5 Best Queen Bed Frames under $200 Review in 2021


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It’s true to all, without exceptions, that we all need to sleep. The quality of our sleep can have a direct impact on our mood and health.

One of the biggest factors that can affect this is your bed. It comes in a broad range of styles and sizes, but a well-constructed bed frame helps you sleep soundly at night.

Undeniably, high-end products are usually linked to higher costs. But then, you can always find the good queen bed frames under $200.

In this guide, we’ll be providing you with an overview of top-notch products found on the market.

Remember, a bed frame plays an important role in your mattresses. It is capable of extending the life of the mattress as it serves as a foundation and support.

With this, you’re sure that your bed is prevented from sagging easily. Also, it can add a bold and modern style that will complement your taste for sure.

There are more things that you should learn, so just read on to find out!

Top 5 Queen Bed Frames Under $200 – Review in 2021

Selecting the right bed frame may be overwhelming with all the options available on sale. But then, you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to get one of good quality.

Here is a list of our 5 recommended queen bed frames that you can get under $200.

Linenspa Folding Platform Bed Frame

Linenspa Folding Platform Bed Frame

The first one on our list is this folding platform bed frame from Linenspa. It’s now time that you replace your old clunky box spring bed that’s bulky and inconvenient with this sturdy and reliable platform frame.

This model will, for sure, offer exceptional support for all types of mattresses. You can also choose to purchase the bundle of Linenspa.

The bundle includes a 6-inch innerspring mattress along with this bed frame. It is a great choice if you want to have a perfect fit for both.

But if you rather use other mattresses, you can always go for it. This frame is versatile enough to accommodate all sorts of mattresses in accordance to your style preferences.

Much more, it is made of high-quality steel. To add to its durability, it comes with braces to support the steel and has anti-slip treads.

Also, it features a surface grid design. These features have been working together to provide excellent stability and support for your mattress.

It has a height of about 14-inches that provides just enough room below it. The clearance measures a full 13-inch allowing you to use the remaining space in any way you like.

It is like under-the-bed storage where you can keep stuff like extra boxes, holiday decorations, off-season clothing, etc.

As for the assembly, it’s just a simple and easy process. You will be provided with all the tools and hardware you need along with the instructions to guide. Hence, you’ll not encounter any trouble setting this up.

Overall, this is a great product, given its price point. It can deliver when it comes to functionality and style.


  • 750 lbs weight capacity
  • Fits on all mattresses types
  • Under-bed storage
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Commendable versatility and stability


  • Frames tend to make sounds when you’re moving

Zinus Van Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Van Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus has been one of the leading manufacturers on the market of products that can make your home as comfortable as possible – mattress, bed frame, sofa, bunk bed, table, and many more.

This metal platform is no exception. It’s one of their best bed frames on this price range.
Bed frames of this type are available in several variants that differ in sizes and styles.

You can choose according to your preferences and needs. They are all similar when it comes to quality, durability, and reliability.

As for the sizes, you’ll be able to choose between four options – twin, full, queen, or king. While for the style, you can choose between two options – round corners or square corners.

Furthermore, this foundation will serve as very tough support to your mattress preventing it from sagging and making it last even longer. It comes with slats made of steel to add to its strength and stability.

Also, it boasts its height of about 16 inches, providing more space under the bed. It has a high clearance measuring 14 inches.

This is more than enough to be utilized as a storage space or in any way you wish you take advantage of this aspect.

Much more, the steel frame comes with a foam-padded tape. This is perfect for eliminating the noise made when there’s a movement. Also, you can easily assemble the frame within minutes without any complications in the process.

Hence, this Van metal platform bed frame is a must-have. So if you’re looking for a product that’s worthy enough of your budget, then look no further than this one.


  • Made and designed with durability
  • Great height clearance under the bed
  • Comes with foam padded tape on the frame to eliminate noise
  • Assembly process is quick and easy


  • Some find it uncomfortable since the slats are too far apart from each other

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Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

The next product on our list is still from Zinus. This is another variant of their bed frames that holds features worthy of its price range. So, let’s get started!

This bed frame offers a 14-inch height with a clearance of about 13 inches. It has plenty of room to be utilized as storage or any way you like to make use of it.

