Top 5 Best Skateboards under $50 Review in 2021


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Skateboards are some of the best gadgets that make outdoor activities more fun than they generally are. Skating, especially on skateboards has grown into the desired activity among many urban youths all around the world.

A number of factors have to be considered when purchasing a skateboard. These factors include; a strong and legitimate deck, quality wheels, quality bearings, good grip tape, and proper quality trucks.

If the skateboard satisfies the above criteria, then you are probably going for a good skateboard.

Best Skateboards under $50

Other factors to be considered are the size of the board. Bigger boards are ideal for elder, pro skaters whereas a small board works perfectly with younger skaters.

With a variety of manufacturers to choose from, the price of a good quality board should be affordable. Here is a review of the five best skateboards under $50 available in the market, their features and why you should get one.

Best Skateboards under $50 Review

1. Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard

Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard

This is one of the best skateboards within that price range that the market has to offer. The Krown has been praised for being a strong and durable board that will serve the customer for a considerable period without requiring repairs.

It measures 31inches in length and weighs just 4.6 pounds. This makes it ideal for young and amateur skaters who seldom skate. The deck is made of maple wood, to enhance strength and durability. The trucks are made of strong aluminum to make it both lighter and stronger.

The Krown comes with 52mm wheels and precision bearings for a comfortable grip and also to withstand rough terrain and heavyweights.

According to numerous customer reviews, this is the best board to get for your kids as it provides a comfortable and easy way of learning how to skate.


  • Maple deck to enhance strength and durability
  • Ideal detachable wheels for rough terrain
  • 52mm wheels making it ideal for young skaters
  • Aluminum trucks for more strength and weight support
  • Easy to learn on
  • Abec 5 bearings for easier skating


  • Extra heavy-weight may be detrimental to the deck

2. Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard

2. Merkapa 22 inch  Complete Skateboard

Are you a newbie in the skating world? Don’t worry, this is the skateboard. This is the ideal board for anyone who has never tried skating before.

It comes with a 22 inch long and 6-inch wide plastic board, for durability and comfort when skating. It is also fitted with multi-color LED light-up wheels, which makes it appealing to the younger generation.

The wheels are complemented by V-truck and base made of high-quality aluminum. For easy controls and maneuvers, the Merkapa is fitted with heavy-duty ABEC-7 Bearing.

This is why it is easy to learn on this particular skateboard. Because of its make and design, this skateboard is best suited for kids, children, and teenagers who weigh less than 180lb. however, because of its light-weight and powerful grip, various pro skaters still go for it when skating.


  • Strong and wide plastic deck for comfort when skating
  • LED lighted wheels to attract younger skaters
  • Strong wheels for all terrain including; roads, parks or ground
  • Heavy-duty trucks for a more strength and durability
  • ABEC-7 Bearing for comfort and easy skating


  • It is best fitted for teenagers and not adults

3. PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard

PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard

The Puente Pro skateboard is just as the name suggests. It is one of the best and most affordable pro skateboards for skaters who have been skating for a long time.

This skateboard measures 31 Inch long and comes with a 7-Ply Maple Wood deck to withstand heavyweight as well as rigorous movements by pro skaters. It weighs about 5.6 pounds and comes with PU Wheels for all-terrain.

The wheels are complemented by alloy trucks in order to withstand immense pressure asserted by pro skaters.

The Puente skateboard comes with long-lasting ABEC-9 Bearings that will comfortable support weights of up to 220lbs. This particular board is best designed for pro skaters and may be challenging to newbies and beginners.


  • 7-Ply Maple Wood deck for strength, stability, and durability
  • Enhanced PU Wheels for rigorous skating
  • Alloy trucks to withstand pressure and weight
  • ABEC-9 Bearings for stability and easy control


  • It is not ideal for beginners

4. KPC Pro Skateboard

KPC Pro Skateboard

If you are looking for a skateboard with pro features and which can still be used by amateur skaters, then the KPC is what you should go for. It is ideal for both pro and amateur skaters.

For strength and durability, the deck is made from Canadian maple. It measures 31.5 x 7.7 x 3.9 inches and weighs 7 pounds. This skateboard is hence easily portable and light to carry around.

It is fitted with 52mm Krown graphic wheels to enhance stability and a good grip. The wheels are supplemented by Havoc Trucks for durability and weight support.


