Top 5 Best Dryer under $500 – Review 2021


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Washed an outfit saved for a special occasion a night before but found it sopping wet right before you wanted to put them on? Want to eliminate the hassle of visiting the laundry frequently? Are you looking for something that will not only dry up your clothes but also make them soft and fluffy?

Then you are undoubtedly looking for a dryer. It thoroughly dries up your clothes by removing moisture through even heat distribution.

Having a dryer right at home makes laundry works much more efficient and hassle-free.

Now, if you are within a budget and are looking for the dryer under $500, then you came to the right spot.

Sit back and let us guide you through. Hopefully, you will get the right one for you by the end of this article.

Best Dryer Under $500 – Review in 2021

budget Dryer review

Compared to washing machines, not a lot of innovation has been done in the case of dryers. That is why they are not as flashy as most the washers are nowadays.

But, among all the options, we did manage to find out some that are offering a great value proposition. These are:

hOmeLabs 2.6 Cubic Feet Compact Laundry Dryer

hOmeLabs 2.6 Cubic Feet Compact Laundry Dryer

If you are searching for the best electric dryer under $500 that is not only efficient but also packs a lot of features, then you should put this unit from hOmeLabs into your consideration.

This unit features a front-loading electric drying process that is capable of drying out any type of clothes that you decide to throw at it.

It sports a generous amount of space inside that is at 2.6 cubic feet and can dry up to nine pounds of clothes at one run.

Other than that, it comes integrated with a transparent viewing window that will let you peek through the clothes inside.

The unit also features a top-notch stainless steel tub inside that will resist scratches and nicks. It will have the same smooth finish throughout its life cycle.

The machine is extremely versatile too. With the three high responsive mechanical control that features straightforward navigation, you can customize the drying process for each session.

Among all the settings, you can cool the clothes for up to twenty minutes, dry them up for up to three hours, or even air dry them with cold air for up to 80 minutes.

In the case of efficiency, the unit comes featured with an auto-shutoff mechanism that saves energy after the clothes are all dried up.

Besides that, it features an innovative lint filter, which you can clean easily. The unit also features a quiet drying operation.

As the machine comes features with a 1400 watts engine, it will be able to dry off your clothes exceptionally fast.

In the case of the overall footprint, the unit is relatively compact. You can easily fit it in the corner of your room.


  • Relative compact in size
  • Exceptionally efficient
  • Features a quieter drying operation
  • Extremely versatile
  • Comes packed with a powerful drying mechanism


  • The machine malfunctions a lot from time to time
  • Does not feature a metal rack to stack it next to a washing machine

COSTWAY 1700W Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

COSTWAY 1700W Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

In your search for the best clothes dryer under 500 dollars, you will stumble upon many machines.

But, not all of them will be able to offer you the perfect combination of convenient features such as this one from COSTWAY.

This front-loading machine features a spacious capacity. It is at 3.22 cubit feet, and it can dry up to 13.2 pounds of clothes in each session.

You can dry the clothing of your whole family in one go with this machine.
The machine comes featured with a powerful 1700 watts motor that operates at 120 volts.

It provides a reliable drying performance with the drum inside that provides consistent warm air. With such power and an integrated PTC heating element, it will offer an enhanced drying performance.

Alongside that, it features a relatively larger diameter tumbler that has an integrated s-shaped mechanism.

This mechanism allows the machine to adopt both reverse and forward tumbling action. It will aid in eliminating tangles, wrinkles, and will give you soft and fluffy clothes.

Other than that, the machine is incredibly efficient too. It features a four-layer filter that is extremely easy to clean.

The auto shut-off feature will save energy after each session. Even the tumbling operation is comparatively quieter.

Besides that, the machine features an intuitive UI that is easy to operate. You can set up the settings according to the quantity and material of the clothing in just a few steps.

The airing functionality can eliminate weird odors out of your clothes and can also do a second cleaning by cooling them up.

