Eurobike XC7000 Review 2021 – Expert Buyer’s Guide


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With summer approaching, cycling in the mountains or the countryside could be one of the things on your to-do list. Cycling is both fun and helpful for your body. You can get some cardio into your daily routine while enjoying nature.

For the best cycling experience, you have to have the best bike. Mountain bikes are different from your usual bicycle.

They have different features that make them suitable for riding on rough roads. One of the best bikes for this is the Eurobike XC7000.

In this Eurobike XC7000 guide, we have included all the information that you might want to know before you make the purchase as buying a bike for the first time or from a different brand can be confusing.

Eurobike XC7000 Review in 2021

Eurobike XC7000 Review

If you’re looking for durability, sturdiness, safety, and fun in a bike, then this is the brand to go with.

Eurobike has been in business for years, giving customers high-quality and well-made bikes that last years. These perform well and are one of the best mountain bikes in the market.

Made with aluminum alloy, this is a very lightweight bike. Lightweight bikes are a must when going for mountain cycling as you do not want to ride up the mountain with extra weight on you.

This feature also makes the cycle travel-friendly as you can now pack this thing up for your trips and vacation.

Aluminum is also rust-resistant so you can have a bike that looks brand new even after years of use. Thick aluminum fashion rims make those bumpy rides tolerable. They also help in making the bike look more fashionable.

The braking system of a mountain bike is its most important feature, and Eurobike understands that. For your safety, this model comes with an aluminum caliper brake.

This makes braking easy both when you’re going uphill and downhill. Sudden or abrupt brakes can be made easily without any mishaps.

Well-padded seating on this one makes sitting on your bike for long hours easy. Cycling on bumpy roads is tough on its own; you don’t need uncomfortable seats to make your ride harder.

Now you can ride your bike for as long as you want without getting tired, sore back, or backaches.

And the fear shifters are well-positioned, and at your reach, so you can save time. This also gives you more control and balance over the bike.

Made with your comfort in mind, this bike comes in a great size that can work for people who are 5’5 to 6’1 in height.

You also get a lot of different colors to choose from. The appearance of your bike matters as well.

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Eurobike XC7000 Key Features

Eurobike XC7000 Key Features

The key features of this bike are as follows;

Comfortable Seats

Riding your bike on mountains and roads that have a lot of pebbles and rocks is tough on its own. The well-padded seats on this bike make sitting down for hours enjoyable. You get less tired and can ride for long hours. Backaches, pain, and sores are also avoided.

Aluminum Caliper Brakes

These brakes are known to keep you safe both when you’re going uphill and downhill. Braking in these two situations can be tough because of gravity. A powerful braking system like this one will ensure that you can make safe brakes no matter which part of the mountain you are on.

Aluminum Rims

These thick aluminum rims make sure that you get a comfortable ride. They reduce the vibrations felt. This way, your back is relaxed, and you are less uncomfortable.

Sturdy Frame

Aluminum is known for its anti-rust properties. A strong aluminum frame will thus protect your bike from getting damaged because of water. Your bike will look brand new.

The frame is also so durable that you don’t get any dents or scratches that easily. This way, you don’t have to be careful about what comes in contact or collides with your bike. You can ride in peace without any worry.

Easy to Install

This model comes with a thoroughly detailed instruction manual that tells you exactly what to do. There are no fancy steps or accessories involved. You can put this thing together in your garage on your own in less than an hour.

Great Size

A 54-cm bike like this one is the perfect size for people who are 5’5 to 6’1 in height. People who are up to 300pounds can ride this bike easily without any malaise.

Lots of Colors Available

Besides having good internal features, looking good on the outside is also important. The kind of bike you ride says a lot about you. And the ability to choose from so many different colors and designs lets your creativity flow. You’re able to show your personality through fun and unique colors.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes at a great price
  • Seats are comfortable
  • Aluminum caliper brakes make riding safe
  • The sturdy aluminum frame keeps bike rust-free
  • Great for people who are 5’5 to 6’1 in height
  • Lots of designs to choose from


  • Two people cannot ride this bike

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have some questions regarding this product. To decrease your confusion, we have answered a few of the most common questions asked by customers.

What length is the Eurobike XC7000?

This model comes with a frame size of 54cm.

What is the Fork material on Eurobike XC7000?

Made with 6061 aluminum, the fork on this model is remarkable.

How much does the Eurobike XC7000 weigh?

With a total weight of just 43 lbs, this is the perfect bike to travel with.

Is the Eurobike XC7000 good for heavy people?

People of up to 300Lbs of weight can ride this quite standard bike.

Can the Eurobike XC7000 be used for racing?

Yes, as this model works great, you can use this bike for racing on plain smooth roads.

Final Words

We’re sure this Eurobike XC7000 article has convinced you just how cool of a bike this is. With amazing specs like a great braking system, lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum frame, and comfortable seats, this bike is a must-have for all your mountain cycles out there.

The thing doesn’t even cost that much so, what are you waiting for? Stop thinking and just buy the Eurobike XC7000.


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