Top 5 Best Action Camera under $200 – Buyer’s Guide


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Action cameras are usually more portable and lightweight than shoot and standard or DSLR cameras.

They are versatile and can be mounted almost anywhere to make high-quality photos and videos, from underwater to land shots.

All thanks to the advancement of the technology, action cameras can now record 4k videos in top-notch quality with ease.

Most action cameras have very high prices, but you don’t need to spend out of your pocket to purchase an action camera with the top-notch video quality.

To help you choose the right action camera on a low budget, we have compiled a list of the top-rated action camera under 200 dollars.

Top 5 Action Camera under $200 Review in 2021

We’ve selected the top five action cameras under $200 for review. Let’s look at the things that make these five cameras great, and why you should pick one up today!

GoPro HERO5 Action Camera

GoPro HERO5 Action Camera

GoPro has the biggest name in the action camera industry, although most of their cameras are quite expensive.

You should go for the older model GoPro, which is quite inexpensive but will give you beautiful and ultra-high quality video.

While these older model GoPro may not have some of the latest features, it will still win against most action cameras within its price range.

The Hero 5 Black possesses a sensor that can take stunning 4k video and 12MP photos in single and time-lapse modes.

This feature will give you the stunning GoPro footage you’ve ever seen, and also enable you to capture good images.

One of the benefits of this camera is that it has voice control and GPS combined with smooth, crystal-clear audio, stabilized video, and top-quality photo capture.

Whenever you want to share and edit, HERO5 Black will automatically upload your saved footage to your cloud account to give you easy access to any other devices.

HERO5 Black is user-friendly; it features a comfortable touch display, one-button simplicity that makes it easy to use for people with low professional photography techniques.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof design
  • Voice control
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections
  • Crystal clear audio
  • User-Friendly, easy to use
  • GPS
  • Comfortable touch display
  • Rechargeable battery


  • 4k video recording
  • Study rubberized casing
  • Waterproof to 10m
  • Uses voice command instead of the button control
  • LCD touchscreen


  • No warranty

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GoPro HERO7 Action Camera

GoPro HERO7 Action Camera

This list of the action camera will not be complete without acknowledging GoPro HERO7. It is the perfect camera for small and big adventure because it is highly durable and completely waterproof—just get it and go for it. HERO7 has a lot of excellent features under its stylish rubberized casing.

The HERO7 offers 4K videos at 30fps and takes 10MP still images. This feature may look weak compared to 4K at 60fps provided by some other big brands like AKASO V50 Elite, but you should not forget that GoPro is a renowned and reputable brand on the market.

Whenever you are snorkeling, skiing, skating, or chasing your dog around the yard, HERO7 will capture steady, smooth video.

Also, if you’re a Snapchat and Instagram stories lover, this action camera is the best choice for you.

It can capture videos and photos in portrait orientation. That’s not all, HERO7 comes with a photo timer which makes it easy to snap a GoPro selfie or group photo covering the whole group in the frame.

HERO7 is compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and its image editing is straightforward onboard.

If you’re tired of buffering and slow image transfer, this may be the best option. Its transfer speed is up to 100mb/s, amazingly fast!

Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections
  • Durable, stylish rubberized casing
  • Video stabilization
  • Waterproof design
  • Voice control
  • Intuitive Touchscreen


  • Slow Motion
  • One-touch operation
  • 4k Video recording
  • LCD touchscreen


  • No accessories included

Remali Action Camera

Remali Action Camera

Remali is a reputable manufacturer of action cameras in the industry today. Your life is full of notable moments, so you need a Remali action camera to capture every memorable event and epic adventures.

This camera has a shockproof holding case that will protect and allow you to take it along with all the included accessories everywhere you go.

It also comes with a dustproof/waterproof case that protects the camera from environmental dangers.

There are three batteries includes in the package to give you right back up and never miss any capturing moment.

You can also charge two of its battery at a time with a wall charger and dual dock charger while the third is in use.

And Remali action camera also offers a remote control that allows you to control the capturing moments from a long distance.

The remote control comes with a wrist band strap that enables you to put it on your wrist, so you can easily take videos and photos on the go.

Moreover, this powerful camera also offers wide ranges of accessories and mounts that allow you to mount and use the camera in various settings and situations.

You can easily install this portable action camera to your dashboard, mountain bike, or motorbike helmet to give you freedom of movement.

Highlighted Features

  • 170 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens
  • Remote control
  • Shockproof holding case
  • Dustproof/waterproof
  • Three rechargeable batteries
  • 4K Ultra HD video recording
  • In-built Wi-Fi


  • Fair price with top quality
  • Waterproof up to 30m
  • 12MP photo images
  • Wide range of accessories for different settings


  • None

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Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera

Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera

Despite the low price of this action camera, Akaso V50 Elite is crammed to the best high-quality features.The camera boasts of 4K video at 60 FPS and 30 FPS and 20 MP still images.

You should know that the camera is about average when used in low light. However, to make up for this, the camera features electronic image stabilization.

So, whether you are cycling on rough terrain, or running around the yard with your dog, you can be so sure that your photos photo will be focused as possible.

