5 Best Tool Chest under $1000 Reviews


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There are DIYers who make an unintentional mistake by keeping their tools in the original packages.

They might think of it as a smart approach, but unfortunately, the plastic cases will slowly get damaged with time.

What can be the solution, then? The tool chest is the ultimate savior in this case. Using it, you will be able to store all the tools and keep them organized in a single place.

Since different models come with their own price ranges, it can get confusing for you to choose from. For your ease, we have included the tool chest under $1000.

So read the full content and pick the winner according to your preference.

Benefits of Using Tool Chests

Benefits of Using Tool Chests

Whether you are a mechanic, technician, or any other professional, tool chest will play a striking role in upgrading your overall work.

Here are all the benefits that you can reap if you use it.

Easy to Organize

Most of the projects require using more than one tool, and if you are in that situation, you do know the importance of keeping them in an organized format.

Having this modern storage facility is nothing but a blessing in disguise. None of them will be scattered or messy anymore, and if you need a tool instantly, you will definitely know where to look for it.

Protection from Damage

When you are carrying the tools from one spot to another, there is a high probability that it might get damaged.

So, the tool chest will make sure everything inside of it remains intact and safe from any kind of external harm.

On top of that, you will get a bonus reward because the durability and lifespan of the tools increase to a larger extent.

Takes a Small Amount of Space

As the size is compact, you can put it in any location of your choice. They only take a small space and won’t create any hassle for you.

Hence, you can store it in a vehicle and carry it easily during your project time.

Top 5 Tool Chest under $1000 Review

Out of all the products, we have chosen the top 5 for you. For the readers who are already familiar with tool chests, the following list will be beneficial for them as well.

CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet (CMST82772RB)

CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet  (CMST82772RB)

This model is unique when it comes to construction. The main purpose for anyone is to use it for the longest time possible. To satisfy these criteria, there is a double wall I-frame installed, which is made of steel.

Sometimes you can have an urge not to carry it when you are walking and, instead, move it like a rolling suitcase.

Thankfully, there are strongly mounted casters present to give you that relaxing experience. From now on, you can avoid exhausting transportation.

Normally, drawers create huge noise when you close it at a fast pace. But this one comes with a soft close latching feature that prevents slamming.

You can simply relax because there will be zero disturbances, and no one will get irritated due to that.

In addition to that, you will find a drawer liner roll that will keep all the tools safe. If you have lots of sockets and are looking for a way to store and display it properly, there is a socket organizer ready to provide you the service.

Moreover, each of the drawers is rigid and can withstand tools up to 100 lbs. Global materials of high quality are used, and the mats are perfectly placed and fitted so that the surfaces below the lid and cabinet top can always be shielded. If you scratch it accidentally, it won’t be affected.

You do know that the chances of losing your tools are quite high if you don’t have proper safeguards. Thanks to the keyed internal locking system, you can have a sigh of relief.


  • 10 drawer
  • Keyed internal locking system
  • Easy transportation
  • Prevents slamming of the drawer
  • Strong body


  • Have to buy extra drawer liner to get the entire drawers lined

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Gerstner International GI-T24 Red Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest

Gerstner International GI-T24 Red Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest

Would you love to have an attractive looking tool chest along with tool storage facilities? Who wouldn’t love these complete packages, right!

This beautiful product is a perfect choice for toolmakers and home purposes. You can safely store and organize all your jewelry, watches, and precision tools.

The feeling of getting compliments from people is simply awesome. This model will make it possible because of its beautiful eye-catchy hardwood design.

Surprisingly, the design is very efficient in protecting the product from moisture in all conditions. So, it is a win-win situation for you if you purchase it.

If you talk about durability, this model breaks all the barriers in this category. The overall hardware is chrome plated, which means it prevents corrosion in all weather conditions.

You can easily clean it and can be satisfied with the fact that all your precious objects are safe and sound inside.

What is impressive about this product is, you can use the front lid to store things into the underdrawers in the open position.

Another commendable feature is its cushioning, which makes sure all your precious things remain unharmed. A high-quality green felt-lined interior is used to achieve that for your benefit.


  • Protection from moisture
  • Cushioning prevents product damage
  • High-quality outlook
  • Can store small items used in home
  • Durable


  • Not proper solid wood

TANKSTORM 26 inch Professional Tool Chest (TZ67-BK)

TANKSTORM 26 inch Professional Tool Chest  (TZ67-BK)

There are some models that look complicated to use and could give you a headache. But this product is completely the opposite and might change your perception in a good way.

This tool chest is well built and long-lasting because of its high-quality materials, cold-rolled steel.

On top of that, the blue coating finish will save you from troubles like scratches or other chemical issues.

Your loveable tools will always remain safe and won’t ever get lost as there is a locking mechanism present in each drawer.Moreover, each of them can withstand weight up to 50 lbs.

If you are thinking about portability, this one performs in a marvelous way. There are two swivel casters with brake and the other two with no brakes. You can easily maneuver it in any direction while transporting.

Pulling out the drawers and then sliding it back smoothly is possible in this model, kudos to the ball bearing slides.

It can be an added benefit if you are in a hurry. Furthermore, the EVA mat is placed on each of the drawers for safety purposes.

On the top portion of the cart, a plastic divider top is present, and you can easily distribute your tools according to your preference.


  • Free from scratches and chemicals
  • Flexible to transport
  • Top-notch security in the drawers
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting


  • The inside portion of the drawer is made of plastic

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Rubbermaid Commercial TradeMaster Cart with Cabinet (FG451288BLA)

Rubbermaid Commercial TradeMaster Cart with Cabinet (FG451288BLA)

If you are looking for cabinet one with no drawers, this one can be a smart pick. The doors have a locking system, and the deep drawers will surprise you. You can utilize this area to store your tool collection and other supplies.

