5 Best Infrared Grill For the Money – Review in 2021


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Perhaps, it’s already a tradition to serve grilled food or hold barbecue parties, especially during summer. Grilled sausages, burgers, and meat will certainly be tastier, juicier, and more delicious when the right method of cooking is used. But then, you just can’t use any grill. There’s also no way you have to spend more.

With so many choices on sale, you only deserve the best infrared grill under $500. In this guide, we will find out some of the leading options in the market. Let’s get started!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Infrared Grill

Benefits and Drawbacks of Infrared Grill

Using an infrared grill is becoming popular these days. It’s considered as the perfect solution for grilling since it uses infrared radiant energy rather than convection when heating the food. However, like all other cooking equipment, it also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Ensures Even Heating

It usually takes 3 to 5 minutes to generate high heat, which allows you to start using it in no time.

This gives you the flexibility to grill quickly and spends less time standing next to the grill. Unlike traditional grills, it offers better heat distribution to let the food cook evenly and avoid hot or cold spots.

Promotes Energy Efficiency

As the food is heated directly, preheating time is reduced. This allows you to use energy efficiently.

It uses almost 30 percent less fuel than other grills. In this case, you will save more money because you can save on fuel.

Makes Sure of Delicious Food

You can have tastier foods when using this grill. It is because of the infrared heat that can penetrate through the food’s moisture barrier, making the food retain its nutrients and fluid contents.

When it comes to cleaning, you spend less work for it since it turns any food particles to dust making it easy to clean.

Quite Expensive Than Regular Grill

Infrared grills come at a higher price than a regular grill. But there are also affordable models available. You just need to make sure you find the right unit so you will enjoy cooking.

Top 5 Infrared Grill Review in 2021

Choosing the ideal infrared grill for you might be confusing. Most of the items on the market are quite expensive, and you’re not really sure of the quality.

But if you scan through the pages, you’ll be amazed how the following items belong to the high-end, though very affordable. Let’s dig deeper!

Char-Broil Graphite 20602108Patio Bistro

Char-Broil Graphite 20602108Patio Bistro

If ever you’re finding a high-quality grill that can save you from the hassle of using charcoal or gas, then this model from Char-Broil may be a good idea.

Featuring integrated heat control, easy to clean grates, and huge cooking space, you can never go wrong with this one.

This is equipped with a control knob that makes it easier for you to make temperature adjustments. It integrates a front handle to promote mobility as well as serve as a towel and tool rack.

With a total cooking space of 320 square inches, you are sure that there’s enough space for more grilling.

The grates are coated with porcelain which makes it highly durable at the same time resistant to wear and moisture.

Not only that, but it is also simple to clean so the food won’t stick or even remain on the grates. This construction is such a beauty, but it is low maintenance, thereby giving you comfort when using it even often.

In addition to these features, this product ensures no cold or hot spots and no flare-up. It only indicates that there will be even cooking. Through the TRU-infrared technology, the heat is spread across the grill surface with evenness.

You can have better temperature control that you can adjust it to the highest or lowest heat. And you won’t have to wait for long because this facilitates faster cooking. Having a barrier between flames and food can also result in a more flavorful food.

Not to mention, it also has a lid-mounted temperature gauge, pull-out grease tray, and removable warming rack.

With so many features it can offer you, this infrared grill is worthy of your investment. Anyway, it comes at a higher price compared to other brands, but rest assured it is reasonable.


  • Equipped with the TRU-infrared technology ensuring even distribution of heat
  • Total cooking space of 320 square inches
  • Comes with a heat control knob to make temperature adjustments
  • Porcelain grates are durable and easy to clean
  • Removable warming rack


  • Quite expensive

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Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Portable Grill2Go Gas Grill + Case

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Portable Grill2Go Gas Grill + Case

From the name itself, Grill2Go, you would know that it is engineered for on-the-go grilling. This is the perfect choice if you’re someone who is fond of adventures- whether you’re camping, tailgating, or on the beach! Just read on to know more about this product.

With this, you are sure that there are no flare-ups whenever grilling. Thanks to the TRU-infrared cooking system.

The heat is distributed evenly on the surface to ensure that there will be no more hot or cold spots. And this makes the food tastes delicious.

It is powered by propane gas, but it is not something to worry about. Yes, it is sold separately, but it has high availability, and it’s cheap.

