Top 5 Best Pool Tables under $1000 – Review in 2021


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Playing pool is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities you can do with your friends and families.

Having a personal pool will still get you to relish yourself in the comforts of your home, without the need of going to a bar or somewhere that lets you pay just to play.

Since it comes in various styles and sizes, your quest to look for the finest one will never be that easy.

You need to find a high-quality pool table packed with exceptional features without breaking your bank.

We’ll find out some of the high-quality pool tables under $1000 available on the market. In this guide, you’ll also have a buying guide and maintenance tips to help you keep your product for a long time. Just keep on reading!

Top 5 Pool Tables under $1000 Review in 2021

You may find it overwhelming to pick a top-notch pool table because of the numerous options you have.

To assist you, we have compiled some of the best products along with their pros and cons. Hopefully, you’ll find the one for you after going through this. Let’s get into it!

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table

The first spot is earned by this Masterton billiard pool table from EastPoint. This is a perfect model for your home no matter where you put it, whether in your living room, basement, garage. It’s also quite easy to set up, so you get to enjoy it in no time.

You’ll love its LusterLong scratch-resistant finish. With this, it will be durable enough to withstand everything, even with hours of playing.

This product is also known to resist wear and tear, so its sleek look won’t fade over time. For sure, you can make it look new and shiny for the years to come.

Much more, it is equipped with built-in leg levelers. You shouldn’t compromise your performance when playing pool just because the surface isn’t even. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. This will guarantee you a level playfield for a much consistent roll.

On top of it all, it comes with K-66 rubber bumpers. These will yield consistent bounce indeed. Therefore, it can offer a smooth, seamless play possible while ensuring precision for every shot you make.

And the rich wood color of the table makes it look more appealing to anyone. So you’ll never run out of style. Also, its drop pockets are made beautifully, aside from being sturdy.

The claw legs and balls come with a traditional style. You’ll be sure that this product is built to last.

One thing that consumers love about this pool table is that it comes with all the accessories needed and ready to be used right out of the box.

The package includes 1 set of billiard balls, 1 billiard triangle, 2 wooden billiard cues, 2 pieces of billiard chalk, and 1 table brush.

With these given features, you’ll be guaranteed of a very exceptional product. Hence, this is worth beyond its cost value.


  • Adjustable height for leveling
  • Scratch-resistant finish with a sleek look
  • Includes all the accessories needed in the package
  • Equipped with rubber bumpers


  • Weighs about 198 pounds making it slightly heavy
  • The pool balls are much smaller than the usual ones

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Rack Scorpius Billiard/Pool Multi Game Table

Rack Scorpius Billiard/Pool Multi Game Table

The Rack has worked its way for years to engineer some of the best and premium pool tables that you can find on the market.

Every detail is fine-tuned to guarantee the quality that you opt for. And this model is no exception – it’s one of their finest works!

Well, this 7-foot pool table is known for its ultimate versatility. You’ll be able to switch games from billiard to table tennis quickly with ease.

All you need to do is to simply put 2 halves of the conversion top on the billiard table and install the net. With this, you can convert and enjoy the match anytime!

Much more, it comes with a ¾-inch MDF bed with a woolen-blend felt. This is also equipped with the K-66 rubber bumper cushions that make sure that the balls will have the consistent bounce for more precise shots. It also offers a professional style play for you.

You won’t have to be stressed when the surface where you’ll put the table isn’t uniform. Well, it is equipped with 5-inch leg levelers.

With this, you’re sure to have a balanced playfield so the balls won’t go to one side, thereby affecting your play.

When it comes to the installation, this is just a simple and quick process. If you’re not fond of spending hours in understanding complex instructions just to get it done, then this might be a great option to choose.It comes pre-assembled, so you won’t have to spend a day setting it up.

Overall, this pool table guarantees a perfect balance of quality and affordability. You’re sure to have a strong and sturdy table that could last for years!


  • Versatile pool table allows billiard and table tennis matches
  • Comes with sets of billiard balls
  • Equipped with rubber bumper cushions
  • Incredibly strong and sturdy


  • Some have complaints about not having a flat and smooth bed

MD Sports Billiard Table Set

MD Sports Billiard Table Set

Next up is this billiard table set from MD Sport. You’ll surely love everything it has to offer, given its price point. It’s jam-packed with features making it one of the good pool tables under 1000 dollars.

This billiard table comes with an ultimate complete accessory kit. You can play right out of the box by the time it arrives.

The package includes 1 wooden triangle, 1 set of official balls, 1 table brush, 2 wooden pool sticks, and 2 chalk cubes.

