5 Best Iron Set under $500 for Golf Review in 2021


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Having the right set of irons can make your day an all-time personal best. But when played with the unfitting set, you are in for a long, frustrating day on the links.

We cannot let you go through that mayhem. This is why we have found the solution to help you pick the iron set under 500 for Golf.

Best Iron Set under 500 dollars

The golf irons make up the most proportion of a golfer’s bag. It can be a tough challenge for the beginners to search among plenty of availability, each different offering specifications for your game.

That leaves the choice of choosing the perfect set entirely vulnerable. You will find only the high-grade quality set for beginners to advanced players in this buying guide — all within your budget price.

Why not take a look at it before making the grand decision!

Top 10 Iron Set Under $500 Review in 2021

golf iron sets review

You should decide what kind of assistance and skills you wish to explore. Only then can you start refining your selection of irons.

So, let us check out the list of golf irons for beginners and advanced alike given below.

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set

Best Budget Pick[amazon box=”B074VK4ZFT”]

F-Max golf clubs are designed to give more swing speeds. It can generate further clubhead speed and distance.

The only way it could be accomplished is by utilizing lighter shafts and swing weights.

Bryson DeChambeau inspired the design concept of one length irons. All the irons are constructed of the same length, that of a 7 iron.

This helps some golfers use the same setup and swing for more consistent results with each iron.

Now the shaft of this product is much lighter than standard ones. It is made from SuperLite graphite and steel, which is tampered well.

Additionally, the grips are very tactile Lamkin made. It is a little thicker, which is preferable to most golfers.

You will not only feel confident but also establish your A-game on the links!

One length irons have the heads that are a little shorter overall. The feature runs a bit longer from heel to toe.

Its deep undercut cavity means more flex for distance on the club’s face. This helps boost the ball speeds when hitting off-center.

You will need just one same swing for every shot. The design allows the center of gravity (CG) lower as well as enhancement of forgiveness.

High launches are naturally produced because of lower CG. There are also loads of offset, which makes them easy to hit.

Cobra, with its F-Max lining, ensures that from beginners, casual players to professionals enjoy their game with self-assurance.


  • Available in the right and left-handed models
  • Offset design allows higher launches and a draw bias
  • Nickel chrome plate finishing to provide durability and aesthetic looks
  • Stiff shaft flexes
  • CG position in the back heel ensures high launch and accurate shots
  • Maximization of longer distance because of weaker lofts


  • Customization is not available
  • Single length may not be preferred by many

Cobra Golf Men’s King Forged Single Length Iron Set

Cobra Golf Men’s King Forged Single Length Iron Set

Another inspiring concept by rising PGA star DeChambeau which is re-engineered to deliver consistent result with every shot.

Single length means one setup and one swing. Every golfer must have their favorite club, which is most frequently a 7-iron.

King Forged allows you to play any iron and still will give you the experience of a trusty 7-iron.

The set has the configuration of 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron and P Wedge. Each iron’s forging process has gone through 5 steps to deliver refined structure.

This outcome, therefore, brings out a greater feel and exceptional performance.

Any player will have to face minimized launches if the CG position is not dense enough.

For this very reason, Cobra has strategically placed highly concentrated tungsten masses to the very sole of the clubhead.

Moreover, the 12g mass is located precisely for a CG — perfectly centered in the lower region that will indeed deliver the forgiveness pursued.

The precision of accuracy will also be achieved once the ball is being in contact.

Some clubheads could cause more vibrations when made any contact with the sweet spot.

This could lead to finishing the hole above par, as in miss the green more than you should.

There is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) insert behind the face of the club. It helps dampens the vibration, all the while enhancing feel.

The CNC Milling is created to deliver all-out spin does not only control flight path but also have progressive groove structure.


  • One stance and setup are very helpful for high handicappers
  • Long irons of this set are much easier to hit with
  • Misses are far less extreme
  • 3-6 irons use V-grooves to help optimization of spin
  • 7- PW irons use U-grooves to help optimization of spin
  • GW and SW irons use wedged space-grooves for extra spin


  • Available for right-handed golfers only

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MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set

Top Pick[amazon box=”B07QV53W9Y”]

Are you just starting out in the golfing zone? Do you not want to spend too much on your first attempt?

