5 Best Tool Chest under $300 Review


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So, you are a DIY enthusiast and love to inspect everything around the house and fix them? And even before you know, you find yourself with 100 tools and no place to store them. Also, when you do store them, it is not convenient for you.

Well, did you ever think of a toolbox? Because we have gathered a list of the tool chest.

They are not only budget-friendly but will cut your work time surprisingly short. Plus, when you work in an organized place, your work efficiency increases automatically.

Therefore, you should certainly look for some toolboxes that will fit all your pieces of equipment.

Top 5 Tool Chest under $300 Review

We have searched the market and narrowed down these five money-saving toolboxes that you will absolutely adore. You will find the pros and cons, along with a detailed explanation below.

Goplus Rolling Tool Cart

Goplus Rolling Tool Cart

This tool cart, in metallic black, is very easy to organize. So, if you wanted a simple place to store your woodworking or welding product, the Goplus box will be perfect for you.

It has a sliding top and bottom drawers where you can store several tools. So, there will be no shortage of space. Plus, the tools fit the space.

Hence, you will not have to force them into the slots. It has a length, width, and height of 31 inches, 15 inches, and 34 inches.

So, it is indeed spacious. Moreover, the safety lock ensures that the sliding tops do not slip. Interestingly, when locked, you can use the top surface as a workspace.

You do not have to worry about loose hinges because its body is extremely durable. The tool chest has a pure and solid steel composition, which contributes to its long term usage and durability.

What’s more, it comes with flexible caster and handles. You can even lock the casters and detach the handles at will.

Thus it becomes easy to carry around. However, the toolbox weighs about 350 lbs but can take more load than its weight.


  • Durable steel body
  • Flexible caster
  • Portable handle
  • Comes with safety lock
  • Sliding top drawers


  • It may be heavy too heavy to carry around

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Craftsman Steel Tool Chest

Craftsman Steel Tool Chest

Craftsman is well known for quality products, and this toolbox is no different. With five heavy-duty drawers, this black tool chest can hold up to three hundred fifty pounds’ worth of tools. It is 26 inches wide and 44 inches tall, which ensures you a sufficient storage room.

Moreover, this item has a tool chest built inside of a cabinet! This feature only means more storage space.

The chest is also highly durable because of a unique material, namely Sedalia and MO-20-24-gauge steel. So, no tool can scratch its surface.

The cabinet drawers slide out very smoothly, despite the weight of the tools. These ball-bearing, sliding drawers are 30 pounds with full extension and 3×1 casters. So, the box will never get jammed.

It has two locks, a swivel, and an external lock so that the tools do not slip out. Moreover, A weaved texture top mat makes the bottom non-slippery. So, no matter how heavy the box gets, it will always stay put.


  • External locks for better protection
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Toolbox built within a cabinet
  • Huge storage room
  • Jam-less sliding doors


  • The drawers may not be heavy-duty

Interpret Rolling Tools Chest

Interpret Rolling Tools Chest

So, you have a tool chest, but something about it just does not appeal to you. Maybe you should look out for the Interpret tool chest. Its bold, red color and security features will certainly call your name.

Besides the looks, this metal tool chest has four hooks on one side of the box to store additional tools outside.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about lifting this massive chest because they run on two moving wheels with brake wheels, and has side handles too!

Speaking of convenience, you can detach the top box and take it anywhere. The detachable box has several drawers as well.

A total of eight drawers will enable you to organize every gadget according to their sizes and shapes.

This organization process will also speed up your work time since the smaller tools would not get lost among the bigger tools.

Hence, it is multi-purpose and spacious. You can also store automotive supplies and use them in the basement at the same time.


  • Convenient and efficient design
  • It has several drawers
  • The color bold and vibrant
  • It has rolling wheels
  • Comes with a detachable top box


  • Not suitable if you have multiple small tools only

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Brilliant Black Rolling Tool Chest

Brilliant Black Rolling Tool Chest

If durability is something you need, then you must look for the tool chest by Brilliant Black. Its caster base material and steel construction of the rest of the box should ensure you about the durability of this item.

Besides durability, it is also convenient. It has a tool chest that you can carry out. So if you do not have enough space to fit the whole thing under your table, you can put the tool chest on the top of the table.You can securely place it back together with the two lock and keys.

