10 Best Paintball Guns under $400 with Review


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With its growing popularity among young people and also adults, paintball has to be one of the most exciting and adventurous outdoor games played and enjoyed by different countries of various lifestyles.

This challenging and active game of paintball consists of two separate teams going against each other out in an open field and coloring their opponents.

Best Paintball Guns under 400 dollars

And this is where the most interesting part kicks in! Every player colors their challengers using a paintball gun, filled with paintballs made of gelatine and liquid colors.

Once these paintballs are fired and have tagged a player, they break open with bright colors and leave a paint mark on the player.

Coming to the essential equipment required to play a game of paintball, the most important one is undoubtedly the paintball gun or the marker.

It is crucial that we get the right and the best paint gun to help us win. So, here are the best ten paintball guns under $400.

10 Best Paintball Guns Under $400 Review

Paintball Guns reviews 2020

The demand for paintball grows as it is turning into quite a popular sport and also a business in the outdoor gaming industry.

To provide for this, the thriving paintball gun market offers a wide array of options for us to choose from. Each paintball gun is special and has its own significant traits and aspects.

Tippman TMC Gun Package

Tippman TMC Gun Package

The first one is a complete package that comes with all the necessary equipment needed to start the game.

Not only does the marker have a dual feature option that allows the player to switch easily between a magazine-fed mode or a traditional hopper, but it also requires low maintenance.

Furthermore, the easy-to-pull trigger and rubber grip makes the gun reliable and easy to use.

The internal gas line of this semi-automatic marker is made of stainless steel, and its receiver is built from aluminum. Both the rear and front sights of the gun are adjustable and flexible.

Along with this high-performing marker, the package also has a well-designed anti-fog paintball mask and four basic paintball pods. It also consists of a CO2 paintball tank made from aluminum.

The paintball loader provided with this gun is compatible with several other markers and can be completely dismantled for proper cleaning. There is also a padded harness that can hold paintball pods and a tank securely.

Lastly, the package also provides a barrel squeegee for cleaning and maintaining the barrel of the gun.

As this particular marker comes with an entire package, some of the other parts may not meet our expectations. The best part of this paintball gun is that it comes with a year of manufactures warranty.

Product warranty and full customer support by the manufacturer is a great advantage for the buyers.

Hence, if the users face any problem in handling the weapon, they can always opt for help. Overall, this is a top-botch high performing paintball gun.


  • High performing marker
  • Dual feature option
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Adjustable sights


  • Heavy aluminum tank
  • Average quality mask and barrel squeegee

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Our next choice is the Empire Mini GS gun, which is perfect for a challenging game of paintball and a fine choice for young starter players as well.

The compact size and minimum sound releasing feature of this marker make it very suitable to use in a game.

An important feature is its improved firm grips which make it very preferable for players.
The poppet engine of this gun is pressure-controlled, which makes it a very high-performing marker.

It has a foregrip that fits closely and provides protection from various solvents and other elements.

Besides that, it also comes with several firing options that allow different attack angels. Hence, the gun provides smooth and accurate firing.

The gun is very lightweight, even though it has an aluminum barrel, which makes it durable at the same time.

It is also very gas efficient and easy to maintain. A tool kit is provided for cleaning in the package.

Furthermore, the best part of the gun is the clamping feed neck that makes the loader easier to remove or install. The Empire Mini GS is available in a range of appealing colors and designs.

This marker stands out the most because of its high accuracy and its improved design. It surely has many positive benefits and features for its users.

As it has a very firm foregrip, it also boosts up the confidence level of the player on the battlefield.

Another great advantage is that the tank or the hopper of the marker is very easy to remove. Hence, the device is very easy to clean and maintain.

As this marker is compact and relatively lightweight, there are more chances of a gas leakage if the packaging is faulty. It could also be a bit difficult to get the gun compressed with air.


  • Accurate firing
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Clamping feed neck
  • Improved fore-grip
  • Air efficient


  • Chance of gas leakage
  • Compression difficulties

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Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump

Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump

The marker by Azodin is another great choice amongst the top ten affordable paintball guns. Most of the gun is constructed from aluminum which makes it very durable and reliable.