We would understand your hesitation regarding the first trial. This is where MAZEL Single Length Irons Set fits in! MAZEL Irons Set is definitely the one for beginners.

It is, in fact, suitable for any level of golfers thanks to its 100 percent graphite shaft. This offers more consistency and feels at every shot.

The set will reduce the complexity of the game to improve your performance significantly.

These stainless-steel irons provide a larger sweet spot that aids in reaching further distance with accuracy. CG position is always one of the great concerns in golf clubs.

With MAZEL, a center of gravity is situated at the right place to allow longer distances followed by straight and high flight.

Wider soles mean more forgiveness. More forgiveness means very fewer chances of poor swings and ball contact.

This is why MAZEL is pretty decent for those who seek repeated practice for a better impact location.

The grip of the irons is a high-quality rubber made. It absorbs sweat quickly and does not slip easily.

The stainless-steel also eliminates any unwanted vibration to create a steady and comfortable feel.

You will notice the surface of 6i-SW irons are more polished and with a stronger structure for a superior experience.

The 4-5 irons feature a complete hollow design that carries out lower CG and precise hits.

This one length irons set will help enhance your ball striking, repeatable swings more consistently.

Handicapped golfers of all levels will love the gain in confidence through MAZEL.


  • Available in right and left-hand orientation
  • Features 9 pieces, 4i-9i; as well as PW, AW, and SW
  • Large sweet spot
  • Easy launch with lower CG
  • Improved accuracy
  • Wider soles to prevent poor ball impact
  • Comfortable, high-grade rubber grip
  • Extremely affordable


  • Gaps are not very consistent from club to club

Extreme X5 Wide Sole iBRID Iron Set

Extreme X5 Wide Sole iBRID Iron Set

X5 iBRID irons are solely constructed to replicate hybrids of metal and wood. These two-piece irons are perfectly ideal for senior golfers or players who suffer from arthritis.

The premium arthritic golf grip has been padded and slightly enlarged to reduce stress on your hands when you are about to take a swing.

Your disability will no longer be an issue to keep you off the links. Their open cavity back irons are designed to give you increased forgiveness.

This lets the CG move in a lower part of the clubhead. As a result, you get a lower Center of Gravity and a higher Moment of Inertia (MI).

You can easily accomplish a far more solid feel upon impact with greater consistency. It is also designed for straight, accurate hits.

This way, you can enjoy the game more on the course without a moment of annoyance. The game improvement X5 irons have ingeniously manufactured wide soles.

It offers easy alignment at address while promoting a higher launch angle. Hence, you will be given a greater distance to cover.

X5 iBRID irons are built with Senior “A” Flex Graphite shafts. This lets the senior or lady golfers who lack the strength to swing easy.

It is more lightweight than regular steel irons — an ideal shaft for those whose swing speed varies between 70 to 85mph.

The set comes with a configuration of 4-iron through 9-iron. Add a Pitching Wedge (PW) and a Sand Wedge (SW) to the set, and you will have a total combo within your desired budget!


  • Large cavity back that increases forgiveness
  • The graphite shaft is very light
  • Arthritic grips allow club swings easier on the hands
  • You can use the grip to compensate for the added length of irons
  • CG location gives more consistency and solid feel on impact
  • Improvements in the accuracy level


  • Large sole on SW might make the bunker shots harder
  • Available for right-handed golfers only

Square Strike Golf Iron Set for Men & Women

Square Strike Golf Iron Set for Men & Women

Do you consider yourself among the best and skilled players out there? Then Square Strike Irons is the one to reflect on your capabilities. Your unlimited game will turn out great because of its voraciousness.

The wedge is specifically designed to make chipping simpler. It aids in keeping the club along turf instead of digging into the grass.

Every swing when in touch with the golf ball will be connected smoothly.

