Top 5 Best Comfort Bikes for Under $500 – Review in 2021


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Do you commute to school, work, or the grocery store? Are you looking for recreational activities you can do during the weekends while at the same time enhancing your overall well-being?

A high-quality, comfortable, and affordable bike remains a worthy investment for you! Moreover, a comfortable bike is what you deserve.

While the market is saturated with mountain bikes, the comfort bikes under 500 promise a unique proposition.

This caters to those who wish for an enjoyable and comfortable bike ride along the busy streets of the city under a strict budget.

In this post, you will find some handpicked bikes that suit everyone’s anatomy, pelvic geometry, height, as well as preferences. Create your personal criteria depending on the factors we have enlisted for your convenience.

Top 5 Comfort Bikes for Under $500 – Reviews

Best Comfort Bikes for Under $500

Find the perfect alternative through this comprehensive review of only the finest bikes under 500 dollars available in the online market today.

Sixthreezero Men’s Road Bicycle

Sixthreezero Men’s Road Bicycle

Low-profile and lightweight, the Sixthreezero bicycle is the comfort bike for the men who are on-the-go! Regardless of whether you are going for a leisure ride around the city or going for quite a long distance, the bike should offer you an excellent riding experience.

For long rides, the comfort bike applies the perfect geometry of seat and handlebar that should put you in an upright position with your head up and straight. Prevent any form of aches and pains in your back or neck as you cruise along.

To give you peace of mind, the bike allows riders that are 5 feet to 6 feet tall! Enjoy 700 x 32c wheels with double-walled rims and comfortable curved handlebars that allow for basket attachment.

In addition, its high-density base foam support and cushioned dual-spring saddles are made of brown synthetic leather. The saddle should enhance comfortability and reduce the impact of a bumpy road.

But wait, the features do not stop there! Obtain higher levels of convenience with the bike’s 3-speed Shimano internal hub for better movement.

On the lowest gear, you have easier pedaling as you ride along flat terrain. Whereas on its highest gear, you will have more control when going downhill.

The Shimano internal hub works hand-in-hand with the Nexus shifter, which allows for great control over the bike’s derailleur. Be able to achieve a smooth ride along moderate hills and conquer longer distances.

However, the only downside of the bike is its ease of assembly. Although the bike is delivered with 85 percent of it assembled with an instruction manual, some tools will be needed to properly install the other parts.

Despite all that, the instructions are straightforward and should help you assemble the bike.

With that, ride the Sixthreezero bike in and around the city or the neighborhood to experience maximum comfort and style with unparalleled speed.


  • High-density base foam and dual spring cushion that absorbs shock
  • Straightforward 3-speed gear shifter
  • Curved handlebars that allow for basket attachment
  • Fits riders that stand 5 feet up to 6 feet tall


  • May need some tools to fully assemble the bike

Raleigh Detour 2 Step-Thru Comfort Bike

Raleigh Detour 2 Step-Thru Comfort Bike

Comfort to the highest level! The Raleigh Detour comfort bike puts you in your natural upright sitting position. With its spring-loaded saddle, non-slip pedals, and comfortable grip, the bike will definitely enhance your riding experience keeping all contact points pain-free!

To get on the mechanical side of the bike, the shifters apply a 3-speed front and 8-speed rear Shimano Rapid Fire Plus that offer 24 gears.

Conquer hills, whether moderate or a long slope, the bike can surely take you down smoothly, safely, and comfortably.

In addition, its 700 x 40c tires with puncture-protective covering should keep you efficiently rolling along with reduced chances of having flat tires. The Promax alloy V-brakes connected to its tires allow you to brake at certain points on the road.

The bike is perfect for commuters that travel long distances from home to work or from anywhere in the city to another farther destination.

It is 17 inches long and uses a medium frame. The standard-sized Raleigh bike perfectly fits those who are at least 5 feet and 6 inches up to 5 feet and 9 inches.

If your back or any part of your body feels uncomfortable biking in an upright riding position, the bike’s adjustable stem should cater to your needs. It allows you to customize the handlebars to enhance comfort.

In terms of assembling the bike, the brake setup should take time to figure out. Yet, with a couple of Raleigh’s tutorial videos, the essential tools included in the box, as well as the instruction manual, you will surely be able to fully assemble the bike without any hassle.

Head out with this lightweight, casual city bike that meets the looks of a cruiser style as your mode of transportation from wherever you are to anywhere you want to go!


  • Spring-loaded saddle enhances comfort for narrow sit bones and reduces bumpiness
  • Features 24 gears to conquer all kinds of sloped terrain and even hard-packed snow
  • Tires are layered with puncture-protective covering
  • Adjustable stem to customize riding position


  • Brake setup can be confusing, but assembly videos are available online for free

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Sixthreezero Women’s Comfort Bicycle

Sixthreezero Women's Comfort Bicycle

For the ladies, bike around the city or town with your family or clubs in the Sixthreezero Comfort Bicycle! The bike caters to the particular needs of women when it comes to their body structure and sitting bones.