Its clamping feed neck is made from aluminum as well. An important feature is the on and off-air source adaptor that makes air compression easy to perform.

Also, double pump rods make the pump stokes easier and smoother. The bolt of the gun has a pull-the-pin release system, making it more suitable to be used for a game.

Besides all of these advantages, the audio bolt of the marker keeps the operating pressure low, making the gun quieter. It also has a single trigger edge, which makes the usage more convenient.

In addition, this gun is well-known for maintaining its stability during use, and this is provided with the help of its double cocking rods — these rods aid in creating a much smoother and secure grip during use.

The marker is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and more experienced players.

This precise and suitable marker also comes along with stunning looks from which we can choose from.

However, there could be air leakages in the marker, so it is always wise to test it out before using it in a game.

Also, a possible issue that might arise in this gun is that it may be prone to break a paintball in case it is pumped twice before shooting.

Overall, this one is a top-notch pick for delivering the most precise and fast performance.


  • Aluminum constructed body
  • On and off ASA
  • Double pump rods
  • Audio bolt


  • Prone to break a ball inside
  • Air leaks

Tippmann Styker AR1 Elite

Tippmann Styker AR1 Elite

This paintball gun by Tippmann is extremely durable as the bottom line hose of the marker is made from stainless steel. It is also a complete electro-pneumatic gun that allows four different firing modes.

It’s is one of the finest advantages as the shooter can choose between firing at semi mode, ramping, full auto or burst. The gunstock or the rear part of the gun is adjustable as well.

Furthermore, the marker comes with a rip clip paintball loader by Empire and incomplete customizable designs. To top that off, the foregrip is also foldable to make the devise compact.

The marker also makes use of light-emitting diode (LED) for sight setting indicator. Both the front and back sights of the marker are flip-up sights.

As it comes with an auto cocker, this marker can accommodate most of the paintball barrels.

The firing engine is also easy to access, which is great for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

The loader of this marker is highly efficient, and it also comes with a shoulder stock, which is designed to be adjusted according to our convenience.

Aside from all these great features, it is also quite lightweight, which gives us that added benefit and ease on the playing field. Thus, it facilitates both storage and portability as well.

Although missed shots might be a possible problem that may arise with this marker, however, as with most product packaging, we must ensure that it does not comes with any sort of air leakage.


  • Durability from stainless steel
  • Electro-pneumatic gun
  • Four different firing modes
  • Adjustable sights
  • Easy maintenance


  • Air leakage
  • More prone to missed shots

Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Our next choice is the Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical paintball marker that comes as a complete package, including all the equipment needed for a game of paintball.

Both the front and back sights of this gun are fixed and provides a vertical grip to the users. The ported barrel on the marker is very reliable and works great, minimizing the firing noises.

It also has an inner gas line for enhanced and better control of the gun. The compounded body of the marker makes the tool rigid and more durable.

Along with this great marker, the package provides a fully-padded chest protector and a paintball harness. The CO2 tank included with the pack is re-useable and has a resistant aluminum body.

The greatest advantage of this particular maker is that it is very easily customizable. A lot of paintball players often look for such customizable features in their desired paintball markers.

Also, the gun is very easy to handle and operate. Hence, it is preferable for both beginners and experienced players.

This specific model by Tippmann is what most paintball players and enthusiasts desire — a quiet and accurate gun delivering precise shots.

As it is customizable, we can also modify and adjust this weapon according to the specific game requirements and to our environment.

The paintball loader for this marker does not require batteries to work and has a large capacity to hold up to 200 paintballs.

Alongside, a full-face mask made from a plastic shell is there for protection in paintball. Lastly, there is a comfortable neck protector and a pair of half hand gloves.

However, as the marker comes as an entire pack of paintball equipment, some of the other tools may not be the best.