It is basically one of the unique talents of the club’s many components.

Other chipping irons are typically upright and more in line with a 7-iron. But the loft of Square Strike is angled at 45-degrees to match with a 9-iron.

This is useful to many golfers who require more lift on their shot to get the ball to the hole. It delivers extra height even in the thicker rough areas.

Another best feature of this item is that the shaft of the club is 35in long, which is quite similar to a putter.

Golfers can utilize the club with the same stroke and grip that they do on the green.

The design encourages golfers of any skill level to rely on the irons for a sweet spot that is balanced by perfect lower CG.

This the kind of iron club that will fundamentally help you deliver great responses with each successive stroke.


  • Prevents fat chips
  • Promotes smooth contact near the green
  • The 45-degree loft allows trouble-free lift of ball and promotes forward roll
  • Solid contact on every swing due to CG energy
  • The blade stays square to the target line longer
  • Shaft material can be chosen; steel or graphite
  • Set includes a 7i, 8i, and 9i
  • Available in right and left-hand orientation


  • The loft may be deeper for players who like shallow ball flight from the chips

TaylorMade Golf M6 Wedge

TaylorMade Golf M6 Wedge

TaylorMade has been in the market for the longest amongst many to produce quality game improvement irons. M6 is one of their proud creations with Thru-Slot cavity back.

Thru-Slot is found connected to the body by the top line. This reduces mass of weight located in front of the sole and moves the deflection point down. So, its effect is significant despite bearing a smaller slot.

M6 Wedges have introduced Speed Bridge Technology that adds stiffness around the perimeter to reduce energy loss. You will, therefore, generate more ball speed.

It also comes with Inverted Cone Technology with an ultra-thin face. This unlocks faster ball speeds across the whole clubface.

Speed Bridge supports the top line to take care of unwanted vibration.

Ball impact by the clubface will not make you cringe because of Hybrar compression damper. It filters out the excessive vibration for an extra solid feel.

The 360-degree undercut and fluted hosel promote lower CG. It then causes strong and penetrating flight of golf ball even when hitting on the low face.

You will gain maximum forgiveness due to multi-material construction and denser tungsten.

M6 irons are all about the higher launch with less spin and more yardage.

This will definitely not disappoint you in boosting ball speed with satisfying regular flex around the green.


  • Shaft material is graphite (Fujikura Atmos Orange); very lightweight
  • Lofts availability in 49-, 54- and 59-degrees
  • Adds higher ball speeds
  • Unwanted vibrations can be filtered by Hybrar compression damper
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Comfortable TM Lamkin Dual Feel grip
  • Promotes straighter shots through Inverted Cone Tech
  • Lower CG that produces greater shots on low strikes
  • Applies more consistency than other irons in M series
  • Have bigger sweet spot and stronger lofts


  • Available for right-handed golfers only

WaZaki WL-IIs 4-SW Mx Steel Hybrid Iron Golf Club Set

WaZaki WL-IIs 4-SW Mx Steel Hybrid Iron Golf Club Set

This Japanese company is well known for its specialization in hybrid clubs. Their sleek innovative design is versatile with expected positive results.

Although they are quite simple to handle, you rather not overlook their superiority.

The entire set of 4i–SW (Sand Wedge) is made from a Bushikadna Shaft. It is an alloy composed of titanium and carbon. This makes the shaft extremely durable yet lightweight.

There are two models you can choose from. A 65 Pro Shaft or 55 Light Shaft, depending on your preference.

The sophisticated model offers far better forgiveness when hit off-center.

The thin, light and robust materials have been used on the club’s face for various measures of thickness.

This delivers increased distance, more speed over the face, and enlarged sweet spot.

Furthermore, the lower forward CG position in the casting body provides less spin and higher launches.

Even a high-handicap golfer will draw successive results with little or no training. The style is not the only attractive feature of this club.

Its sturdiness and flexibility excel in long shots, consistent performance, and fast launch. You will even find the set in three flex configurations to select from.

