The 5 Best Massage Chair under $2000 – Review in 2021


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Is the pressure of everyday life getting too much for you? Then why not invest in a high-quality massage chair under $2000?

With this hefty investment, you can relieve your stress at the end of the day at the comfort of your home.

You no longer need to hire a professional masseuse when you have a massage chair at home. Although 2000 dollars is not a small sum, the utility it brings almost pays for itself.

Whatever your daily responsibilities might be, you need to ensure that you can start the day without any stress and pressure.

With a massage chair, you can relax after a busy day and let go of the strains and muscle clamps.

If you have a decent budget, then you will not need to compromise on the quality of the unit that you buy. With 2000 dollars, you can go with the top of the line units that will fix you up real good.

But if you do not have a clear idea of which brands or units are the better ones, you might not be able to make the best possible investment.

In this article, we will give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know regarding a massage chair and which units are worth buying when you have a budget of 2000 dollars.

Top 5 Massage Chair under $2000 Review in 2021

At this budget, you do not need to sacrifice any comfort features when you are buying a massage chair.

However, with this big of an investment, you want to make sure you have the best build quality so that the unit serves you well for a lifetime. Unfortunately, even some high-end products have some durability issues.

To save you from filtering it out yourself, here are our picks for the top massage chair under $2000 that you can find on the market.

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

The first product on our list is by a brand called Human Touch that provides quite exquisite massage chairs at this price point.

This unit brings many excellent features that ensure you have the most relaxing and therapeutic experience to let go of all the tension building up in your body.

It comes with five massage patterns that ensure you have full control over how you want the chair to take care of you.

The preset patterns are full, upper, lower, relax, and sleep massage, which give you plenty of options to ensure that you get a truly rejuvenating experience.

The unit is powered by an excellent Figure-Eight technology that sends waves of pleasure and relaxation throughout the calves in a wave-like motion to optimize blood flow.

Its 3D orbital system, called FlexGlide Solution, ensures you get the most comfortable experience without feeling any pinching or friction from the material.

Speaking of material, the unit features a polyurethane construction and comes with a footrest to provide the ultimate comfort.

The swivel base in the unit rotates up to 55 degrees and is sturdy enough to last you a long while. It is a truly modern massage chair that promises to give you the most relaxing performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Five built-in massage patterns
  • Polyurethane construction with SoftHyde cushioning
  • 55-degree rotation capable swivel base
  • Powered by Figure-Eight technology for improved blood circulation

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FAVOLCANO Shiatsu Massage Chair with S-Track

FAVOLCANO Shiatsu Massage Chair with S-Track

Here, we have another excellent brand in the industry, FAVOLCANO, with its excellent Shiatsu massage chair.

The unit takes after-work comfort and relaxation to the next level with its amazing list of features. Spend just an hour with this unit, and you will not look anywhere else.

To give you the best massaging options, the unit comes with S Track and 3D robot hands. This gives you three levels of roller control, along with six automatic massage patterns.

In addition, the unit features a yoga stretch function that stretches your body and a rocking function that gently rocks the unit back and forth, helping you sleep.

In addition, the unit comes with a zero-gravity design with full-body airbags. So, you will experience reduced heart load and can use the compressor to massage specific body parts.

Furthermore, you can even choose the intensity of the massage, giving you even more control over your comfort.

The unit also has an extendable footrest to help you stretch your legs when you sit down. Its built-in waist heater applies therapeutic heating in the waist improving blood flow throughout your body.

If all these features were not enough, you can even pair it with your smartphone using Bluetooth and play some music while relaxing.

Highlighted Features

  • S-track and 3D robot hands for unique massage patterns
  • Comes with yoga stretch and rocking function
  • Zero gravity design
  • Extendable footrest

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

If you want a truly modern unit that does everything and anything you can dream of, providing you with the ultimate level of comfort, then this massage chair by the brand Best Massage might be exactly what you are looking for. It is one of the best tools to help you let loose after a busy and hectic day.

The unit comes with seven different automatic massage modes, air pressure, kneading, tapping, heating, stretching, combo, and Shiatsu.

In addition to the modes, you can also adjust the intensity of the massage individually with its nine different patterns. It fully caters to your body part, lowering your heartbeat, giving you a soothing experience.

The unit is loaded with 21 air bags at different strategic locations for exciting different body parts like arms, hips, things, calves, etc.

On top of that, there are two heating pads both in the back and foot area that works in combination with the airbags to bring a therapeutic experience every time you turn it on.

