Best Pro Scooters under $100 – Review in 2021


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Are you looking to get your kids off their screens and do something productive? In a world of Netflix and Video games, going outside to play has lost much of its meaning.

However, as a caring parent, it’s your job to take care of your children’s mental and physical health. And we’ve got the answer to that!

A great way to get your kids to get some Vitamin D would be to buy them a scooter. So rather than spending on an expensive video game, you can get your kids the pro scooters.

Moreover, these scooters provide an excellent opportunity for kids to learn a new skill while keeping them busy and active.

10 Best Pro Scooters Under $100 Review in 2021

$100 Pro Scooters review

Refrain from buying just any scooter for your kids, if you want to make sure they don’t get bored of it within three days.

Buy a scooter that meets their specifications and needs, while also keeping them safe.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

The Fuzion comes as American parent’s top choice when they’re looking to buy a pro scooter for their kids. An upright position was given to the brand, considering its top-quality build and beautifully designed body.

For extreme durability, the X-3 is constructed using an aircraft-grade aluminum deck with high tensile rating steel bars.

Thus, not only are you getting a robustly built scooter, but the aluminum used also makes it extremely lightweight.

But that’s just the body, for its wheels, the X-3 comes with a robust set of 100mm Cast PU wheels, with additional metalized ABS cores.

Thus, the wheels are built to deal with extreme conditions without compromising on performance.

Plus, thanks to the Faze Fork frame, you can upgrade the wheels to 110mm if you’re on the look for extra power.

They also include Pro-Rise Bars, giving the riders complete control over the scooter. These bars are an excellent feature for those aspiring to show-off a few stunts at the skating rink.

Furthermore, having a threadless compression system makes it easier than ever to put together your scooter.

Additionally, with such affordable pricing, it makes the scooter a high-value purchase, considering the countless number of hours it’ll keep you kids happy and occupied.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great value for the price
  • Comes in six colors
  • High-strength and noise-free brakes
  • Faze fork wheel frame


  • Getting the wheels aligned can be tricky
  • Wheel upgrade is necessary for better performance

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters

Fuzion doesn’t only stop at the X-3; their X-5 is also an exceedingly well-known scooter around the skating tracks.

This scooter helps maintain the confidence of its users through its highly durable and reliable build. It’s the perfect scooter for those who are just starting and those who’ve learned to do tricks.

Made using a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum, and high tensile steel makes sure that the scooter remains lightweight while also being rugged.

Thus, it’ll allow riders to do stunts, with great ease without chances of the scooter breaking in two.

For maximum control and stability, the high tensile steel bar is further reinforced; this helps improve control and stability.

Thus, learning and performing new tricks and stunts should be easier and quicker.
In terms of the wheels, the scooter comes with 110mm, aluminum core wheels with a high rebound cast PU casing.

These five-spoke wheels are faster and quieter than most others currently available in the market. Plus, the wheel is encased in a Faze fork frame that can fit in both 100mm and 110mm wheels.

Moreover, for efficient stopping, the scooter includes a custom-designed, ENIGMA nylon brake. This nylon/steel brake pad, provides a tough and quick stop, while also remaining quiet.


  • Reinforced handlebar
  • High-grade nylon/steel brakes
  • 110mm 5 spoke wheels
  • Made using a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and steel
  • Comes in 4 beautiful colors


  • A bit more expensive than its predecessor
  • Aligning the wheels might be a bit tricky

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Albott Pro Trick Scooter

Albott Pro Trick Scooter

If you’re looking for something in a more premium tone, the vibrant gold color that the Albott pro trick scooter comes in should be perfect.

This Pro Trick scooter is designed for both beginners and those with some experience.
For kids to improve their tricks and stunts, the scooter comes with a robust high tensile steel handlebar.

This pro-Y-shaped bar is designed to help develop riders’ control over the scooter. The greater control allows the users to learn new and improve on old stunts and tricks quickly.

For the scooter to survive the beating from your children’s usage, it’s built accordingly in that rugged manner.

To handle this beating is precisely why this one from Albott features a robust aluminum frame. Plus, the use of aluminum makes it super light and resistant to corrosion, so it should last your kids a while.