  • Customization options
  • Lightweight 
  • Ported barrel
  • Automatic paintball loader
  • Durable


  • CO2 tank may be empty
  • Hopper is not strong



This is another excellent marker by Tippmann, which comes with a double feed option, and the user can choose between a magazine-fed mode or a traditional loader.

The marker comes with a threaded barrel, which allows several customizations. A lot of players often look for such customization options in a paintball marker; thus, it makes this model quite preferable than the others.

It also allows for careful firing, which prevents wasting shots. The frame of the marker is constructed from hard aluminum that makes it very durable.

This might also make the gun slightly heavier compared to the others. It also contains a gas line made from stainless steel, which provides more durability and relativity.

One of the best advantages is that the gun feels sturdy and smooth at the same time. The magazines are strong, but it could get a bit messy and difficult to clean the magazine if a paintball breaks in it.

Also, the stocks on the gun are adjustable, which makes it even more preferable and easy to use. The rubber grips ensure a tight and comfortable hold for the users.

However, the iron sights on the marker might hinder the accuracy while firing. One drawback of using this gun is that the weapon might seem a bit difficult to dismantle for cleaning and maintenance and cleaning purposes.

This marker is a great choice, as it has both brand value and customizable options. We can always upgrade the weapon according to our needs and games.

To top it off, the comfortable and firm grips will give us that extra secured grip on the competition field.


  • Dual feature option
  • Easily customizable
  • Adjustable gun stocks
  • High-performing marker
  • Comfortable grip


  • Less accurate firing
  • Hard to dismantle

Empire Paintball Mini GS Guns

 Empire Paintball Mini GS Guns

The best part about this paintball gun is that it comes with weather-proof housing, which makes it very resistant.

Furthermore, the new and improved rubber foregrip ensures a firm and tight hold for better precision.

The mini GS has an on and off-air source adaptor (ASA) that makes the process of gas tank removal easier. Its poppet engine of the gun is pressure controlled, and the firing modes are adjustable.

As the gun is lightweight and compact, it makes it more suitable to use in a game and provides more precision.

It is also a quiet marker and has a micro-switch on the trigger for activation of the weapon. Even though this device is very lightweight, it provides a very good balance.

Besides being extremely portable, the gun also comes with multiple firing options, which allow the player to switch and adjust to the specific games.

Furthermore, the Empire Mini GS design also features a shockwave board, which makes it easy to access the different shooting modes.

The accuracy of this marker is quite remarkable, and it is very air efficient as well. However, as the marker is small and compact, it might be more prone to air leakage.

Also, players with relatively bigger hands might find this compact marker a bit difficult to handle and may want to opt for something heavier instead.


  • Lightweight and precise
  • Weather-proof housing
  • On and off ASA
  • Adjustable firing modes
  • Firm rubber grips


  • Air leakage
  • Compression difficulties

Tippmann TMC Paintball MAGFED

Tippmann TMC Paintball MAGFED

On number eight, we have the Tippmann TMC Paintball MAGFED. This marker also comes with a double feature option comprising of a magazine-fed or a traditional loader.

It is a high-performing marker that comes with a charging handle that is completely functional. This weapon stands out more because of its ease of handling.

The rubber grips and the easy-to-pull trigger ensure a firm hold on the market and make it very preferable amongst other similar options.

A great advantage with this maker is that it is very adjustable to a large number of regulators and air tanks. It allows tanks of different sizes to fit with the gun.

Above all, this marker stands out the most for its fully customizable options. The gun can be upgraded and changed for the best performance.

It also has brand value, making it extremely reliable and a top choice for paintball enthusiasts of all ages.

This gun is very dependable and quite lightweight; hence, this model by Tippmann is undoubtedly a great choice.

One drawback of this particular marker is that it does not come with an air tank with a purchase. It may seem a bit difficult to get a hold on the suitable air tank to fit the weapon.


  • Dual-feature option
  • Ease of handle
  • Adjustable to different air tanks
  • Fully-customizable
  • Reliable and durable


  • Possibility of air leakages  
  • Air tank not provided

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Gun Package

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Gun Package

Next up, we have another great paintball gun by Tippman, and this is a great choice for beginners on the field.