WaZaki is aware of how each golfer has different techniques to utilize. Thus, the overall design enables any player to practice for continuous improvement.


  • Durable and lightweight clubs
  • Easier in handling than average irons
  • High ball flight due to large heads and creative shape
  • Great for struggling golfers and slow hitters
  • The vast improvement in distance output and accurate hit
  • Two model shafts to select from; light and pro shaft
  • Refund and exchange within 45 days available


  • Available for right-handed golfers only
  • Some may find it a bit expensive
  • Not recommended for players with a higher swing speed

Callaway Golf Men’s X-Series 2018 Irons Set

Callaway Golf Men’s X-Series 2018 Irons Set

This brand is one of the most popular ones which continually attempts to create irons incredibly user-friendly.

The X-Series 2018 is upgraded to a somewhat moderately-priced obtainable set of clubs. It is a perfect setting for high handicappers with slower swings.

No starter would want to invest too much unknowingly. Nor would they want cheap quality material.

That’s where X series comes to the rescue. This could be a great choice for a beginner’s set or upgrade from an old one.

The deep undercut cavity offers the face to flex and recovers at a quick rate. By doing so, you attain longer iron shots and increased ball speed.

Callaway’s CG is lowered by shifting the weight from the flute to the club’s face. You will benefit from a higher loft angle, less spinning ball, and more speed!

These are the three ideal combinations that prevent unintended errors and provide additional control.

The shaft is constructed of steel, which is easy on the joints and lightweight.

Its metallic feel not only enhances comfortability but also results in a smooth and swift game.

X series irons are extremely stable when about to strike a ball. The product is very efficient in absorbing unnecessary shock as the golf ball is being hit.

Golfers who are familiar with Callaway X series for the last 5 years must know the classic look of the sets. Their original genuine looks are uniquely hard not to notice.


  • Suitable for high handicappers or slow swingers
  • Comes in 4-PA in steel material 
  • Simple yet shoots long in a straight line
  • More forgiveness
  • Fastball speed with further distance output
  • Have good feel and sound
  • Great performance progress for entry levels


  • The paint job is too plain
  • Not suitable for fast swingers
  • Available for right-handed golfers only

Callaway 2017 Epic Iron Sets (Renewed)

Callaway 2017 Epic Iron Sets (Renewed)

Epic Irons are undoubtedly excellent clubs with consistency and performance that will be difficult to surpass.

There is an ultra-thin rim that is designed surrounding the inner side of the club’s face.

This lets the rim flex and rebounds at ball impact, which adds ball speed on center-face.

The construction reduces the loss of speed when hitting off-center. It is very useful on common mishits near the toe and lower face.

The rim’s thickness is decreased to 1mm at its thinnest point for further performance on speed and distance coverage.

Even a high handicapper can achieve precision and distance control with easy strikes.

Callaway irons are built to promote optimum results that enhance in launch and flight.

Keeping this in mind, they have developed an incredibly high amount of Metal-Injected Molding tungsten (MIM-ed tungsten).

The process involves using a finely powdered mixture of steel and graphite to shape up parts with great meticulousness.

Tungsten is typically heavy, but with clear-cut shaft construction, each piece of Epic iron is milled with accurate weight.

Forgiveness and consistency are generously top-notch in terms of distance and dispersion. Epic Irons’ compact clubface enables superb ball flight.

Even though the irons are recommended as game improvement irons, it is practically suitable for all range of players.

They may not be the cheapest on the market, but these slick, stylish looking irons are going to make a lot of avid golfers very happy.


  • Available in right and left-hand orientation
  • Covers some extra yards
  • Perfect balanced strikes between topline and clubface
  • Extreme forgiveness and consistency with distance
  • Appealing for broader levels of golfers
  • CG is positioned perfectly to prevent ball spins
  • Standard set of 4-PW is available; GW and SW can also be obtained


  • A bit overpriced
  • The sound may be a bit dull especially with mishits

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Golf Iron Set

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Golf Iron Set

We began with Cobra’s F-Max, it is only fair we chose our final product from Cobra F-Max series too.