The wheels on the scooter come with a metal core and ABEC-9 bearings. So, they should be able to reach quite high speeds without having to put in much force.

Plus, you’re also getting an IHC compression system to absorb most of the impacts for a smoother ride.

For braking, you’re getting a steel brake pad, and this should allow relatively quicker braking without creating much noise.

However, as the brakes are of steel, it may damage the PU surface on the back wheel.


  • Body made of aluminum and steel
  • Premium look
  • Comes with IHC or internal hidden compression
  • 110mm wheels with metal cores
  • Noise-free braking


  • Brakes might wear off wheels faster
  • Cut up slit on the handlebar might prove to be fragile

Playshion Freestyle Pro Scooter

Playshion Freestyle Pro Scooter

For those parents whose concern is mainly about their child’s safety, this scooter from Playshion will give them a guarantee of safety. The design makes it super safe and also allows kids to perform extreme stunts.

It features a four-bolt clamp design on its handlebar, ensuring the bar remains in place throughout the kids’ riding period.

Thus, it provides greater confidence to those riding the scooters, and their parent’s who can confirm that their kids are safe.

Furthermore, to ensure more safety, the deck is made using an aluminum compound; this keeps the scooter light and more durable.

The handlebar built of a one-piece steel tubing with reinforced metal ensures better control of the scooter.

For its wheels, the scooter uses 100mm PU made wheels that feature ABEC-9 bearings. Having a great set of bearing allows the wheels to travel much quicker without creating a ruckus, thus ensuring a smooth ride.

Efficient braking is a necessary part required in keeping your kids safe. For your kid’s safety, the scooter comes with a robust steel brake for quick and noiseless braking.

Overall, this should be an excellent gift for your kids, plus being affordable is just a bonus.


  • Quadruple clamp system
  • One-piece steel handlebar
  • Steel braking pad
  • Wheels come with ABEC-9 bearings
  • Boats an aluminum deck


  • Smaller wheels will be slower
  • Steel brakes will damage wheels

Albott Pro Sports Stunt Scooter

Albott Pro Sports Stunt Scooter

Another scooter from Albott includes their more toned-down version of the Trick Stunt. This Sports Stunt version is made for a younger age group, designed mainly for beginners to get better used to riding in skate parks and maybe learn a few tricks.

Made using an aluminum deck, designed with broader space for better footing, giving kids more control of their scooters.

Being built using aluminum also makes them much lighter and durable, allowing the frame to hold much larger weights.

For wheels, the scooter includes 100mm high-elastic PU wheels with ABEC-9 bearings. Thus, ensuring that the riders get a faster and smoother ride from the wheels without them making much noise.

The aluminum brake pad in the back makes sure these fast wheels stop quickly, again without creating any sound.

Whats sets this scooter apart is its unique neck design; it’s designed in such a way to ensure maximum durability.

The welds done on this scooter are done so exceptionally carefully. So, your kids don’t get any unwanted surprises when they try and perform new tricks.

Plus, the stunning blue color helps the scooter stand out on the skating rams. All this, while being priced this affordably, makes this scooter a real value for money purchase.


  • Priced affordably
  • Ample deck space for better footing and control
  • Wheels have ABEC-9 bearings
  • The aluminum build makes it lightweight
  • Sturdy handlebar


  • Smaller wheels hinder speed
  • Not many color choices

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

If you’re looking for a cheap mode of transportation, we would recommend you to look into this electric scooter from Razor power. It isn’t your regular stunt scooters; however, it does go very fast.

For durability purposes, the scooter features an aluminum deck with steel framing throughout. These materials are a necessary addition, considering the amount of weight added due to the batteries and motors.

The motor installed onto the electric scooter is a small 100W, kick-to-start unit. Even though it is quite small, the motor can provide quite a power kick, giving you fast cruising speeds of 11mph.

Plus, its very simple to use as well, so simple that it can be driven by an-8-year old without a problem.

The 24V battery that has been encased beneath the deck surface for better weight distribution also helps powering the motor.

This rechargeable battery pack is rated to give you about 60mins of continuous usage on a single charge.

