5 Ecotric Electric Bike Review – Buyer’s Guide


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In this age of global warming, moving to an environment-friendly vehicle can be a great initiative to reduce the amount of pollution all over the world.

If you know how damaging it is to use carbon producing vehicles, you might look for some safer option to go with. An e-bike can be a pretty good alternative in this case.

Among various e-bike manufacturers, Ecotric has a good reputation for producing quality e-bikes. Thus, with this Ecotric electric bike article, you can choose the right one for your day-to-day commuting.

Ecotric Electric Bike Review

Ecotric Electric Bike Review

These fat tire bikes check pretty much all aspects of being an ideal company to provide you enjoyable city biking experience.

Ecotric Fat Tire 26” Electric Bike

Ecotric is a well-known brand in the field of electric bikes that has a pretty good collection of bikes with strong build quality and great performance.

The very first thing you would see in an electric bike is its motor power. This electric bike comes with a 500W brushless motor that can offer you a maximum speed of up to 23 MPH.

To find you the best possible gear combination, the bike features Shimano 7 speed gear shifting system. You can conveniently set the speed limit in case your state puts speed restrictions on e-bikes.

There is an LCD display that shows your riding info for convenience. You can rely on its build quality as it is made of a durable 26” aluminum alloy frame.

Its ergonomic design comes 90% pre-assembled with adjustable seat, ergonomic handlebar, and anti-slip wear resistant tires to give ultimate riding fun.

This electric bike also comes with 26 inches anti-skidding waterproof fat tires with loophole design. The tires provide decent traction whether you want to run them on plain roads, sand, snow, and more rough tracks.

For long battery life, the bike packs a 36V removable lithium battery. The battery got an ABS cell box that keeps it secure.

Its power lock and battery lock function further enhances the overall security of the bike. The bike also got a mechanical braking system that allows you to stop the bike without much effort.

This all-road fat tire electric bike makes your cycling experience balanced, safe, fast, and stable. The only issue that might bother you is that you can’t modify the handlebar as it’s not adjustable. If you somehow want to modify it, you need to ask for professional help.


  • Fast, safe, stable and well balanced
  • Powerful motor gives 23 MPH maximum speed
  • Durable build quality
  • Easy to assemble


  • The handlebar is not adjustable

Ecotric 20” New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The blue and black color combination makes this bike look really amazing. Though it has a certain climbing capability, it’s not a professional mountain bike. You can usually ride it on flat streets or paved mountain pathways.

This folding electric bike from Ecotric sports boasts a 500W brushless gear motor. You can achieve the maximum speed of about 20 MPH from it. For day to day commuting around the city, the speed is more than enough.

It features a Shimano 7-speed gear system so that you can find the perfect gear for every riding style. The mechanical braking system of the bike performs well when it’s about stopping the bike.

There are three cycling modes in this e-bike; hybrid, pedal-assist, and walk-assist. It’s up to you and the condition of the battery which mode to choose while riding the bike.

The electric bike got an aluminum-made frame, which assures you of its durability. It also contributes to keeping the weight as minimum as possible.

Each 20-inch tire with 4-inch width has anti-skidding properties. You will find them providing good traction on different road surfaces.

With its 36V lithium-ion battery, you can achieve a decent mileage. As the battery is removable, you have the freedom to charge it wherever you find an opportunity.

To secure the bike, you can lock its power and battery function. It roughly takes 6 to 8 hours to charge fully.


  • Removable battery
  • Strong aluminum body makes it durable
  • 20 MPH maximum speed
  • 7 Speed Shimano transmission system


  • Not a professional mountain bike
  • Difficult to climb steep hills

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Ecotric 26” Electric City Bicycle Ebike

Even though this one is a city bike, Ecotric used some components that are found in most mountain bikes, which allow you to take this ride to a nearby uphill.

It is equipped with a 350W toothless, brushless rear motor that can give you the maximum speed up to 20 MPH.

This e-bike comes with a Shimano 7-speed system that offers a perfect gearing combination to fit every riding style. You can securely ride this bike and stop whenever you need, thanks to its mechanical brakes.

From its three different riding modes, you can conveniently select hybrid, pedal-assist, or walk-assist mode to ride with much efficiency.

The bike is equipped with a 26 inches carbon steel frame, which is durable enough to withstand your intensive riding style. Weighing only about 24 kg, it doesn’t add much weight while you ride.

There is a 36V removable battery that powers up the bike. The battery is securely packed inside an ABS cell box.

This feature allows you to conveniently lock the battery and lock the power function as well. It takes around 8 hours to fully charge it from 0%.

The bike also features an LED display panel that shows the riding info. If you weigh not more than 220 pounds, you will find much pleasure while riding on it.

Adjustable seat, ergonomic handlebar, and anti-slip wear resistant tires make it an ideal bike to roam around the city.


  • Carbon steel frame
  • Adjustable to user height
  • LED display panel
  • Removable battery
  • Wear-resistant tires


  • Not a professional mountain bike
  • Power dies out soon while going uphill

Ecotric Powerful 26” Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

This is another amazing pick that might grab your attention while you go through Ecotric ebike reviews on the internet.

It is a fat tire mountain e-bike that comes with a powerful 1000W brushless motor – giving you a maximum speed of up to 26 MPH.

Shimano 7-speed gear shifting system allows you to choose the perfect gear as per the condition’s demand.

The shock absorption feature, along with special mountain tires of this bike, allows the rider to ride comfortably on heavy and rough roads.