F-Max Iron set is the lightest and most forgiving irons. Their ultralightweight shaft means higher speed deliverance.

And when the heads are lighter, it only indicates more forgiving performance for mid-swing speed golfers!

Deep undercut cavities with low profile club heads promote launch amplification.

Like F-Max One, this set also offers CG on the lower part of the heel for straighter ball flights with better playing capabilities.

The offset hosel design allows more altitude by draw bias. Weaker lofted irons are making their continuous appearance, which would have been unlikely even a few years back

However, modern brands like Cobra has particularly set up weaker iron lofts in their products.

Their aim is to encourage easy launch along with maximum carry distance. Skilled golfers would love to work on shots with these stunners.

The GW and SW have specialty wedges constructed to increase spin and versatility. You will achieve unmatched scoring performance around the green.

A clean and timeless aesthetic at address can be achieved due to premium chrome finishing. F-Max irons shaft is made from True Temper SuperLite Steel.

They are an excellent blend of value for lightweight and improved forgiveness with right swing speed. The stock grips for F-Max are Lamkin REL made.

It offers comfort to hold with larger grips ever to absorb sweat and unwanted shock at ball impact. Cobra F-Max can truly be the best irons set to elevate your iron games.


  • Available in right and left-hand orientation
  • Ultralight shafts allow easy strike, launch and club speed
  • Features nickel-chrome plating for durability
  • Ideal for moderate swing speed players and seniors
  • Optimized CG position helps with stability and accuracy
  • Comprises of seven clubs; 5-PW and GW
  • Weaker loft skews progressively higher to achieve launch angles


  • Mishit feedbacks are not detailed
  • Single handicappers or fast swingers might have issues with these irons

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade’s M2 is one of the best irons under 500-dollar mark. Their clubs are rich with high tech features and of course, this one is no different. Below, we discussed its key features. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

After reinstating the face slot back in 2017, TaylorMade has updated the feature and it has surely improved.

It combines a larger head size and a big face slot that give you high forgiveness. You’ll achieve a naturally high trajectory and high ball speed even if you hit it off-center.

Then you have the ultra-thin speed pocket. Thanks to this feature, the iron has a large face and it flexes much more during impact. Maximizing ball speeds are its perks and it enhances forgiveness a bit more.

Another great feature is the fluted hosel. It’s a new addition and an excellent one. Therefore, it means two things: you will be able to swing faster and a lower center of gravity.

It performs well in distance. They are simply one of the longest irons available today. And with high forgiveness, it can be a game-changer. All of this makes it one of the best golf irons for the money.


  • Face slot
  • Natural high trajectory
  • Ultra-Thin speed pocket
  • Fluted Hosel


  • A bit costly

Wilson Golf- Staff D200 Combo Irons

Wilson Golf- Staff D200 Combo Irons

Wilson is known for producing top class irons. If you look at the statistics, you’ll see that most tournament players have used it since the 1920s.

And the Staff D200 carries on that legacy in the game improvement iron category. Below are the pros and cons of this great iron.

It’s evident from its design that it’s built for achieving high and soft flight. It’ll be right up to the challenge if you need to hit a knockdown or a 3-quarter shot.

There’s more to its strike ability. It’s quite accurate and gets a high rating from the users. Without losing much in thin and toe shots, it goes where you want it to go.

One good thing about this iron is the prevention of unintentional curving. A high level of forgiveness is a strong feature as well as a satisfactory feel when you hold it and strike.

It’s lightweight but you can always feel the clubhead. Striking the ball and its follow-through is quite smooth.

If your strike is decent enough, it will travel nicely where you want it. D200’s one of the strongest abilities is distance control. Green-hitting machines, as they’re called among the players.

The visual aspect isn’t something you can scoff at, rather the opposite we’d say. Thick headline hides a deep and large cavity and the brushed chrome hints back at the classic Wilson irons.