Designed with a frame geometry aligned with the female anatomy, it alleviates pain during and after rides as well as take off the tension experienced in major joints while pedaling.

It is trademarked as Body Ease because of the components and bike parts used to increase the comfort of the rider all throughout their riding experience.

The design allows for an ergonomic tension-free upright riding position that should remove pressure on joints found in the shoulders and knees, as well as the back muscles.

In particular, the bike’s suspension, handlebar, seat, and tires are all carefully studied to accommodate the needs of every woman, no matter their body type.

To begin with, the suspension applied is called Vibrazorb Suspension fork that engages the bike to absorb all the bumps the front wheel encounters along the road for a smooth pass through.

The best thing about the suspension is that you can engage it at times that you need to reduce shock, and you can also select a lockout if you wish to travel at a faster speed.

For many women, the saddle or the seat is probably one of the most important parts to consider when it comes to choosing a bike. Since a woman has wider hips and “sit bones,” it is necessary to obtain a wide seat.

The saddles are designed with foam and applied with a Cloud Soft suspension post to absorb the shock as well as the undesirable vibrations.

Bike uphill, downhill, or on flat terrain with a chic, powerful, and comfortable 2-inch tired bike. Travel in style and comfort! You can reach far destinations without feeling any sort of ache with Sixthreezero’s bike.


  • Suspension fork absorbs all bumps and shocks on the front wheel
  • Lockout option for ease of riding on different terrains
  • Wide seat to accommodate a woman’s wide sit bones
  • The seat applies suspensions for extra absorption of bumps and shocks


  • Suspension fork may not entirely absorb the bumps on the road at the rear wheel

Redline Asset 24 Freestyle BMX Bike

Redline Asset 24 Freestyle BMX Bike

For bike enthusiasts as well as those who wish to start their BMX freestyling journey, get yourself the Redline bike! Shred the trails at the skate park and cruise around your neighborhood street with confidence and speed.

It is lightweight and will surely allow you to smoothly roll, thanks to its full Chromoly frame. The bike frame is made of chrome-alloy steel with medium carbon content, which makes it easy to ride and bring around.

This bike uses linear-pull brakes or what is popularly called V-brakes. It has the strongest rim brakes, which is why they are being used on mountain bikes as well as the ones used for races. Apart from that, the brakes are perfect for an all-around bike like the Redline Asset 24.

It also has a low profile pedal, meaning they are thin and clipless. These kinds of pedals installed in the bike are used by cyclists to easily get their feet off the pedal.

Despite being flat, low, and thin, the pedals can still grip the sole of the shoes when pressure is applied or when pedaling.

Have your child or teenager, get off their mobile gadgets once in a while with this bike. Get them playing outside, spending a couple of hours riding the bike around the village or within the town as a form of exercise and entertainment.


  • Made of chrome-alloy steel with a medium carbon content that makes it lightweight
  • Uses the strongest rim brakes called V-brakes
  • Low profile pedals allow for firm grip and easy release
  • Perfect fit for both adult and teen


  • Not aesthetically pleasing for professional use
  • Looks rugged and designed for the streets

Murtisol Comfort Bike

Murtisol Comfort Bike

Calling all the sporty female cyclists out there, this hybrid bike is a high-quality comfort bike for you! The 26-inch Murtisol bicycle features plenty of specifications that offer the best of both comfort and mountain bikes.

Lightweight yet a beast in the streets! The bike is designed and manufactured using a light alloy aluminum frame with components that are carefully selected and pieced together to maintain the weight and for extra durability.

For your peace of mind, the bike applies unparalleled welding technology used for MTB frames despite its lightweight features.

The bike boasts of its adjustable seats and handlebars for full customizability, depending on your desired comfort level and purpose of cycling. Its ergonomic design allows you to adjust the saddle from 33.8 inches to at least 39 inches.

Whether you wish to be in an upright riding position or a little bent forward, you will surely find comfort in every way possible. It uses Shimano 21-speed derailleur for quick, easy, smooth, and precise gear shifting.

Working together with the suspension front fork and seat post, the bike is indeed created for speed, accuracy, and comfort. Both parts minimize the vibration in case you are striding along a bumpy terrain.

The best thing about the bike is that it promises quick assembly. Simply follow the manual and rely on a couple of walkthrough videos online, you will surely be able to ride your bike in no time.

It is recommended for women that stand at least 5 feet to 5 feet and 9 inches. Ride through town in style, class, and speed. Ride Murtisol with a charming orange color suitable for all ages.


