Best Cyclocross Bikes under $2000 and Less – Buyer’s Guide


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A cyclocross bike is designed specifically for a cyclocross race. But today, it has become more popular than the sport itself.

It is built with knobbly tires, thereby ensuring you that it can be used not only for racing purposes but also for work and long road adventures to muddy trails and so much more.

Without a doubt, having this with you guarantees extraordinary biking experience, whether you’re using it for a race or not.

With its increasing demand in the market, you have lots of choices to choose from. But before buying, you need to make sure that the bike you’re getting is worth the money.

Below, we’ll introduce you to some of the cyclocross bikes under $2000. Narrowed to only 5, we’re sure one of these products will suit you best.

With this guide, you’ll eventually come down with a good decision.
So, let’s get started!

Benefits of Cyclocross Bikes

Benefits of Cyclocross Bikes

There are many reasons why you should try a cyclocross bike. It offers a lot of advantages that are sure to level up your riding game.

So if you’re into casual biking or riding competitions, these benefits are sure to come in handy.


With this type of bike, you can ride along just about any terrain, from the muddy road and wet pavements to off-road paths and so much more.

This versatility will help you to go on more adventures and even discover new and interesting routes.

Better Stability

Cyclocross bikes are much easier to handle when riding through rough roads. This is because they have a more angled steering tube compared to other bikes. The angled steering tube also helps to guide the front wheel.

Comfortable Rides

Most of these bikes have several features to ensure a comfortable ride, even for long periods.

When compared to other bikes, its frame is smaller. It has a frame geometry that allows you to have a more relaxed seating position.

Great Practice and Exercise

These are great bikes for honing your riding control and skills. Because it has thinner tires, you’ll have to learn harder to control it. It will also help you adapt to different terrain types.

Top Cyclocross Bikes Under $2000 – Review in 2021

Cyclocross bikes have become such a trend these days, which is why the market is full of them.

But with the many choices available, which is the best for you? Well, to help you out here are the best ones.

Tommaso Illimitate Shimano Tiagra Gravel Adventure Bike

Tommaso Illimitate Shimano Tiagra Gravel Adventure Bike

This first one on our list has all the features you’ll want from a cyclocross bike like reliability, durability, user-friendliness, and many more. Tons of bikers have tested and loved its overall performance, so it is sure not to disappoint you.

Well, the frame of this bike is constructed with aluminum alloy. This tough metal not only aids in the bike’s overall durability, but it also doesn’t add much weight to it.

So you don’t have to bike around with added load. For its fork, it used carbon fiber to help minimize any vibration during use.

Much more, it’s both simple to use and assemble thanks to its drilled frame. Since the frame is drilled already, installing fenders and racks is a lot easier.

But then, even though it’s easy to put together, the manufacturer still requires you to have it assembled by a professional to ensure optimum performance.

With this bike, you’ll be able to expand your adventure to many terrain types.

It has a very impressive versatility that it is ideal for your on and off-road adventures. This is thanks to its 28-spoke rim and its wide tires.

The wide tires add to the overall durability and stability of the bike. And this also offers a greater road grip so you can ride off-road. With this, you’re sure that it’s safe to use.

Added therein is a reliable BB5 disc brakes from Avid. This is equipped on the bike to ensure your safety too.

Having this will allow you to stop instantly when there is any obstacle on your path. You’ll be able to initiate the break even when you’re on slippery roads.

There is a Tiagra cassette and crankset that promote greater speed so you can cover more distance in lesser periods.

Another exceptional thing about this is its user-friendly design, complete with a comfortable seat and handlebars.

Overall, it will make a great choice for biking on any terrain and under any weather.


  • Highly versatile
  • Very comfortable to use
  • The brakes are reliable
  • It is lightweight
  • Gives you greater riding speed


  • Can’t be self-installed

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Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike

If you’re looking for a bike to take on your next adventure, then this next product may just be the one for you.

It is built to withstand the wear and tear of long riding activities, and it will give you a comfortable journey.

The overall structure of this bike is pretty durable, from its frames to its fork.

They make both of these with sturdy carbon fiber for a longer-lasting cyclocross bike. You’re sure this can withstand frequent use.

This is a brilliant investment, and you’ll be getting the most of your money’s worth because you won’t have to make any untimely replacements.

Even though its structure is for heavy-duty use, it doesn’t weigh more. In fact, its design is very compact, so it will be much easier for you to store it when not in use.

Any terrain is your place of adventure because this can handle it all from wet highways, snowy pavements, rough roads, and anything else that you can think of. With its high versatility, you will never have to miss out on any adventure.

While you’re on the road, your safety is also ensured. It is equipped with the necessary safety features.

For instance, this bike has Spire C disc brakes. And this feature provides impressive stopping power.

With this, you can stop your bike in a matter of seconds when there is any obstacle coming your way.

With all its outstanding features, it is sure to give you the ride of your life. And it’s not that expensive either compared to others on the market.

Undeniably, it’s the good cyclocross bike out there.


