Top 5 Best Golf Rangefinder under $200 – Buyer’s Guide


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Rangefinders are most beneficial to surveyors, hunters, and even golfers. In the game of golf, there is no doubt that you want to reduce all the time wasted looking for balls in the course. So, having a rangefinder is pretty much a good investment.

Well, the prominence of this device has been thriving for the past few years. That is why, nowadays, there is a myriad of options offered in a wide range of prices. But, do you need to spend more just to get one?

In this guide, we will provide you with the golf rangefinder that you can find on the market today.

Let’s have an in-depth overview of the products and a buying guide to help you with your decision-making.

So, to answer the question earlier, it would be no! A good product doesn’t need to break the bank. Just keep on reading to know more!

Why Range Finder Is Important?

Why Range Finder Is Important

Rangefinders are often used in the game of golf, but it is not only limited to that application. Here are more reasons why this is especially crucial:


This device can also be used to have a clear idea about the exact distance between you and the target.

So, it gives you the confidence to hit the target. This is sure to eliminate all the guesswork that can go wrong when you don’t have such a device.


Furthermore, this high-quality and high-performance monocular rangefinders can replace all the binoculars for all good reasons.

With this device, you can essentially get two benefits for a price of one – distance and magnification.


These outdoor gears don’t also drain your bank account. There is numerous budget-friendly unit with the same performance as the high-end ones available on the market.

Top 5 Golf Rangefinder Under $200

These rangefinders hold a lot of advantages. For sure, by the time you decide to purchase one, you will be flooded with a lot of choices.Take note, selecting the right device can be daunting.

Below, you will find out our top 5 picks of the best models with a price range below $200 and their corresponding features and specifications.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec has been one of the leading manufacturers of affordable and reliable rangefinders for many years.

Hence, our top spot goes to the VPRO500 golf rangefinder from the said brand.
If you’re looking for the best model for your money, then look no further than this product.

This rangefinder is a premium model equipped with a lot of excellent features at a very reasonable price. For this reason, it can quickly and accurately measure distance while improving your game like a pro.

One of its defining features is the PinSensor technology. With this, it is capable to instantly measure up to 540 yards with a +/- 1 yard accuracy.

This device can also measure through overlapping subjects, which means it will be perfect in evaluating hazards, golf flags, and wooded areas.

Much more, it is equipped with a multi-layered optical lens coating. This ensures sturdiness as well as allows more light, thereby giving you a pristine and brighter image. Also, it will be easier for you to understand the display of distance reading and battery meter.

This rangefinder also has a 6x magnification, which is more than enough for a decent golf rangefinder. But, having high magnification requires you to have a steady hand for a clear image, especially in long-range.If you’re struggling with this, you can use a tripod for stability.

Also, it is equipped with a continuous scan mode called the ProScan. This feature is most helpful in the game of golf since it can recognize different hazards such as sand traps, water, or any objects other than the flag. If you want a quick evaluation of the course, then this is perfect for you.

Overall, this is a product that is jam-packed with features and sold at a very reasonable market price. It’s worth buying given everything that it can offer.


  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Water-resistant body
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Lenses tend to fog up

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Next up is this Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder packed with a lot of excellent features making it one of the highly-rated products on the market.

First off, it offers a pin acquisition technology. With this, it will be able to lock into the pin about 300 yards away with a superior accuracy of +/- 1 yard. It will ensure you with precision even if there are obstructions like trees or any objects.

This unit has the highest quality 6x magnification capability. It will aid you in landscape scanning to obtain multiple targets and also in pin targeting with ease.

And it doesn’t stop there, it has a great range from 5 yards up to 1000 yards. This is more than enough when utilized in the golf course.

One of its most exciting attributes is the exclusive BIRDIE feature. This will play an audible sound like the chirp of birds to confirm the distance acquisition to your flagstick.

Much more, it is equipped with a slope measurement technology. This feature measures the incline and decline angle of the slope, then automatically provides calculations of the adjusted distance of the slope.

In addition to that, this function can be easily turned off with just a press on the button. So, it can be helpful in case you’ll join any tournament or competition, and this feature is not legal to use.

On top of it all, it has an LCD that shows all the readings you need to improve your game. This device also comes with a carrying case allowing you to conveniently bring it around with you. But, it is also compact enough to just fit in your pocket.

Given all of these attributes, it can offer you indeed with an exceptional performance that a rangefinder can. You will for sure get your money’s worth.


  • Great 1000-yard range
  • Equipped with PAT technology
  • Birdie feature
  • Slope measurement technology
  • Easy-to-read LCD


  • Difficult to read results if in a low-light conditions

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Precision Pro Golf NX7

Precision Pro Golf NX7

NX7 golf rangefinder from Precision Pro Golf has earned its spot here on our list for some good reasons. All its amazing features and specifications are discussed below. So, let’s get into it.

Precision Pro Golf has been known to specialize in making golf rangefinders, and this product is one of their most premium units offered.