Thanks to the computerized nature of the unit, it can scan your body and automatically detect what massage type is suitable for you.

The material of the unit is a combination of leather and suede, ensuring that you do not feel any irritation when sitting down for a long time.

Furthermore, the extendable footrest allows stretching for even greater comfort.

Highlighted Features

  • Leather and suede material
  • Built-in body scanner
  • Seven massage modes with nine preset patterns
  • Extendable footrest

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KTN Massage Chair, Shiatsu Massage Chairs with S-Track

KTN Massage Chair, Shiatsu Massage Chairs with S-Track

The KTN massage chair is one of the finest because of its three levels of zero gravity angles. Zero gravity design on its own is an excellent feature to find in a massage chair because of the supreme comfort it offers. This particular model takes this design to the next level.

The unit features three levels of speed strength and width adjustment, giving you complete control over your comfort and relaxation.

Thanks to its carbon fiber heating backrest, you will get therapeutic heating in strategic positions of your body, giving you complete relaxation in your muscles.

In addition, the front roller foot massage, along with the extendable footrest, caters to the lower part of your body.

Thanks to the excellent body detection technology, the unit automatically scans your back and adjusts the intensity of the massage in the selected positions – giving you greater comfort.

The build quality of the unit is excellent and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. So, you do not have to worry about overexerting the chair.

It allows full recline, and at its extreme, your legs lie above your heart, giving you excellent relief and comfort. All in all, it is an excellent unit that is perfect for relaxing and relieving stress.

Highlighted Features:

  • Three levels of zero gravity
  • Carbon fiber back heater
  • Extendable footrest
  • Comes with body scan technology

SL-Track Massage Chair by OOTORI

SL-Track Massage Chair by OOTORI

The final product on our list of reviews is a unit by the brand OOTORI. This SL-Track massage chair gives a new meaning to the words comfort and relaxation because of its excellent massaging techniques.

Nothing beats a massage chair after a long day at work, and with this unit, you will have nothing but the best.

The unit features three zero-gravity reclining stages along with six auto massage programs, giving you a lot of flexibility and control with the chair.

In addition, it also comes with a yoga stretching system, thanks to its extendable footrest and amazing recline capabilities.

It also comes with plenty of airbags and two lower-back heating pads to ensure you get a therapeutic experience anytime you fire it up.

The 3D robot hands ensure proper stimulation on your back, giving you the feeling of real human hands.

In addition, the three rows of foot rollers ensure your legs are taken well care of.
Despite its amazing massaging capabilities, the unit is quite small, making it a viable purchase for a small apartment.

It has its own body detection technology, and the shoulder width is adjustable, allowing you to get a fully customized experience.

Furthermore, the built-in speakers really come in handy if you want to relax with some music on the background.

Highlighted Features

  • Three levels of zero gravity and six automatic massage patterns
  • Lower back heating with two heating pads
  • Three rows of foot rollers for Gua Sha therapy
  • Extendable footrest

Things to Look for When Buying the Massage Chair

Things to Look for When Buying the Massage Chair

The best thing about shopping with a big budget is that you have a lot of options. However, if you do not spend the money in the right places, then you will end up with a unit that gives you less than expected results.

When looking for massage chairs under $2000, there are a couple of questions you must ask yourself.

• Does it stimulate your whole body?
• How comfortable is it?
• What are the different options you get with it?

These are just a few of the questions you want to ask to ensure you are investing in a unit that will please you. Two thousand dollars is a lot of money.

And it would be a shame if you end up spending it on something that does not fully satisfy you.
In the following section of the article, we will give you a quick rundown of the things that you should consider when you are on the market for a massage chair.

Automatic Functions

The first thing that you must consider when choosing a massage chair is the automatic patterns that you get with it.

With some preset patterns right out of the box, you will not have to fiddle around with the controls and can enjoy a relaxing time when you start it up by just going with an automatic preset.

Most chairs in this price range will have at least three or more automatic patterns. However, you should look for a minimum of six modes as it would give you plenty of massage options. Some of the essential options include tapping, Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, etc.

Zero Gravity Modes

One of the best elements of a massage chair is its zero-gravity design. However, not all chairs come with this feature, and you need to make sure your unit has it.

It is basically an option that you can activate so that your leg raises above your heart, which reduces heart load and improves blood circulation.

It is an excellent feature because of how relaxing it feels the moment you use it. Some high-end models even have multiple zero gravity modes that allow you to get a unique experience.

All the products on our list come with a zero-gravity design, ensuring a comfortable and therapeutic experience.