You will save a lot of space in your room for sure which makes it ideal for small apartments or bedrooms. Also, it helps you keep things organize.

Much more, it’s a high-profile bed frame removing the need to utilize a box spring unless you want an added height. But its slats eliminate the need for it.

Also, you can use any type of mattress with this frame. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a spring or memory foam.

As for the slats, they’re sturdy enough to support tall and heavy mattresses. This prevents the foam from sagging so quickly. Also, they’re made and designed to endure all the heavyweight and movements on the bed.

In addition to that, the slats come with adhesive strips on it. When you’re setting the frame up, just peel off their protective stickers to expose the adhesive part.

This will help in keeping the mattress in place, so you don’t have to frequently reposition the foam.

Since this is an all-metal bed frame, it is indeed heavy-duty, and it will only require less maintenance like sweeping off the dust.

Also, the legs are made of metal, so it won’t break or snap easily. If you don’t like seeing its metal legs, you can always cover it with a bed skirt which can add more elegance.

All in all, you won’t even notice that it is in low-priced range products. The features, such as the build and design, are just commendable.


  • Offers great clearance under the bed
  • Compact design ideal for tight spaces
  • Reliable and extra durable
  • Comes with adhesive tapes to keep the foam in place
  • Assembly only takes a few minutes


  • The legs tend to scratch the floor when moved around since it has no protective covering

Zinus Trisha Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Trisha Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Platform Bed Frame

At this point, you may say that we love the products from Zinus. Yes, we do. They never fail to manufacture excellent models that come with a very reasonable market price.

This Trisha platform bed frame is one of their amazing outputs. If you’re looking for a low-profile platform bed frame yet a heavy-duty one, then this is the product is the best choice for you.

The bed frame offers a height of about 7 inches only, but it still offers enough clearance of about 5 inches to store some barely used stuff under it, such as small baskets, shoe boxes, toys, and many more.

Whether you want a bed frame with or without a headboard, this product is a good option. If you go with a headboard, then its minimalist styling will look so great in a modern setting. It is made of metal, but it has no cover or padding.

Much more, this platform bed has frames made of steel and slats made of wood. With this, it will be able to provide a well-built and solid foundation for anyone as long as you won’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Also, you won’t have any problems with the squeaking sound every time you move. Its steel frame comes with a foam-padded tape to eliminate the noise. Velcro tape is also attached to the slats to prevent the mattress from moving.

Unpacking the materials and setting up the bed frame is a pretty easy job. It doesn’t even take more than an hour.

The manufacturer provides clear instructions and correct label of the parts to make it much more convenient and easier for you.

Yes, there are a lot of models out there that’s better than this Trisha platform bed frame. But you can’t deny the fact that this product’s quality is hard to beat at this price range.


  • Great minimalist design and style
  • Strong and sturdy support
  • No squeaking sound
  • Comes with Velcro tape to keep the mattress in place


  • Headboard doesn’t come with padding or covering

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Zinus Korey Platform Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Korey Platform Metal Bed Frame

Last but not least is again from Zinus. This is another variant of the said manufacturer that will impress you with what it can offer, given the limited budget. For sure, it will never disappoint. So let’s get started.

This platform bed frame has frames made of high-quality steel that ensure the strength and durability of this product.

Its slats are made of durable wood to offer full support to any type of mattress – latex, memory foam, or spring foam.

On top of it all, it comes with a gray upholstered headboard. And this is foam-cushioned to provide extra comfort when you lean on it. Also, the headboard adds an appealing look to the bed suited to your taste.

It offers a height of about 14 inches, just enough for you to climb up and down your bed with ease.

Also, this product has enough clearance below your bed so you can make use of it as a storage space for your stuff. You can use plastic boxes to arrange them neatly below.

To address the issue of noise for every movement, it comes with a foam-padded tape attached to the steel frame.

Also, the slats have tapes that prevent the mattress from slipping off the frame. With this, you don’t have to rearrange the bed frequently on the frame.

Hence, this Korey metal platform bed frame is a must-have product. It offers features way beyond its price range indeed – from its built up to its style.


