Top 5 Best Gas Ranges under $1000 and $2000


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Whether you are a professional chef running your own kitchen or a dabbler of the culinary arts, you need a gas range in your kitchen.

This handy kitchen equipment brings you a number of cooktops and an oven, all in a single package. The versatility that it brings to any kitchen is exceptional.

If you have a budget of thousand dollars, you can find some pretty sweet deals on gas ranges. You do not have to make the massive compromises that you might have had to if you had a lower budget.

And investing in a gas range will give you a drastic bump in your cooking quality.
In this article, we will give you a complete rundown of everything you need to know when you are buying the best gas ranges under $1000 dollars so that you can have the best possible experience with your new investment.

However, you do need to be cautious if you want to make the most out of your budget. There are some features you want to consider, and having a decent idea of the top models at this budget always helps. That is where we come in.

Top 5 Best Gas Ranges under $1000 Review

Best Gas Ranges under $1000

With a budget of one thousand dollars, you are shopping in the upper mid-range. Although the number of knock-off products in this price range is quite thin, there are some models that offer more value than others.

And if you can save a few bucks here and there, it can come in handy in buying an extra piece of accessory for your kitchen.

In the following section of the article, we will give you our picks for the top five gas ranges under $1000 that offer excellent value and performance for any kitchen environment.

Cosmo COS-965AGFC 36 in. Gas Range with 5 Burner Cooktop

Cosmo COS-965AGFC 36 in. Gas Range with 5 Burner Cooktop

For anyone who has spent any time in the kitchen, the name of Cosmo is quite well known. Their excellent gas ranges have been a staple to many high-end kitchens.

This particular model features all of the excellent design elements that you can expect with this brand.

It features five-burner cooktops with a metal grilled sealing on top. You get plenty of options with the burners for different sorts of cooking requirements, such as low simmer or high heat boiling.

Two of the burners deliver 6900 BTUs, while the rest feature 17400, 8200, and 5000 BTUs individually.

With the oven, you get 3.8 cubic feet of space along with sliding grates to hold your food as it bakes. You get five different functions with the oven – bake, roast, broil, fan convection, and light.

So, it is not really a wonder that you can do any type of cooking or baking with this unit.
The best feature of the gas range is its heavy-duty construction.

It features a 403-grade stainless steel construction with heavy-duty grates made of cast iron. The unit prevents corrosion and ensures efficient heat retention and distribution both on the burners and the oven.

Highlighted Features

  • Five sealed burners
  • 3.8 cubic feet oven size
  • Cast iron grates and stainless steel construction
  • Five oven functions

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GE JGBS30REKSS Freestanding Gas Range

GE JGBS30REKSS Freestanding Gas Range

If you are a bit low on space, a 36-inch freestanding gas range might not be the most practical choice.

For people who still want a high-quality option, this 30-inch unit by the brand GE is worth consideration. It comes in a smaller size and with a more affordable price tag to go with it.

The unit features four burners on top, each delivering 13000BTU maximum heat. With the heat adjustment options, you can go from precise simmer burning to high heat for boiling or frying within seconds.

The black gloss grate on the burners features an excellent design and is extremely easy to clean.

But the burners are not the prime selling point of this unit. It comes with a massive oven featuring 4.8 cubic feet of interior space.

As a result, you can easily roast, broil, bake, or anything else you want inside the unit. The two rows of grills give you a lot of space to work with.

The overall design and construction of the unit feel pretty solid. It comes with stainless steel construction that can last you quite a while without any issues.

The hinges and knobs all feel smooth yet tight enough to not give you any wobble while you operate it.

Highlighted Features

  • 30-inch freestanding gas range
  • Four sealed burners
  • 4.8 cubic feet of oven space
  • Stainless steel construction

NXR SC3611 36″ 5.5 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven

NXR SC3611 36

Here, we will be looking at a unit that is designed for serious chefs. The 36-inch freestanding gas range by the brand NXR comes with an uncompromising number of burners and oven space and will offer amazing value to people who can make use of it. However, if you are a casual cook, it might not be the best choice for you.

You get six total burners with this gas range that includes elements that can produce up to 2200 BTUs.

There are a high-power burner and a low power German single-stack burner with a heat output of 18000 and 6000 BTUs, respectively. So, you have plenty of options and flexibility in how you want to cook your food.

The oven space with the unit is 5.5 cubic feet, which is way more than what you would ever need in a basic kitchen.

In addition, the extra-large window on the oven allows you to constantly monitor progress and temperatures while you are baking or cooking something inside it.

Despite its bulky and high-end design, keeping it neat and clean is quite easy. It also features a porcelain drip pan that allows you to experiment with different types of cooking.