Also, this product only consumes less gas, but you can expect optimal performance. With better temperature control, it allows you to make adjustments from the min to the max.

Although this has a smaller cooking space of only 200 square inches, it is already sufficient to grill a lot of meat at once. The good thing is that it is portable enough to bring it anywhere you go.

Just like all the products from Char-Broil, this model offers you optimum durability. The lid is made of stainless steel, and the firebox is cast with aluminum. With these materials, you are sure that it can last for a longer period.

Not to mention, its frame is resistant from impact, thereby adding to its durability. Also, it is made with legs, so this can stand wherever you place it. The sides have handles to make it easier for you to carry it around.

This grill also comes with a temperature gauge mounted therein so you can control and monitor the temperature with ease.In just a push of the button, it’s very simple to light it.

With these amazing qualities, having one for yourself for adventure purposes is a good idea. Well, it will surely fit your budget and it’s good for home use too.


  • Portable grilling
  • Made with extreme durability
  • Powered by propane which is highly available and cheap
  • Equipped with carrying handles
  • No flare-up thereby promoting even cooking


  • Not ideal for commercial use
  • Small cooking space

Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Grill

Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Grill

Every time you grill, there’s nothing more you should expect except evenly-cooked food. With its versatile design and ease of use, this 3-burner grill is worthy of your investment.

Having this at home, or even for commercial purposes, will surely be enough to serve your family and friends.

Through the use of the TRU-infrared technology, it ensures even distribution of heat to the grill’s surface so there will be no more hot or cold spots. With this, the food will be tastier, juicier, and even more colorful.

Just like other Char-Broil products, there are no flare-ups because it builds a barrier between the food and the flames. In turn, you have better food every time you grill.

Much more, you can save further cost, time, and energy as this grill consumes lesser gas. The cooking time is faster compared to typical scenarios, so there is no more waiting game.

Most importantly, it allows you to make adjustments at a very high or very low temperature, depending upon your needs and preferences.

With a total of 450 square inches of primary cooking area, you are sure that you have ample space to make a huge volume of the grill.

Not to mention, the burners and heat tents are made of stainless steel. Its construction makes sure that it can provide you with durability and longevity. Also, it has a sleek and modern look that will surely suit your home’s design.

Being coated with porcelain also adds up to its sturdiness. This also makes sure that it is protected from rust so it can endure frequent use. Much more, it provides a wider temperature ranges to promote accurate control.

Worth mentioning is its fast and reliable startups too. In just one push of a button, this can start grilling.

It’s just an easy process, so there will be no more hassle whenever you want to eat grilled food. Considering all the features this product can give you, for sure, you will enjoy having this at home.


  • No flare-ups so you are sure of even heat distribution
  • The construction ensures durability and longevity
  • Equipped with a fast and reliable electronic ignition
  • Wide range of temperature for a more accurate control
  • Larger cooking area


  • Cleaning the grates may be hard
  • Not portable, too heavy

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Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill Graphite

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill Graphite

You may think that this is just like the first product on this list, but it’s not. Probably, the first thing that you can observe is its extended warming rack.

Well, there are many more great features that it can offer you, let’s find out why you should opt for this one.

Anyway, it has a grilling surface area of 240 square inches, aside from the extension of 80 square inches.

With this, you are sure that you have enough cooking space to make up to 12 burgers, for instance.

Much more, the side shelves are foldable, so you can make it more compact when necessary. But whenever you need more prep space or storage, you can always increase the space. These shelves are also made to be heavy-duty, so they can withstand heavy loads.

With the firebox and grill lid made of steel and coated with porcelain, you are sure that this product itself is durable.

The grates are porcelain-coated too, which makes it easy to maintain.
By using TRU-infrared technology, there will be less flare-up, and you can cook food evenly. And this can yield to juicier and more delicious food every time you grill.

Just like other models, this is also equipped with a temperature gauge that promotes heat control. With this, there is no way there are hot or cold spots. You can ensure that all the foods are evenly cooked.

It comes with an oven-like knob that makes it simple for you to control it. This device also added a safety feature. Whenever the grill surface is hot, the light ring found on the bezel indicates so.

Much more, the grease tray is removable and coated with porcelain for easy cleaning and accessibility.