  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy
  • Forgiveness
  • Distance Control
  • Looks great


  • Costly

TaylorMade New Golf RocketBladez RBZ Black

TaylorMade New Golf RocketBladez RBZ Black

We have another product from TaylorMade on this list. It’s more oriented towards amateurs and those who want to improve their game.

The RocketBladez irons are full of useful features such as vibration control, a deep cavity, etc. Now, let’s dive into the performance of it.

First of all, we think the level of forgiveness these irons offer is arguably higher than its competitors.

You’ll definitely need them when playing. Thanks to the speed pocket technology, you’ll find it one of the easiest to hit a straight ball. We mentioned vibration control earlier, and that does wonders for the game.

It’s also great for distance control. When you want to improve and level up your game, controlling the distance is vital.

Even with off-center hits, it doesn’t do badly. Designed for the classic swing style, it feels great, especially to occasional players.

When you strike the iron during game or practice, you’ll notice how smooth it is to turn it right and left. It gives a satisfying feel and justifies its game improvement iron tag.

There’s no specific negative to point out about it and it’s maybe one of the best budget game improvement irons.

The only thing you should know is that it’s not a professional iron set. For that, there are other recommendations on this list.


  • High level of forgiveness
  • Distance control
  • Vibration control
  • Easy to launch
  • Great for improvement


  • Not for professional level

What is the best iron set?

Currently, the best iron golf set available under $500 is “Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set”.

This set has gained a significant amount of popularity among both beginners and professionals, as each of the equipment is produced with high-end quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.

And this set is particularly popular with beginners, due to its affordability and comprehensive quality.

It offers impressive trajectory and distance control, and a complete titanium driver with a 12-degree loft that features a great swing for new players.

The set involves a pair of fairway woods with heavy sweet spots, a full set of stainless steel and iron wedges using high flight technology, a pair of hybrids that features a feel and swing of irons with a wood-like trajectory.

This putter has been expertly crafted to easily get more balls into the hole, and everything comes in a lightweight and durable bag, perfect for extended walks in the middle.

Despite its comprehensive and well-crafted features, there are some cons like the durability of the shaft and the choice of colors.

However, this certainly tops the list as the best iron golf set in the market, especially within such a small budget.

How much is a good set of irons?

Although a set with pro specs with the highest quality and durability might take much more than $500, a good set of irons can also be found within that price range.

Club manufacturers usually release two models at the same time, and with these sets, they are usually lower in price as their competition produces newer technology. The price of a top-of-the-line set usually goes down by half in a year.

Investing in lower-end models from large club manufacturers is the best way to find a high-quality set as they release two at a time. The difference is often negligible, so it’s best to get the lower-end one of the pair.

Iron gold sets under $500 aren’t exactly hard to come by, but it’s certainly better to focus on high-end club manufacturers for the best production.

How do I get cheap golf clubs?

Buying a complete iron set is the cheapest way of getting a golf club. Buying each equipment in a set will usually cost twice as much as an actual set.

A full set comes with almost everything you need to get started, especially familiarizing with each club, and knowing what to buy separately is often the most daunting and tedious task.

If you’re looking for cheap golf clubs, to begin with, then compromising a little on the quality won’t be an issue, as even the cheapest sets should easily get the job done.

However, it’s best to know which companies or manufacturers are the most reliable when it comes to cheap complete sets.

Wilson and Strata are the topmost picks for this category. Strata is owned by Callaway, and their sets are some of the most durable and professional-looking in the market for that price.

Unless you’re a professional, these sets are the perfect way to get you started on your golf journey.

How do you make a set of golf clubs?

Finding a golf club that perfectly fits your posture and style is hard to come across, and a lot of professionals end up spending thousands of dollars on finding the right clubs.

Even though buying a full set is much more affordable than buying them individually and making them yourself.

But if you’re looking for better quality control, then it’s definitely worth investing a little extra for your own personal set.

A set for a beginner would usually consist of a driver, a lofted 22” hybrid, 6-iron to pitching wedge, putter, and a sand wedge. These nine clubs should effectively get you started on the field.

You should update this set based on the effect you see on the field. If you find success with a 6-iron, then it’s recommended to also acquire a 5-iron as well.

