5 Best Memory Foam Mattress under $500 – Review in 2021


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Do you often have back, shoulder, and neck pains even without going to the gym? Check your mattress- it may be the cause of your discomfort.

A memory foam mattress has high-density materials that mold to your body’s position, thus, reducing pressure, and providing you excellent support. With its capability of relieving the body from pain, it may be quite expensive.

But then, you can always find the best deal for your money. This review will discuss some of the good memory foam mattresses under $500. Yes, they’re all affordable, but they ensure exceptional performance and user satisfaction.

Each brand has a variety of features and capabilities, which can surely be suitable for different body types and sleeping positions. Just read on to know more!

Memory Foam Mattress Under $500 Review in 2021

It is necessary to have information about a certain thing before purchasing you will opt for a particular brand or product.

In this guide, we will determine some memory foam mattresses that are affordable and of high-quality. Just delve further!

Linenspa 10-inch Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa 10-inch Hybrid Mattress

The first product in this budget-friendly mattress review is from Linenspa. This 10-inch hybrid mattress ensures a comfortable and sound sleeping experience for its users.

The product’s construction is the combination of hypoallergenic memory foam and a traditional innerspring. It aims to give you a medium mattress feel. With this feature, it is undoubtedly suitable for any bedroom type.

This is composed of three layers — the inner springs, the comfort foam, and the memory foam. The base of the mattress has 6-inch premium-quality springs that are sure to give you the proper support upon sleeping. Above that is a 2-inch layer that is made up of latex and polyurethane foam.

The second layer shields the firm pressure from the springs with its bouncy feature. With this, you can certainly have a relaxing feeling after every use. The memory foam at the topmost layer of the mattress is airy and fluffy. This feature helps to align the spine resulting in a pain-free and well-rested night.

Most memory foam mattresses have the tendency to trap your body heat as it follows your sleeping position.

Linenspa’s hybrid mattress has excellent temperature neutrality that makes it perfect if you often feel hot when sleeping.

Another feature that this product offers is beneficial for if you’re sleeping with your partner. Its high-grade motion isolation lessens the movement of the mattress as your partner may change to another sleeping position in the middle of the night.

Be assured that there are no toxic odors or unpleasant smells of any kind from this high-quality memory foam mattress. There are a variety of sizes to fit your needs; it is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Why deprive yourself of having a good night’s sleep? Linenspa offers you an affordable product that will deliver the comfort you deserve.


  • Suitable for large, average and petite body types
  • Provides additional body support because of coils
  • A perfect choice for side, stomach and back sleepers
  • Has innovative technology that keeps user’s temperature at neutral


  • The trial period is much shorter compared to other brands
  • Short-lived compared to luxury mattresses

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Vibe 12-inch Hybrid Mattress

Vibe 12-inch Hybrid Mattress

If you have sensitive skin and allergies, this product will be perfect for you. This 12-inch hybrid mattress is hypoallergenic, which makes it resistant to dust mites, mold, bacteria, and allergens that can cause discomfort and irritation. Worry no more because, with this mattress, a night of good sleep is possible.

It comes with a European pillow top in sapphire blue with a quilt cover. Also, this product can be supportive and durable, which means that it can last long even after multiple uses.

Furthermore, it is adjustable base friendly and is perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers. For sure, you won’t experience any discomfort with this.

The product has three layers — the wrapped coils, the memory foam, and the open-cell foam. At the bottom layer, the individually wrapped innerspring coils provide the support that the body needs.

With this design, motion transfer is at a minimum because these coils move independently from each other.

On top of that is a layer of premium-quality memory foam that shapes according to the body’s position.

And lastly, at the topmost layer is a 2-inch gel-infused open-cell foam that adds a comfortable shield between the user and the innerspring coils. With its porous design, air circulation is better, thus giving you a more relaxing sleep.

The comfort and memory foam layers decrease pressure from the back, shoulder, and neck area, and it also helps in aligning the spine.

Vibe designed this mattress to be at the neutral sleeping temperature and is highly breathable, allowing a satisfying experience even to persons who get hot while sleeping.

It is available in all bed sizes. Anticipate cool and good vibes with this hybrid mattress from Vibe.


  • No unpleasant odor
  • Maintains a neutral sleep temperature
  • Medium plush-feel
  • Made to be resistant from dust mites and allergens


  • Has relatively soft edges; no edge support
  • Firmer than expected

Ashley Chime 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Ashley Chime 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

With the features of Ashley’s 8-inch memory foam, be assured of a pressure-free sleep. The mattress comfort it gives you is a firm feel which completely contours and hugs your body shape resulting in a good night’s sleep. It is an all-foam bed that has three layers — core, transition foam, and memory foam.

Well, the base has a height of 6 inches that helps align the spine, thereby ensuring that there will be no pressure in the neck and back areas.

This core also promotes undisturbed and peaceful rest, and this feature is ideal especially for those with sleeping partners. For sure, it helps lessen motion transfer.

On top of the core is a 1.5-inch transition foam, which adds more support and comfort to the sleeper.

And a 1-inch thick memory foam is at its topmost layer, which molds to the body’s shape for ultimate relief from pain.