This one is a pneumatic gun, which means it does not require any other electrical components.

It also means that this marker comes only with a semi-automatic firing mode. However, this gun is great for its long-lasting durability.

Besides, it has a strong and sturdy construction, and the main parts are made from metal. Hence, it makes the overall performance very smooth and accurate.

This gun is known for its consistency and reliability. Also, the marker is capable of switching between a magazine mode and a hopper mode.

Overall, this gun is a great deal as it comes with a package along with all other necessary equipment needed for playing paintball.

It includes paintball pods, a hopper, and a re-usable carbon dioxide (CO2) tank. For protection, the package also provides a harness, gun case, and an anti-fog mask.

However, one drawback of using this gun is that the individual parts are a bit challenging to separate and disassemble.

An added advantage to this gun package is it also provides a remote coil for easy air filling, which can also be disconnected.

Lastly, the gun also has a barrel squeegee for easy maintenance and cleaning purposes.


  • Pneumatic marker
  • Sturdy metal body
  • Durability
  • Remote coil
  • Consistent and reliable


  • Difficult to disassemble
  • CO2 leakage

Tippmann TMT TMC

Tippmann TMT TMC

Last but not least, is the Tippmamm TMT TMC paintball marker. The brand value speaks for itself to provide and ensure quality and reliability.

Also, this particular gun is very lightweight, and it is constructed from hard aluminum that makes it robust at the same time.

It is a full pneumatic gun that comes with a dual feature option of a hopper mode and a magazine model.

The inner gas line of this weapon is made of stainless steel, which is extremely durable.

Along with durability, the rubber grips on the handle ensure a secured and tight grip.

This makes the marker very easy and convenient to use in a challenging game of paintball. Also, this weapon is very adjustable to different shapes and sizes of air tanks.

However, adding the air tank on the gun may make the gun a bit lengthier than the usual gun sizes.

All the parts of the device may not be equally durable, but it surely can be easily replaced.


  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dual-feature option
  • Firm rubber grips
  • Very adjustable to different air tanks


  • A bit lengthy 
  • Some parts may need to be replaced

What to Look for in a Paintball Gun?

What to Look for in a Paintball Gun

Now that we have been introduced to some of the paintball guns currently in the market, let us observe some key features which we should keep an eye on while purchasing a good marker.

There are numerous factors that must be considered and carefully looked into before making the purchase. However, these top five features must be noted initially.

Personal Research

It is always a good idea to do some personal research before making a purchase and look into the particular advantages specific guns have to offer.

We can also talk to a professional or people who have already used paintball guns to get better information.

A great idea would also be to visit places where people play paintball and to consult with someone who does not sell markers.

This way, the person may be more genuine and honest about his/her opinions. Besides research and consulting, here are some aspects that we should take into account before considering our desired marker.

Customization Options

paintball guns Customization Options

Most markers allow us to change the hoppers or barrels at least, but there greater customization options for the higher-tech guns. Keeping balance is essential here.

We do not want to purchase a low-end gun that will not allow us to make any changes to it.

At the same time, we do not want a high-end, expensive gun with multiple alteration options that will never be used.

It is wise to choose markers that have interchangeable parts so that we can ensure repairs on it if needed.

Most paintball players and enthusiasts often look for customization features in their desired marker so that it enables them to alter the weapons according to their needs and the different games.

Ease of Handling

Even if we want to get our hands on the best seller paintball marker out there, it may not be the best decision to rely on our decision based on the top online gun reviews or solely on the best-seller chart.

We must be certain that the gun we are considering adjusts to the maximum easement with our physiques.

Everyone might not find the same level of comfort while handling the same gun; thus, it is important that we filter out the marker that fits our ease of handling.

As paintball is an action-packed game, it is important that we can move and manage the gun easily.

For this, the best option is to test out the gun and see how easy it is to adjust and use it. The vital parts to try out are the trigger, the cocking system, and the safety mechanism.

Even if we are purchasing online, we should still consider checking out the accessible shops to have a better idea.