It is carefully engineered to be ideal for novices and professional billiard players. So whether you’re in the office break room or the family game room, you’ll surely enjoy playing with this one. Also, it is sized at 7.5 feet long, just perfect for big-time family fun.

You’ll also love its heavy-duty construction that’s built to last. The playfield of this table is made of an 18 mm thick laminate felt. With this, it can offer the durability and the smooth flat roll that you opt for.

In addition to that, the other important parts, such as base, rails, and aprons, are constructed from a medium-density fibreboard to make sure that you’ll have the sturdiest quality there is.

Much more, it is equipped with a K-66 specification wood bumper guard. This attribute gives you the consistent bounce that you need to play. It also comes with a standard style drop pockets making this table look more authentic.

All in all, this is a top-notch product that you can get at a very reasonable market price. You’ll have a great time with your family and friends with this billiard table for sure.


  • Superb heavy-duty construction
  • Great ball bounce
  • Comes with all the pool accessories needed
  • Offers fantastic playing experience
  • Sleek look


  • Heavyweight
  • Doesn’t come with a facility for ball returning

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Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

This Spartan pool table from Hathaway has earned a spot as one of the best. It’s undeniable that it comes with branded exceptional features that provide a gaming atmosphere, whether you’re at home or in the office.

It is designed and fabricated with quality, style, and versatility in mind. No wonder why many consumers love this product.

Also, it has a compact size making it easy for you to place it anywhere, and it doesn’t matter if you have limited space.

Much more, using this can double the fun since you can be able to play table tennis with it. Save space and money while improving 2 gaming skills. You can employ the tennis framework with ease over the main table and enjoy the game.

The entire pool table is made and finished with high-quality premium materials that come with a poly-sealed playing field.

It also has a felt material on its surface. And that is durable enough to endure quick actions of the ball, thereby promoting a longer life span.

Also, it has a K-819 specification rubber cushion that gives the table an ultimately soft and smooth surface.

This also allows the balls to slide precisely in every shot you make.
Furthermore, the design is ideal for both kids and adults.

It comes with a 6 feet table dimension making it friendly for growing children to play. Also, it has the features and specs that allows adults to have a professional game.

Overall, this is an exceptional product that has all the attributes you’re looking for. And it’s a great bonus that it has a classic modern appearance that fits your lifestyle very well.


  • Great quality construction
  • Perfect for both kids and adults
  • Compact design with a sleek appearance
  • Complete accessories included


  • May not be suitable enough for professional players

Hall of Games Edgewood Billiard Table

Hall of Games Edgewood Billiard Table

Last but not least is the superb Edgewood billiard table from Hall of Games – one of the leading brands known to make some of the greatest pool tables on the market. Let’s get into its features one by one to know why it’s one of the finest.

First off, it is engineered and fabricated with exceptional durability and strength. Also, this comes with a sleek style and a refined combination of black and burgundy colors that you’ll love for sure. So, it’s a perfect addition to your living room or recreational room.

This billiard table comes with a unique u-feet compact design. With this characteristic, you can fit this in your home or office with ease, even if you have limited space.

Much more, its playfield is constructed from 50 percent wool blend cloth to promote an easy, precise ball movement.

It is also equipped with K-818 bumpers for an outstanding ball bounce. To enhance its durability, it is made with 5.75 inches high aprons and 4.625 inches wide top rails.

It is also equipped with solid legs that come with a wood grain PVC laminate. You’ll find an installed crossbar on the table to add to its stability and industrial look. Also, it has a hidden leg levelers to make sure that you have an even and balance pool table.

Moreover, the package includes various accessories, including 1 set of standard-sized billiard balls, 2 cue sticks, 1 wood triangle, 1 wood brush, and 2 chalks. You’ll be then ready to play anytime!

In conclusion, this pool table is one for the books. It has a lot of outstanding features that many consumers sought after. On top of it all, it’s a very budget-friendly product.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Ergonomic and good-looking
  • Offers the smoothest playfield
  • Ideal for small rooms


  • Pockets are too tight

What to Look for Before Buying Pool Tables

What to Look for Before Buying Pool Tables

It’s never an instant decision when you’re trying to purchase the best product where you’ll invest a good amount of money.

You should do your part to end up with the right one. One thing you can do is read some feedback and reviews from the consumers to ensure the quality of the product.

There are also several factors that you need to take into account to help you narrow down your options and confidently decide which product to choose. So, here they are!

Space and Size

One of the first few things you need to take into account is the available space of the room where you’ll put the pool table.