The product is suitable for back sleepers. Not to mention, this is perfect for large and average body types. Don’t worry though, it also gives an ultimate performance for people with petite sizes.

Mold, pollen, dust mites, and pet dander will no longer rest on your mattress and trigger your allergies because of its hypoallergenic feature, a characteristic not commonly found in basic types of mattresses.

Also, it is safe to sleep on it immediately though it may take up to a minimum of 48 hours to expand entirely to its exact size.

There may also be residual odors upon opening the packaging, so it is vital to have proper ventilation while waiting for it to dissipate completely.

Along with a variety of sizes (Twin, Full, Queen, and King), this memory foam mattress is compatible with all types of frames, and.

They are also ideal with various bases — traditional, box spring, platform, adjustable, and even on the floor.

Considering all the features this product can offer; you can certainly get the most out of pressure-relieving sleep.


  • It is firm and durable
  • Excellent performance for an affordable mattress
  • Comfort foam is in a sufficient amount
  • Fast and easy setup


  • Dissipation of odor may take a while

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Cool Gel 1.0 14-inchUltimate Gel Memory Foam

Cool Gel 1.0 14-inchUltimate Gel Memory Foam

This Cool Gel 14-inch memory foam mattress has a premium-cooling technology that ensures a refreshed and excellent feeling during and after sleep. It has a firm support and a medium plush mattress feel.

For a more comfortable experience, the product has three layers — a base, comfort foam, and cool gel foam. The bottom-most layer is a high-density foam that is firm enough to align and sustain the user’s body.

On the middle part is an open-cell comfort foam that provides maximum satisfaction to the sleeper. Since it dissipates heat and enhances the flow of air, you can surely have better circulation.

And lastly, at the uppermost layer is a gel-infused foam that makes you experience a refreshing cool feeling as it draws heat away from the body.

With these features, the mattress eases points of pressure especially on the neck, back, and shoulder area, and it also corrects the alignment of the spine.

One of its prominent characteristics is its low motion transfer, which is ideal for couples and those with sleeping partners.

The foam will gradually re-shape itself to its original flat surface and gently mold another shape that will cradle the new sleeping posture.

For sure, there will be no more sleepless nights because of frequent movement and changing positions of your bed companion. The product comes with an adjustable base so you have maximum versatility.

Not to mention, it is naturally hypoallergenic. This ensures that it will be resistant to bacteria, allergens, mold, and dust mites. It means that it’s just a perfect option for adults and kids who have sensitive skin and have frequent allergies.

Without a doubt, it is a preferable choice for side and back sleepers, and most especially to hot sleepers. It is available in various sizes- Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. With a variety of options to choose from, they can surely fit multiple bedroom types.

Upon the purchase of the mattress, a shredded memory foam pillow comes with it that will enhance your resting experience. Have a cool and easy sleep with this Cool Gel 1.0 mattress.


  • It has a motion isolation feature
  • Memory foam pillow included upon purchase of the mattress
  • The cool gel feature prevents the trapping of heat
  • Naturally hypoallergenic


  • Foam edges are not firm enough

Zinus 10-inch Hybrid Mattress

Zinus 10-inch Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress from Zinus will surely cure your shoulder, neck, and back pain. With its excellent features and affordable price, you can certainly experience a delightful rest every night.

The product consists of 7.5-inch iCoil pocketed springs that support the whole mattress. They move separately, which prevents motion transfer, ensuring you a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep at night. It has a 1-inch ViscoLatex foam that acts as the comfortable shield, against the pressure from the springs.

Also, this mattress comes with a gel-infused memory foam that has innovative cooling technology. With this, you’re sure to have a refreshing feeling when you’re using this.

Not to mention, it has a 1.25-inch comfort foam that serves as the additional cozy layer when the mattress molds its shape according to your sleeping position. With this, you will surely have a pain-free and pressure-free night.

Much more, the mattress also has side handles for easy transport and mobility. You don’t have to worry about sinking deep into the foam while sitting on its edge because it has superior support and excellent stability.

It is possible because of the foam encasement that locks the pocketed springs, preventing this situation from happening.

Since it has a medium mattress feel, not too firm, not too soft, this makes it a suitable choice for almost every sleeper.

The product is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. Make sure to try this gel-infused hybrid mattress from Zinus if you want to experience a rejuvenating sleep upon every use.


  • Medium mattress feel
  • Excellent quality with reasonable price
  • No creaking noises
  • It has no motion transfer


  • The foam’s smell may take time to dissipate

What to Look Before Buying?

There are a few things to consider before you purchase a memory foam mattress, some are listed below.

Type of Memory Foam

Type of Memory Foam

There are different types of memory foam mattresses, namely, traditional, gel, and latex. Each of these has prominent features, so consider the kind that can benefit you the most as a user.


Traditional memory foam helps enhance circulation, lessens the body’s pressure points, and mainly acts as body support, molding to the weight and shape of the user.

Gel Memorly Foam

Gel memory foam improves the flow of air in the mattress and prevents heat build-up near the sleeper, letting you experience a cool and refreshing sleep. Its composition is the same as the gel formula found in shoe inserts to reduce pain and pressure.