Akaso V50 comes with two rechargeable batteries that give you 3-hours of recording time. It has HDMI connectivity, and it’s also Wi-Fi compatible.

It comes with a two-button remote control that uses a wrist band strap, which you can wear on your wrist, so you can easily take videos and photos on the go.

This action camera includes an optional view angle that permits you to choose from various points, depending upon your position.

As such, your photos look much progressively proficient. Akaso V50 is user-friendly, all thanks to its touchscreen feature, you can use this camera with ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Touchscreen navigation
  • Image stabilization
  • 2-inches LCD display
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Two-button remote control
  • User-friendly


  • 20 MP photo images
  • Waterproof to 131 feet
  • Great quality images and videos
  • Optional view angle


  • No warranty

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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Action Camera

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Action Camera

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 was built to be taken anywhere, anytime. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight, around 405 grams, which makes it an excellent option for your next adventure.

You will be able to convey this device for extended periods of time without being frustrated because of its lightweight design.

Also, the DJI action camera has a foldable gimbal, and you can use your smartphone when it is in standby mode.

The Osmo mobile three is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, which reduces shaky footage, and also delivers stable, smooth images.

You don’t need to miss great shots! Osmo Mobile 3 has an ultra-responsive feature that keeps your focus on your target instantly.

To transform your footage into something great, exciting, and creative, you can make use of its Story Mode feature.

DJI Osmo action camera offers an ergonomic grip, all thanks to its intelligent design. The comfortable grip will fit perfectly in your hand, which enables you to capture without limitations.

Highlighted Features

  • Foldable gimbal
  • Ergonomic design
  • Story mode
  • Lightweight design
  • Ultra-responsive
  • One-tap templates
  • Slow-motion, time-lapse


  • Handy convenience
  • Fair price with high quality
  • Strong battery life
  • 4K Video at 30 FPS
  • Extremely lightweight, about 400 grams
  • Eliminate shake


  • Remote is sold separately

What to Look for Before Buying an Action Camera

What to Look for Before Buying Action Camera

Check out the factors mentioned below before you pick your camera:


There were times when 1080p used to be the ordinarily acceptable level of video resolution, but now, 4k is beginning to turn into the new normal. Most action camera manufacturers are now designing their cameras with 4K video resolution.

This is a way to increase their market sales and also give end users an improved video quality. So, it is essential to put the camera resolution into consideration before purchasing an action camera.


Most action cameras are small devices by nature. Meanwhile, some are usually bigger than the others.

If you are looking for a portable and compact one that you can easily squeeze into smaller spaces, there are just a few ones with a smaller size compared to the normal GoPro HERO5 size.

However, if you’re not concerned about the size, then almost all the action camera on our list would suit you.


Many people are devoted and loyal to some brands. But in the action camera market industry, Sony and GoPro are the most popular and biggest brands. They are the brands most people are attracted to, and if you’re new on the market, go for it!

Build Quality

Build quality is the most important factor to consider before purchasing action cameras. Most action cams are made with rigid Polycarbonate bodies that can withstand a lot of beating without breaking down.

Some are made with mere plastic bodies that are fragile to use. Also, check if it has a waterproof design, know if it comes with a waterproof housing and also know the how likely is the housing to leak.

Furthermore, know the depth at which the cams can be used for underwater adventures. The waterproof capacity varies depending on the types of action cameras.


Most action cameras offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. You also need to check for the camera’s transfer speeds; this helps you to know how fast you can upload videos and photos to your social media accounts. These are things you should check out before making a purchase.

Ease of Use

You have to know how easy it is to use the best cheap action camera for $200. Check if it comes with an LCD display that allows you to access the control and edit the footage.

Can you use a remote control with it? Is it easy to edit, sync, and share footage? Can you easily switch between videos or photos? Does it have multiple shooting modes? These are things you should know before purchasing one.

Image Stabilization

The two main types of image stabilization that were commonly used in action cameras are optical image and gyroscope stabilization.

And the optical image stabilization uses the lens, which moves physically to contrast the shaky movement while the gyroscope stabilization is a digital image stabilization that uses the software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the action cameras:

What is an action camera?

Action cameras are just like normal cameras and camcorders, which are capable of capturing photos and filming videos.

However, the only difference is that the action cameras are made for outdoor lovers. Therefore they are usually made to be portable, durable, and lightweight.

What is an action camera

How do I charge my action camera?

Action cams are very easy to charge. Most of these cams come with micro-USB cables for data transfer and charging, just like the once used in mobile phones.

All thanks to technology advancement, newer versions of action cams now use Type C USB.

Can I mount action cams on my helmet?

Yes! Most action cameras are versatile and can be mounted on a helmet. Some of there cams even come with relevant accessories to make the mounting process easy.

What is the picture quality like?

Most action cameras take high quality, smooth full HD videos at 720P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K. Meanwhile, still, images range from 5MP to 20MP. Picture quality varies from model to model.

Are action cameras good for still photos?

Yes, they are! Action cameras are the best when it comes to bringing your videos and photos a bit more to life.

Final Words

There are numerous action cameras in the world today, but buying the one that is of high quality and under $200 is not an easy task.

But with the help of this article, we hope you were able to pick one out of our list of the action cameras under 200 dollars.


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