How to Choose Golf Clubs for Your Height


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Are you looking for new golf clubs? Well, then you have come to the right place! Everyone knows that what makes a good athlete is not just the skill, but the right equipment is just as important!

That is why it is crucial to pick out the correct equipment for yourself, and it is no different when it comes to picking out the right golf clubs.

As height is an important determining factor in choosing the right clubs, it is to be taken very seriously.

So whether you are a newbie or a more advanced player, it is important to know how to choose golf clubs for your height.

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Why Height Is Important

Okay, so we know that height is an important factor to consider while looking for the right clubs. But why is that? Consider this. When you go shopping for a dress or a shirt, do you not look at the length?

Of course, you do! The length would indicate the suitability of the clothes for your purpose. If you are taller than your friend, you would need longer clothes for the same purpose, etc. It is no different when it comes to golf clubs.

The length of the golf clubs with relation to your height will determine your overall performance, how much power you exert on the ball and the angles at which you hit it. All this ultimately determines how successful you are as a golf player.

As a matter of fact, using the wrong sized clubs for your height can greatly hamper your learning of the game as well as hamper your progress.

How to Choose Golf Clubs for Your Height

How to Choose Golf Clubs for Your Height

Now that we have an idea as to why height is important, it is time to take a look at how to actually choose the golf clubs.

  1. Measure Your Height

    It might sound obvious, but it must be done! In order to be able to pick out the right clubs, you first need to measure your own height.

    If you already know it, then that’s great. But if you aren’t sure, or might have gotten taller, then be sure to measure it now.

    The best way to do this is to ask someone to measure it using a height scale. Stand straight on the scale and measure the height from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

  2. Measure Your Wrist-Floor Length

    For this step, you will need a tape measure. You must stand straight once again. Then loosely hang your hands by your sides.

    Ask your friend/assistant to measure the length from the top of your wrist to the floor. The tape measure must be held straight for this measurement.

  3. Look at a Standard Golf Club Size Chart

    Different manufacturers have different sized products for different heights. Yet taking a look at a standard size chart will help give you a general idea about your needs, so it is advisable.

    There are different standard charts for height and wrist-floor lengths, and both should be perused.

    These charts are easily available online and in golf stores.

  4. Pick the Right Putter

    Even though it may not seem like it, the length of the putter is linked to the height of the player.

    Standard putter sizing guidelines are available online and will help you buy the right putter for your height.

  5. Try out Some Clubs

    A great way to get an idea of the right club for your height is to go to a store and simply try it out! It is best to try out some standard-sized clubs for this purpose.

  6. Talk to a Size-Fitter

    It is best to get the opinion of a size-fitter before making your purchase. Other than the above-mentioned measurements, a size-fitter will take a look at your swing using either a standard-sized golf club or one you already own.

Static vs. Dynamic Fit

Static vs. Dynamic Fit

The above-mentioned methods for measurements belong to the static fitting category for golf clubs. There is another way to determine the right clubs for your height, however. This method is called dynamic fitting, and it uses a launch monitor.

A lot of factors are involved in this fitting, but it gives a more accurate fit. If you want a custom golf club fit, then you will need to get a dynamic fitting, and this will give you the best clubs for your height.

Things to Be Aware of

If you have read the article so far, then you are now well equipped to pick out the right clubs for your height. But there are still some factors to consider and beware of.


It is important to provide the golf club store or size-fitter with your handicap in order to pick the right club for your height.


Males and females have different standard charts, so make sure to look at the right one for your gender.

Driver Length

People often think that the longer the driver shaft length, the better. It’s actually more complicated than that, and the average driver length happens to be 45.5 inches. Longer than that is unlikely to be helpful, but it is better to talk to a fitter about that.

Weight and Flex

Increasing the length of the shaft increases the weight of the club. Even if your height might call for a longer shaft, the weight of the club should definitely be kept in mind, as it will affect your performance.

The same goes for the flex, which becomes softer with the length of the shaft, and stiffer as the shaft gets shorter.

Final Words

Congratulations for reading through all this information! It can indeed be confusing to learn how to choose golf clubs for your height, but with the right guidance, it should be easy!

Hopefully, this article has been successful in making it easy for you. Now you can go and finally pick out the right golf clubs for your height!


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