Costa 400g vs. 580g – Which One Is Better?


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Sunglasses are both a fashion statement and protection for your eyes. And the sunglasses from Costa make sure to offer both at a good and balanced rate, making them one of the industry’s biggest brands.

While they offer a lot of other models, we are going to focus on two of their most popular ones and point out the difference between them in this Costa 400g vs. 580g comparison article.

Both have their ups and downsides, so in the end, depending on your preference and needs, it is up to you to decide which one is better between the two for you!

Costa 400g vs. 580g Comparison

Costa 400gCosta 580g
PROS– Lightweight and durable
– Blocks 99% of the UV rays
– Flexible body; helps to adjust different face shapes better
– Padded nose frame makes it comfortable to wear
– Patented unique lightWave technology blocks all the sun glares
– Blocks 100% of UV rays
– Lenses are scratch-resistant
– Absorbs the harmful blue lights
– Reduces yellow light and eye strain
– Sturdy and durable frame
CONS– Prescription lenses can make it quite heavy
– Might show double vision sometimes when there are any other lights nearby
– Quite heavy
– Might fog up sometimes

After reviewing the two, we have found these few major and distinctive differences between them:

The Lenses

Both the 400g and 580g uses glass lenses. However, the 400g lenses are much lighter and thinner than your average polarized lenses, including the 580g’s. On the other hand, the 580g lenses are scratch-resistant, water-repelling, and absorb blue lights as well.

The Frame

One of the most significant differences other than the lenses is the frame of the two. The 400g has a plastic frame, whereas the 580g uses a resin frame.

This gives it their key difference in the frames, as the 400g’s is on the flexible side, and the 580g’s is more sturdy and solid. It is also heavier. 

Weight and Comfortability

As we previously stated, the overall construction of the two creates a very noticeable difference between their weights. With a much lighter frame and lenses, the 400g is significantly less in weight than the 580g. This makes the former a bit more comfortable to wear longer.

Color Options

The 400g lenses are available in only two color options: blue mirror and green mirror. But the 580g comes with around six different color options.

UV Protection

On a less significant yet important difference, the 400g offers up to 99% protection from the UV rays, and the 580g offers a full 100% protection and blocking of the harmful rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 400g and 580g in Costa sunglasses?

One of the biggest differences is the lens and the quality between the two. The frames come in second with a difference between the materials used and the weight.

Are Costa sunglasses worth it?

If you are looking for a high-quality pair of sunglasses that protect you from harmful rays, sun glares and is durable, then yes, they are worth the money.

Do the glasses come with a case?

Yes, both the models come with a solid zipper case to protect and carry your glasses around safely.

How much does the 580g actually weigh?

It weighs approximately about 40 grams or 1.4 ounces. This can change a lot if you are going to use your prescription lenses.

Are there fake Costa sunglasses?

Yes, there are. A good way to tell them apart is by simply looking at the logo on the glasses. The real one has a shape of a wave for the letter C.

Costa 400g

The 400g, with a beautiful blue mirror coating, is a great pair of sunglasses to take with you while fishing on a sunny day. They are not only practical but also stylish as well.

Starting with the frame, it is a plastic build. This makes it much more lightweight and comfortable to wear. The plastic frame is quite durable as well, along with being slightly flexible, which helps to adjust and fit on the face better.

Along with that, it has a nose or temple padding, so you will be totally comfortable wearing it for a long time. It also helps in the fitting as it prevents the glasses from sliding off because of perspiration etc.

It uses glass for the polarized lenses, and it has a patented unique lightWave technology. This ensures a thinner glass compared to the others, and in addition to the plastic frame, it builds upon its lightweight nature.

And thanks to this, it becomes much more comfortable to carry it with you as well. Plus, the frames have TR-90 nylon injected in them, which gives it flexibility and a much better durable body than before.

Besides, the hinges have a typical optical spring, which further makes it easier to fit most head frames and face shapes. Alongside, it also decreases the possibility of it snapping in the process.

Moreover, on an important note, the glass lenses can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Also, its excellent polarization completely blocks the sun glares only to let you enjoy yourself under the sun.

Costa 580g

The 580g or the Fantail model of the brand is another great pair of your everyday polarized sunglasses. You can wear them to fishing, to the beach, or on just any day the sun’s glares are too harsh.

It glass lenses can block a total of 100% of UV rays, making your eyes safe from the harmful effects of the rays. These polarized lenses also offer much higher performance than their other ones.

One of the reasons is that the lenses have more than one patented technology. This helps in reducing more yellow lights for a clearer view under the sunlight. And as a result, you will see more red, blue, and green colors or lights, giving you total protection from the sun glares.

Moreover, the lenses are scratch resistant as well as also coming with a water-repellant coating. So your lenses have adequate protection to them, and you won’t need any replacements anytime soon.

Along with that, it absorbs the harmful blue light as well, making them a multifunctional pair of sunglasses you can use while using your phones, computers, etc. You are also getting much more lens color options and frame styles.

Besides that, the frame of the sunglasses is resin, which means they are much sturdier and less prone to damages. However, they can be quite heavy because of it and can be slightly uncomfortable for the wearer.

Additionally, the lenses are 59 millimeters in width and 14 millimeters in height, along with being 100% polarized and anti-reflective. This reduces any chance of eye strain.


Since it is one of the top-selling brands for polarized sunglasses, the comparison of costa 400g vs. 580g is essential to tell what exactly is special between the two. And we hope this article has made the differences clear to you.


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