It has a cool green and black design that comes with a hex-texturing surface outside for a better grip.

This model is a laser rangefinder that has an effective range of about 400 yards with an accuracy of +/- 1-yard. It is usually an ideal choice for smaller courses.

Featuring the target acquisition technology, it can scan the objects in the field of view while staying focus on your desired target.

This product ensures that you’ll get an improved accuracy with a 6x magnification capability. It will be able to effortlessly locate the flag even with your shaky hands.

Much more, it is also equipped with pulse vibration technology. With this, the device is capable to deliver a short vibration by the time it successfully measures the distance. You’re sure you’ll get accurate results on the display.

Also, it comes with adaptive slope support to determine the inclination and declination of your target as well as to know how you should play it. Anyway, it can be disabled in case you’ll be joining tournaments and it is not allowed.

Although this comes with a few drawbacks, it can still deliver great functionality that you need in a rangefinder plus its free services.

Uniquely, this product includes a complimentary precision care package. It offers battery replacement, trade-in allowances, and many more.

Without a doubt, this equipment is a decent and user-friendly product, especially for beginners.


  • TAG technology
  • Has a 6x magnification power
  • Equipped with the pulse vibration technology
  • Comes with more inclusions


  • Offers a much less effective range compared to other units on the same price range

Anyork Golf Rangefinder

Anyork Golf Rangefinder

This golf rangefinder from Anyork integrates a lot of exceptional features that you’re looking for. From its built to its performance, it can deliver optimum performance, for sure. Let’s get into it one by one!

First off, it features a slope measurement technology that allows you to assess the angle of incline and decline.Then, it automatically computes the adjusted slope distance.

If you decide to join a competition or tournament, this product will still be a good choice. You can turn off the automatic measurement mode if it’s not allowed.

It has two scan range modes – general mode and golf slope mode. In general mode, it is designed for the actual space distance.

While as for the golf slope mode, it includes the angle and the adjusted slope distance between you and the target.

Much more, it is equipped with jolt technology. While on the continuous range scan, you will be notified whenever it has locked your desired target by vibration. It will display the distance through an LCD screen installed in it.

Also, it is equipped with PinSeeker technology that gives you the compensated distance depending on the uphill or downhill of the hole.

For sure, you can easily hit the target using the accurate data given. On top of it all, it has a great range from 5 yards up to 1500 yards with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.

Therefore, this product will not disappoint when it comes to enhancing your performance. You can get more than what you expected.

Taking into account all of these attributes and specifications, it is worth every penny you spend on it.


  • Vibration is produced by the time it has locked on the target
  • Slope measurement is disabled with ease for competitions and tournaments
  • Auto shut-off when not in use
  • Waterproof LCD


  • Not so durable

Upside Golf LOCKON Rangefinder

Upside Golf LOCKON Rangefinder

Last but not least is this LOCKON rangefinder from Upside Golf. It has all the exceptional features that you will surely love. So, let’s get into it!

This unit is the world’s first rangefinder with a patent-pending NeoMag lock-on system through a built-in high-power magnet.

It adds an unparalleled security level and will keep your device secured by locking it into carts and golf irons.

Much more, it has amazing precise accuracy with 0.5 yards for an effective range of about 650 yards.

Also, this device is equipped with a high-definition lens having a 6x magnification capability. It can improve your game in golf for sure!

One of its excellent features is the dual-mode settings. You can choose from tournament mode or slope mode.

While on the tournament mode, there are certain features that are disabled in case they are not allowed to be utilized.

But then, it can measure the legal exact distance to the pin. As for the slope mode, you will know the compensated distance of the measured elevation changes of the target.

Furthermore, this device produces a high-frequency buzz vibration when it has the target locked in.

It also has a pin-lock function that stabilizes it even if you have shaky hands.
Hence, this product is a must-have! It is not just your typical rangefinder out there.


  • Has a built-in magnet that locks onto any metal surfaces
  • Dual-mode device
  • Pin vibration
  • Powerful magnification
  • Easily accessible


  • Proper yardage reading can be slower than others

Features to Consider Before Buying

When it comes to purchasing a product, you shouldn’t just pick and buy in a snap of a finger, especially when you have a lot of options on the market.

Therefore, you must have things to consider beforehand so you won’t end up on the wrong product.

Also, you can do some research and read some buying guides to have some ideas and knowledge that can help a lot.

Below, you’ll find all the features of a golf rangefinder that you should take into consideration if you want to have the best one.


This factor should be the first information you need to get started with the process of buying a rangefinder.

You must make sure you’ve selected the product intended for its use. Some may be utilized for hunting, surveying, or golfing.

Although there are models that can be used for two functions, not all rangefinders are made and designed equally.

You can find products that are capable of multi-function, but, for sure, it will cost you more.