For tires, the scooter features a pneumatic tire on the front and an airless tire on the back. These are designed with great treads that provide substantial traction on the road and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • Extremely affordable for an electric scooter
  • High-torque motor
  • Durable build
  • Tires have high gripping strength
  • Good battery backup


  • Frequent charging required
  • Can’t be used for stunts



If you’re looking for a great stunt scooter that’ll last your kids for quite a while, then this one from MGP should do the trick.

The MADD GEAR is designed to be flawless; it comes down from years of testing to produce the highest quality scooter available.

Its body is designed using a combination of aluminum and steel, keeping the scooter lightweight, while also ensuring supreme durability.

To further keep the body safe from bumps and scratches, the front and back sides of the deck are lined with high-density PP deck blocks.

The wheels featured on this scooter are large 110mm wheels. They also include an alloy core and are paired with ABEC-7 bearings. This should make your child unstoppable on the skating ramps.

That is until he/she uses the specially designed MG Blitz Brakes as these brakes are designed to quite swiftly cause the scooter to come to a halt. Moreover, the brakes are designed to work without making any sounds.

For the scooter’s handlebar, you’re getting a solid Japanese made chrome low riser bar paired with a fabulous set of swirl grind grips.

These make sure to give your child complete control over the scooter’s handling, allowing him/her to pull off stunts with ease and without hesitation.


  • Beautifully designed and wide color variation
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Large wheels with high-grade bearings
  • Comes with IHC compression


  • Grips on handlebars do not work well with sweaty hands
  • Open slit on the handlebar might be delicate

VOKUL TRll S1 Pro Scooters

VOKUL TRll S1 Pro Scooters

The Vokul TRII S1 is known as one of the best entry-level scooters currently in the market. Tricks and stunts can easily be mastered when you are using this, and on top of that you don’t need to worry about breaking it. How is that?

This enhanced durability comes from the durable frame design that it features. The framework is a combination of robust aluminum for the deck, and Chromoly, for the handlebars.

The metals being heat forged makes them extremely rugged and ready to handle vicious bumps and impacts.

Y-shaped bar design for the handlebar paired with the scooters lightweight, allows riders to do some real stunts on them.

It’s great for those who are just learning, as the handlebars provide far greater control and respond well to the rider’s movements.

For wheels, you’ll find a set of 100mm wheels with composite cores. These wheels won’t give your kid extremely high speeds but should be enough for riding on the skate park.

Also, these wheels are designed to provide a more comfortable and noise-free ride.
Additionally, you’ll also find a fantastic braking pad on the back of the deck.

This pad, reinforced with Manganese Steel, is a design that helps stop the scooter without making much noise.


  • The scooter is extremely affordable
  • Comprises of aluminum and chrome for high durability
  • Wheels designed for comfortable rides
  • Lightweight for easy tricks
  • Easy to put together


  • Smaller wheels will be slower
  • The steel brake will ware off the brakes

Boenoea Pro Scooters Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Boenoea Pro Scooters Freestyle Stunt Scooter

If you’re looking for a scooter that looks amazing and also provides undefeatable performance, then this scooter is the perfect match.

Its minimalistic color choices of black/red or black/blue help the scooter to pop out.
But turning heads is not all its been designed for, this scooter is also made for the most aggressive and rugged usage.

For that, it’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes the scooter lightweight while also managing its integrity.

The wheels on the scooter measure out at 110mm, plus they’re designed out of PU and have an alloy core.

These wheels, paired with their ABEC-9 bearings, allows the user to gain high-speeds without having to put in much effort pushing.

And to get you to a stop, the scooter has been added on with a rear foot brake that uses Manganese spring steel.

This spring steel is a highly responsive braking device designed to quickly get the scooter to a halt without rattling or making noise.

It’s also very easy to put together. And with all the necessary tools already provided in the package, you shouldn’t face any problem setting it up.

It’s a bit more expensive, but considering the years of usage it’ll provide, we think it lives up to the hype.