  • Applied welding technology used for MTB frames for long-lasting life
  • Hybrid of comfort and mountain bikes
  • Suspensions are found in the seat post as well as the front fork
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars for a customized riding position


  • Fits only a height less than 6 feet despite the adjustable saddle and handlebars

What to Look for Before You Buy Comfort Bike?

What to Look for Before You Buy Comfort Bike

Now that you’ve discovered the top-rated comfort bikes under 500 dollars, take a look at the factors below that you must consider when buying a bike. For happy and hassle-free online shopping, rank the following criteria for choosing a great bike.


Men’s and women’s bikes are not created with the same measurement. With this, saddles come in different shapes, sizes, and types.

The shape of the saddle you should choose depends on your gender. Wider saddles are recommended for women because they have a wider pelvic structure to accommodate the sit bones.

Aside from that, you have to take your flexibility into account. People who are less flexible tend to shift around on their saddle to find a comfortable position.

With this, a rounded saddle is best recommended for them. For flexible cyclists, the slightly curved saddle should allow them freedom of movement.

Adjustable saddles are also a plus when looking for a bike to accommodate your height and preferences.

Gear Shifter

Shifters are controls, levers or integrated levers, and twist grips operate the derailleurs via cables. A derailleur is a mechanism that guides the chain from cog to cog or chainring to chainring.

Most commonly, the right-hand gear shifter controls the rear derailleur or the chain on the back cassette, and the left-handed gear shifter controls the front derailleur.

Choosing the right shifter can either depend on your personal preferences or the preferred groupset.

While you must always go for the one where you feel safe and comfortable, do not forget the right group set to have the right terrain components.

Adjustable Stem

A bike with an adjustable stem feature should solve bike handlebar issues. This stem is a major part of steering. It is a component of a bike that attaches the handlebars to the fork.

Basically, it channels the action you performed on the handlebars into the front wheel, pointing in the direction you wish to head towards.

For better fitting, make sure to find a bike with an adjustable stem that can bring your handlebars up and down as well as forward and backward.

Level of Shock Absorption

The suspension of a bike is the component responsible for dampening most road vibrations caused by road irregularities like bumps. Take note of the fact that the tires are not the only part of the bike for which suspension is made.

Apart from the front and rear wheel, the saddle and the bars also have suspensions in the form of built-in shock absorbers.

Prevent losing traction and control. Look for bikes that have suspensions to absorb all types of shocks encountered on the road to have a comfortable and safe ride.

Ease of Assembly

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a product that you need to assemble only to find it extremely difficult to do so by yourself.

Since you are buying a bike online, expect to receive a flat-packed package on your doorstep with a dissected vehicle.

With this, make sure to get bikes that come with easy to understand manuals and comprehensive assembly.

Bike Frame Size

Trying bikes to see if they are right for your height is already overrated. With effective measuring methods, you will definitely find a bike online that is right for your height.

Choosing the right bike size is easier than finding the right shoe size. By simply referring to bike height charts online and knowing your exact height will enable you to obtain the bike that is suitable.

For instance, if you stand more than 6 feet, get a bike that is at least 19 inches or ones with large frames. Otherwise, 17-inch or medium-sized bikes will do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comfort bike?

It is a comfortable version of a mountain bike meant for leisure cruising or recreational riding within short distances on flat terrain like paved roads and bike paths.

What is a comfort bike

What are “sit bones”?

Sit bones help you determine the size and type of saddle you need in order to be comfortable riding the bike. Women need a wider saddle as their anatomy tells them they have wider pelvic geometry than men.

What is the difference between hybrid bikes and comfort bikes?

Both bikes are created for unique purposes and for different types of roads. Comfort bikes are designed to allow you for a comfortable upright position.

It is meant for cruising on flat sidewalks, bike paths, and dedicated bike lanes beside main roads. On the other hand, hybrid bikes are for aggressive exercise and occasional off-road biking. They are designed to withstand bumpy trails.

What size of bike do I need?

To choose the most suitable bike for you, consider important factors in the sizing process, including your arm, torso, and leg length.

Fitness levels, as well as physical flexibility, are other factors that can help you determine if a bike will deliver you comfortable riding experience.

Can I use a bike designed for the other gender?

The answer is no. Bikes are designed accordingly to fit data. Meaning, women’s bike cater to the frame geometry of a female’s anatomy and men’s bikes for the male’s anatomy.

You might get used to riding the other gender’s bike, but you will experience a lot of pressure and pain in all of the wrong places.

Final Words

Finding the perfect bike should not cost you a lot. Most definitely, it does not have to burn a hole in your pocket in exchange for a comfortable ride to places you wish to go to!

Take this review of the comfort bikes under 500 into consideration, and you will surely get a hold of a gem of a vehicle that you can take with you around town.


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