Best Foosball table under 500 Dollars – Review in 2021


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Are you looking for one of the universal indoor games media? Want something that can entertain up to four people for a long time? Are you looking for an intense mini version of football?

In that case, what you are looking for is undoubtedly a foosball table. The gist of the game is to score the highest amount of goals against your opponent in a certain period. Simple yet extremely fun.

Now, if you are in a budget and are looking for the top-rated foosball table under 500 dollars, you came to the right spot. Sit back and keep scrolling.

Best Foosball Table Under 500 Dollars Review

Best Foosball Table Under 500 Dollars

Having a decent table game at your home can make killing time fun. But, you might not want to break your wallet just to get a good foosball table.

That is why we have scoured the market and picked the ones that offer the most value proposition. These are:

Atomic Pro Force 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Pro Force 56 inch  Foosball Table

Bright colors and flashy designs do not define quality, but build-quality, functionality, and durability do.

This classy traditional table from Atomic Pro has the perfect combination of all of them, that is why it made the first entry in our list.

The table comes featured with hollow steel chrome rods that have rubber handles for a comfortable grip.

This design combination will let you get deep into the game and will allow you to enjoy the fast-paced nature of the gameplay thoroughly.

Other than that, the table has a durable construction that features a bamboo laminate. It aids in enhancing the leveling of the table for smoother gameplay.You will surely appreciate the flow of the game gained from this table.

One of the problems that most of the tables have is the ball sticking to the side. That is why this table incorporates angled buffers on each side to prevent the ball from doing so.

To enhance the gameplay even further, it also features a ball return and entry mechanism and a built-in manual scoreboard.

It features durable legs and steel parts to ensure maximum stability. Also, the 3.5 inches levers of the leg enhance the balance even further.


  • Sports a durable construction
  • Features hollow steel rods with rubber handles
  • Manual scoreboard
  • Offers excellent stability with the durable legs
  • Prevents the ball from sticking on the side


  • Player models lack counterbalancing
  • Some tables ship damaged or with molds

Kick Monarch 48 Inches Folding Table

Kick Monarch 48 Inches Folding Table

Are you looking for a high-quality table but do not want to pay a high price? Want something that features a hasslefree storing mechanism? Then look no more! This table from Kick is the one for you!

One of the highlighting features of this table is the foldable mechanism. It means you will not have to sacrifice a whole lot of space in your room just to store this table.

Other than that, the table features a one-four inch playing area. It is large enough to accommodate four persons for those intense team gameplays. The even surface ensures a smoother flow of gameplay.

To remove interruptions from the gameplay, it features a convenient ball return mechanism. Besides that, it also features a sliding scoreboard on every end of the table.

With the included ramps, you can switch from either one goalie or three goalie design. The durable semi-solid half-inch stainless chrome-plated steel rods holds all the players.

Also, the handles are incredibly comfortable because of having a nonslip grip.
Finally, the table comes included with 13 blue and 13 red player models with two soccer-style balls.


  • Foldable design
  • Features a relatively large playing area
  • Ball return mechanism in each side
  • Slide scoring system
  • Comfortable handles


  • The manual does not have parts labeled
  • Some packages ship with missing parts

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Barrington Billiards Barrington Collection Foosball Table

Barrington Billiards Barrington Collection Foosball Table

Are you looking for a table that has a decent build-quality but will not break your bank? Want something that sports a classic design? Are you searching for a durable competitive table? Then you were probably looking for something like this unit from Barrington.

This table has the perfect combination of beautiful classic design, durability, and premium build quality. All of those combined make this unit a decent competitive option.

It sports an A-style leg design. The heavy-duty wood top rails and aprons complement the durable legs. It also features a slick finish on the surface to ensure smooth and uninterrupted fast-paced gameplay.

Other than that, it comes with durable bronze fixtures, ergonomic varnished handles, easy to spin rods, and leg levelers that can be kept hidden.

All of these combined will ensure a stable and consistent gameplay experience for an extended amount of time.

This classic board features traditional abacus styled scorers. The robot styled players are firmly held by the steel rod, and they are also effortless to assemble.

You will be able to get straight into the game for the quick and easy assembly process.


  • Features a beautiful classic design
  • Extremely durable
  • Slick finish on the surface of the playing area
  • Easy assembly process
  • Comes with ergonomic handles and easy to spin rods


  • The legs come in pieces, and you will need glue to join them
  • Some tables ship with missing pre-assembled parts

T&R sports 5FT Foosball Table Heavy Duty

T&R sports 5FT Foosball Table Heavy Duty

If you were out in the market looking for a minimalistic designed table for your room or basement, then you should keep this table into your consideration.

The table comes featured with a high-quality MDF wooden finish. It does look not only minimalistic but also luxurious because of the grained decorative finish on the wood.

Besides that, it also comes with high-grade chrome metal parts that are both stylish and durable. Also, the surface is scratch and waterproof.