One of the most important factors is the optics. Everything that you’ll see greatly depends on its lens. It will certainly make a big difference. Select a rangefinder with a high-quality optical, allowing you to see your goal better.

Also, you could make use of an optic with an adjustable diopter. With this, you’ll be able to let the device adapt to your eyesight.

Much more, optics used on hunting or golf should enlarge and show a complete view of your target.

It should be equipped with buttons allowing you to increase or decrease the zoom of the optic.
If your hands are shaky, you can opt for a tripod to provide you with stability allowing the rangefinder to measure your targeted object precisely.


Accuracy of a golf rangefinder

It is probably the core function of a rangefinder. This usually depends on the model and the price range of the device.

But for sure, you will find some models that work like the high-end ones at a much lower price.
Generally, rangefinders offer accuracy within 1 yard.

Some units are more advanced that has the capability of measuring distance accurately within 0.5-yard. Also, this feature depends on its ability to precisely lock onto the target.


This is also a very essential factor to consider. The durability of these outdoor gears corresponds to their lifespan.

Since you’ll mostly utilize it outside, it has a great chance of facing a lot of harsh elements from the environment, such as heavy rain or strong sunlight.

Various models are water-resistant or fully-waterproof. Make sure that you select a product that has this kind of feature.

As for golfing, this will be pretty much used around 30 to 40 times per round during the game. So, it can be tossed around, mishandled, dropped, and all sorts of abuse it can get.

Make sure that the rangefinder is built with the sturdiest and toughest material that has all the properties to endure all of these.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is one of the most crucial features to look for in a rangefinder. This is most important to persons who need to wear eyeglasses all the time.

It is the required distance of your eye to the eyepiece of the device where you’ll be seeing the target clearly and fully without any distractions.

If allowed, make sure to manually test the device. You can do this by putting the rangefinder at several distances from your eye and determine which distance suits you the most. Mostly, an eye relief of 15 mm is provided in the device.


It is very important to make sure that the rangefinder you’ll purchase has a good range. This can be most beneficial to hunters.

But it doesn’t just only tell them about the distance, it can do more. There are sophisticated ones that can calculate the angle between the target animal and the gun and even the best time to fire.

As for a rangefinder used to play golf, you must have a range of at least 500 to 600 yards. With this, you’ll be able to estimate the force you need to put in that swing.

Angle Compensation

You should also consider the angle compensation of a rangefinder. This is another important factor you need to get the suited device with maximum accuracy and precision.

With this feature, it will make the game of golf much easier even for beginners by displaying an angle compensation information on the screen. And it can even program a perfect route to take your shot.

Slope Mode

This feature should be among the first things you should consider when making a rangefinder purchase. It’s an excellent feature that can help you create and enhance your skills and abilities.

But you should also know that you can’t have this feature in tournaments and competitions. They don’t authorize you to use a rangefinder with a slope mode.

So, make sure that you’ll choose a product that allows you to turn off this feature when needed.

Scan Mode

Scan mode of a rangefinder is considered to be a special feature allowing you to scan the field and have the various measurements of the objects with a click on a button.

This is most useful to golfers and hunters since it will be able to provide an instant reading and changes of distance.

Battery Life

Make sure to buy a product that has a longer span of battery life so it can offer you extensive years of service.

Hence, it is very important to check the specification of the unit properly. Also, read some feedback from users regarding this, so you’ll know if you’ll choose a reliable product.


It is very important to choose a product that is well-equipped to withstand all the weather conditions it will encounter. Since this is outdoor gear, you’ll inevitably utilize rangefinders even if it’s raining.

So, it is very necessary to check if the unit that you’ve chosen has this attribute. With this, you don’t have to worry about the weather outside when you want to play golf or go hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a golf rangefinder on competitions or tournaments?

Yes, you can. But certain features are not allowed during the game. Make sure to read the guidelines and rules first beforehand.

How can I start a rangefinder?

This usually depends on the model that you have. But the first thing you should do is check if there are already batteries inserted in your unit.

If it has, then your unit should have a power button that you could press, and then you’re good to go.

Are all rangefinders equipped with screens?

Some rangefinders have screens; some don’t. This also depends on the product that you’ve chosen to purchase.

If you prefer one with screens, make sure to check its specification before purchasing.
Others find it very useful having screens on their rangefinder since they will be provided with a display of the measurement results and indications to make the correct shot.

Can I carry rangefinders in my pocket?

Yes, you can. There are numerous rangefinders that have a compact design, portable, and lightweight enough to carry around in your pocket.

What is PinSeeker Technology?

PinSeeker Technology is a feature of a rangefinder that accurately locates the flag by getting rid of all the obstructions in the background.

Final Words

After reading this article, hopefully, you have found the perfect one that suits your needs and preferences.

With so many options to opt for, you only deserve the golf rangefinder. Well, you can choose among our top picks or utilize our buying guide to help you come up with a decision.

Enjoy playing the game of golf more than ever with amazing rangefinders listed above!


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