5 Best Daybed with Trundle under $200, $300 Review


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If you want an extra set of bed for your guests, why not invest in a daybed with trundle? This handy piece of furniture is an excellent investment for any practical homeowner. Not only does it provide a quick and easy way to get a spare bed, but it also looks quite stylish.

And the best part; if you know where to look, you will not have to spend a lot of money on it either.

In this article, we will give you a thorough rundown of everything you need to know about the best daybed with trundle under $200 for those of you on a budget.

A trundle is basically a small twin sized bed that goes under a daybed. Whenever you want, you can pull it out and set it up with bedding where anyone can sleep, sit, and relax in general.

Furthermore, if you have small kids in the house, they will thank you for this thoughtful investment.

It is quite common for children to invite friends over for a sleepover. With this nifty furniture, you will not have to worry about investing in any extra sleeping space.

Top 5 Daybed with Trundle under $200 Review

If you are shopping on a limited budget of 200 dollars, you need to be smart about where you are investing your money.

And for a smart investment, you need to do a lot of tedious research on the different units available on the market. But with our help, you do not need to worry about all that.

In the following section of the article, we will give you a quick review of the top five daybeds with trundle under 200 dollars that you can buy without any second thoughts.

Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Starting off our list of reviews, we are looking at an exquisite daybed and trundle set by the brand Zinus.

The Florence twin daybed is perfect for those looking for a simple, no-fuss unit that goes perfectly with any living space.

It also stays well-within our budget and gives us enough leftovers to invest in a few extra pillows.

The unit features premium curved steel construction that goes well with any theme you want. As a result, it is perfect for people who want to mix and match their furniture.

It is also extremely durable and ensures you get strong and rigid support for an indefinite period.

It comes with a pull-out drawer style trundle that is both practical and looks easy on the eyes. Both the trundle and the daybed can accommodate twin-sized sheets ranging from 5 to 7 inches.

This design is both stylish and functional that comes in handy in many situations.
Another great feature of the unit is how easy it is to assemble.

You do not need to fiddle around with tools when you want to set it up. As soon as you get your hands on the unit, you can have it set up and put away in a matter of minutes.

Once assembly is done, throw in the mattress, set up the bedding, and you are done.

Highlighted Features

  • Tool-free assembly process
  • Drawer style trundle design
  • Can accommodate 5 to 7 inches of twin size mattresses
  • Practical and stylish design

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Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

Although the previous unit on our list is an excellent choice, not everyone likes the curved steel design.

However, if you want to stick with Zinus because of its quality but do not want the curved design, the Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set might be exactly what you are looking for.

Featuring the same high-quality steel construction, you have nothing to complain about with this unit when it comes to build quality.

The only difference between this unit and the Florence model is the curved steel design of the latter one.

It has a total weight capacity of 250 pounds once you have everything set up thanks to its premium-grade slat support system.

The trundle on this unit also features a drawer design that you can simply pull out when you want to use it.

Although you can go with any size of mattress for the top daybed, when it comes to the trundle, make sure you stick with mattresses with less than 9.5 inches of thickness.

Assembly of the unit is also easy and straightforward. It does not require any tools, and you should be fine even if you have no previous knowledge of assembly.

You get a handy manual with your purchase consisting of all the instructions you need to set it up easily.

Overall, this is an excellent investment if you are looking for a simple daybed and trundle set.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium slat support system
  • Can accommodate a mattress of up to 9.5-inch thickness
  • Drawer style trundle design
  • 250 pounds weight limit

DHP Astoria Metal and Upholstered Daybed

DHP Astoria Metal and Upholstered Daybed

If you are looking to jack up your small living apartment, you cannot go wrong with investing in DHP products.

Their Astoria line of product is an upholstered daybed and trundle combo that offers excellent performance on a budget, whether you are buying it as a guest sleeping space or as a relaxation center.

The unit features a strong black metal frame that comes with a faux leather finish, making it both stylish and durable.

It can accommodate a total of 400 pounds of body weight, which is enough for any situation you can think of.You do not need to worry about any additional foundation when setting it up.

And speaking of setting up, assembly of the unit requires no additional expertise. Within a few minutes, you can set it up perfectly with minimal assembly knowledge. You also get an easy to follow instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process.

The unit features a drawer-style trundle that you can simply roll under the daybed when not in use. It also doubles as a night bed if you have guests staying over.