Its aluminum alloy made frame got streamline design. This ergonomically designed e-bike comes 90% pre-assembled with adjustable seat, ergonomic handlebar, and anti-slip wear resistant tires.

One special feature that might attract you is, you can charge your phone while riding with its USB port under the meter.

You can set a speed limit on this bike if your state has speed limitations for e-bikes. Unlike other bikes, this e-bike has a reflector and headlamp for convenience.

Its 48V/13AH lithium battery gives you almost 25 miles of riding endurance. The battery is removable, which means you can charge it wherever you like.

And the battery pack is secured inside a durable ABS cell box. This feature allows you to conveniently lock the battery and lock the power function as well.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, powerful e-bike with the toughness of a mountain bike, this can be the right pick.


  • 1000W powerful motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rides well on heavy and rough mountain roads
  • 26 MPH maximum speed
  • Power lock function


  • Difficult to pedal due to its large size

Ecotric Fat Tire Folding 20” Electric Bike

Last but not least, this folding fat tire electric bike from Ecotric comes with a 500W strong brushless geared motor. The motor allows you to get 20 MPH of maximum speed.

As it’s a folding bike, that means you can fold the frame easily through its four connecting rod locks.

It offers you a Shimano 7-speed gearing system to give you the ultimate riding experience. To provide you a secure trip, it comes with an outage braking and mechanical braking system that work along both lines. Likewise, other e-bikes on the list, this one has a walk-assist and pedal-assist mode as well.

The frame of this bike is made of aluminum alloy that got a linear design. It features a standard disk brake seat to provide you with ultimate comfort while you ride on it.

To ensure better traction on pretty much all road surfaces, the bike comes with 20 inches tires for convenience.

This electric bike comes with a 36V removable lithium battery that can take you up to 23 miles on the electric mode. It is equipped with a power lock and battery lock system to make it secure when you park it for hours.

The battery takes almost 6-8 hours to recharge fully. There is an LCD display that shows your riding info as well.

Structure-wise, the bike got D type pipe rotation riser, no teeth in folding, and self-locking safety hook that make it different than the rest of the models. For a convenient riding experience, you will have the twist throttle feature as well.

Despite its climbing capability, you shouldn’t consider it as a regular mountain bike. As far as riding on paved mountain pathways and flat streets are concerned, the bike can effortlessly handle those tracks.


  • Foldable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Twist throttle
  • Mechanical braking system
  • Removable battery


  • Not good for people with short legs

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Bike

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Bike

As electric bikes come with some different specs and features that are not found in regular bikes, there are some key factors to consider before you make the final purchase.

The motor power, battery, speed, and build quality are the things that make an e-bike worth spending the money in.


The overall performance of an e-bike largely depends on its motor. Bikes with 500W motor perform decently. However, you have the option to look for a more powerful motor as per your budget allows.

There is a bike with a 1000W motor on the list. If you want to ride on rough roads and terrains, then you must consider buying a bike with high performing motor. If the motor is powerful enough, you can even use the bike as a semi-mountain bike.


Usually, e-bikes don’t go over the maximum speed of 27 MPH. Most mid-range bikes can deliver up to 20 MPH of maximum speed.

Before you go for a high-speed e-bike, be sure to check whether your state allows electric bikes to exceed 20 MPH speed limits. There are a few states where e-bikes are only allowed to run at 17 MPH.

If you want to increase the speed, you need to know if your pick comes with a replaceable motor feature.

However, if you are not satisfied with the speed that the bike is delivering, you can replace the motor with a new one that is optimized to deliver speedy performance.

Build Quality

No matter how powerful your e-bike is, if it’s not sturdy enough, you probably have to regret after a few months of purchasing. Like regular bikes, the durability of e-bikes also depends on its frame.

The aluminum alloy frame and carbon steel frame both can give you enough strength to endure intensive riding sessions without any difficulty.

If you are looking for a foldable electric bike, make sure the bike is easy to assemble and adjust.


As it’s about e-bikes, the battery is one of the most crucial factors. How much mileage you will get from your ride depends on the battery capacity.

The bike should provide you with a decent battery backup so that the battery doesn’t fully drain before reaching your destination.

Electric bikes come with either removable or non-removable battery. A non-removable battery provides more backup than a removable one.

However, when it’s about convenient charging, and the ability to use a spare battery unit, non-removable batteries are the clear winner here. Therefore, determine your priority first, and then wisely decide to go for one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride in the mountains with an e-bike?

If the bike tires support climbing rough and steep roads, and the motor is able to handle the toughness, then you can ride in the mountains. So, you better check if your e-bike has such abilities.

Can I ride in the mountains with an e-bike

Are foldable e-bikes durable enough?

Most of the foldable e-bikes are durable as they are made of the high-quality aluminum framework.

How long the battery last on an electric bike?

In most cases, the battery will give you 3 to 4 years of service depending on the brand,
capacity, battery cycle, and condition.

How powerful is a 500W electric bike?

You will find a 500W electric bike powerful enough to use as a daily commuting means of transport. Occasionally, you can hit tough terrains as well.

Why are there still pedals in e-bikes?

Because sometimes you might feel like pedaling it as a form of exercise. Or if somehow in the middle of the road the battery dies out, you can at least reach home, pedaling your e-bike.

Final Words

If you were in a dilemma to choose the right option, hopefully, after reading this Ecotric electric bike buying guide, you are not in doubt anymore. So, consider things like motor, speed, build quality, and battery mostly to make your purchase worth.


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