night vision and recording quality.

Field of View

You often hear this a lot when you are at the store, or when you are reading articles online. The best coverage is achievable with a 120-degree angle of the camera. However, you can still find those at 355-degree horizontal, and 90-degree vertical.

Recording and Storage

This refers to the way the camera records the surroundings, and how it saves the footage. Before, video cassettes were used to store these videos, but today, there are memory cards portable enough for the homeowner to view the videos anytime they want to.

Many of these cameras have built-in storage, while others already have ample spaces in the memory card.

Power Supply and Battery

The biggest mistake when it comes to monitoring your homes with a security camera is not knowing when the device has already run out of batteries.

It is necessary to find camera systems that have a solid backup plan when there are blackouts and power outages.


The other important purpose of the SmartThings camera is how the owner receives updates of the recording.

At one point, it monitors and records, but it should also be able to send notifications right to where you are.

It alerts you when there are intrusions, movement with the objects, people’s traffic, and more.

Many of these smart camera systems connect to your mobile devices, so you get notifications even if you are far from the household.


This isn’t a major feature tackled in detail, but it is important to ensure the camera includes this.

It lets you specify and customize when you need the camera to work, and when you don’t need it at the moment.

Ideal for the time-bound and busy individual, cameras with scheduling functions let them turn on and turn off the camera automatically without manually going over the procedure.

You can also alter based on where you want the camera to focus, and when you want to get these notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SmartThings work with?

SmartThings works with various devices for as long as they are compatible with this. Other than cameras, these include lights, voice assistants, thermostats, and locks.

Do security cameras record all the time?

Most units of your security cameras record non-stop, or the way you want it to. It may also record on a schedule or by motion activation.

When recording in motion, the device may also send notifications via your mobile.

How do I add Samsung camera to SmartThings?

First, download the SmartThings app. Then on the home screen, touch the Plus icon and choose ‘Device.’ Afterward, click SmartThings and touch ‘Camera.’ Now click Start.

You can now plug your SmartThings camera into the outlet and wait for the light to show amber. Wait as the camera connects to SmartThings. Then, you can select the location for your unit.

Do you need Wi-Fi for wireless security cameras?

Wireless security cameras will only require Wi-Fi connectivity during setup. You can choose to connect this camera to your router, before setting them up via your phone’s software.

The camera will not require the internet all the time since it is only a one-time connection.

How do I reset my SmartThings camera?

To reset your SmartThings camera device, press and hold the reset button at the back for about 15 seconds before releasing it.

Wait until the unit produces a clicking sound, and the LED blinks green. Afterward, you can now connect the device once the LED blinks amber.

Final Words

A house or a building with a camera system for security has a higher value, compared to those without or only have the usual CCTVs.

Learning about this information leads you toward purchasing only the best camera for SmartThings.

Cameras with smart security features are several notches better than other devices because they work according to your interests.

There is a common misconception that these types of units are more expensive. It isn’t true because you can find many affordable devices.

Having them takes away the worry of security threats you and your family at home may be prone to.


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