For small children who enjoy reading books, this daybed is a fantastic investment. And the simple design goes perfectly with any living room theme.

Highlighted Features

  • Simple pull out drawer design
  • 400 pounds weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Black metal framing with a faux leather finish

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VECELO Daybed Frame Twin Size Multifunctional Metal Platform with Headboard

VECELO Daybed Frame Twin Size Multifunctional Metal Platform with Headboard

Here, we have a high-quality daybed and trundle combo by the brand VECELO. If you are looking for a stylish design with your purchase, you cannot go wrong with this unit.

It comes with a beautiful Victorian style headboard that goes well with the overall design, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The unit features a strong and sturdy metal framing that can take a lot of abuse without showing any signs of wearing.

It comes with steel slating on the bottom, so you do not need to attach any box springs. With a weight limit of 330 pounds, it provides the perfect balance of comfort and stability.

This daybed comes with a pull out drawer style trundle that is quite easy to set up. However, setting up the daybed itself does require a bit of assembly knowledge.

Thankfully, the instruction manual included with your purchase gives you all the information you need to set it up properly.

An excellent feature of the unit is the high height storage space you get under the bed. With a height of 12.2 inches, you can store anything under the frame, and with the right sheet, you can even hide away any clutter.

Although it might be on the upper limit of your budget, the design of the unit offers great value for the price.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium metal slats on the bottom
  • 12.2 inches of storage height under the frame
  • Strong and sturdy metal construction
  • Victorian style headboard

DHP Twin Metal Daybed and Roll Out Trundle Combo

DHP Twin Metal Daybed and Roll Out Trundle Combo

To wrap up our list of reviews, we will be looking at another product by the brand DHP. When looking at any offer by this brand, we tend to go in with high expectations.

And unsurprisingly, this unit comes with all the excellent features that we have come to expect from them.

Construction-wise, it comes with a strong metal frame along with sturdy slats to ensure the perfect stability.

The curved design on all sides of the twin bed looks elegant and classy – suitable for any living space. When it comes to your comfort and the durability of the unit, you have nothing to worry about.

The rollout drawer design of the trundle saves space and also gives you a practical way to bring out an extra bed for a sleepover.

It is an excellent investment for those who regularly host guests for staying over. The wheels in the trundle boast locking casters, so you do not need to worry about the trundle rolling out on its own.

When it comes to assembly, it’s very easy. All the instructions you need are included in the manual.

The unit brings a combination of affordability and stylish design that you cannot find anywhere else. Overall, this is an excellent investment for anyone looking to buy a trundle and daybed combo.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy assembly with minimal hassle
  • Strong and sturdy build quality

Things to Consider When Looking for a Daybed with Trundle

So, you have gone through our reviews, and now you have a decent idea about the products that are comfy and deliver a good experience.

However, before you go on a spending spree, there are a couple of things that you need to understand about this product.

You need to identify the critical elements of the best daybed with trundles such as its material or the trundle type if you want to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

To that end, here are a couple of things you might want to consider before you commit to a particular product.

Frame Material of the Daybed

Frame Material of the Daybed

The first thing that you want to check is the type of material that is used with the daybed. It is the one element that contributes most to your comfort and the overall quality of the daybed.

Typically, the two most common materials used in daybed are metal or wood. However, you can also find beds made with composite materials or upholstery these days.

With a metal frame, you can expect a strong and solid build. Metal daybeds are more suited to sleeping and can also take a lot of weight.

Obviously, this material is a lot heavier compared to wooden frames. It is also harder to assemble a daybed that has metal framing.

On the other hand, wooden daybeds are easier to assemble for people who have minimal assembly knowledge. In the right setting, a wooden daybed also looks extremely stylish.

However, wooden daybeds offer a better result when you are using it for lounging or sitting. So, if you intend to keep it in a common room, a wooden daybed might be the better choice.

Style and Design

You also need to think about the aesthetics of your room and how the daybed goes with the rest of your furniture.

Every homeowner wants their house to look at its best, and mismatching of the furniture is not very pleasant from a visual perspective.

If you are going for a modern design, then a metal framing might be a better option for you. On the other hand, a simple wooden frame daybed will suit a classic design better.

Take a look at the design of the room and try to picture how the bed would fit into the overall vibe before committing to a product.

Similarly, you also need to think about color. You typically have a lot of options when it comes to picking the color, so in the end, it depends on your preference.