Latex Foam

Latex foam does not contour the body’s shape like the memory foam, but it is comfortable and soft. Its primary benefit is because it is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, perfect for people with highly sensitive skin.

Level of Firmness

There are different variations as to the firmness level of a memory foam mattress. It can either be soft or extra plush, medium or plush, and firm or luxury firm.

For a person with quite heavier weight, a firmer mattress is much suitable for use since it provides additional support compared to a softer mattress.

People who weigh less, on the other hand, can use a soft mattress because this can hold the person at a sustainable level without sinking deep into the layers.

More importantly, your preference on the firm level of the mattress is what you should take into consideration.

Allergy and Hypoallergenic Features

A mattress can trap a lot of unseen things from the naked eye, which may irritate and cause discomfort, especially to a person with sensitive skin and allergies.

Some of these include pet dander, mold, and dust mites that you probably don’t want anywhere near you.

It is crucial to look for a hypoallergenic product to avoid the possibility of triggering allergies and cause harm to your health.

Good thing that many brands have mattresses that can resist even bacteria from coming in contact with your skin.

Sleeping Position

Consider your sleeping position in choosing a mattress because this can affect the level of the firmness factor in looking for memory foam. There are three common types: back, side, and stomach, and there’s a combination of all.

For Back Sleepers

Most back sleepers don’t have a fixed preference when it comes to the mattress’s firmness. Some choose to like a softer sleeping surface while others are more satisfied with firmer beds.

However, the latter option is much more suitable for them because it will provide more comfort and support compared to a softer mattress.

For Side Sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper, most pain and pressure mainly situates at the hips and shoulder area. Softer mattresses can relieve the strain experienced in these parts of the body, so it is preferable for you to use such type.

Stomach Sleepres

For stomach sleepers, the use of a memory foam mattress with a firm feel will surely let you experience a well-rested night.

A softer kind can cause the hips to sink, thus giving one discomfort upon use. When using a firm bed, it gives one the needed elevation and support.

For Those Who Don’t Have Any Particular Style

Combination sleepers should look for memory mattresses with excellent bounce and responsiveness, commonly found in products with latex and coils as its base. It allows the user to switch easily between positions.

The Thickness of the Mattress

The Thickness of the Mattress

The typical thickness ranges for memory foams sold in the market are from 6 to 14 inches. If you want a softer and plusher mattress, opt for a thicker one.

It is vital to keep in mind that multiple foam layers contribute additional softness to the product, but that doesn’t mean that thinner ones are not comfortable enough to give you a pleasant night’s rest.

Body Support

One prominent characteristic of memory foam that is not usually present in other mattresses is its ability to give the sleeper the necessary body support. It is a vital factor to consider if the product is indeed effective in easing muscle pain during sleep.

If a portion of the body, such as the hips, sinks deeply into the mattress, this may cause misalignment.

Firm foam feel is ideal for people who want additional lumbar support. Finding a mattress with such capability can help cure an aching body.

Layer Density

Foams may look alike, but have differences in density. It is a factor that influences the durability of a memory foam mattress.

Usually, a product with denser foam layers would last longer compared to a product with less dense material.

Three (3) to seven (7) pounds is the range of densities found in memory foams. Products that have visco-elastic foams that weigh at least 5 pounds and above are of good quality. These are the ones to purchase to ensure a worth it purchase.

Frequently Asked Question

How does a memory foam mattress work?

Because of the chemicals present in the memory foam, it softens and molds the shape of the person’s current body position when there is body heat. It then returns to its original state when pressure is no longer present.

Is memory foam mattress better than spring?

A spring mattress is mainly composed of metal coils that apply a uniform upward force. And this is beneficial for someone with an evenly flat or shaped body. However, if your body is not, it may cause discomfort and back pain.

On the other hand, a memory foam mattress is capable of holding the user’s shape; and equally distributing the body’s weight on its surface thus, relieving you from pain and providing you comfort.

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

A memory foam mattress would last longer compared to other types of mattresses because of its innovative technology and design. It can last for about 8 to 10 years if it is well-taken care of by the user.

Can you flip memory foam mattresses?

It would be beneficial to flip the mattress by 180 degrees from time-to-time, to increase its lifespan.

Also, by doing this, the product will evenly wear, and it will prevent sagging on a particular side.

Does memory foam cause cancer?

These mattresses contain some chemicals that emit off-gassing odors, but so far, there are no studies that show that a memory foam mattress can cause cancer.

What is the difference between memory foam and a polyfoam?

Visco-elastic or memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that reacts to pressure much slower than other polyfoams.

The main difference between the two is that polyfoams are bouncier and more responsive, while memory foams adapt and retain a sleeper’s shape better due to additional chemicals present.

Final Words

A well-rested night is not impossible with the help of the memory foam mattress. This guide featured some of its variations, a hybrid, gel-infused, and open-cell mattress that can ease your body from feeling pain.

Each of the products has its prominent characteristics that may suit your style and need. Which is the best one? That depends on you.


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