This factor can have an impact on 2 characteristics of the pool table – the size of the entire table and the size of the cue to be used.

There is a wide variety of sizes of the tables, and with these sizes come the corresponding cue for each.

This will promote great uninterrupted plays since you can easily move around and have the right amount of clearance to work with.

After all, you don’t want to go bumping with your walls behind you every time you try to take a shot.

The space you have and the size of the table should complement each other to fully enjoy the essence of having a pool table.


It’s also vital to scrutinize the frame of the pool table since it will serve as the foundation and overall support of the playing field.

You should look for the one that’s capable of preventing cracks and dents that can make the table uneven and sag.

The typical pool tables come with high-quality wooden frames that are glued to the slate. And the larger this slate is, the more framing is required. This is done to give the table the stability that it needs.


This part of the pool table is where almost 90 percent of the overall weight goes. Moreover, the weight increases more and more by the time you’re leaning on the table or sitting on the edge.

Hence, it’s just crucial to choose the pool tables that are equipped with durable and robust high-quality legs. Make sure that they are very much capable of enduring all the weight put into them.

Usually, these tables have two kinds of legs – post legs and industry-standard legs. Post legs are constructed from solid wooden pieces from its feet up to the slate, while industry-standard legs are permanently attached to the cabinet utilizing an anchor system.


The cushion or rail that’s equipped on pool tables can offer a predictable bounce in the game; it’s one of their main purposes. It is made of synthetic materials that can either be gum blends or natural gums.

Some of the most typical top-notch tables have their rails attached to the frame. So, it will be able to prevent vibrating and to work while the game is on-going. This will also guarantee you maximum stability and security.


One of the crucial factors to look for in a pool table is its felt. It’s very important to consider this aspect as it plays an essential role because it is the point where you’ll be playing the cue ball.

These pool tables are usually covered with nylon or wool blend coated with Teflon. You’re sure that it will provide a shield in case you spill something on the table.

Much more, the blended combination of the material allows cleaning in the easiest way possible.

It can also improve the resilience of the table. Also, it offers you a smoother speed during the play for a more accurate and better shot.


Pool tables are usually equipped with pockets that are designed to catch the cue balls. Some models also feature the ball return system.

A lot of people love this since it can channel the balls into a compartment allowing easy and quick collection. They are usually made of rubber, plastic, or leather.

Pool Table Maintenance Tips

Pool Table Maintenance Tips

Pool tables require only low maintenance. This is one of the very first things you should know by the time you have these tables in your hands. There isn’t much to be done frequently.

Know Where to Place It

Generally, you should keep the pool table away from direct sunlight and place it in a well-ventilated area.

This is to prevent damage from the moisture, and it must be protected with a cover when you’re not using it.

Be Aware of the Right Way to Shoot the Balls

You should also avoid making shots with a possibility of digging straight into the cloth, which can make it more susceptible to ripping and tearing. So you can enjoy using your pool table for a long time.

Use the Right Tool in Cleaning

Also, you should only use a brush that’s specially designed to clean off the surface. It must effectively take the dirt to the pockets where it will be much easier to clean from. If you’re using it more frequently, you can use a vacuum to remove the dirt.

Maintain It

Other pool table accessories and parts should be wiped regularly with a soft and lint-free cloth. Any other leather components can be maintained with oil-based products.

Remembering and doing all these ways can increase the lifespan of your pool table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the pool tables:

What’s the difference between a slate table and a non-slate table?

They vary mostly when it comes to construction. A slate table is more durable and tends to last longer as compared to the other one.

At the same time, non-slate tables have compressed boards that are mainly suitable to be utilized by kids.

When should I replace my cloth-felt?

You can change it by the time you notice that your play is getting affected, the material has been ripped or torn, or you just want to simply change its color.

Can I move the table without having to disassemble it?

It isn’t recommended that you move the pool table in one piece. If you do, the slates tend to shift and can crack. Also, it might cause strain on the rails and can cause the cushions to come apart.

When should I replace the cushions?

Cushions are usually the last things you’d replace in a pool table. You must change it when it starts to dry rot and come apart from the rails since it will affect your game for sure.

What kind of cloth-felt should I utilize on my pool table?

There are various types of cloth you can find. The most common is the standard cloth-felt, which is made of 80 percent wool and 20 percent nylon.

You can also use a professional cloth-felt, which is 100 percent worsted wool, a more durable and long-lasting type.

Final Words

With so many options on sale, it can be hard to find the right product for you. But hopefully, this review and buying guide will help you confidently choose the right pool tables under $1000 available on the market.


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