5 Best Electric Bike under $1000 – Review in 2021


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Innovation is everywhere, and even your conventional bike now has a 21st-century version known as electronic bikes.

Sales for these have been increasing as they become a popular trend because of their significant benefits and features.

These are great whether you’re an expert cyclist or a new to biking, and it will even make you go on bike rides even more.They can also go at a faster speed compared to conventional bikes.

But most of these come with an expensive price tag, so if you’re looking for the electric bike, then you’ve come to the right place. There are tons to talk about, so let’s head straight to it!

The Benefits of Electric Bikes

The Benefits of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes offer tons of advantages, which is why although it may come at a higher price, many still opt for it. These things are sure to be worth your every penny, and here are the reasons:

Assisted Pedaling

Thanks to the battery-powered assist that e-bikes offer, you won’t have to exert too much of your strength in pedaling.This can also help the strain on your knees and thigh that you’ll feel after long hours of cycling.

Even riding through hills and high inclines will be a lot easier. And you won’t easily get tired, which means you get to see more views.

Faster Speed

With e-bikes, you are capable to go a lot faster towards your destination compared to using conventional bikes.

Although it won’t be able to go as fast as a motorcycle, you can still cover a much greater distance.

Environmentally Friendly

Global warming is a serious issue, and air pollution is one of its biggest catalysts. Cars and motorcycles burn a lot of fossil fuels per day, and these contribute a lot to air pollution, but with an e-bike, you’ll be able to help lessen this problem.

Batteries power e-bikes, and they don’t release any harmful gas to the environment. So you won’t only be having a great time cycling, but you’ll also be able to help the environment while doing so.

Great Exercise

Just because it’s an e-bike doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get the exercise you need. The pedal-assist doesn’t do all the work for you; you will still need to pedal.

Studies even say that having this ride makes you want to go cycling even more often.

Top 5 Electric Bike Under $1000 Review

There are tons of e-bikes in the market and you won’t have to go over your budget to get a great one. Here are some of the budget-friendly e-bikes you can choose from.

ANCHEER Electric Bike Adult Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Electric Bike Adult Electric Mountain Bike

This first one on our list is a great competitor in the market. ANCHEER made this, and it’s one of the best bike manufacturers there is.

Many bikers use this because it has tons of impressive features that are sure to make your daily cycling session a lot more enjoyable and convenient.

The design is very ergonomic and user-friendly. Even if you’re new to using e-bikes, you’ll be able to get the hang of it after just a few laps.

Its handlebar is very comfortable, and it has a nice grip to it. There is also a seat that you can adjust easily, depending on your preference.

Another great thing about this is its durability. High-quality pure aluminum is used for its frame while its front fork is made with tough carbon steel.

This durable structure is sure to resist any shock. The tires exhibit an anti-slip and anti-wear feature, so it can last long even if you go on long adventures.

Despite it being highly durable, it’s still considerably lightweight. You won’t have to struggle with any unnecessary added weight.

There is also a great gear shift and brake system that’s composed of the rear and front disc brakes.

Faster breaks increase your safety on the road, especially around obstacles. You can even use its 21-speed system so you can choose the speed you need.

For added safety, especially during the night, there is a bright LED for the headlamp. The Lithium-ion battery it uses is also pretty reliable, and it comes complete with a smart battery charger.

Other features it has are 2 working modes and three-meter operations. Switching between these modes will only require the push of a button. These will help you to customize your biking experience easily.

Overall, it will be worth every penny.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Complete with working modes
  • Equipped with safety features
  • The speed is adjustable


  • Setting it up is tricky

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ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Another great addition to this list is from ECOTRIC. This company is well-known for its great eBikes, and although they haven’t been in the industry for the longest time, their products still display impressive expertise.

It has a Lithium battery-powered motor to help you go at speeds reaching up to 20MPH, that’s a lot faster compared to your conventional bike. And you won’t even have to break too much sweat because of its pedal-assist feature.

They make the frame with durable materials. Because of its sturdiness, it can handle more weight without wearing down.

You can use it just about anywhere from your usual morning biking activities to your extreme terrain adventures.