Heating Capabilities

Heat is an extremely therapeutic tool that helps your body relax and relieve some of the tension that builds up at different parts of the body.

A good massage chair must feature heat pads or some other forms of heating mechanisms at critical parts of your body to ensure proper stress relief.

Even at this price range, it might be a bit difficult finding a chair that offers full-body heating. At the very least, you need to ensure that it comes with efficient heat pads that can stimulate your lower waist as that is the position that benefits the most from heat therapy.


These are also an essential element that you must check in your massage chair. An airbag takes the responsibility of stimulating body parts that cannot be easily accessed by the rollers inside the chair.Without enough airbags, you will not get a full body massage with your unit.

As a rule of thumb, the more airbags that come with the unit, the better control and versatility you will get with the massaging options.

However, make sure the locations of the airbags are strategically selected and help stimulate critical body parts; otherwise, there is no point in having it in the first place.

Extendable Footrest

Make sure to buy a unit that comes with an extendable footrest. If the footrest is locked, you will not be able to get the full benefit of a massage chair.

In addition, some of the better features of a massage chair are dependent on the design of the footrest.

One great massage design that you find in the massage chair is the yoga stretch. Essentially it extends the chair as far as it can, giving you an excellent feeling throughout the body.

Without an extendable footrest, you will not be able to enjoy this type of massaging technique.

Foot Rollers

Foot Rollers

In addition to being extendable, the footrest should also feature some foot rollers. Foot rollers are basically small round objects that roll under your feet, giving you a relaxing sensation throughout the body.

The lower part of our foot is extremely sensitive, and without foot rollers, you will not be able to enjoy any therapeutic treatment at that part of your body.

When it comes to massage chairs, some models come with two rows of foot rollers, while some may come with three.

With more rows, you will be able to get a better and more comfortable experience throughout the body.

Build Quality

If you want your investment to last, make sure the build quality of the unit is excellent. Check the materials and the overall sturdiness of the unit before you commit to purchasing it.

If the material used for its construction does not feel good on your skin, you will not be able to use it comfortably.

Typically, leather is the most comfortable material that you can find in a massage chair. However, it can also be quite expensive.

At this budget, you might also benefit from high-quality polyurethane construction of suede leather.

Weight Limit

Another thing that you should not overlook is the weight limit of the chair that you are buying. All massage chairs come with a specific weight capacity, and you should never exceed it if you want your unit to survive. The weight limit is there for a reason, and going over it is not generally a good idea.

Although the chair might not break down instantly, it will suffer damage in the structure that might become apparent over time.

Since you are spending a lot behind this unit, you should take care of it unless you want to throw your money down the drain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I use a massage chair?

The simple answer to this question is as long as it feels comfortable. Typically, a person only uses a massage chair for about 20-30 minutes. Any longer than that, it might start feeling a bit uncomfortable.

For starters, you can use it two times a day for 15 minutes each time until you get more comfortable with it.

Does a massage chair consume a lot of electricity?

Not typically. A massage chair can use anywhere from 150 to 300 watts of electricity, depending on the model that you are using. That is no more than a regular computer under load.

If you compare it to a refrigerator or an air conditioner, the power it draws is quite low.

Can massage chairs be dangerous?

Usually, a massage chair is quite safe and is not considered dangerous. However, if you have any medical issues like broken bones or open wounds, it might pose a problem.

For people healing from broken bones, massaging the affected area without understanding typically causes more harm than good.

Are massage chairs comfortable?

Yes, massage chairs are generally quite comfortable. As long as you invest in a unit that has a good build quality and comes with decent features, you can expect to have a comfortable experience when using it.

However, if you have never used one before, it is better to start with a low-intensity massage program first.

Going with a high-intensity massage preset for a beginner might be too much to handle.

Is 2000$ enough for a high-end massage chair?

Two thousand dollars is a lot of money. It is understandable that when you are spending this much, you want to get the absolute high-end model out there.

Unfortunately, high-end massage chairs can even cost upwards of five thousand. So, if you want the absolute top of the line unit, two thousand dollars might not be enough.

However, for this amount, the quality you get with your massage chair should be excellent.

You do not need to compromise on the essential features that come with a high-end massage chair with this budget.

Final Thoughts

If you care about your health and want to keep yourself free from stress, investing in a massage chair is the way to go.

Relaxing your body is the first step to relaxing your mind. So, treat yourself the right way by getting a massage chair for your home.

We hope you found our article on the massage chair under $2000 to be informative. Our handy list of products should give you plenty of options when you are in the market for an excellent massage chair.


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