Best Time of Year to Buy Golf Clubs


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Regardless of being a newbie or professional at golf, you need to quality golf clubs to improve your game. If you think that you can buy golf clubs anytime you want, hold your horses because there are times in the year that are best for buying golf clubs.

As these tools are not cheap by any means, read this article to find out when is the best time of year to buy golf clubs. You can also check out to buy the best golf iron set.

Best Time of Year to Buy Golf Clubs

Since very few people take up golf professionally, and the majority treats it as a hobby, there is no point in spending lots after it and upgrading every couple of months.

Furthermore, if you want to buy golf clubs of particular brands but do not have the money, just wait because there are some time slots in a year where you can buy your desired clubs at a bargain.


Basically, the perfect season for golf is from March-April to September-October; hence the time from November to February, most companies look to unload their previous collection.

Due to the cold temperature, many people refrain from playing golf in the winter season, and so, demand for gear decreases.

Also, you can wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get yourself some good deals on golf clubs.

If you are too scared of the mob in shops, go online to browse for deals online. Most companies offer discounts and seasonal discounts on their web pages, which may not be available in a shop.


After the winter season is over, golfers get ready to start their game, and so they demand new gears increase as everyone wants to improve their game with new and improved golf clubs.

While the shops or manufacturers will not budge the price of the latest gear, you will manage to get some pretty good deals on the older models.

So it is definitely a good time to improve your golf game with some new gears without breaking your bank.


As golf season comes to an end, the manufacturers or sellers know that demand is going to dwindle in winter seasons, so they try to sell off their existing inventory to make space for new products.

So, if you want to buy some clubs but do not want to wait until spring, this is the time for you to grab some clubs.

Buying a set of clubs during this time will also allow you to practice and get used to the clubs. As a result, your performance will improve once the golf season starts.


It is not surprising that nowadays all the companies offer discounts on their products on various holidays.

Father’s Day is probably the best time to buy golf clubs as then many companies offer the most discount as it is the dads who play golf the most.

Then there are Christmas, Black Friday, etc. holidays, which means that you can buy marked down golf clubs at even reduced prices because of seasonal discounts.

Other Reasons to Buy New Golf Clubs

Other Reasons to Buy New Golf Clubs

Here are some other reasons why you might opt for new golf clubs.

If There’s Updated Technology on the Market

If your equipment is five years or older than that, it is definitely necessary for you to change them.

As technology advances, they are implemented on products such as golf irons. So to give yourself a fighting chance and better game, get a new set of clubs.

Regardless of how good a golfer you are, tools made with advanced technology can increase your skill, improve your performance, or even make you want to play again.

If, however, you do not want to spend a ton of cash on buying an updated version of golf clubs, then wait for the experienced players to buy the new clubs and wait for the price of older models to fall.

Buying Second Hand Clubs

The budget is a big factor when deciding to buy some golf clubs. As brand new ones are pretty expensive and you have to wait for winter, spring or fall to get your hands on new ones, you might want to buy second-hand clubs online.

Although it is very convenient, available throughout the year, and lesser expensive than buying brand new clubs, the problem lies with usage. The grooves may be worn out, the model too old or not appropriate for your height and skill.

So if you want to buy golf clubs second hand online or from someone, be very cautious and carefully examine to see if they are appropriate for your needs.

When Your Performance Has Room for Improvment

The best time of the year to buy clubs is when your performance has either improved and with new clubs, it can become even better.

Or your performance has deteriorated, and new clubs will resurrect your passion for the game and give you more confidence.

It may also happen that due to the usage of wrong types of golf clubs, or poor performance. In that case, you should try some new sets which will help improve your performance.

Also, if you are going for lessons to improve your performance or taking up golfing as a newbie, do not buy any set of clubs. Wait until you are done with the lessons because your posture and performance will change.

Once you are aware of these changes, get a set of clubs that will accommodate your posture, and help improve performance.


So now you know during which time of the year you can buy golf clubs without breaking your bank. You can improve your game by upgrading your gears simply by buying in certain seasons like spring, fall, or winter.

But whatever you do, make sure you never buy golf clubs in summer because that is the golf season, and the demand for golf equipment is at its peak.

Also, you may not find any leftover golf clubs from previous models in the shops as they may have sold it to make space for newer models. Also, apart from seasons, you should upgrade your golf equipment once you have become a better player.


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