It can ride through any road, even uphill roads, thanks to its powerful motor. Along with its sturdy frame is a pair of strong fat tires, perfect for long rides. The last thing you’d want is a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

Not only are its tires strong, but they are also threaded to ensure high traction. With these high traction tires, you won’t be at risk for hydroplaning that’s very common on wet roads.

Adding to its extensive list of features is a seven gear system that allows you to adjust your speed depending on your preference. The battery is also fast charging, and it will last for your entire biking adventure.

With its adjustable seat and tight gripping handles, it will make your ride even more comfortable.

All in all, it will make a great investment and fun gear for your everyday biking activities.


  • The battery is fast charging and long-lasting
  • Has high traction tires
  • Lightweight structure
  • The frame is very durable
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Weighs more compared to others

ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 26/27.5” Electric Bicycle

ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER has a lot of great e-bikes, and this is a recent addition to it. This comes in a sleek design that makes it stand out from the rest. There are also tons of impressive features that you’ll find useful.

They make its frame with aluminum 6061, an aluminum alloy that’s known for its structural integrity.

This also features a great surface finish and a high resistance to corrosion. Now, you can go biking under any weather conditions because this e-bike will surely handle it.

Although the structure is for heavy-duty, it doesn’t weigh too much. A lot of users also like its brushless powerful motor that’s powered by 350W.

With a motor like this, you’ll be able to ride at an impressive speed, enough for your daily commuting needs.

Even climbing up slopes is a lot easier with its 21-speed gears. There are 3 working modes you can choose from an e-bike, normal bike, and assisted bike.

You can switch from different modes depending on your needs, and you can even combine them for better biking experience.

A lockout feature equips the bike with a blow-off valve to help in adjusting how stiff or how loose the compression force is on the bike and thus giving you much better shock absorption when you’re driving off the road where terrains are uneven and rough.

With its large capacity battery, you’ll be able to bike for much greater distances and longer periods.

And it’s even removable, so you don’t have to charge it on the bike. Considering all its features, it’s without a doubt one of the electric bikes.


  • Has an LCD screen
  • Longer battery life
  • Tires are durable with high traction
  • Powerful motor allows greater speeds
  • Overall structure is durable


  • The brakes are not that strong, it’s best to engage them sooner

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NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh

The next one we have on this list has durability, convenience, and versatility, all in check. It’s a complete package.

Despite its top performance, you won’t have to go over your budget just to get your hands on one of these, which is why many consider it the electric bike.

Compared to other e-bikes in the market, it has much lighter weight. This is because they make the frame using a sturdy aluminum alloy.

Aside from reducing the bike’s weight, the aluminum alloy also adds to the overall durability of the structure.

Durability isn’t only limited to its frame, but it’s also incorporated on its tires. The tires offer a firm grip on all surfaces. Whatever type of terrain you’ll be riding on, this will handle it.

Its fork design is by Suntour and Schwalbe that allows it to accommodate your riding style and also your weight so you can go off-road or asphalt riding having no trouble.

You’ll be able to go on much higher speeds compared to your conventional bike because this has a powerful motor powered by 350W.

It can go up to 20MPH. With a faster riding speed, you’ll get to your destination in no time, and you’ll even get to see more sceneries.

For added convenience, there are 6 levels of pedal assistance that you can use and there is even an LCD screen where you can monitor and control the electronic system of our e-bike.

To keep you safe on the road, it has mechanical disc brakes that will allow you to stop abruptly in case of any obstacle. It has everything you’ll ever need from an e-bike.


  • Has an LCD screen
  • The breaks are very reliable
  • Can run at high speeds
  • The structure is very durable
  • Great for most terrain types


  • Steering wheel is non-adjustable

Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike

Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike

This may be the last e-bike we’ll be talking about on this list, but it’s not the least. It has tons of unique features that can give you more convenience, and its performance is one of the best in the market.

Since it’s powered by batteries, it emits zero-emission, and it’s safe for the environment. Thanks to its EB-8 motor, there is also zero noise when using it, and it doesn’t produce any odor, unlike fuel-powered vehicles. This will give you a very convenient ride.

You can ride this along with a variety of terrains; it can even climb up slopes with minor trouble. It’s perfect for every adventurer out there.

There are 3 riding modes that you can choose from, namely the full-throttle mode, pedal-assist mode, and pedal only mode.