  • Has a lightweight design
  • Equipped with powerful brakes
  • Made of durable components
  • Great versatility on any terrain
  • Suitable for long journeys


  • No significant disadvantages

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Raleigh Bikes RXW Women’s Cyclocross Bike

Raleigh Bikes RXW Women’s Cyclocross Bike

Another impressive addition to this list is from one of the longest-running bike manufacturers, Raleigh.

This company has produced plenty of great Cyclocross bikes, and this is one of them.

It features an innovative design that aims to bring you comfort and performance, and it’s not just for women, anyone can use this, for sure.

This product is made to be durable with its 6061 aluminum alloy construction. And such material is known for its great wear resistance.

Also, it does not add much to the entire weight of the bike. So, you can use it for any activity from daily commuting to bike racing. Also, this feature ensures that you can go at a much faster pace.

The size is pretty compact when you compare it with other cyclocross bikes in the market.

With a size like this, you won’t have to spare too much space for it in your storage area.

Much more, it is equipped with disc brakes that can stop you in your tracks as soon as you initiate it. The brake fork is made of carbon alloy that gives you a very light feel.

Furthermore, the tires come in a slim design. It will be able to handle various types of terrain.

Even the tires have minimal weight too, which makes sure that every piece of the bike doesn’t add much to its total weight.

There’s no need to be an expert biker to get the hang of this. Even if you’re new to it, you’ll be good to go with just a little practice.

With all of these features, it’s undoubtedly the cyclocross bike under 2000 dollars.


  • Has an affordable price
  • The structure is very lightweight
  • Offers great comfort when riding
  • Comes in a more compact size
  • Very durable


  • Riding through heavy mud is challenging

Schwinn Fastback Carbon Performance Road Bike

Schwinn Fastback Carbon Performance Road Bike

The next bike on this list has features that are sure to impress even expert riders.

So if you’re a serious rider and you’re looking for a cyclocross bike to satisfy your needs, then look no further because this might be the one for you.

It has a carbon frame that is finished with a black coating to ensure a sleek and minimalist look.

This material also gives it the durability necessary to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Much more, the fork is also constructed with carbon, thereby adding to its overall sturdiness. It will surely last a lot longer than other bikes on sale.

Since it is lightweight, you’ll be able to go at much faster speeds. With this, you’re sure to witness more stunning views during leisure rides or get ahead when you’re in a race.

The drivetrain and the shifters feature a 22-speed Shimano 105. You can certainly get a much smoother ride even if you go through various terrain types.

For more efficient shifting, it is made with a compact crank.
To keep you safe while you’re on the road, it is equipped with reliable front and rear brakes that are made with alloy.

It has a powerful stopping so you can avoid crashing into any obstacle on your way.

Aside from the great durability and performance it offers, it also has several features to enhance your comfort like its road race saddle and bar tape with double gel.

Considering all of these great features, you’ll never go wrong investing in this bike.


  • Made of top-notch materials
  • Can go at greater speeds
  • Has user-friendly features
  • Able to handle a variety of terrain types


  • Slightly more challenging for beginners

Features to Look for Before Buying

When you first look at it, a cyclocross bike looks slightly the same as a road bike.

However, there are many features that make it different and unique. It is made to be suited in cyclocross race and light terrain rides.

Given its versatility, you will be able to use it in any adventure you want.
Many manufacturers introduced their cyclocross bike models, and with that, you have plenty of choices to choose from.

The task of purchasing a bike is quite difficult, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

A little research is needed for you to be knowledgeable in choosing the right cyclocross bike.

You need to consider a few factors that will lead you to the perfect product. And here are the features that you need to look for in a cyclocross bike before making the final call.

Performance and Reliability

Performance and Reliability of cyclocross bicycle

Before taking the best options, you need to focus on the reliability and performance of the product.

A great cyclocross bike with extraordinary performance will surely operate as you want it to be.

It will provide you great biking experience without having to worry about any malfunction to occur.

Regardless of any brand and your personal preferences, these two factors need to be considered at all times.


Cyclocross bike’s frame must be made from materials that offer great strength and durability.

Like any other bike, it is either made of carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, or a combination of these materials.

You should compare the chosen materials each manufacturer used to come up with a well-built bike.

Frame Size

As with all bikes, sizing is important to give you maximum comfort and outstanding performance when you ride on it.

Make sure to get a cyclocross bike with an appropriate frame size so you will be able to use it with ease not just for racing but for long-distance adventures as well.


Regardless of the purpose of your bike, it should always aim to keep its weight down.

If you’re going to use it in cyclocross racing or in courses that include mud, sandpits, or slopes, it is better to have one with lighter weight.

The lighter it is, the easier you can use it when passing on obstacles and when you need to accelerate on tight corners.

When you dismount it, you won’t have any problem carrying it since it is portable enough to be transferred from place to place.

Increased Tire Clearance

These bikes use larger tires than standard road tires. You must consider having a bike that provides better tire clearance than those in traditional road bikes.

They usually go with knobbly tires made up to 40mm from 33mm to improve the grip and provide a more stable platform.

With extra clearance, you can prevent mud from building up. This also ensures the wheels can rotate smoothly. You won’t need to swap bikes during a race and get it hosed just to remove the mud.