The outlook is nice with commercial quality-made drawers. To save you from the struggle of pulling the drawer out, ball bearings are there to slide the whole thing in a smooth way.

And the shelves are made with structural foam with reinforced metal, and this extends the durability.

Sometimes, grip handle creates pain in the wrist and back when you apply pressure. But this one is carefully designed to prevent this problem, and you can comfortably use it all the time.

Moving to different spots with it won’t be a challenge anymore since it has two fixed and two swivel casters.

You can easily control the direction of whether you are in a hurry or not. The wheels have a non-marking feature, so you won’t be leaving any marks in the way.

It requires small maintenance and will never rust. Additionally, the withstanding power of it is enormous, and luckily, you won’t ever have to face any breaking or denting issues.

Also, the overall size is big enough to load more than 500 lb of tools and other parts. You can even mold it in storage compartments so that you can put the small-sized tools or other stuff without any congestion.

Another great thing about it is the mobile power center feature. Just plug it to a power supply, and you can use the drill machine or other electrical devices.


  • No wrist or back pain
  • Big space to store lots of tools
  • Can be used for electrical purposes
  • Zero rusting issues
  • Locking systems prevents outsiders from stealing


  • Plastic tabletop

Crescent JOBOX 42″ Site-Vault Heavy-Duty Chest – 2-653990

Crescent JOBOX 42 inch  Site-Vault Heavy-Duty Chest - 2-653990

Working on-site requires a heavy-duty chest that can tackle with any environment. This model fills the gap in these criteria.

Fieldwork requires extra security for your tools, and this one has an amazing feature when it comes to the locking system.

There are three locking points, and not only that, you will get an indication when the box gets locked or unlocked.

Just so you can use it safely, the manufacturer has installed a lock support system that properly secures and locks the lid in an open position.

The upgraded ones allow you to use the padlock models (Master #1, #5, #175, and American #50).

As you know, the main harm that a heavy-duty chest can do is with its sharp edge. So, for your safety concern, the edges are beveled smoothly, and because of that, the strength of the lid increases to a new extent.

Now storing your small tools, PPE, or rain gears won’t be a headache anymore. The dual built-in lid storage with integrated cargo nets will make sure you can have your desire fulfilled.

Along with that, you can use the integrated sidewall cargo bin to store small things without any hesitation.

You might injure your fingers or knuckles while lifting the lid, but this model is there for your rescue. The handles are designed efficiently to give you the utmost comfort when you have to do the lift.

To transport your things on the job site easily, the EZ-Loader Skid Bolsters makes the operation flexible, and also, you can forklift it from all sides.

It won’t slip as it has slip-resistant textured powder paint. In case the pin starts to come out, hinges are welded strongly to ensure it won’t happen.


  • Efficient in field-based jobs
  • Locking and unlocking indicator present
  • No sharp edges
  • Comfortable while opening the lid
  • Won’t slip during fork lifting


  • No drawer system

What to Look for before Buying

If you are planning to buy the best toolbox under 1000, you should have some knowledge in advance. Here are a few things that you should consider.


Chests come in three types, plastic, steel, and metal. You can also choose its thickness level. The thicker ones will be a bit expensive than the thinner product.

But your tools will be much more protected if you go with the former one. On the other hand, the latter is quite easier to carry.


tool chest Size

Do you have a huge number of tools or just a couple of them? If you are the person in the first category, buy the big sized chest without giving a second thought.

Keep in mind that it might be heavier to carry, but look on the bright side; you can carry all your important stuff in a single time period.


There is no point in storing your tools without providing valid security. It is best to have a model that comes with a locking system in all compartments. In this way, you can avoid the trouble of losing it in the first place.


Yes, your toolbox can get way too heavy when you fill it up to the maximum. In that case, you might think about the portable feature that can be a big help in this critical time.

Look for the models that come with wheels and handles so that you can move them comfortably.

Number of Drawers

Drawers basically help you to keep all the tools in an organized fashion. If you have a large number of drawers, you will be able to keep lots of tools and can even distribute them according to your working purpose. Check the loading capacity for each of them as well.

Types of Slides

You will find two types of slides, non-bearing and ball bearing. The first one is not flexible to use because the drawer gives you a hard time. And the other one is simply awesome as it lets you slide it smoothly and easily.

Even your drawer gets heavy, it won’t slip or gets stuck in the middle. So, do check it out before you purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best tool chests:

Do I have to carry my tool chest all the time?

It depends on the kind of model your purchase. If your one comes with casters, then you don’t have to carry it.

You can simply roll it in any direction. The one with no casters will require you to carry, unfortunately.

How can I maintain it properly?

You should always keep it clean with the use of fresh cloth. Make sure you don’t make it wet.

Maintain the weight limit of the drawers and don’t ever use it as a chair or table. Avoid doing this, or else it will be damaged for sure.

Can I save extra space inside?

Yes, you can use some clever techniques like putting all the small tools close to each other. If it is possible, try to fit them like a puzzle.

If I don’t have dividers present inside, how can I create one?

Take foam scraps and cut thin straps of them to create dividers.

What features do I have to look for in a tool chest?

The topmost features include the material that is being used, overall construction, long-lasting performance, security, portability, smooth drawer sliding, loading capacity, and size.

Final Words

Choose the right tool chest under $1000 according to your work requirement. Consult with the professionals for additional advice.

If your chosen one crosses your budget, don’t reject it. Put some additional cash because the product will be efficient in the long run.


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