In the case of other parts, it comes featured with decent quality metal bearings that are incredibly durable and smooth to maneuver.

There is a large ball storage area that features a chrome-covered edge. It also features ball return at each of the sides.

The table is 5 feet in size, and four players can easily play the game. It also features a metal height leg leveler that is fully adjustable. You can set the height of the unit according to your preference.

Other than that, it comes with a plastic abacus styled score counter. It features two cup holders on each side that can easily hold drinks.


  • Minimalistic and sleek design
  • Scratchproof and waterproof coating
  • Adjustable height
  • Comes with drink holders in two of the side
  • Ample ball storage and ball return mechanism in each side


  • The metal handles bend relatively easy
  • Surface of the playing area feels cheap

Kick Vanquish 55 inches table

Kick Vanquish 55 inches table

Getting a decent quality table in the market that has not only high-quality parts but also smooth functionality is now more accessible because of this table from Kick.

The unit features a half-inch thick playing surface on the top. It is incredibly smooth and even. This playing field will ensure a superior foosball experience and will also allow you to play competitive games easily.

In the case of the rods, it comes featured with eight half-inch durable semi-sold stainless steel rods. They feature a chrome plating on the surface.

Because of the inclusion of premium bearings and nonslip wooden handles, they are incredibly comfortable to maneuver.

With the versatile design, you can switch between one goalie or three goalies playing style. The table comes 13 blue and red uniformed player models. You will also receive two Kick official foosball and two styled soccer balls.

Besides that, it features durable five-inch leg levelers that come with skid stop at the bottom. There is a ball return port on every side and slide scoring mechanism at each end of the table.


  • Comes with a thick half-inch playing field
  • Durable steel rods with nonslip wooden handles
  • Comes with four foosballs
  • Leg levelers feature skid stop at the bottom
  • Features ball return port at each side


  • Assembly process is a little tedious
  • Manual does not have clear instructions

Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

Are you looking for a table that sports a design that you would usually find in arcades? Want some bling-bling factors in your unit? Are you looking for a foosball table that incorporates modern technology in it? Look no further! This table from Atomic is the one for you.

As we have stated above, the table comes with a modern arcade design. It features blue illuminating Azure LED lights. Even the ball that comes included features built-in green LED light.

The table features a sound box that will play music during gameplay. While the music is playing, the lights will sync and will glow an interactively inrail cascading effect.

Even the legs of the table features LED lights. In a dark environment, it will provide a retro aesthetic vibe in your room.

The goal boxes also light up during gameplay, and there is a digital scoreboard too, which means you will be able to play even in the dark.

Other than that, the table sports durable player rods that are comfortable to hold. The play area is 47 inches by 27 inches.


  • Modern design
  • Features LED lights on the legs
  • The lights sync with the music
  • Features a digital scoreboard and a lighting ball
  • Provides retro aesthetic in the room


  • It takes quite a long time to charge
  • The assembly process is a little tedious

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

While going through the units that most of the manufacturers offer, you might stumble upon never before heard of brand names. But you surely have heard of ESPN, and they are here to provide you with a solid foosball table.

The two most exclusive features of this table are durability and stability. With the generously sized leg levelers, the unit will offer you excellent stability and will ensure smoother gameplay.

On the other hand, the 10.5 x .75 reinforce aprons will provide you superior durability. The playing surface is also of durable materials and is exceptionally smooth.

It features premium steel rods that are chrome plated. These rods are extremely easy to maneuver and will hold up to intense gameplay sessions because of the high-quality ball bearings. You will have quality time with your friends and family.

Other than that, it features a ball return mechanism on each side that will let you conveniently grab the ball after scoring. It also comes with a traditional style abacus bead scorer.

In the case of the assembly process, it is incredibly straightforward. You will not require any tool, and you assemble it within just fifteen minutes.


  • Exceptionally stable
  • Extremely durable
  • Ergonomic steel rods
  • Features convenient ball return mechanism
  • Easy assembly process


  • The steel rods bend easily
  • Some units ship with missing screws

Global Sporting Equipments 60″ Table Heavy Duty with Drink Holder, Espresso

Global Sporting Equipments

If you are looking for a table that features a modern luxurious design with a grained finish, then you might want to consider this unit from Global Sporting Equipments.

Design-wise, the unit comes with a durable MDF construction. It comes with a polished wooden finish that has graining decoration. You will surely appreciate its sleek dark wood outlook.

Casual games with friends are more fun with a drink. One of the highlighting features of this table is the cup holders. It features two individual drink holders in each of the sides.

Other than that, the other highlighting feature is the steel ball bearings. It will ensure swift movement even in the most intense game. You can get quite competitive with this table.

Besides that, the unit has a 46 x 26.7 inches playing field. It can comfortably accommodate four players for those intense team games. The raised corners will make sure that the ball stays in the playing area.

It comes with 0.6-inch steel rods that have chromium plating that gives a sleek accent to the table. The unit also features adjustable table feet. It also has built-in ball return slots on each side.