  • Canadian maple deck for strength and durability
  • Assorted havoc trucks with assorted colors
  • 52 mm Krown Graphic Wheels for all-terrain including; roads, parks or ground
  • ABEC 5 rated bearings for stability and easy control
  • It is versatile; can be used by pros and non-pros


  • Wheels require loosening upon purchase

5. Ancheer Mini Cruiser Retro Skate Board

Ancheer Mini Cruiser Retro Skate Board

From the way it is designed, to the features it comes with, the Ancheer skateboard is the best choice for small kids, children, amateurs and teenagers. According to various customer reviews, the Ancheer is the skateboard to buy for your kids from 4 years old.

It comes with a 22 inch bendable, non-slip polypropylene deck to offer stability to young skaters. It comes with PU wheels with PU Suspension Ring capable of supporting up to 220lbs of weight.

They are complemented by ABEC-7 bearing to enhance stability and speed. Made from hard plastic, it weighs 4.8 pounds, making it easy to carry around. According to numerous parental reviews, this is the best skateboard to buy your kid as a gift.


  • Fitted with ABEC-7 high-speed precision bearings
  • Quiet when being used
  • Wide bendable non-slip polypropylene deck for enhanced stability
  • Max supporting the weight of up to 220lbs
  • Easy to learn skating with
  • Light-weight for easy portability


  • Though other skaters use it, it is the best ideal for kids

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Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard 7.5

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard 7.5

Having operated for over a decade now, Krown has been consistent in providing customizable and topnotch skateboards that are relevant for skaters of all ages.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard is a premium yet indestructible skateboard, that is specially made for skateboard enthusiasts.

It is not only top of the line, but also highly cost-effective. With its kid-friendly designs and unique looks, kids cannot get enough of them.

I can assure you, if you take your kids to the store, they’ll pick one of these for sure! With its bidirectional deck, the skateboard lets you ride from both directions whilst also retaining relatively similar impact and steadiness.The deck is built from firm Canadian maple wood.

And this eccentric construction gives it the potential to absorb any kind of powerful impact while riding. Each truck, made out of heavy-duty aluminum, is about 5 inches.

The wheels at the bottom are 52 mm Urethane Krown graphic wheels, and the bearings are ABEC5, and the overall built of the skateboard gives it the perfect finish. The Complete Rookie can carry individuals weighing up to about 100 kilograms.

Just one look at these, and you will love it. It is the perfect place to start for beginners and trust me, with its sensational riding experience, you will not want to stop!


  • Sleek finish
  • Lightweight and durable compared to the price
  • Relatively inexpensive for a skateboard; gives excellent performance
  • Easy to ride and gives great riding experience
  • Requires little maintenance, very easy to manage
  • Perfect for beginners, especially for kids


  • Cheap-looking wheels

Krown Rookie Graphic Complete Skateboard

Krown Rookie Graphic Complete Skateboard

Since its inception, Krown’s aim has been to produce high-quality skateboards with affordable rates.

This has made its skateboards well desired amongst amateurs who would like to try adventure sports and need a board to start with.

To date, Krown has sold a wide array of products, and its diversity makes it such a reliable brand.

Krown Rookie Graphic Complete Skateboard, a Canadian Mable construction, is another such skateboard which gives amazing riding experience.

This skateboard has a two-way deck, which makes it usable from both ways while keeping more or less the same overall impact and balance.

The deck is prepared from sturdy maple wood from Canada. It also has the capacity to take profound impacts.

The wheels are sized perfectly at 52 mm and made out 98A Urethane. And the trucks, 5 inches each, are formed of aluminum alloy.

Lastly, with the same bearings in the wheels as all other Krown skateboards, the Rookie Graphic Complete has ABEC5 bearings, too.

We all appreciate a consistently reliable deck, both sturdy and affordable, from rookies all the way down to skateboard professionals.

And this specific skateboard has enough grip to support an individual of 100 kilograms.


  • Cost-effective skateboard, excellent performance relative to the price
  • Quite durable compared to the price
  • Amazing bearings; gives a smoother riding experience
  • Ideal for kids, kids seem to love them


  • Slightly cheap look due to lack of premium finish

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After going through a thorough review of the above skateboards, they are the best deal you can get within the $50 price range. They not only come with durable parts, but they are also easy to skate on, making them ideal for both pro skaters and the amateurs. Consumer reviews reveal that the five are worth checking out and considering when getting the best skateboard under $50.


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