Lastly, the machine is relatively compact too. You can easily fit in in a corner or wall-mount it or just rack-mount it.


  • Features a relatively large capacity
  • Has both forward and reverse tumbling action
  • Filter can be cleaned easily
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to navigate UI


  • Takes comparatively longer time to dry off a full load
  • The machine is relatively heavy to carry

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COSTWAY Electric Compact Laundry Dryer 13LBS

COSTWAY Electric Compact Laundry Dryer 13LBS

Just like we have stated that compared to washing machines, dryers have not seen that much of advancements.

And, in your search for the best tumble dryer under 500, you will find a handful of units that can offer such a combination of performance and value proposition such as this one from COSTWAY.

This machine comes packed with a capable 1500 watts motor that operates at 120 volts. With the combination of the engine and advanced built-in features, it can dry up clothes relatively faster than most of the machines that are available in the market.

The unit is extremely versatile too. It is capable of tackling any type of clothes you throw in it. From the seven different options, you can choose the right one according to the nature and material of the cloth. You can set the timer by yourself too.

Even the efficiency of the unit is admirable too. The innovative air intake filter will efficiently dry your clothes up, and the auto shut-off mechanism will save energy.

You will also easily be able to clean the filter when necessary. Also, the unit operates at a relatively lower noise.

The stainless steel container inside is resistant to scratches and nicks, which means it will stay in the same smooth finish for the entire lifecycle.

It can hold up to 13 pounds of clothing in one session. On the outside, it features a translucent viewing window for easy visibility.

This unit is one of the most compact dryers that can reach up to 172° Fahrenheit temperature in a relatively short time.

For its compact nature, you can easily fit it in small corners of your room or mount it on a wall or a rack.


  • Comes featured with a capable motor
  • Extremely versatile
  • Provide an efficient and quiet drying performance
  • Features adequate capacity
  • Compact in size


  • Some units ship with damaged parts
  • The included manual vaguely discusses the functions

Magic Chef MCPMCSDRY35W 3.5 cu. ft.


While you are looking for the right dryer, you might want something that is not loaded with useless features. In that case, you should take a look into this unit from Magic chef.

To begin with, it has a capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. The machine can hold up to 13 pounds of clothing.

That means you will be able to dry off a whole lot of clothes in just one session. Outside the container, there is a translucent window to let you see the clothes inside.

The machine sports a motor that operates at 110 volts. It has a rating of around 1600 watts. You can expect your clothes to dry up relatively fast.

One of the highlighting features of the unit is that it comes with built-in humidity sensors. The sensors will make sure that the clothes that are in the machine are appropriately dried so that you can wear fluffy and soft to the touch fabrics.

Other than that, the machine comes featured with a high-quality stainless steel container. The tub features exceptional durability, and you can expect it to function the same way as it did in day one for an extended period.

The machine is versatile too. You can choose between three different drying temperatures. Each of the options is for a type of cloth fabric.

That means you can set the machine to dry according to the kind of clothes you put inside it.
It also comes featured with some advanced functionalities too.

One of them is the periodic tumbling session that initiates at the end of each cycle. This session aids in reducing wrinkles out of the dried clothes.


  • Can hold up to 13 pounds of clothes
  • Sports a durable stainless steel container
  • Features an easy to see panel
  • Versatile drying performance
  • Helps eliminate wrinkles from clothes


  • Tub scratches relatively easy
  • Comparatively louder than most of the machines

Panda PAN60SF-01 Compact Portable Dryer 3.5cu.ft

Panda PAN60SF-01 Compact Portable Dryer

Are you looking for a compact dryer? Want a dryer that has a small footprint but has a capacity that is on par with most of the larger dryers? Then look no more! This unit from panda is what you were looking for all this time!

Just like we have stated, the machine is extremely compact. It sports a footprint of 23.6 x 22 x 28 inches.

