Best Running Watches Under $200 Review in 2021


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The new generation that is coming delivers diverse techniques, from the simple television to the latest smartphones present.As technology advances, it also affects the daily things we do.

Now, the best running watches could provide you with a mount full of information about your health during your run and after. It helps you track your progress and plan your training regime.

But there are so many choices from all kinds of running watches. Do you have a hard time choosing which running watches to buy? Worry no more, as we’ve listed the best-running watches under 200 dollars.

From their tracking features to monitoring abilities, their amazingly intelligent progress-recording facilities to health and wellness plans; for sure, all of the products in this article are best on the market and best for your budget!

Top 5 Running Watches Under $200 Review in 2021

When you tie your sneakers and get ready to run, make sure you’re fitted with the right running watch to track your progress.

We’ve listed the running watches that could suit your preference as well as your budget. And you won’t have a hard time choosing one for yourself.

Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch

If you’re looking for a multitask running watch, try Garmin Forerunner 235. There are many things to love about this product, an easy-to-use smartwatch with packed features at an affordable price.

It is a GPS running watch with a wrist-based heart rate to monitor your heart rate during and after your run.

The display type is sunlight-visible, so it won’t be too hard for you to look too dim. Its transflective memory is in pixel (MIP).

You can customize your watch and your training with its 44 percent larger screen than the 255, but the same physical size.

Receive audio alerts, which include laps and lap times from your connected smartphone. It keeps you notified of alerts your phone receives.

See new emails, messages, call notifications, calendar reminders, and more from your compatible smartphone.

With its VO2 Max estimate feature, it can estimate the maximum volume of oxygen you can use during activity.

You can also use wireless communication connections software to obtain current weather conditions and predictions. With this feature, you can be alerted whether you want to continue running for the day or not.

The smartwatch mode could last up to nine days, while in GPS mode, it could be used up to 11 hours.

Moreover, battery life is 11 hours when you are training, and nine days as a watch that keeps your activities in tracking, notifications, and heart rate.

This system records your steps, your calories, and your distance all day long. The step bars with vibration warning encourages you to move when you’ve been sitting for too long. So, you’ll keep on making your body busy and active throughout the day.


  • Geolocation track cycling watch
  • Long-life on batteries
  • Records activity
  • Switch feature warning
  • Sends message alerts


  • Large in size

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Garmin Forerunner 45S

Garmin Forerunner 45S

If you want a smaller sized running watch, then I recommend the Forerunner 45S from Garmin. This product may be small in size, but it is full of features you’ll need from a running clock.

It is a GPS watch with Garmin coach training plan support. The product works with free coach adaptive training plans.

You can have your training plans, but this running watch can bring that expert, personalized coaching right to your wrist.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or want to run your heart out, there’s nothing wrong in using a bit of guidance.

These plans feature guidance from coaches and free training plans to adapt to you and your goals. I can even predict your race time and workouts sync into your watch.

With so many activities available, there’s always a way you can capture your success. There are also fitness applications available for biking, indoor track cycling, trainer, interval training, spinning, aerobics, and far more.

Although it’s shorter in design, it’s convenient to use. This training watch can measure not only your heart rate, but it also easily records your speed, distance, cycles, and more whenever you’re engaged in some activities.

Moreover, this simple-to-use sports watch is ideal for everyday runs, workout sessions, and even marathons.

It does have an integrated GPS that monitors where you are running and provides accurate data, including speed and intervals.

Related features included are our Garmin Connect internet community, live monitoring, and audio-playing controls on the connected paired device.

For safety and monitoring, it features incident detection that sends your real-time location to your emergency contact through your compatible mobile paired.

Protection and security features make it easy to share your account with the contact you have selected in the event of an emergency.

Its battery life is up to 7 days in smartwatch mode, whereas 14 hours in GPS mode. Using this watch while walking or camping, losing the battery is never going to be a concern.


  • GPS action sports watch
  • Long battery life
  • Wrist heart rate monitor
  • Activity tracking
  • Emergency features (calls emergency number)


  • Smaller in size

Garmin Forerunner 45

Garmin Forerunner 45

If you want a running watch that could monitor your health 24/7, the Garmin Forerunner 45 is for you. It has a more massive appearance than the one mentioned above, but it has the same features.

First off, this product is also a GPS running watch, equipped with Garmin coach training plan support. It offers extensive activity and wellness tracking features that you will love, for sure.

Wear it all day to track your daily steps, distances you’ve traveled, the calories burned, and even your sleep.

Smartwatches like this also feature an all-day stress monitoring for the wearer’s wellness tracking during the day. It keeps you notified for a time of relaxing when your activities become strenuous.

Much more, you can receive phone alerts. At the same time, it allows you to perform smart texting. This smartwatch also features automatic uploads to Garmin Connect online group.

Not to mention, it permits live monitoring and controls to play audio on your connected compatible mobile device.

Safety and tracking features are also present, including incident detection, which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your paired compatible smartphone. Having a buddy and security is both wise and a smart move.

This smartwatch also provides fitness software for biking, swimming, indoor walking, track, treadmill, cardio, etc. And there are no more manual updates of the software you’re going to need.

The battery life could last up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and 14 hours in GPS mode. All of those features in one running watch. It’s a jackpot!


  • Multisport smartwatch
  • Application ready
  • Security features
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless


  • Larger in size
  • One-color availability

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Garmin Vivo Active 3

Garmin Vivo Active 3

The item we have next is a smart training watch for outdoor navigation. It uses the Connect IQ platform for specialized software, so it’s easy to personalize looks with apps.