What Games Do We Prefer to Play?

What Games Do We Prefer to Play in paintball

Lastly, it is extremely important that we have a good idea of the kind of paintball games we prefer to play.

Different games require different features on our guns and give us the added benefits on the battleground.

For a game of Woodsball, we should opt for a gun that shoots through longer distances more accurately.

On the other hand, a game of Speedball requires a gun that can fire several shots swiftly and precisely.

If we decide to play with a specific background or scenario, we might want to pay close attention to the looks and aesthetics of our guns.

Overall, we should keep our environment in mind and go with the one that will help us succeed.

Compare Price Points

After choosing our desired paintball marker, it is important that we compare the different price ranges for the same model.

As there are several retail shops and online shops which offer different prices, we must search for the best deal.

To ensure the authenticity of the product, it is best to make the purchase from a reliable shop. In general, online shops are more expensive than in local shops.

Paintball Guns Frequently Asked Questions

Paintball Guns Frequently Asked Questions
Where to buy from?

This is often the first question that arises in our minds about buying a paintball gun. The best option is to buy it from a reliable and trusted store and test out the gun before purchasing it.

This way, we can also always try out different guns and choose the one which gives us the maximum ease of handling.

If we opt to buy it from a sporting product site, we must be careful to choose a trusted one.

It is not always wise to be excited about a great deal and end up being disappointed with the delivery.

A mechanical or an electro-pneumatic gun?

Depending on the paintball games, we prefer to play, deciding on the type of gun is extremely crucial.

For playing causal games, mechanical guns are the best option. They are great for rough usage for Woodsball and similar games.

Mechanical guns are usually less versatile; hence they are cheaper and the best option if the player uses them once in a while.

An electro-pneumatic gun, on the other hand, works best for competitive games. These guns are electric and usually, come with different firing options.

For Speedball, a player should always choose an electronic gun. However, the electronic parts on these guns might make them less durable.

What is the difference between CO2 and high pressured air?

CO2 is gas stored under normal environmental conditions, condensed and cooled into a liquid. This is mainly used for mechanical guns that do not have any electric internal mechanisms.

Compressed air, on the other hand, is the gas stored under extreme pressure. A marker is likely to use compressed air if it runs on battery.

Where to fill up the air tanks from?

As we know, paintball markers work on either carbon dioxide (CO2) or high pressured air.

Yet, it is not always easy to get the markers re-filled, especially when there was no air tank provided with the packaging.

Every individual marker is different, and they have unique features and compatibility. Hence, it is important that we get our weapons filled or re-filled in the right places.

The initial place to look into for tank filling is our local paintball shop. If we fail to find any, we should consult with other paintball enthusiasts and experienced players.

Another reliable place for filling up the air tank is the competition field. The majority of the stores and fields have the necessary equipment to fill the tanks safely.

Besides that, we can also look for air compressors in scuba stores. As scuba tanks operate on similar air pressure, they might be willing to fill up paintball markers as well.

Some individuals may prefer filling the air tanks at home, but unless we are experts or willing to run paintball competitions, we may want to reconsider.

Can a broken gun be fixed?

One of the important facts about the marker is that some part of it is likely to break eventually.

Whether it hits on something or a part needs replacement, we should be prepared to fix it.

Hence, we must look into it and have a proper idea of the replacement parts of a potential gun before we buy it. Some guns might be easily repairable, while some would need a professional hand.

How to clean a paintball gun?

A barrel swap and a squeegee are needed to clean the gun. First off, the barrel needs to be dismantled and cleaned with the barrel swap followed by a squeegee.

After that, the hopper and the exterior of the gun have to be cleaned if there are any visible paint breaks or dirt on it. We can do this with a soft towel and some water.

Final Words

The tactical and fun nature of a paintball game gets even better with the right paintball marker for each particular individual.

Every gun will have its own unique features and advantages; hence, it is essential to figure out what works best for us.

Depending on our personal preferences, these top ten paintball guns under $400 will surely give us that extra edge on the battlefield.


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