Best Geothermal Thermostat Review – New Guide

Best Geothermal Thermostat

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If you want to save money by reducing heating and cooling costs, you may need to have a thermostat at home.

But then, not all thermostats are the same. Some are made only for basic home systems and provide simple programming and scheduling options.

Other thermostats are made to be compatible with multi-stage systems, including heating and cooling systems, ventilation, and dehumidifier.

With different capabilities and features, you should only opt for the best thermostat for geothermal at home.

Best Geothermal Thermostat Review

Here are our picks that you may choose from.We will find out which thermostat works for you the best. Each thermostat comes with various features and functions.

Radio Thermostat CT50 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Radio Thermostat CT50 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

This low-priced thermostat is compatible with different kinds of HVAC systems, making it one of the best thermostats for a geothermal heat pump.

You can easily install this using either a battery or a power system. Since it is dual powered, all you need is three AA batteries or common wire.

The common wire is necessary to properly install a Wi-Fi. It has a large digital display with a capacitive touchscreen and a backlight so you can read the details in different conditions.

With this thermostat, you can save energy right at your fingertip. Its “Away” button allows you to set temperatures even if you are not home.

In just one-touch, you can have energy savings on cooling and heating expenses. Not to mention, it has 7-day programming so that the thermostat can understand what you like.

However, to connect the Radio Thermostat CT50 with Wi-Fi, you need a common wire. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi connectivity feature needs an initial setup with OSX, iOS app, or Windows computer.

Once you have registered and provisioned this, you can control the thermostat using your Android or iOS smartphone.

This thermostat can work seamlessly with your daily routine! Even if you leave home, you just have to use the geolocation feature on your smartphone.

It can also prepare your home as you arrive. You will know how much you have saved, and at the same time, it comes with an energy-saving program for more savings!


  • Geolocation feature allows you to automatically save energy as you leave home
  • Its “Away” button promotes energy saving in just one touch
  • Comes with energy-saving programs that encourage more savings
  • Since it is dual powered, it can work with a battery or a system power
  • Best wifi thermostat for geothermal –can be used with various systems including heat pumps


  • Requires a common wire to connect with Wi-Fi

Emerson NP110 Non-Programmable Single Stage Thermostat

Emerson NP110 Non-Programmable Single Stage Thermostat

If your house uses a single-stage cooling and heating system, you just need to have an affordable single-stage thermostat – the Emerson NP 110 thermostat!

This thermostat aims to provide you with reliable temperature control. It comes with a temperature accuracy of 1 degree, keeping your home an ideal place to stay in.

You won’t be able to feel hot when the weather is hot or feel cold when the weather is cold. It is not-programmable, but it still gives you a precise temperature.

The Emerson NP110 thermostat comes with a backlit display, so the details are easy-to-read. This allows you to clearly see the settings making it easier for you to operate it.

It can also be easily installed with the step-by-step guide provided in the manual. Not to mention, this also comes with a user-friendly set-up and operation.

Since it is a single-stage thermostat, it is mainly designed for single-stage systems, including cooling, heating, and heat pump systems.

However, this only works with heat pump systems without auxiliary. It can be perfect for electric, gas, oil systems, and millivolt applications, too, as long as these are single-stage systems.

But then, this thermostat is not programmable, which means that you are not given vast discretion with settings. On the brighter side, this is very affordable.

In fact, it is the cheapest among all the thermostats by Emerson. At least, this can help you control the temperature without investing too much in thermostats.


  • Being non-programmable, it won’t confuse you
  • Most affordable option among all the thermostats by Emerson
  • Less expensive
  • Can easily be installed at home
  • Compatible with various single-stage systems


  • Non-programmable, so you cannot have a vast discretion with the thermostat
  • Can only control single stage HVAC systems
  • Incompatible systems include multi-stage oil, gas, and electric systems

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Heagstat H715 5-1-1-Day Multi-Stage Programmable Thermostat

Heagstat H715 5-1-1-Day Multi-Stage Programmable Thermostat

If you want to get the best thermostat for the geothermal system at a very low price without compromising features and functionality, this may be a good idea!

The Heagstat H715 is a multi-stage thermostat that can be programmed for 1-week use. You can adjust the temperature when it is not necessary to cool or heat your home, especially when you’re asleep or away, thereby giving you more savings.

At the same time, it can give you optimum comfort when you’re awake or at home. This can help you save money and energy without giving up your comfort at home.

It comes with an easy menu so you can program the thermostat 7 days a week. With intuitive sleep, wake, leave, and return programming icons, this thermostat can understand what you need at a specific time.

It comes with a 4.5 sq. inch LCD so you can easily see and read the details. Moreover, it has a white backlight so you can operate it in various conditions.

And because it is easy to use and install, you no longer need to ask for a professional to do it, which means more savings. You can mount this on a wall or a junction box.

Since this thermostat is multi-stage, it has extensive compatibility, including 2 heat, 2 cool, and heat pumps.

More so, it is gas and electric configurable. This comes with an easy-access battery compartment, so you don’t have to keep on installing and removing the thermostat every time you change batteries.


  • Compatible with various heating and cooling systems as well as heat pumps
  • Can be easily installed – mounts on junction box or wall
  • Comes with an easy to read LCD with white backlight
  • Affordable multi-stage thermostat
  • Programmable, so you have discretion when it comes to settings


  • No safety net measures

Trane Multi-Stage Thermostat 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

Trane Multi-Stage Thermostat 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

The high-quality Trane thermostat ensures that your unit will offer you the utmost comfort, featuring a programmable multi-stage thermostat; undoubtedly, it can be relied upon by your family!