Love to hear something while on the run? Up to 500 audio tracks can be easily downloaded to your watch. Connect with Bluetooth headphones to enjoy your favorite tracks without any hassle.

Are you tired of going to billing shops? Pay your bills with Garmin pay; a wireless payment service lets you make simple purchases with your watch so that you can leave your credit and debit cards at home.

Many other beautiful apps to match your lifestyle are available in the Connect IQ store. For a more fun experience, customize your watch with thousands of free watch faces and software.

There are more than 15 downloadable sports applications, including fitness, hiking, swimming, weight training, etc. For your style, you could use preinstalled workouts or build and browse personalized ones.

Indeed, it’s an excellent smartwatch with VO2 max and health age predictions that tracks your fitness level and helps keep an eye on how you manage stress.


  • Multisport GPS watch
  • Can use audio applications
  • Heart rate monitor on the wrist
  • Cashless payments
  • Tracks activity you do
  • Monitors training level


  • More focused on audio features
  • Smaller in size

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Polar GPS Running Watch M430

Polar GPS Running Watch M430

For runners who don’t want to settle to mediocre, this product is definitely for you. The Polar M430 running watch is equipped with excellent features that a hardworking runner needs in a smartwatch. Set and achieve your goals with this one.

Track your workouts and heart rate from the wrist easily and comfortably with its optical heart rate solution. Analyze your progress in every activity and achieve more with the polar flow.

The full mobile and desktop health and training apps are now on your wrists. With its integrated GPS and state-of-the-art running metrics, the running watch tracks your speed, the distance you’ve traveled, pacing, and the routes you take.

Multiple options for the GPS recording will prolong battery life. It’s able to connect to Bluetooth for up to 30 hours of training time and see updates from your mobile to keep track of your training and operation.

Not only that, but it can also detect your distance and pace indoors. Whether you may be in the tracks or on the treadmill, it’s sure to record your progress. And this functionality can be enjoyed with its accelerometer already built-in the device.

You can also use this if you’re training for some sort of sports such as running. With this, you can make an adaptable and personalized running plan.

Polar flow lets you schedule, synchronize, evaluate your workouts, track your long-term progress, find training inspiration, and customize your polar M430 to suit your needs.

Experience the recording of events 24/7. Track your day-to-day activity, including steps, calories, and sleep, with tips to help you meet your activity target.

The digital heart rate monitor features a constant, precise heart rate. And this is done through 6 LED optical sensors; it’s not your typical running watch as it functions without a chest strap.

So, if you’re mainly into rail running and marathon events, it is worth trying this smartwatch.


  • Wrist-based heart rate
  • GPS
  • Indoor running metrics
  • 24/7 sleep tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life


  • Lacks deeper running dynamics
  • Not the best looking

Things to Consider Before Buying

Don’t get too excited. Before buying a running watch, you must consider some factors. Or you might regret having bought one that doesn’t suit your needs.

Running Goals

Before anything else, nothing beats a person who plans well. So, as arranging to buy a running watch, you should keep in mind the running goals you would want to achieve.

Since it is a running watch you’re looking for, you should choose a smartwatch to go with your running goals. Don’t think about where you are right now. Consider where you will be in the future.

It is better to buy a watch with features you could grow without purchasing a new one. So, consider planning your running goals first before buying.


running watch budget

Just like any other item, wanting something also costs you. It’s important to remember that being expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best.

But never compromise the price with its quality. Why would you buy an expensive one when you can have those features with a cheaper option? Or why buy the cheaper one when it’s not durable and doesn’t suit your needs?

Running watches varies in price, depending on their specifications. But some features are still similar to those of the expensive ones and the cheaper ones.

Better check the features before buying and compare items that have similar aspects for a wiser purchase.

Some can think of it as a way to save cash when you have what you want. It’s like hitting two birds with a stone. Both budget-friendly and a wise buy at the same time!

Data Cost

Speaking of high-end technology, data is a widespread necessity among smart gadgets. And when you need data, you’ll need money to provide that too.

Nowadays, data is essential to gadgets, so there is no avoiding using data as much as using your smartwatches, but you can lessen the cost you would have paid.

Consider running watches that have more deal-breaking partnerships with a lot of apps. It could save you the hardship of downloading those apps that you need one by one.
That way, it is more convenient and less cost was needed. Hassle-free!

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Some gadgets can be accessed and connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But having both could be an advantage.

Make sure you know what you want. Well, I’m sure you don’t want those dangling chords around your neck connected to your phone or watch.

It is better to have the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi syncing for a better running experience and convenient multitasking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a running watch do?

A running watch is a kind of device that lets you track your records, health, and activities while running.

It also includes many features like health monitoring, GPS, notifications, and reminders from your phones to your wrist. So, no more looking over to your phone while enjoying your run.

What does a running watch do

Is a running watch necessary?

Running watches are not necessarily needed. It is only a tool that helps you monitor your activities while running.

If you want to keep records and plan your routines, then a smartwatch is a fit for you.

How much does running watch costs?

Smartwatches would cost 20 dollars to 500 dollars, depending on the model. Usually, the more features they have, the more you’ll expect a higher price.

Don’t worry, though; the ones listed above are the running watches you could buy with a budget of 200 dollars only.

What is the right watch for me on running?

Preferences differ in every person. Every person has their own needs. To know which running watch best suits you, first, you should identify what your needs are.

Where can I buy a running watch?

You can buy through almost all the famous online stores. Anyway, you can also visit the gadget stores near you to check if they have available running watches on sale.


Running watches can aid your daily lifestyle. Choosing one that fits you is the best choice you could have.

Don’t hesitate to make your choice now that you’ve found out the good running watch under 200 dollars. Get yours now!


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