It is a truly professional gas range for a professional kitchen that does not compromise on any of its features.

Highlighted Features

  • 36-inch freestanding gas range
  • Six sealed burners
  • 5.5 cubic feet of oven space
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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GE JGBS30DEKWW Freestanding Gas Range

GE JGBS30DEKWW Freestanding Gas Range

Now, we will be looking at another offering by the brand GE. This freestanding gas range comes at only 30 inches in size but has all the tricks that you would want in a modern machine.

Whether you are a professional cook or an amateur, this unit will give you an impressive performance.

The unit comes with four burners on top, each delivering a maximum of 13000 BTUs of heat. Thanks to the high motion of control, you can easily switch to high-temperature heating, light simmer precision heating, or anywhere in between simply by turning the adjustment knobs.

This unit features 4.8 cubic feet of oven size, allowing you to bake or roast any items you want inside it. Thanks to the clear window, you can easily monitor the progress and temperature inside the oven.

It has two grills on the inside where you can bake or broil your food items.
The stainless steel construction, along with the full white color of the unit, makes it both extremely stylish and durable.

Keeping it clean is also quite easy. The design of the unit allows it to contain spills in case of an accident, keeping the rest of the range clean.

Highlighted Features

  • 30-inch freestanding gas range
  • Four sealed burners
  • 4.8 cubic feet of oven space
  • Stylish design and strong construction

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Thor Kitchen 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven with 5 Burner LRG3001U

Thor Kitchen 30 inch Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven with 5 Burner LRG3001U

Wrapping up our list of reviews, the last product on our list is by the brand Thor Kitchen. This unit comes at a friendly size of 30 inches and enough tricks under the hood to cater to even the most finicky of chefs.Despite its many features, the price of the unit is still quite reasonable.

The unit features five burners in total. You get a double ring burner that can reach up to 18000 BTUs, three single burners of 8000, 6000, and 4000 BTUs, and an oval burner of 9000 BTUs.

Among these options, you have enough flexibility to prepare and cook any dish you can imagine with no trouble.

The oven in this machine has a space of 4.55 cubic feet. It does not go overboard on the size yet keeps it at a level that is practically viable.

The three-layer glass window of the unit allows easy monitoring. It also features two oven racks made of black porcelain that promotes efficient heat distribution when in use.

Construction-wise you will not find anything to complain about. The hinges, knobs, and the overall build quality feel solid and sturdy.

The bottom of the range contains four legs to keep it lifted from the ground, which is an excellent addition that we do not see all the time in gas ranges.

Highlighted Features

  • 30-inch freestanding gas range
  • Five sealed burners
  • 4.55 cubic feet of oven space
  • Three-layer glass window on the oven

Things to Look for When Buying the Gas Ranges

With the list of products out of the way, you should now have a decent idea as to what you can expect at this price range.

The upper mid-range of pricing for a gas range is quite good as it gives you a good balance of price and performance. As long as you know what you are looking for, you can find a nice unit.

But if you have not spent much time around these machines, there is a good chance that you do not fully understand what you need to look for.

There are basic elements such as the number of burners and oven size, but there are also a few more critical features that you want to consider.

To make it easier for you to understand, we will now give you a complete rundown of everything you need to look for when buying gas ranges under $1000.

Gas Range Size

Gas Range Size

The first thing that you want to consider when buying a gas range is obviously the size. Not everyone has the luxury of a big open kitchen.

If you are like most users, you will likely have a limited option in terms of cooking space. Spending in a large gas range would likely result in you having a cramped cooking space.

In most cases, you should stick with a gas range that is at least 30 inches in size. With 30 inches of the size, you will have decent cooking space, and it will not take up much of your floor space.

However, if you can get a slightly larger unit, 36 inches is another excellent size for you to consider

Number of Burners

Another basic feature you want to check is the number of burners you get with your gas range. It is no brainer that more burner equals more cooking options.

You should settle for nothing less than four burners. In some high-end models, there can even be as many as six burners present in a gas range.

In addition, you might want to go with burners that have metal grills on top. It is also known as sealed burners, and it gives you the benefit of holding your cookware in a more stable position. With sealed burners, the risk of spilling food on the gas range reduces drastically.

Burner Heat Capacity and Arrangements

The heat capacity is one of the features that most basic users will not understand. However, it is responsible for the overall heat dissipation on the cooktop.

In other words, unless the BTU, which is the unit for heat in a burner, is high enough, you will not be able to heat up the cookware efficiently.

But is high temperature all you need? Not really. You also need a low BTU burner of around 4000 to 6000 BTUs for simmer cooking.