This thermostat comes with a backlit display so you can easily see and read the details therein. It has an interactive touch screen, thereby ensuring you a scratch-resistant, durable, and accurate display.

This lights up to clearly show you the temperature and time, especially when you come across the room.

Since it is a multi-stage thermostat, it can be used in extensive heating and cooling systems making it the best smart thermostat for geothermal.

This also comes with programming functions, thereby reducing your energy expenditure. So,at any time of the day, you can access multiple settings, giving you comfort at home.

Using the Trane multi-stage thermostat, you will have the ability to make automatic adjustments. You can schedule runtimes of various appliances at home.

This can help you and your family enjoy a comfortable environment, especially when you arrive home and want to save energy when you’re asleep or leave.

Not only that, but this thermostat also has an outdoor temperature display to keep your room at the right temperature.

Also, if you spend less time in areas such as the dining room, kitchen, and hallway, you can balance various units at home by adjusting the temperature.


  • Being a multi-stage thermostat, it can be used in extensive heating and cooling systems
  • Programmable thermostat givesyou wider discretion when it comes to settings
  • Comes with a clean or replacement key
  • The display has an interactive touch screen thereby ensuring durability, accuracy, and scratch-resistant display
  • Ideal energy-saving device especially when you’re asleep or leave home


  • The battery is needed to activate programming

Emerson 1F85U-42NP Non-Programmable Thermostat

Emerson 1F85U-42NP Non-Programmable Thermostat

This easy to install device is an ideal choice if you want a low-priced non-programmable thermostat at home!

You can install your thermostat in just a few minutes using the “Easy DIY Wizard.” This app can give you step-by-step instructions, clearly illustrating the installation process.

The Emerson 1F85U-42NP is definitely a good idea, even if you never installed a thermostat before.
This is compatible with conventional systems up to 2 stages of cooling and heating, as well as heat pumps up to 4 stages.

Not to mention, it can be compatible with oil, gas, and electric application. The Emerson 1F85U-42NP is a thermostat that can fit your needs. It is easier to replace and upgrade with its standard footprint.

There won’t be any marks when you replace the old ones with this thermostat. This can give you a reliable temperature control with its temperature accuracy of 1 degree.

And since Emerson already has more than 75 years of experience in the market, its expertise ensures you quality thermostat.

Today, you don’t have to choose between comfort and saving money. With this thermostat, you can obtain both at the same time.

Using this thermostat allows you to have a programmed cooling and heating schedules so you can quickly start saving on energy expenditures. Indeed, savings are right at your fingertip!


  • Built with compatibility in mind – can be applied to heating and cooling systems as well as heat pumps
  • Easy DIY Wizzard can give you step-by-step instructions for installation
  • Can provide reliable temperature control with its temperature accuracy of 1 degree
  • The years of experience of Emerson ensures quality thermostat
  • Enjoy comfort and savings at the same time


  • It is non-programmable

What to Look for Before Buying ?

A thermostat does not only control temperatures, but it is also capable of helping you save more energy, thus more money savings! Before you buy one, you need to consider various aspects, including the following:


Although this is not really necessary for its functionality, you can look for a thermostat that has a good appearance, especially one that can match your motif at home.


Price is not a determination of functionality. Some low-priced thermostats offer great features. Other high-priced thermostats may just have the same features as the low-priced.

To save more money, you should consider the one offering the least price without compromising quality.


Programmable thermostats allow you to have automatic adjustments, thereby giving optimum comfort for your family and guests. On the other hand, non-programmable thermostats cost lower and are easier to setup.

Wi-Fi Accessibility

If the thermostat is Wi-Fi compatible, you can reduce energy costs by automatically adjusting the temperature at home and assessing your cooling and heating patterns. No need to sacrifice comfort by making real-time adjustments and overriding settings.

Installation Requirements

Thermostat installation

You should opt for a thermostat that can easily be installed by yourself. Look for reviews and find out if the thermostat has a clear and step-by-step guide of installation.


Most importantly, look for a thermostat that is compatible with various appliances at home. If your cooling and heating systems are merely single-stage, you can opt for a single-stage thermostat.

This kind of thermostat is cheaper compared to a multi-stage thermostat. Usually, a single-stage thermostat is ideal at home.

Energy Star Rating

Since energy saving is your main goal, you should look for the energy star rating. The more the stars, the more efficient the thermostat is for energy saving. This means that you should choose one that has more energy star rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a thermostat?

A thermostat can control the temperatures of your cooling and heating systems as well as heat pumps. Perhaps, the main purpose of having a thermostat is to promote energy efficiency to save more money.

Why opt for a Wi-Fi thermostat?

If a thermostat can be connected to Wi-Fi, you can reduce energy costs by automatically adjusting the temperature at home. So even if you are away, as long as you have the app, you can make adjustments.

Why is geothermal feature a good idea?

If the thermostat features a geothermal function, you can control the temperature at home even if you’re away. It can make automatic adjustments since it can detect if the area requires a certain temperature or not.

Are programmable thermostats worth it?

It is worth it only if you know how to use them. Take note that programmable thermostats may be expensive. You can save more money if you can maximize energy efficiency. Choose a non-programmable thermostat if it is sufficient for your needs.

Why choose a higher energy star rating?

A thermostat with a high energy star rating can help you save more energy, which means more money savings!

Final Words

In choosing a thermostat, you need to consider various factors, including Wi-Fi accessibility, durability, appearance, energy star rating, and price.

The best thermostat for geothermal can give you the utmost comfort and save more energy and money. I hope you already have one in mind after scanning through the pages.


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