Best Siren for Smart Things – Review in 2021

Best Siren for Smart Things

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It is your sanctuary, your home. A kind of venue where you make loving memories and spend relaxing evenings after a hectic day.

Your house is a refuge where you feel most at ease with your family. When a home is recently attacked by burglars or susceptible to burglaries, you may feel under-protected.

In this case, you may want to add another protection to your home to avoid compromise. Sirens are this new age of technology that battles robberies and burglaries.

Long ago, sirens were very expensive, and even most middle-class families couldn’t afford it. But in this year and age, supplies of sirens and alarms are on the rise and comes with the price.

Over the years, prices of sirens have gone cheap; this only means that you could secure one for your home and your family’s safety. If you are in a hunt for high-quality but affordable Sirens, you might check these out!

Best Siren for Smart Things – Review 2021

NEO Z-Wave Plus Siren Alarm with Strobe alerts

NEO Z-Wave Plus Siren Alarm with Strobe alerts

Wanting top-notch security without breaking the bank? This siren might be the one you’re after! This product has a very unique audio and visual settings, with unique chimes and melodies combined with flashing red light that will alarm you for different household happenings, this alarm serves it all.

Plus, it can be battery powered or USB powered, it only means that you can have this alarm whenever and wherever you go!

If you want to be creative, this alarm has the tools capable of creating a specialized schedule for different kinds of days to address specific kinds of conditions.

Whenever you want to define study time for your kids, adjust a specific kind of melody. If playtime is over, have a different chime. Dinner is ready? Play a lovely melody!

One key feature of this alarm is that it can connect to other Z-wave devices for emergency support. This feature lets you know what problem arises from broken glass, a smoke, or a flood that will occur.

Adjustable configuration only means that it has advanced security parameters wherein you can control whatever chime rings in a specific scenario, whether alarm duration, volume, and types of tone.

Lastly, this alarm produces sounds north of 105dB, a very powerful alarm should be heard by your neighbors right away once the alarm rings. Overall, great product for security and protection.


  • Very low power consumption
  • Adjustable configurations
  • Unique chimes and alarms
  • Improved battery consumption for longer usage.
  • Extended signal range
  • Strong connectivity


  • The NEW smartthings APP is not DTHsupported
  • Not very configurable compared to other sirens
  • Doesn’t come with USB cables

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Aeotec Siren 6, Z-Wave Plus S2 Safety Speaker

Aeotec Siren 6, Z-Wave Plus S2 Safety Speaker

Wanting to take your home’s security and protection to a whole new level? Then have yourself this alarm.

This indoor siren is built with Z-Wave Plus S2, capable of being a smart siren in your home for the foreseeable future.

Featuring speakers capable of producing 110dB of sound combined with 1000 visual light alert strobe will instantly alert you whenever certain things occur in your house when no one is around.

The product also comes with 6 pre-loaded sounds with 8 safety sounds and 30 tones, all in all, making it a great option for configuration depending on what scenario arises.

Plus, its backup battery can work for longer periods when the main power is turned off, securing for more time and can be useful in situations wherein there are power outages due to typhoons and other calamities.

Its futuristic designs can be a bit appealing for multi-purpose use; the alarm can also be used as a doorbell that can be used with three separate buttons.

By the time a burglar approaches or a certain calamity unfolds, this siren will hold its own and can serve as a security and protection in your home.

A do-it-all alarm indeed. No more compromises and doubts. Leaving your home is never easy, but with this siren, you could leave your house feeling safe and secured without any other compromise: security, surveillance, and protection at its premium.


  • Very loud ring that can range from 80dB to 110dB
  • Multi-purpose alarm
  • Better wireless range
  • Additional wireless security encryption
  • Compatible with other Z-wave gateways


  • Very small
  • Pricey

Ecolink Zwave Plus Network Security Siren

Ecolink Zwave Plus Network Security Siren

Looking for the security siren that doesn’t break the bank? Then this one’s for you! This all-new innovation comes in very affordable and convenient, and it comes with a plug-and-play mechanism leaving you with no hassle at all.

Plus, the installation is quite a breeze, that even your kids can do it. It’s like almost plugging as plugging a flat iron.

This product is compatible in almost all of the Z-wave or SmartThings technologies, leaving you with no time to waste and that it is designed for full control, complete monitoring and reading of status applications in your own home.

With its cool feature of the Ecolink security system, a quick-acting alarm ensues when your house has been broken.

One of the leading developers of low power to high-efficiency ratio, this alarm doesn’t add too much weight on your bills.

Keeping your home was never made quite this easy and affordable, keeping all burglars at bay with this one.

A cool feature of this product is that it has 4 independent tones for different kinds of alerts and is easily configured by you or members of the house.

So, if your home is lacking all the necessary measures in keeping your house safe and secure, you might as well rethink your plans and have this one be one of your top priorities.


  • Plug-and-play
  • Easy installation, no hassle.
  • Low power to high Efficiency resulting in lower electricity bill
  • Top-level security without any compromise
  • Affordable


  • Too many proprietary apps

Monoprice Wireless Smart 120dB Siren Alarm and Chime

Monoprice Wireless Smart 120dB Siren Alarm and Chime

Take your home’s security to a whole new level with this product By Monoprice. This product comes with 24/7 monitoring features that will give your home the protection of a lifetime.

Take it into account that most burglaries happen when your family is asleep, but with this alarm, you will have no trouble sleeping in peace and harmony.

Aside from 24/7 monitoring, it also comes with timer controls, which allows you to set up a timer, alarm or chime at a different time of the day to ensure that all things are in order and enables you to fully automate your home.