Not to mention, it guarantees that it is functional and mobile. This grill has a chrome rack to promote maximum storage, wheels to enhance mobility, and cord management to organize it.
These features make it a great solution for your deck and patio cooking needs!


  • Electric TRU-infrared cooking technology
  • Side shelves are foldable
  • Larger cooking space
  • Very portable and functional
  • Easy to clean and durable


  • Quite expensive

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

If you’re looking for an electric grill that can be perfect for balconies, condos, apartments, or smaller patios, then this model may be a good choice for you.

With a total grilling surface of 320 square inches, you can never go wrong having this one. Let’s read more to find out its great features.

So, it’s electric and can be powered by a 120-volt outlet. Without a doubt, using this is more convenient than gas or charcoal. There’s no way you will find it difficult to start and grill.

Plus, it weighs around 45.12 pounds. Although this is not the most lightweight product compared to its counterparts from different brands, it is still portable.

This can be easily transferred from one place to another, and storing this is very simple. It comes with a storage grate to ensure that all tools are accessible.

Much more, this is made to be very durable. With this, you are sure that it can withstand frequent use, and it is rust-resistant too.

It is made of steel construction, anyway. And the grill body is coated with porcelain that makes it easier to clean it.

Being equipped with the newest technology, just like other Broil products, you are ensured that all the food you grill is juicier and delicious. Also, the TRU-infrared system reduces cold and hot spots and guarantees even cooking.

Since it is also equipped with a temperature gauge, you can monitor the temperature of the grill. This instance also allows you to control the heat with ease.

With the handles attached in the front, the utmost mobility can be obtained. It will be easier to carry it in another spot even without interrupting the grill.

This product is definitely worth the cost; we’re sure that you will love it!


  • No flare-ups and hot or cold spots
  • Equipped with a temperature gauge
  • Durable construction and rust-resistant
  • Comes with a removable warming rack
  • Portable, ideal for small areas


  • Smaller cooking space
  • Heavy compared to other brands

What Makes a Perfect Infrared Grill?

In choosing one, you need to consider various qualities to make sure that you can get its optimum functionality.

Well, it’s not practical to get one because you think that it looks good or the manufacturer itself claims that it’s the best.

Although all the products on this list are made by Char-Broil, there will always be one that will best fit your wants and needs. The following are just some of the qualities that you should opt for:

Primary Cooking Area

If you’re expecting something that can grill for a huge number of people, then you should choose one that has a bigger total cooking area.

But if it is merely for family use and you have few members, then a smaller cooking area may suffice.

There are lots of options to select from according to this feature. In this guide, you can choose from 200 to 320 square inches.Most of the products on the list are ideal for smaller spaces.

Much more, you should also consider the purpose to which this product will be used. For instance, if it is for commercial use, then you would need one that can cater to a wider grill. In this case, you are required to serve numerous individuals.

Temperature Adjustments

Nowadays, infrared grilling is preferred than gas and charcoal. And one of the best reasons to explain this is its ease of adjusting the temperature.

You know that using the former will less likely allow you to control the fire, which can affect the taste and texture of your food.

However, not all products have adjustment capabilities. Having a fixed temperature is just like using other options.

So, to reap the utmost benefit of an infrared grill, then you have to choose one that provides for extensive control.

Don’t worry though, whatever you choose in this list has temperature control capabilities, which means that you can adjust it according to your preference.

With these products, you can access very low or very high temperatures to obtain an excellent result.

Anyway, this is crucial in cooking vegetables and fish as well as searing steaks.

Warming Rack

Not all infrared grills come with a warming rack. Having this equipped in your item will give you a bigger space, of course, mainly for the purpose of warming the food.

Also, it can maximize the functionality of the grill although it can make the entire product heavier, larger, and bulkier.


Although most of the products above are equipped with only one burner, they are still functional, and they are sure to give you optimum performance.

Some items, on the other hand, come with two or more burners — the standard number of burners used by both enthusiasts and professionals.

Perhaps, the main reason why they set this standard is that a grill with several burners is capable of distributing heat evenly.

But don’t worry if you opt for Char-Broil products as all of these are made with the most advanced TRU-infrared technology that ensures no flare-ups and even cold or hot spots when grilling.


This feature is very crucial whenever you’re buying a certain product. Of course, it applied when you’re purchasing an infrared grill.

This is important to ensure that you can use it for a longer period and that it can withstand even the extreme conditions, especially with frequent uses.