  • Value for money
  • Built to handle rough usage
  • Brakes made using Mn spring steel
  • Large wheels with efficient bearings
  • Great looks


  • Only comes in two colors
  • Steel brakes could damage wheels

Grit Extremist Pro Scooter

Grit Extremist Pro Scooter

This beast from Australia is one of the most aesthetically pleasing scooters available in the market.

However, performance-wise the scooter goes above and beyond, making it a fantastic choice for your kids to enter the skating park with.

Its deck is made out of heat-treated alloy material, and this gives the scooter an extremely rigid structure, one that can easily take the force of stunts and tricks.

Additionally, the alloy steel structure also makes the scooter lightweight—an excellent way for beginners to enter the skating hobby.

The wheels included on this scooter are a set of 100mm alloy cast core wheels, with ABEC-7 bearings.

These smaller wheels may make the scooter a bit slower; however, having an alloy core and high-grades bearing help make up for the loss of speed.

Furthermore, Grit has made sure to include their best in class MX style handlebars. These Y bars are built using high tensile steel with soft grips on each end.

Thus, they’ve significantly increased the bar’s durability while also keeping them comfortable.
Plus, this Y-style design helps give riders greater control on the steering, allowing them to learn how to pull off stunts quickly.

And to make sure everything is kept on the safe side, the bar is attached to the fork using an alloy-built double clamp.

This clamp helps keep the joint between the bar and steering fork secure, allowing for extremely accurate movement.


  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • Flex braking system
  • Dual bolt clamp for extra safety
  • Alloy core wheels with ABEC-7 bearings
  • Extremely sophisticated design


  • Threaded forks are a bit weaker
  • Smaller wheels will slow down your kids

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Since you’re purchasing this for your kids, there are a bunch of factors to consider. To ensure that your kids don’t get hurt or bored of the scooter, make sure to go through this detailed buying guide. It should give you an in-depth understanding of what to be on the lookout for.


The deck forms the main body of the scooter, and it is the part that holds up your child’s entire body weight.

Thus, the frame must be incredibly durable to ensure that it can take up the rough usage without breaking up in two.

But that’s not all; you’ll also have to make sure that the body is well balanced and lightweight as well.

What this should do is it should help the rider balance the scooter better, and have better control over it.

Better control will make performing tricks much easier; for those who are just getting into riding a scooter, learning will be much quicker as well.

Another factor to look out for in your deck includes the size, and most of the market comes with a standardized deck size.

However, if you’re looking for an authentic pro scooter experience, get your children something that meets their size and style.

An excellent fitting scooter will give them greater control and confidence when performing stunts.

Lastly, to conduct a durability check, look for a deck built using aircraft-grade aluminum. These materials help give the scooter a solid frame, and this will allow the scooter to handle extreme impacts without an issue.

Plus, they keep the deck extremely lightweight, so performing tricks should never be an issue.


Pro Scooters handlebar

The handlebar is another factor that directly relates to the stability and control provided by a scooter.

When buying a scooter, there are a few things about the handlebar that you must make sure of.

Pro scooter bars come in various designs and styles. So, which one you choose will depend on personal preference.

Therefore, it’s always better that you take your kids with you to buy a handlebar that they are comfortable with.

Now coming to the durability, most handlebars that are available are designed using steel tubing.

This solid steel bar allows them to easily absorb most impacts—an excellent addition for kids who are just starting to learn.

However, there are aluminum tubings as well for greater strength and lightness, although they can be costly.

Most Handlebars come with grips pre-installed; yet, you’re always welcome to change. Again when choosing this, make sure to have your kids present; they are better aware of their preference and comfort.

When selecting the grip for the handlebar, make sure it is sweat proof to maintain grip even during intense training sessions.


A fork is a device that connects directly through your headset to your handlebar. The control of your scooter depends entirely on your fork and handlebar working together.

We’ve already talked about the best handlebar you can get for your kids, now let’s talk about the part that connects to it.

Forks come in various styles, sizes, and weights, with each performing the same function. However, for a pro scooter, how effectively the task of controlling your bike is carried out is extremely important.

When it comes to forks, there are two factors you must look out for—one being if it’s a threaded or threadless fork.

Since you need to have the fork and the handlebar attached securely, it’s always safer to go for the threadless forks.