Ringing has never been this so loud. All the way up to 120dB, this noise could be heard miles away and can easily trigger neighbors that your house is under attack! Talk about top-notch security!

The product comes with very easy and intelligent guides that will smoothen up your transition from lifeless home into a secured one with any hassles of configuring a lot of options.

Compatible in all types of phones, whether android, iOS, this product will keep you up to date from all happenings from your phone.

Something is looking suspicious? Sound the alarm. Requesting for help? Ring the alarm. Security has never felt this good, and with a touch of your hand, the order of the house will be in place without glitches.

This product will surely give you the peace of mind you need. Given this product, optimal protection at its finest!


  • 24/7 Monitoring leading to a few cases of burglaries
  • Premium quality product
  • Easy installation
  • Very loud up to 120 decibels
  • Plenty of sound variations


  • Doesn’t have a backup battery

Zigbee Strobe Flash Siren

Zigbee Strobe Flash Siren

When you combine maximum protection and high-quality surveillance, this product rings all the bells. For the price you are paying, you really can’t go wrong with this siren. This comes to no surprise as this brand was intended to do its job.

This flash siren will keep thieves and burglars away from your home. It has unique flash siren wherein whenever something suspicious lurks in the shadows of your home; you could immediately sound the alarm.

The product features a 12-hour long standby battery so you won’t be bothered by power outages during calamities, and with its cost-effective, low power consumption, you won’t have to expect soaring electricity bills.

Plus, this alarm provides different kinds of configurations, so whenever you want to put specific alarms for specific scenarios, you would instantly know that kind of action you are going to take.

‘SmartThings capable’ only means that you can control everything you want at the palm of your hand. Without any constraints, this siren delivers what it is supposed to be doing.

Plus, the fact that it is cheaper, you will never regret having to pay for this product. It almost feels like you have a secret service at home that monitors everything around your home.

This product also covers a wide range of wireless signals that are good enough whenever you want to tap on to something from this alarm while still trying to mingle with your neighbors. Overall, this compact alarm will give you no headaches at all.


  • 12 hours of standby battery
  • Multi-purpose
  • Low power, cost-efficient
  • Comes with a wireless signal
  • Alarm works immediately especially during emergency
  • Price may be cheap but performs effectively


  • Alarm sounds for 85 decibels only, loud but not loud enough
  • Ordinary design
  • Single-tone
  • 100 meters outdoor transmit distance

What to Look for Before Buying Siren?

When buying a new product, there are always so many questions that are being asked by the buyers to the sellers.

This is true especially when products are a bit expensive and those who do not know much about the product they are buying. Check on these frequently asked questions when it comes to buying siren.

Almost All Security Systems Work Even During Power Outages

Many homeowners are worried whenever power outages appear all of a sudden, don’t be alarmed as almost all home systems are powered by low powers and always has a standby battery.

So whenever you feel uneasy with everything that is happening around your house, don’t worry as these types of products were built for this kind of situation.

Security Systems Are Very Affordable

It is not always true that alarm systems are very expensive nowadays. In today’s age of technology, there are more and more home systems that are getting cheaper and cheaper by the day.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there’s a ton of varieties out in the market. You should have patience and perseverance to look for one you feel good about.

Theft Alarms Are Not a Home Security System

Theft Alarms Are Not a Home Security System

Don’t get it wrong, there’s a vast difference between the two. The home security system provides additional benefits for you and your family and gives much more protection and safety when compared to theft alarms.

Burglar alarms are classic types of alarms in which sensors are installed on doors, windows, and other possible entry of burglars.

Added Features Means Added Protection

A lot of alarms/sirens systems today offer a wide array of key features and benefits. This will only tell you how effective these products are when battling possible burglaries.

More often is that, when key features outweigh the negatives, chances are you are on the right side of things.

A simple battery pack means longer usage times; a higher antenna only means higher coverage of signals. All of this matters when your primary concern is your family’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best features when buying an Alarm or Siren?

The best features in today’s generation should have wider signal coverage, wireless connection, and great quality of the camera.

All this comes to mind whenever you want the best features, or can get the job done without any compromises. And all these features matter.

Do I really need an alarm or siren in my house?

Whenever you feel threatened that something will happen in your home without you, you should seek an immediate technician to help you with the installation.

Always remember that the safety of your own home and family is your top priority. Regardless of the situation, a secured home will ease your mind and give you a great feeling of security

How do alarms and sirens protect your home from calamities such as fire and floods?

Other than protecting your home from burglary and theft, alarms are equipped with advanced technology capable of detecting heat, smoke, and water in a matter of seconds.

Once the alarm sensed it, it will quickly trigger its alarm, thus keeping you alert of the current situation.

Do house alarms and sirens work even if there are power outages?

Yes, and No, some products have standby battery packs that could last for hours, and some have none.

So, it is wise to choose alarms that have backup batteries to provide protection even in the harshest situations. The price you are going to pay for those added benefits could save you the lives of your family.

Will an alarm be a better investment for security compared to my dog?

In many scenarios, Yes! An alarm or siren system will always be better than your dog. It is beneficial for you to invest in an alarm as these products are built with today’s advanced technologies. Besides, dogs may be cute, but they can’t guard your house 24/7.

Wrapping up

In this day and age, calamities, burglaries, and theft haveencouraged people to buy an alarm/siren system for homes. The benefits always outweigh the cost.

If spending hundreds of dollars on an alarm system can deter burglars, then you are on the right track for protecting your family.

Always remember that the safety and protection of your family are paramount. No amount of money can be paid when you’ve lost someone to this type of problem.


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