In choosing one, see to it that the product is made with durable materials. Most preferably, opt for one that is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel.

With this material, you are guaranteed of sturdiness. Other items are even coated with porcelain, thereby adding to its strength and protection.

Size and Portability

The size also matters, especially if you don’t have enough space at home. You can choose something that is small yet functional and high-quality.

Also, it is worth noting that you won’t be needing bigger equipment if you’ll merely use it for home grilling. But the larger one is better if you will be using it for commercial purposes.

Much more, if you’re fond of adventures such as camping, then having an infrared griller is a good idea.

To ensure an optimum grilling experience, you have to make sure that your item is portable enough to carry from one place to another.

Another important feature when we talk about portability is the weight of the grill. Usually, high-end products are made to be durable, which may also mean they are heavier.

Other products, especially those that are made with aluminum, are lightweight but portable enough.


Buy something that would fit your budget. You really don’t need to buy an expensive one to ensure high-quality.

There are many options in the market that can be bought at a cheaper price without comprising great features. Well, you can have the infrared grill. Just look at the items above.

How to Clean it?

You think infrared grills are complicated to handle, but they are quite manageable to use and maintain. It should be inspected at least twice a year to monitor if there are any weary or damaged parts.

Taking time for a quick scrub will also make the infrared grill last longer and look good. Not just that, the food will taste better. Below is a friendly guide on how to clean it.

Start with the Gas or the Electric Heating Element But Ensure Safety First

Start with the Gas or the Electric Heating Element But Ensure Safety First

Before doing anything else, make sure your gas source is off. Then, start with cleaning the gas of the grill or the electric heating element by removing any debris left when cooking. Use steel wool to clear any obstructions to the burner’s openings.

Clean the Grates

Infrared grills are equipped with grates. Remove them from the grill then apply elbow grease. There are two methods of cleaning the grates.Consider which one works best for you.

For the first method, which is usually applied when the grates are made of metal, use a cleaner to spray on the grates and take 3 to 5 minutes to let it penetrate in the grease. Then scrub it with a stiff wire brush and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

If the grates are made of cast iron, or it is a porcelain type of grate, then choose method two. Use a brush with soft nylon to scrub them. This is to avoid scratching its surface. After that, wash the grates in warm water with a sponge.

Clean the Emitters

Focus now on cleaning the emitters. Scrub them using a brush to remove any food particles. Then scrape off any debris left using a cleaning tool.

Wash it in warm water and dry it using a cloth. After that, place the clean emitters and grates back on the grill.

Remove Grease Stains

Now that you’re done cleaning its parts, remove grease stains by pouring baking soda on the grill. Spray it with water to wet the baking soda and wait for 20 minutes. Then wipe it.

Clean the Infrared Heating Surface

It is now time for the infrared heating surface to be cleaned. Whatever it is made of, use a gentle brush to remove any ash and food particles.

There may be some deposits left, but you can take them off using a non-abrasive chemical cleaner.

Heat the Grill

To finish the work, turn up the heat. Sometimes, the best way to end and make sure it is entirely clean is to set it to a high temperature so it will burn the remaining debris when it cools.

Now that it is nice and clean, your grill is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an infrared grill?

Infrared grill utilizes a radiant heat cooking system, unlike that in the traditional grill that uses convection. It heats up quickly and gives uniform heat distribution to produce juicier foods.

Are infrared grills better than regular grills?

Of course, they are better than regular grills. Less air is circulated when using infrared grills, allowing you to produce tastier foods during cooking.

Do infrared grills cause cancer?

No, they don’t. Using this is healthier than charcoal and gas grills because no carcinogens are created. You can get as close as possible to the grill without tasting any harmful ash and carcinogens.

Is this safe to use?

When cooking using an infrared grill, you also need to take proper precautions. Do not use your infrared grill if there is a damaged seal. And be mindful of caution when cooking due to the high heat produced.

Are these worth the cost?

Purchasing one infrared grill is definitely worth the money. Being so fast and hot, cooking using it is indeed efficient. You will cook in a shorter time using less fuel.

Final Words

Now, you can enjoy grilling with your family and friends without investing too much cost with the infrared gril.

Since all the products listed above are made by Char-Broil, there’s no way the quality is compromised. Whatever you choose therein is a good option!


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