All these modes make biking less of a struggle, and it also reduces any knee strain you can get when going on long bike rides. You can use the modes individually or in combination, depending on your needs.

The structure is durable, and it even features a folding design, so it’s portable and very easy to store.

This uses fat tires so it can handle off-road trips. These tires can also provide you that extra traction to help avoid hydroplaning when riding on slippery roads.

Its battery can last for a sufficient amount of time, and there is a built-in lock to keep it in place at the center of the bike’s frame. You’ll only be able to turn the bike on or off once it has locked to avoid losing it.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Has a built-in lock for the battery
  • Uses tough fat tires
  • Foldable for easy storage and portability
  • Produces zero noise, odor, and emission


  • Has a heavier weight

What to Look For Before Buying an e-bike?

What to Look For Before Buying an e-bike

There’s no denying that e-bikes offer tons of significant benefits, and since it has become such a trend, many of them are popping up all over the market.

So before buying one, it’s important to make sure it has all the features you’ll need and that it can give you the right value for your money.

We should consider a lot of factors when looking for an e-bike like durability, battery life, convenience, affordability, and many more.

This part of the article is here to guide you in making the right decision, so you can find the best e-bike on sale.


The materials used to construct the machine plays a huge role in its durability. Most e-bikes use aluminum alloy because this not only enhances durability, but it also helps in making its structure lightweight. So before deciding to buy one, check the materials used for its frame, brakes, and motor.

If it has an anti-corrosion, then that will be very handy when biking under any weather. Its tires should also be durable and have high traction since these are the most exposed part and experiences the most wear. Fat tires are very durable and would make a brilliant choice if you like off-road biking.

An e-bike with made of tough materials is sure to last longer and will make a great investment for your money.

Battery Life

This factor is important if you’re fond of going on long biking activities. The battery should be able to last long enough to handle your biking activities.

It should also be rechargeable at a faster speed to avoid that long wait. Some e-bikes even have battery locks to keep it safe.


Riding your e-bike should be a relaxing activity and to ensure your comfort during your ride it is important to look if it has user-friendly features.

An adjustable seat is very helpful so you can incline it depending on your preference. Its handle should also be able to give you a tight and comfortable grip.

It’s also best to choose one that only produces minimal noise to avoid any nuisance to you and the people around you.


It is undeniable that riding on the road can be risky, so it’s best to have an e-bike with necessary features.

There should be a reliable break so you can abruptly stop in case there is an obstacle in your path. LED lights are also a significant feature so you can safely ride your e-bike even during the night.

Powerful Motor

One of the primary advantages of an e-bike is faster speed, and this can only be possible if it has a powerful motor.

With the greater speed, you’ll be able to cover more distances in a small amount of time and with lesser struggle. Adjustments on the speed is also a helpful feature.


Most e-bikes are pretty expensive, but there are still a lot of great yet affordable options for you in the market.

There is no need to go over your budget just to get a good machine, and there’s also nothing wrong with buying a more expensive one if you’re fine with spending a few more dollars.

What matters most is that the product’s features and performance can justify whatever price tag it has.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an electronic bike?

An E-bike offers several benefits. It helps you go on faster speeds, smoothly ride along different terrains, and it also has great safety features. Using an E-bike will save you from knee and thigh strains when going on long rides.

Why do I need an electronic bike

How fast can an electric bike go?

Generally, electric bikes can speed up to 20MPH while some can even go much faster.

Will I still be able to get enough exercise with an Electric Bike?

You will still be able to get the exercise your body needs with an Electric bike because even though it has a pedal-assist feature, it still requires you to exert some force in pedaling.

Why can’t an electric bike go at a much faster speed?

E-bikes are specially designed to be similar to a conventional bicycle only with a few innovations.

And for it to be allowed to go on speeds similar to a scooter or motorcycle, it will need several regulations.

Are there any disadvantages to an E-bike?

Like all products, E-bikes have their disadvantages, especially when it comes to price. They’re much more expensive when compared to a conventional bike.

Final Words

There is no denying that e-bikes have tons of great advantages. And if you’re not up to spending a huge amount of them, this article is sure to help you get the electric bike.


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