You will be able to fit this in the tightest corner of your room without any hassle at all. It can also be mounted on a wall, or you can even rack it up if you want to save space.

But do not let the size fool you. Even though the unit is compact, it has a tub capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. It can hold up to 13 pounds of clothes.That means you will able to dry off most of your clothes in one go.

Other than that, the unit comes packed with a drying motor that operates at 110 volts. It can provide up to 1500 watts.

That means it might not be faster than most of the machines out there, but it will get the job done without taking an excruciatingly long time.

In the inside, it comes featured with a stainless steel tub. On the outside, it features a translucent lid with which you can easily monitor the clothes inside.

Besides that, the machine is power efficient too. With the built-in moisture sensor, it will turn itself off after thoroughly drying all the clothes inside. It also features a competent lint filter that is removable.

Lastly, you can choose between four modes. You can switch between hot, cool, air dry, or normal mode according to the fabrics of your clothes.


  • Exceptionally compact
  • Features relatively larger tub
  • Easy to see viewing window
  • Has a built-in moisture sensor
  • Different drying options for different types of fabric


  • Takes relatively longer time to dry off clothes properly
  • The customer support is below average

Features to Look for Before Buying

Not all the dryers that you are going to find in the market will offer you the best bang for the buck.

That is why in your adventure of choosing the best clothes dryer under 500 dollars for yourself, you should keep some factors in mind. These are:


Dryer size

The first thing that you have to consider is the size of the machine. You will find many units that have an unnecessarily large footprint.

Those units are harder to fit into the room, and you will also have a tough time mounting them on the wall.

On the other hand, a compact dryer will be much easier to store in the corner of your room. You can easily mount it up on a wall or even rack it up with your washing machine.


Even if you decide to opt for a compact-sized dryer, you should keep the tub capacity into consideration.

Remember, the overall footprint of the machine is not related to the tub capacity. Many dryers sport a compact design but have on par capacity as of larger units.

Now, in case of the total capacity, the more clothes you can fit into the machine, the less drying cycles you have to go through. You will save not only time but also power.

For that reason, you should choose a unit that features a relatively large capacity.


Not all the clothes that we wear have the same type of fabrics. Likewise, not all clothing materials can handle the same kind of drying operation. That is why different options are necessary to keep the clothes in its best form.

For that reason, while choosing your next best clothes dryer under $500, you should pick the one that comes with different drying options.


The drying power of the unit is another critical factor. In a nutshell, the more power that the machine will have, the less amount of time you have to wait for a drying session to end.

So, if you want to put on your clothes right after you finish your laundry, you should pick one that boasts a significant drying power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a dryer machine work?

In the case of electric dryers, the even distribution of hot air throughout each cycle dries the clothes.
The motor inside provides hot air in the tub, and as the clothes tumble, all the moisture dries up. As the moisture dries up, the clothes eventually dry up too.

How does a dryer machine work

Can I use a dryer machine as a room heater?

As dryers provide hot air, if you can turn the machine on without keeping the lid closed, you probably can heat up your room with a drying machine.
But, it would not be as much cost-effective as of getting a room heater.

Will I be able to find replaceable parts for my dryer in case anything goes wrong?

Yes, you can. Most of the replaceable parts for dryer machines are cheap and easy to find. But before you make a purchase, make sure that the part will fit your unit.

Can a dryer machine kill germs?

Drying up clothes can kill germs. Most of the bacteria are vulnerable to heat, so in a way, a drying machine can kill germs.

Do drying machines consume a whole lot of power?

It all depends on the efficiency of the unit. Efficient machines will consume comparatively less power. Also, getting a dryer at home instead of visiting the laundry will definitely save you some bucks.

Final Words

To conclude, we hope that we have narrowed down the list of options to a certain amount that now it is easier for you to choose the good dryer under $500.

We would like to end it here by wishing you good luck and hoping that all your clothes remain dry.


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