Moreover, the locks, handles, and breakable casters make it convenient and safe for indoor use as well.

There is also additional space outside the box that lets you hang more massive tools on the detachable metal hooks.

The top of the chest can hold ball bearing tools, which means it is not limited to just small items.

Moreover, It has four ball bearing slide drawers and an open top with hinges to accommodate such tools.


  • Four external hook hangers
  • Four universal casters and brakes
  • Non-slip pads
  • Convenient side handle
  • Detachable tool kit


  • Drawers are limited to only six

Winsor’s Wooden Tool chest

Winsor’s Wooden Tool chest

The Winsor’s toolbox is certainly one fancy-looking tool chest. It has a hardwood exterior, walnut-stain polish, topped off with a clear lacquer finish. So, if an aesthetic toolbox is what you desire, this product is your calling.

It might be small and portable, but it has more room for storage than you think. You will find eight drawers in this heavy-duty toolbox.

Since the product is so petite, it opens and closes like a briefcase with a single key lock in the center.

Once you open the kit, the front vertical wood will drop down, and there will be six mini drawers, followed by two larger drawers.

Lastly, when you list the top horizontal wooden part, you will find an open rectangular box space for storing bigger tools.

So, with all this storage, you will certainly have more room than you need. Moreover, these spaces have felt lining to ensure the durability of the wooden tool chest.

Like a briefcase, it also has a rubberized top handle. So, the soft touch makes it comfortable to hold and carry.


  • Has a pure hardwood structure
  • Multiple compartments and drawers
  • Heavy-duty chrome-plated hardware
  • Rubberized comfortable handles
  • Felt-lined drawers for added durability


  • It cannot hold massive tools

What to Look for before Buying

Here is a list of the essential features that you should keep your eye out for before purchasing a tool chest.


tool chest Security

Keeping unwanted hands off your tool chest is important, especially if you have children at home.

So, to ensure that children can never access the box, buy a tool chest with an external lock. Also, if you have expensive work tools and work with other people, you should consider tool chests with an internal lock.

There are also a few versions with separate lock codes for the top chest and the drawers, which you might be interested in if you want optimum security.


If you work with wood and metal a lot, you will want to ensure that your kit is not too heavy. Thus, it is better to know the total weight of all your tools and then buy a chest. Otherwise, the box might not be able to support the load.

Moreover, if you want an inherently lightweight tool, you can always go for aluminum or plastic boxes.

They also have ample space, and if you are lucky, they will last a while too. Also, keep an eye out for wheels on the bigger tool chests and be sure to get the ones with comfortable handle grips on both sides.


The bigger the tool chest, the more tools you can store. So, if you have more tools or plan to grow your collection, it would be a wise decision to buy a bigger tool chest.

If you have a few tools for small house projects or DIY activities, then you can get a medium-sized chest, a few rooms of the drawer for small to medium size ranged tools.

On the other hand, if you have many large tools, you should go for the ones with extra cabinet space with a detachable toolbox and additional drawers.


Tool chests usually have two materials, either metal or hardened plastic. The kind of metal will affect the chest’s durability and robustness, for example, aluminum or steel will make the box more portable.

So, If you are looking for a portable tool chest, make sure it is of aluminum. On the other hand, steel tool chests cost more than aluminum ones, but they are stronger and more durable.

Some metal chests will have a wooden top as a free space for extra storage. For home garages, a plastic tool chest will be an affordable choice. But if you are a professional, then go for the steel ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the tool chests:

What is the best kind of tool chest for home projects?

In terms of portability, a small tool chest of hard plastic or wood will be the best for DIY projects.

What is the best kind of tool chest for home projects

How many drawers will be ideal for storage?

About six drawers are sufficient, but eight drawers are best if you have a lot of tools.

Do they come with locks?

Yes! Besides external locks, some models have internal locks and separate lock codes for top part and drawers.

Are garage tool boxes mobile?

Yes, most have wheels and brakes with handles of good grips.

How do I stop my box from slipping?

You should purchase toolboxes with rubber or caster bottoms for extra grip.

Final Words

We highly recommend getting the right tool chest under 300 dollars because you might think your organization is fine for now.

But when you actually organize all your tools based on size, shape, and use, working will become so convenient that it will shock you! So, hurry up and get a toolbox!


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