Moreover, you know it, your performance will surely be affected if you keep on changing bikes during the race.

This increase in clearance also maximizes the height of the fork and front end of the bike.

It’s up to you what height you prefer, but many riders want a taller front end to have better control, especially when tilting.

Flat Tube Shape

Part of the race is to dismount and carry the bike when you encounter large obstacles.

If you have a bike with a standard tube shape, you will surely feel uncomfortable and have struggled when carrying it.

To ease the shouldering of the cyclocross bike, you need to have one with a flatter tube top.

It gives you greater control over it, making it more comfortable to carry around.


Another feature to consider is your ability to control the cyclocross bike. Different bike comes with various frame geometry and braking system.

They either feature cantilever or disc brakes to assist the large tires.
Cantilever brakes are operated by a cable and are universally used over the years.

However, disc brakes give more advantage than a cantilever system. It can either be managed by a cable or hydraulic.

Whatever braking system you are going to use, make sure it gives you total control over the bike to avoid any accidents during the race.


Making changes with the cable routing and doing some experiments with your cyclocross bike must be easy for you.

Disassembling it during the race and getting all the parts together should be done in less time too.

You must consider having one with a good build so it can give you the versatility you want.


Its design and style must be considered too. You may notice that it slightly has the same geometry with a road and mountain bike, but given that it is specifically for racing, it should be relaxed to deal with.

The head tube should come with a smaller angle and the bottom bracket should be higher.

Wheelbase can be made longer too. With a good design, it surely gives you a good sitting position and great comfort.


Evaluating your budget is a must too. If you set the range of how much you are willing to spend on this cyclocross bike, then it will be a great help to narrow down your choices and list all the products with their respective prices to come up with the best one.

It is also essential to think of the additional accessories you will need and how much you will spend on maintenance and customization, if ever.

You have to be aware of these things to break down the expenses you’re going to have.

We are all particular with the prices of a product. It is pretty certain that you wouldn’t want to buy something overpriced.

To make sure you are getting the best value for your money, check all of the features and compare it with its price to see if it is worth it.

Additional Features

Having fenders and mounts are also good for your cyclocross bike. These items can surely make the bike perfect for adventures.

For instance, with fenders, you can have a smoother ride, especially in wet roads from rain or snowmelt.

Also, this can protect it from sand and mud kicked up from rivulets and dirty puddles.

Some Terminologies You Should Know

Bicycle Chain

This is the loop of chain links that encircles the gears. It transfers power from the pedal to the wheel, making it turn.


A handy addition primarily used to either slow or stop the bike. Bikes come with different brake styles depending on their build.

But most brakes are found near the shifters or handles. The left brake controls the front tire and the right break slows the back tire. If you want to stop, squeeze both brakes.

Cyclocross Bike

It is a modified version of a regular road bike with disc brake and more durable wheels and tires.

This is designed to be much faster and more efficient for racing on courses with muddy fields, grass, or sand.

Drive Train

Also known as the mechanical system that consists of all parts that are used to move the bike along.

It converts the biker’s pedaling power into a forwarding movement.


It is the bike’s backbone that usually connects the other parts. The frame comes in different shapes and lengths constructed from lightweight material.

Good frame size is essential for good pedaling posture and effective energy use.


This comes in two sets on the bikes. The big gear usually in front is optimal when riding or descending at high speeds.

It requires you to exert greater force. While the gears in the back hold much closer together and require you to pedal with less force.


Also known as fenders, is the curved cover on the wheel of the bike. Its main purpose is to protect the bike and the rider from dirt and splashes of water thrown along the road.


This is the twisting force. It measures the ability to twist the wheels of the bike.

Torque depends upon the gears, but the higher it gets, the better the twisting ability of the wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cyclocross bike used for?

A cyclocross bike is a drop-bar bike built specifically for a cyclocross race.

This is better used when biking in courses that feature mud, sandpits, slopes, or areas that are too steep to ride.

Is cyclocross bike good for road biking?

You can use it on the road only if you’re not doing it for purposes of competition. It comes with burlier parts and knobbly tires, which makes it heavier than a road bike.

Can I use a cyclocross bike like a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are designed for extremely rough trails and pathways.

It is not ideal to use a cyclocross bike as a substitute if you’re riding in those terrains since cyclocross bikes are designed for light off-roading and racing.

Are these comfortable to use?

Cyclocross bikes are very versatile. They give great comfort to the riders with the riding position they offer and the wheels and tires designed to them.

And they are also equipped with mudguards, which will surely give you a perfect ride.

Why cyclocross bikes don’t have suspension?

These bikes are not designed to have a suspension. A cyclocross bike is engineered mainly for races that are short and fast to overcome obstacles.

Instead of having a suspension, the tire pressure is just lowered.

Final Words

It is proven that choosing for the right cyclocross bike under $2000 is indeed a daunting job.

Allotting more time for research and online reviews is needed, so you’ll end up getting the perfect one for your adventures.

Hopefully, this article helps you find the cyclocross bike that will give you a good biking experience.


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