  • Comes with four drink holders
  • Modern and sleek wooden design
  • Steel ball bearings
  • Features adequately large playing area
  • Ball return slots on each side


  • Surface scratches relatively easy
  • Included balls feel cheap

Kick Venture 55 inches

Kick Venture 55 inches

A foosball table that has a great outlook will complement the other furniture that is in the room. It will not look out of place.

Now, If you have wooden furniture in the room that you are planning to put the table in, then you can put this unit from Kick into consideration.

First of all, the table comes with an elegant wood grain design that you will surely appreciate. The ebony legs on the side make the table look more classy and traditional.

Other than that, the table comes featured with a half-inch thick playing area. It also has a smooth surface on the top. You can expect an even foosball experience from this table.

For overall stability, it features sturdy five-inch leg levelers that have skid stops at the bottom. Besides that, it comes with a built-in ball return slot on each side and abacus styled scoring on each end of the table.

You can switch between one or three goalies design. And, the player models are attached to durable eight-inch steel rods.


  • Features an elegant design
  • Smooth playing field
  • Extremely stable
  • Built-in easy to access ball return slot
  • Can be played with one or three goalies


  • Chromium coating on the rods starts chipping away relatively fast
  • Complicated assembly process

60″ Foosball Table Heavy Duty with Drink Holder

60 inch Foosball Table Heavy Duty with Drink Holder

It does not matter whether you plan to play casual games or want to be competitive, a sturdy table that has quality materials will enhance the overall playing experience. An excellent example of such tables would be this unit.

To begin with, it sports a modern yet simplistic design. The construction is of durable MDF, and it has grained decoration on the outside.

Because of featuring such an outlook, it will easily blend in with living rooms or bedrooms.
Other than that, it features steel ball bearings.

Because of those, you can easily maneuver the rods. It can hold up fine even in the most intense competitive games. You will have an excellent foosball experience with this table.

Talking about the rods, they are 15 millimeters chromium-plated steel rods. Besides that, the table also features cup holders on both ends. All four players can enjoy a casual game with a drink with this table.

It also has raised corners to make the ball stay in the 46 x 26.7 inches playing area. Lastly, you will be able to adjust the overall height with the adjustable table feet.


  • Durable and heavy-duty table
  • Features a modern and simplistic design
  • Smooth ball bearings
  • Drink holders
  • Raised corners


  • The surface can get scratched easily
  • Some units ship with missing parts and no instructions

What to Look for Before Buying?

While going through every option of tables that different manufacturers are offering, we found that not all of them are worth the money.

But, if you want to scrutinize them on your own, you have to keep some vital factors into your mind. These are:

Playing area

foosball Playing area

In the case of the playing field, you have to consider the type of surface coating. There are usually two of them, one is a stick-on coating, and the other is lamination.

Among both the coatings, you would want to go with the laminated ones. Because in the case of stick-on designs, they peel and roll up quite quickly.

In the case of surface speed, it varies according to the finish of the surface. The ball will travel relatively slower in case of a grained wood finish.

On the other hand, with a smoother and harder surface, the ball will have tremendous speed. You should pick one according to your preferred playing style.

Goalie Design

Most of the tables are featuring a single goalie configuration, but many are coming with three goalie design. As many prefer one, while some prefer the three goalie configuration, the choice is up to you in this regard.

If you have confusion among the configuration, then just go for the one that features a changeable goalie configuration. With those, you can easily switch between one or three goalie design.

Leg levelers

Casual games can turn intense sometimes. In such a scenario, a table that has a decent set of leg levelers will let you enjoy the competitive nature of this game. They balance the table and keeps the playing field leveled all the time.

Player Rods

In the case of playing rods, we would recommend you to get the hollow steel rods. As they are not that heavy, they are easy to maneuver, and you will have a fluid gameplay experience with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of foosball tables are there?

Usually, there are four types of foosball tables, and all of them distinguished according to functionality and size.

Standard table, tabletop design, combination game table, and lastly, coin-operated tables are the four main types.

How many types of foosball tables are there

Among all the types, which one is the most compact?

If the size is an issue for you, then you should go with the tabletop design tables. They are also known as a mini foosball table because of its small size.

What are the benefits of counterweighted player models?

Counterweighted player models stay horizontal every time you release them. That means they will not come into your way while taking a shot. If you want professional gameplay, then you should opt-in for these.

What type of materials are used to make a foosball table?

Usually, foosball tables generally have the construction of either solid wood or composite wood or particleboard.

High-quality ones are of solid wood while the cheap ones are of particleboard. The composite board is the middle ground.

Can I buy extra balls separately?

Yes, you can buy foosballs separately in case you lose the ones that you had or if you need extra for some other reasons.

Final Words

After all that, we hope we have shown you enough solid tables that it is now easier for you to choose the right foosball table under $500.

We would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck and hoping that you have a fun time with your friends and family with a foosball table.


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