Samsung Doorbell Cam – Works With SmartThings, Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Samsung Doorbell Cam - Works With SmartThings, Google Home and Amazon Alexa

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The Samsung Doorbell Cam works with smart home devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT. It also integrates with SmartThings.

Smart homes have become a booming industry. Many home owners choose to integrate smart home systems so they can control things like lights, curtains, door locks and security cameras. But these smart home devices are not always compatible. SmartThings is a popular smart home system that provides compatibility with hundreds of different smart home devices. And now you can add the Samsung SmartCam HD doorbell to your existing smart home setup with a new firmware update from Samsung. The Samsung SmartCam HD doorbell can be used to answer calls, view video footage, check the status of your front door lock, see who is at the door, and more. The new firmware update works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, so you can set it up once and use it in every room of your home. So, if you have a Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple HomeKit enabled smart speaker, then you can now answer your door with the SmartCam HD doorbell. To learn more about the Samsung SmartCam HD doorbell and what it can do, check out our Hands-On Review of the Samsung SmartCam HD.

This is the latest Samsung Doorbell Camera. It can connect with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings. It’s the perfect tool to monitor your home even when you’re away from your phone.


Samsung SmartCam HD doorbell is a doorbell camera for your house that uses the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to open your front door automatically. With this feature, you don’t have to touch the doorbell button when you walk out to your front door. Once your phone detects that you are home, the doorbell camera starts recording, and your phone unlocks and opens the front door for you. Now, you can watch what’s going on at your front door on your smartphone, tablet or other device. It also has a key fob so you can use it to let people into your home.



⦁ Connect with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings

⦁ Supports two-way audio

⦁ Uses smart home features like light control, thermostat control, music player and more

⦁ Works with your existing doorbell system

⦁ Remotely view your front door and control the doorbell

⦁ Supports up to four simultaneous connections

⦁ Comes with key fob

⦁ Up to 50 feet range

⦁ Supports high definition video recording

⦁ Compatible with both wired and wireless doorbell systems

⦁ IP68 waterproof rating

⦁ Supports 1080p 60fps video recording

⦁ Runs

How it works

⦁ Once you turn on the SmartCam HD doorbell, it connects to your Alexa, Google Home or SmartThings device.

⦁ You can talk to the device using your voice, just like you would with your smartphone.

⦁ To use the app, you will need to sign in to your Alexa account, Google Home or SmartThings account.

⦁ The app lets you view your video stream, set reminders and control your doorbell.

⦁ You can also remotely control the doorbell using the app.

⦁ You can also see who is at your door from your mobile device.

Setup and installation

⦁ To set up your SmartCam HD doorbell, follow the steps below.

Install the app on your phone.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The app will ask you to select your camera type, install the camera software and add your WiFi password.

Open the app.

You will see your camera is set up and ready to use.

Use the app to access your camera and control it remotely.

When you want to see who is at your door, open the app and make sure the camera is on.

⦁ You will see the video feed on your smartphone.

⦁ Use the app to control your doorbell.

Pros and Cons

Pros: It is very easy to set up.

Pros: You can view the video feed on your phone.

Pros: It is compatible with both wired and wireless doorbell systems.

Pros: It has a water resistance rating of IP68.

Pros: You can use it with Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings.

Cons: The camera range is limited to 50 feet.


There are many doorbell cameras on the market, and each one has its own pros and cons. One thing to keep in mind is that most of them cost around $200 to $300. For that price, you will get a quality camera that has a good range and is easy to install.

Pricing of Samsung Doorbell Cam – Pros and Cons

A good doorbell camera will allow you to see who is at your door and control the camera remotely. There are some really good options available for you to buy online. It is a smart idea to shop around before you purchase.

Samsung Doorbell Cam is one of the best options for you.


It is easy to set up. You can watch the video feed on your phone. It can be used with Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings.


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