  • Strong mattress foundation
  • Comes with foam padded tape and non-slip tape
  • Made with enough clearance
  • Headboard is cushioned


  • Lack of support on the center of the side frames causing it to sink down when loaded

Things to Consider Before Buying Queen Bed Frame

Things to Consider Before Buying Queen Bed Frame

Bed frames come in a wide range of styles, but this should not overwhelm you. You should think of it as an advantage since, among all of them, there will be one that can cater to all your preferences and need.

However, you just need to determine what you want and what is necessary to end up buying the right one.

So, here’s a list of some factors to consider to attain that best bed frame under $200.

Right Size

This is the first thing that you should take into account. Be aware of the measurement of the place where you’ll put the bed, then choose the appropriate size for you.

If you have a tight space, choose the one with a compact design so it won’t eat too much of your room.

Also, you should consider the person/s who will utilize the bed. It must provide enough space for them to sleep comfortably.

Also, make sure to check the weight capacity of the bed before you make a purchase.


It is another feature that you should be looking for in a bed frame. Well, this can be utilized as storage. No doubt, it’s something that many people would love to have.

With this, you can be able to keep some stuff below it, thereby saving some space in your room.

But make sure that the height of the frame is just right for you or for someone who will be using it.

So you won’t have a hard time climbing up and down your bed. You shouldn’t compromise this just to have a great clearance.

Easy Assembly

No one wants to be stressed and troubled by the assembly of the product upon opening it. When purchasing a bed frame, it is just right to ensure that you can set it up on your own.

That’s why it is essential to check if the product comes with clear instructions to guide you in the process.

Also, it is beneficial if the package comes with the hardware and tools required to do the assembly.

Style and Design

Being in a tight budget doesn’t mean selecting the simplest one, even if you don’t like it. You shouldn’t compromise this factor since it can affect the overall look of your room.

For sure, you’ll find the best bed frame for you with that style and design that really suits your preferences.

Although this is not as important as other factors, you shouldn’t overlook it either. Besides, there is a wide variety of options on the market.

Types of Bed Frames

Types of Bed Frames

At this point, we’ll be providing you with information about some of the different types of bed frames so you’ll be able more knowledgeable about this product.


Typically, it has a simple metal frame where the box spring along with the mattress will sit. Some products of this type are designed to be adjustable in size and made with high-quality materials to make it last longer.


This is the most common type of bed frame. One of its defining styles is that the footboard and headboard are stretched between the metal frames.

The upper mattress and the box spring will fill in the void between the panels.


The platform bed frames resemble the characteristics of the panel but with the absence of the box spring.

In this type of frame, the mattress will be fully supported by the platform eliminating the need for other mattress foundation or box springs.

Also, it is ideal for modern minimalist designs that can add a contemporary ambiance in your room.


This type of bed frame is usually characterized by its curved headboard and footboard resembling that of a sleigh.

It is usually made of heavy wood, requiring you to have extra space for it. But it’s worth it for people who opt for aesthetics.


It is the type that comes with a hinged frame that lets you fold the bed and store it in a small space.

Usually, this is utilized in places with smaller spaces, or a guest room wherein beds are not regularly needed.


Four-poster bed frames, from the name itself, come with four vertical columns in every corner. Oftentimes, these posts are decorative, adding to its looks. It usually comes with a headboard but no footboard.


This is somehow similar to a four-poster, but it has crossbeams on top to connect the posts. It is usually ideal for high-ceiling rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a box spring for a platform bed?

No. Because of its supportive design, any type of mattress can be placed directly into the bed frame.

Can I put a mattress directly on slats?

Yes. In a platform type of bed frame, you need to put the mattress directly into the slats since it doesn’t have any mattress foundation.

How far apart should the slats be?

Slats should be 2 ½ inches apart. It is the standard slat spacing, especially for the platform bed frame, which doesn’t have a box spring to support the mattress.

What is the ideal height of the bed?

The ideal height of the bed should let you reach the floor while you’re seated on its edge. Most beds have standard heights ranging from 16-24 inches.

Are metal frame beds noisy?

Beds can squeak for many reasons. If you have a metal frame, intersecting parts can create noise when they grind against each other. But nowadays, you can find a metal-framed bed that addresses this issue.

Final Words

Nothing compares to the feeling of getting a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. That’s why it’s very essential to pick the right bed frame for you.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to choose one of the greatest queen bed frames under $200 available on the market today.


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