However, for a more comprehensive and modern set, it’s best to start with three kinds of wood, one hybrid (3H), seven irons, and a putter.

This should leave you with twelve golf clubs. And this set will not only let you effectively move around the field, but also help you upgrade your game better.

What are the best irons for a 20 handicapper?

Currently, the design of “TaylorMade M4 irons” offers the best technology to increase speed for low center hits, and this set is the most affordable handicapper in the market.

With a longer and slimmer curved line with a leading 1mm edge, this model is the thinnest and most flexible type to hit the market.

For the tour pros and average golfers, M4 has the exemplary ability to flex enough to reduce energy loss. The sound and looks of this model have easily pleased the buyers.

It also compensates for its thin face by adding extra weight to the bars, effectively increasing the MOI during plays.

Players with fast swing speeds and inconsistent strikes might have a slightly difficult time with the particular model.

But that’s certainly negligible when you consider the budget-friendly price, professional looks, and immaculate speed of this iron set.

Types of Iron Golf Set

Types of Iron Golf Set

The iron set makes up the majority of the clubs in our bags. Thus, finding the right set can improve your stance in the game. There are three key categories of golfers as shown below;

  • Beginner/high handicap golfers
  • Intermediate/mid-handicap golfers
  • Advanced/single handicap golfers

This category helps in choosing the perfect set of irons according to your ability. Let’s face it; exploring the types without knowing what you are looking for is catastrophic.

Blade Irons Set

These are the best fit for single handicap golfers. They feature a thin face with a thin top line and small hitting area.

When the blades distribute weight equally throughout the whole head, it produces what we call ‘sweet spot’ in the epicenter of the head. You will be able to feel more and shape a shot better.

This is why blade irons have been known as muscle backs of iron since the beginning.

Cavity Back Irons Set

This iron club has a cavity in the back of the head. It focusses the weight more on the perimeter to increase Moment of Inertia (MI) or forgiveness of the club.

Usually, a larger clubhead is paired with the thin clubface. This lets the off-center shots fly straighter and longer than of a blade iron.

Cavity irons are beneficial for mid handicappers as well as advanced players because of their increased forgiveness that reduces feeling.

Hybrid Irons Set

Hybrid Irons Set

Hybrids are vastly popular among beginners to mid-handicap golfers. It replaces 3, 4, and 5-irons.

Those who are not familiar with the numbers fear not, we will explain them in the next part.

They are designed with a larger profile and sweet spot to quickly elevate the ball in order to attain a straighter shot.

The merging of best physiognomies of iron and woods, therefore, creates perks of both iron mechanics and wood distance.

The two most common types of irons are Forged, Irons and Cast Irons.

Forged Irons

Forged irons clubs are similar to traditional blacksmith work. A single metal is pounded into the desired form.

The manufacturer then grinds, hones the look appropriately to achieve solid appearance.

The outcome is one rock-hard iron piece with a bigger sweet spot. It provides the golfer incredible feeling when the ball is struck accordingly.

Cast Irons

Cast irons are produced within a mold. Iron and other metals are combined with the melting method then poured into the mold for the cooling process.

This is where manufacturers can make more complex and sophisticated head designs. They are most suited for beginner golfers.

Nevertheless, only you can decide either it’s forged or cast that fits the best for your game.

What to Look for in a Golf Iron Set?

What to Look for in a Golf Iron Set

What exactly am I looking at? This could be a critical question placed in a high handicapper’s mind.

Or for a single handicapped golfer who is not satisfied with his bargains.

Worry not. Here are some important tips for the purpose of getting the best golf iron set under 500.

Check for CG

A CG (Center of Gravity) means the mass that is distributed within the club by pushing as low and far back as possible. It is always located low and near the center of the clubhead.

Both performance and feel are greatly influenced by CG’s weight, which is why the location of where it is situated matters significantly.

The precision of CG is achieved by adding a variety of materials. Tungsten is the most demanding and highly recommended. It is heavier than steel and generates lower CG when added to the sole.

