Best Speed Bag Swivels under $50 – Review in 2021


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There are many types of equipment in the gym that help you train, tone your body, and exercise.

Often it is easy to sway towards the big, chunky equipment, as you think that those will certainly benefit you more.

However, you are wrong. If you want to practice keeping your arms steady and up for a while, a speed bag can help you train.

It may be small, but it is super useful. A small object that lets the equipment function is a swivel.

Below we listed some of the best speed bag swivels under $50 that will help you maintain hand-eye coordination while toning muscles.

So, if you want to know why a swivel is necessary and understand your options, then you better keep reading.

Best Speed Bag Swivels Under $50 – Review in 2021

Setting a home gym can be quite confusing as there are so many options. So, we found four of the top swivels, in case you were also interested in speed bags.

Forza Sports Evolution Speed Bag Swivel

Forza Sports Evolution Speed Bag Swivel

Beginners can benefit from a speed bag even if they rotate in one direction. However, when you get more comfortable with the product, you naturally want more movement or action.

Hence, the Forza speed bag swivel will be perfect for you. The structure of the swivel enables the user to make fast impacts while changing styles.It quickly springs back before your hand has to go beyond the ending point.

The S-shape hook suspending from the bearing ball makes this fast response possible. You can also punch the bag from different angles, and it will swing back, unlike some speed bags which only rotate in one direction.

The hook has a 1/4-inch thickness that gives it enough structure to hold the speed bag. Surrounding the ball bearing is a Delrin ring, which makes this swivel quieter than most. It does so by making the bag rotate smoothly inside the frame.

This product also comes with compatible screws to make mounting easier.


  • Allows free-style hand movements
  • 1/4-inch hook accepts a variety of straps
  • Quieter training
  • Delrin ring makes the ball-rotation smoother
  • Allows combinations of different punches


  • Might need a separate thread-locking compound

LMF Speed Bag Swivel

LMF Speed Bag Swivel

If you are not entirely on-board with the whole speed bag experience and want boxing, but on a smaller scale, then you must go for the LMF speed bag swivel. It has a unique hook style that makes speed-bagging like boxing.

While other brands have open-ended hooks, this model has a U-shaped hook that locks as well. So, there is no possibility that the thread carrying the bag will fly off the hook.

The U-shaped closed hook also eliminates any chances of the thread getting stuck at awkward positions, and you do not have to fix it constantly.

Thus, the bag can move freely, and you can exert as much force as required for your training.
It has a stainless steel baseplate that has four holes for mounting.

The diameter from one hole to another is 2-1/2 inches. Moreover, you will get four screws and bolts for drilling it in place.

So, the stainless steel plate, along with the steel hook, can easily hold the weight of the bag without premature breakage.


  • The hook comes with a lock
  • U-shaped hook enables more force application
  • Can box with the speed bag
  • Comes with necessary attachments
  • Stainless steel baseplate


  • Slightly more expensive than other swivels

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Gymforward Professional Set of Boxing

Gymforward Professional Set of Boxing

Swivels are of no use if you cannot hang a bag from it. Moreover, some of these products in the market are not compatible with many speed bags. So, if you want to avoid the issue of incompatibility, then you need a kit.

That is why Gymforward offers a professional speed bag set that has a quality swivel as well as the punching bag.

What is great about the kit is every part fits harmoniously with each other, and the possibility of ill-movements due to displacement is gone.

It does have that U-shaped hook that you can open with a lock and seal after you insert the strap. Thus, you are not bound to use the speed bag that comes with the kit; you can use any bag that you already had.

However, the bag this kit has is also suitable for a beginner. The durable synthetic rubber will offer more bounce. So, it is an ideal kit for beginners getting into training.

The triple-chrome baseplate makes the product more durable. It also ensures the plate can hold the necessary weight for the bag as well as tackle the force from the punching.


  • A set with swivel and bag
  • Triple chrome structure
  • Durable swivel
  • Versatile hook
  • Allows varied movement


  • Bag not suitable for professionals

ADii H-Duty 360º Pro Ball Bearing Speed Bag Swivel Speed

ADii H-Duty 360º Pro Ball Bearing Speed Bag Swivel Speed

If using a speed bag is a crucial step in your training routine, then you certainly need a more durable and upstanding product.Hence, we recommend you go for the ADii H-Duty swivel.

The constriction alone proves that the tool is exceptionally sturdy and can handle heavy blows. So, even if the bag swings a lot due to aggressive punches, the swivel will not move.

In fact, the ball bearing mechanism makes the movement smoother. So, the speed bag will always move on a fixed path, making it easier for you to hold the posture. Fastening the thread carrying the bag is also easy.

A pin locking system allows you to open and close the slot whenever you need it, and it also locks the thread in place.

The entire structure has three layers of blasted sand for a satin finish. This finish makes the tool non-magnetic, thus avoiding rust formation. Consequently, it will last for a long time.


  • Quick pin-fastening system
  • Comes with all materials for mounting
  • Ball-bearing enables smoother movements
  • Sandblasted structure
  • Non-magnetic baseplate


  • Slightly on the expensive side

What to Look for Before Buying?

Although this product is small and looks simple, there are many parts about the swivel that can mess things up, if you do not attach them properly.

So, to draw a clearer picture, we have prepared the following segment.


The baseplate is the main foundation that will hold the speed bag as well as the swivel. So, it is important to choose a plate that will satisfy your requirements.For example, if you are a heavy hitter, you will want a steel plate that can bear more load.

Baseplates that have external protective coatings are also worth splurging as they are more durable. Also, look for construction materials such as screws and nut to mount the product to the ceiling.

That way, you will get everything you need to set the item up with one purchase.


The hooks can have different shapes, and based on that, they will perform differently. Traditionally, an S-shaped hook can do the job well.

It provides enough space for the bag to swing. However, the chances are that the thread can come off loose.

On the other hand, there are hooks that you can lock and unlock using an attached key or pin fastener. Either way, the strap stays in place, but it will cost you more money.


The hook can rotate thanks to the ball-bearing. You can see this element in some products, and if it can rotate smoothly, the bag will also move in a regular path.

Sometimes the inner rim also has smoothing agents to reduce the noise the ball makes while rotating.

Does It Come with a Bag?

If you already have a speed bag, then make sure to get a swivel that can tolerate the load of the bag. It will also have a strap that should fit inside the hook; otherwise, your speed bag is worthless.

And if you are new to speed bag exercise, you might want to purchase a kit that has a bag and the swivel structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a different bag other than the provided bag?

Yes, you can, as long as the bag strap fits inside the hook, and the swivel can support the weight.

What do I do if the bag is too heavy for the base plate?

A heavy bag for a baseplate will mean that they are not compatible. You either have to change the bag or install two more screws to make the plate more durable.

How do I stop the strap from slipping?

Try using a base plate with a lock hook, so the strap will have no exit to slip through.

Can I replace a boxing bag with a speed bag?

No, because boxing bags are much heavier and help to build muscle while speed bags improve hand-eye coordination.

How much weight can the plate hold?

The weight of the ball will not be much except for the rubber or synthetic exterior, so the plate can easily hold any speed bag; however, if the swivel is not compatible, then you will lose motion.

Final Word

You can easily get the best speed bag swivels under $50, and it will be one of the most affordable yet effective training equipment you can buy. So, give this product a try and see how fruitful your gym experience can be!


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