Ideally, you want your gas range to have a good selection of heat distribution ranging from 5000 to 17000 BTUs. That way, you will have plenty of options in your hands.

Oven Size

The oven is a critical element of a gas range and one of the primary places where you want to focus your attention.

After all, the value of a gas range comes from the combination of cooktops and the oven in a single package. If the oven space is too cramped, you will not be able to do any real baking in it.

The minimum size you are looking for when shopping in the thousand dollars price range is 3.5 cubic feet. However, there are plenty of models available in the market that offer bigger ovens.

If you look at our list, you will find a few models that have more than four cubic feet of oven size.

Extra Oven Features

The oven size is not the only thing you want to check when buying the gas range. One of the overlooked elements when looking at the oven is the interior lighting.

Without proper lighting, you will have a hard time monitoring the progress. You also need to consider the features that come with the gas range for different types of oven baking.

The most important features that you absolutely need to have in an oven are broiler, baking, and roasting. These are common uses of an oven, and you do not want to miss out on them.

Some models also have additional settings that you can adjust to get even more use out of the oven.

Oven Racks and Window

Apart from the lighting option and functions, there are some more design elements that you might want to consider.

The oven racks, for instance, are an important section that deserves some attention. Most gas ranges come with at least two racks so that you can bake multiple items, and you should settle for nothing less than that.

Additionally, make sure the oven comes with a large enough glass window that lets you track the real-time progress of the item that you are baking.

The glass should be clear and should not obstruct your view in any way. Some budget units come with a closed oven system without glasses, but they are not very comfortable to use.

Build Quality

Another thing you must consider when buying your gas range is the build quality. Buying a gas range is usually a long term investment.

You want your unit to last for at least 10+ years without any issues. And for that, you need to assess the build quality of the unit.

Make sure it features a stainless steel construction because that is the material that offers decent value and longevity.

Additionally, check the quality of the racks and metal grills. Cast iron grills are a good candidate if you want sturdiness. Knobs and door hinges should also be durable and strong.

Additional Features

With all the essentials out of the way, you might want to consider looking at some additional features for your gas ranges.

Although they are not necessary, having a few extra tricks with the unit surely ups its value by a lot. However, your first priority should be the features that we mentioned above.

That being said, some ranges come with features like delayed starts or scan-to-cook modes. These modern features can make cooking a lot easier and take some of the pressure away from you.

Some models even feature Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you monitor cooking progress from your smartphone.

With all the essentials out of the way, you might want to consider looking at some additional features for your gas ranges.

Although they are not necessary, having a few extra tricks with the unit surely ups its value by a lot. However, your first priority should be the features that we mentioned above.

That being said, some ranges come with features like delayed starts or scan-to-cook modes. These modern features can make cooking a lot easier and take some of the pressure away from you.

Some models even feature Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you monitor cooking progress from your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an electric range better than a gas range?

Not necessarily. Although a gas range is more expensive, electricity is usually a more expensive energy source.

In terms of cooking capacity, both variants can give a decent heating performance. However, the upkeep cost of an electric range is usually higher than a gas range.

Nonetheless, electric ranges are more environmentally friendly. Besides, if the kitchen is not well-ventilated, using a gas range can be problematic for your health.

Not only will you feel suffocated while cooking, but it might also pose long term issues for your lungs and overall health.

Is an electric range better than a gas range

Can there be a leak in my gas range, and what are the signs?

The issue of gas leaking is not based on the quality of a gas range. It is more dependent on the cylinder and the connecting pipe that you get for transferring the gas to the gas range.
If a leak does occur, there are a couple of telling symptoms that you will notice.
And the most striking symptom is the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur.

The moment you notice any smell like that, you should check the pipe for damages. In addition, if you notice your range consuming more gas than normal, you should look for possible signs of gas leaks.

What type of gas does a gas range use?

Usually, a gas range can work with two types of gases, natural or liquid propane. However, if you want to use liquid propane with a gas range, you need to convert it using an LP conversion kit.

Some models include the kit with your purchase; otherwise, you might have to buy it separately.

Liquid propane is more energy-efficient than natural gas, so converting is generally considered a good idea.

In fact, when it comes to energy efficiency, liquid propane gives you more than twice the energy for the same amount of fuel.

One cubic foot of propane amounts to 2516 BTUs, whereas you get 1030 BTUs for natural gas.

Final Thoughts

There might be a lot more about a gas range than what meets the eye at first glance. It does take a fair amount of research.But the value you can get from it is too good to pass up.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best gas ranges under $1000. By now, you should have a decent idea about where you want to invest your money and make the most of your budget.


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