You will be able to launch lengthier and higher shots that remain on the green when CG is based in the low and rear region of your clubhead.

Check Shafts

Shafts are basically built with three kinds of materials. Steel shafts, Graphite shafts, and Multi-material shafts.

  • Steel Shafts: Steels are mostly chosen shafts for irons. It gives accurate and consistent shots with less flex because steel is heavier and stronger than graphite. Carbon steel or stainless steel is used to produce shaft thickness. This offers steady flexibility and rotation. It is naturally extremely durable and reasonable in price.
  • Graphite Shafts: Graphite shafts are not so common as steel in the market, but they are of great advantage in comparison. They are lightweight and very flexible. This allows you to unlock more distance and increase swing speed. One of the drawbacks consists of the shaft’s feel. You might not get a consistent feel like stiff steel shafts. The process of graphite shafts making is more expensive than steel.
  • Multi-Material Shafts: These are less common than others. The tip is of graphite, while the entirety is made of steel. The solid steel section renders more control in the ball flight. And graphite tip lets you add extra speed for greater distance. It also filters out unnecessary vibrations caused when in contact with the ball.

Check Loft and Stiffness

Choose the loft based on your measured clubhead speed. A 10- or 11-degree loft is appropriate if your swing speed is between 95-104mph. Likewise, 7 and 9-degrees are considered ideal if the speed is 105-115mph.

If the golfers have a lower clubhead speed of 85mph or below, the loft angle between 14 and 20-degrees is ideal. Speeds of 130mph and above should angle for 4 and 7-degrees.

Different manufacturers sell their shaft clubs of different stiffness. This way, you can select a shaft to best suit your swing speed.

Do not choose stiff shafted flex unless you have faster swing speed. Try choosing regular shaft flex if your swing is easy going.

You can maximize the swiftness of the clubhead when in impact if it matches with your swing speed.

Always compare the loft ranges and stiffness to fit your clubhead speed and practice at facility or golf equipment stores before buying.

Check the Designs

There are practically all kinds of designs that have taken every possibility into account. Some are designed for advanced golfers who seek higher distances.

Whereas, some clubs offer more forgiveness to assist the golfers who are just starting out.

We have already discussed types of iron golf sets, so do not forget to check them out before the purchase.

Golf Iron Set Frequently Asked Questions

How can you differentiate between fake and original golf clubs?

The authentic clubs have a serial number etched into the metal. You can feel it if you run the fingers across it. The counterfeit will feel smoother to the touch.

If both have serial numbers, check for font size differences. Concentrate on various other details too.

Most fake club shafts are thinner, the rubber on the grips may be of cheaper quality.

The clubface will have slight changes than the original ones. Any color on the clubs will seem to have dissimilar tones than the authentic ones.

Most essentially, research and ask questions before you buy from an unknown source.

Are there any simple steps for a beginner to improve his/her game?

See someone professional. Follow his/her instructions to improve. Be fitted with quality equipment.

Keep a positive attitude. Do not falter with failure. Repeat your practice and enjoy playing.

Do longer golf clubs help?

Not really. Lengthening your shaft might reduce the accuracy level with your club. Longer clubs could be difficult to hit the ball with solidly.

Can golf shafts lose their stiffness?

No. The shaft does not lose its stiffness unless it is rusted, bent, or pitted. Then the characteristics of flexes are forced to change.

Can golf shafts lose their stiffness

How to determine the shaft length of my club?

It depends on the individual’s ability to strike a ball on the center of the club’s face solidly. Play with the longest possible club to determine your accuracy level.

Eventually, move from one length to another until you achieve accurate results. The one where you confidently make solid ball contact right on the center of the face.

Final Words

Remember that each set in the market offers different specific benefits as well as drawbacks.

Your ultimate selection must be based on the level of your extents to enable progressive efforts.

To conclude, whatever you buy, make sure the iron set is a good fit for you. We do hope that you find the appropriate ones on our iron set under $500 for the golf review guide without any hassle.




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