Metal framings usually come with solid and metallic colors, while some wooden daybeds show wood grains underneath the color.


A lot depends on the mattress of the daybed, as this element is what directly translates to comfort.

When you buy a product, you usually get a stock mattress. However, in most cases, stock mattresses are not very comfortable, and neither does it last as long.

If you want a durable yet comfortable mattress, you need to invest in a new one as soon as you can. When choosing the mattress, it is better to go with something lighter.

Mattresses with inner springs or thin memory foam mattresses might be the better choice when you are using it with a daybed.

Innerspring foam mattresses are better suited if you are mostly sitting on the bed. As the name implies, this mattress comes with springs underneath the surface that provide excellent support and comfort.

Memory foams, because of their molding nature, are a better choice if you frequently sleep on the bed.

Support System

An often-overlooked section of a daybed is the support system. Although it is not apparent instantly, the support system contributes a lot towards the comfort and durability of the daybed.

There are two systems that you need to understand before buying a daybed, link springs and slats.

For daybeds whose primary purpose is seating, link springs are a great choice. This system features internal springs on the bottom framing set up in a grid-like pattern.

It gives you a strong opposition force when you sit on the daybed. However, for sleeping purposes, it might feel too solid, which is not very comfortable.

Slat systems mimic the design of a regular bed. It comes with wooden slates laid under the mattress, balanced with the help of the two side beams.

This system offers a nice balance between sleeping and seating comfort. However, the seating experience with link spring daybeds is better.

Trundle Design and Quality

Trundle Design and Quality

Since you are buying a daybed with a trundle, you must look at the overall design of the trundle before you can safely commit to a unit.

There are generally two types of trundle designs that you can find on a daybed, drawer trundles and pop-up trundles.

Drawer Trundles

These are, as the name suggests, designed like a drawer. It goes under the bed, and when you want to, you can simply pull it out.

The best thing about this design is that it doubles as a storage space where you can keep a spare mattress. Other than that, it boasts a simple and straightforward design.

Pop-up Trundles

This type of trundle also fits under the bed but needs to be folded up when you want to put it away.

The best thing about this design is it can convert a smaller daybed to a full-on king-sized bed when you need it.

Pop-up trundles are more common with metal frames, but you can find a few wooden frame daybeds with this design too.

Proper Bedding

Even if you buy the best unit on the market, a lack of proper bedding will make it look ugly and out of place.

You need to get a properly sized sheet to ensure it looks nice and blends in with the rest of your furniture. The last thing you want is for it to look out of place simply because of the color.

Typically, most daybeds use twin size sheets. However, if you want to keep the trundle out of sight, you might want to consider investing in an oversized sheet.

But it might make it harder for you to access the trundle. So, you need to find the right balance between sheet size and accessibility.

Also, pillows are an important factor to consider. You might want to invest in a couple of extra pillows if you are using it for relaxing.

The best thing about getting a daybed with a trundle is that you can always store extra pillows inside the trundle that you can bring out whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a daybed with trundle comfortable?

The short answer to this question would be yes. However, there are a few different things you need to worry about.

In general, the comfort of a daybed with trundle depends not only on the design of the bed itself but also on the mattress you use with it.

As long as you go with a soft and thin mattress that suits your body, you should have a comfortable sleeping experience on it.

Also, make sure you have enough pillows and a sheet to further enhance your comfort level.

Why do I need a trundle daybed?

A daybed trundle combo is a very practical piece of furniture for any living room. It can enhance your living conditions drastically while adding minimal cost on your part. The main benefits of buying a daybed with trundle are –

• It saves a lot of space when you want an extra bed for guests.
• Since the trundle slides under the daybed or drops down, you can keep it out of sight.
• A daybed trundle combo can handle a lot of weight.
• Some daybed trundle comes with locking casters to ensure that it does not slide out on its own
• The extra space you get is very useful for a child’s bedroom or for guests.

Can I use a full-sized mattress with my daybed?

No, typically, a daybed uses a twin-sized mattress. A full-sized mattress will not fit in any daybed.

If you want to use a full-sized mattress for lounging and relaxation, you might consider looking at futons.

Final Thoughts

Although buying a daybed with trundle under $200 takes a fair bit of research, with our help, this tedious task can become so much easier.

Each of the products in our list of reviews is selected while keeping your budget and comfort in mind.

Investing in any of these products should give you a good experience without any buyer’s regret.


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