These allow for a more durable and reliable attachment without the risk of breaking out.
Another factor you must consider is the size of the wheel that you want to fit onto the scooter.

Most forks support either a 100mm or a 110mm wheels, and if you want something bigger, you need to make your fork purchase accordingly.


Having a fork and handlebar isn’t all, both of these need to be attached, and must work simultaneously.

Even though this trinket occupies a small part on your scooter, this little piece carries the utmost importance.

To ensure that both the handlebar and fork move precisely at the same time without any lag is a difficult task to complete.

However, the headset ensures that this task is carried out as smoothly and as silently as possible.

Thus, allowing the user to precisely maneuver the scooter, while also being a huge factor that enables them to perform tricks.

If you’re looking to build a dependable pro scooter, we would recommend you go for an integrated headset than a non-integrated one.

Integrated headsets are simpler to set up and do not require any tinkering. Plus, they already come with the bearing cup attached to the head tube.

Thus, you can be sure that the tube is perfectly aligned with the fork, giving the rider smoother steering.

A small insignificant factor to those who are just starting! However, to those who are regular at the skating rink, this factor could be a game-changer.

Compression System

The compression system is another piece of the puzzle, and it is what helps seal the deal between the headset and fork.

Moreover, the compression system also allows you to keep your headset in tune following your requirements.

The main job of the compression system is to make the connection between the bar and the fork sturdy and stable, thus avoiding sudden breakdowns.

For a basic/ an entry-level scooter, a threaded compression system should be good enough to support the framework.

However, if your idea is to buy your kids a scooter, they can start doing stunts on, then you must make sure to do your homework.

Advanced compression systems are available in many types; this includes methods such as the HIC (Hidden Internal Compression), ICS (Inverted Compression System), and SCS (Standard Compression System).

If you’re going for any one of these, you should be able to support your kid’s trick, and stunt needs quite easily.

However, these still have their pros and cons, which we suggest you look into before you proceed.


wheel of pro scooter

Powered by your self, the wheels play a huge role in the amount of speed you can generate. Plus, in the skating rink, if you want to stand out, you must either be the fastest or the flashiest, or both.

If you do decide on both, then the wheels that go with your scooter need to be carefully picked out.

First, find out the size that is compatible with your fork. Most forks support either a 100mm or a 110mm wheel. However, we would always recommend you to go with the larger one.

A larger wheel allows for much faster speeds as the PU that it is made out of can cover a larger surface at a quicker pace.

These wheels will allow you to zoom past other skaters quite easily. One more factor that contributes to your speed is the bearing that is fit in; most ABEC-7 or 9 bearings are great additions for pro scooters.

You must also take into account the inner core of the wheel. A basic set of wheels will come with a plastic center; if your kids are using the scooter for tricks and stunts, then the plastic core will not survive.

This is why for pro scooters, you’ll be needing metal alloy cores. These are more durable and ensure a smoother ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will bigger wheels provide higher speed?

Yes, the larger wheels will be able to cover more surface area without your kids having to push as hard. Thus, giving you faster speeds and being more comfortable to control.

Where should the handlebar height be at?

The handlebar should be lifted up to around the waist to the hip height of your kid. This is an excellent way for your child to have more comfort and keep up performance.

How wide does the deck need to be?

The answer to this will largely depend on the age and foot size of your child. However, a scooter deck is usually around 4-5 inches wide and 19-20 inches long.

How do I set up a scooter?

Setting up a scooter is reasonably quite simple. The boxes that the scooters come in usually have the Allen key to carry it out.

All you have to do is unfold the scooter, adjust the handlebar height, and then tightening all the necessary hex bolts.

Can bigger wheels be put onto my scooter?

The answer to this will mainly depend on the type of fork installed onto your scooter.

Most scooters come with a 100mm or 110mm wheelset. However, if you’re looking for an upgrade, you must find a fork that has extra space available to fit in a larger wheel.

Final Words

Scooters are an excellent pass time for the kids, plus they make up as an amazingly affordable Christmas gift.

But, you must take your time to do your research and make the right decision. This will help you make the most affordable decision, helping you get the pro scooter under 100 dollars.


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