5 Best Blenders under $50 – Buyer’s Guide


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If you are looking for blenders under $50, then you should check out these brands, Hamilton, Ninja, Tenswall, and Cincredfood. They offer great products that you can choose from.

A blender is a must-buy countertop tool in most kitchens. Every person has their preference in choosing one to perfect those refreshing shakes and smoothies to drink. So, if you are having a hard time, leave that to us.

We have sorted out the 5 best blenders under $50 products that you can decide on. Let us help you find the perfect blender to use at home, according to your liking. Flip through this article then!

Best Blenders under $50 Review in 2021

These reviews will be of great help. Here, we will evaluate these five best blenders that will surely match what you are checking out.

Key details such as feedbacks and recommendations and the description of the products will also be laid out.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

If smoothies and shakes are part of your daily diet intake, I suggest the Hamilton blender. This product is undoubtedly a thumbs-up to those who regularly travel.

What I like about this blender is that it is travel-handy. It has a detachable jar that you can also use as a travel mug, which is very efficient for people who are always running late to work.

If you have no time to find the right cup, then all you have to do is remove it from the base, and you are good to go.

Also, the detachable jar is made of plastic, meaning this is light and not a burden to bring every time you go out.

You may doubt the safety of the plastic-made jar, worry no more because this is BPA-free, which makes it one of the best personal blenders under $50.

Another thing that I like is you will only have one button to push to blend or process your food. The on/pulse button allows you to process your food according to your desired texture. It will also not take too much of your time to figure out how to operate this.

However, this is not suitable for blending hot liquids or food. The material, which is plastic, cannot handle high temperatures, so you should avoid pouring hot ingredients.

It would be best if you did not worry, though; we will still have other ideal products for hot temperatures to be introduced later on.

Anyway, for Hamilton personal blender, put away the doubt, for it will solidly satisfy you.


  • Travel handy
  • Lightweight
  • BPA-free
  • Time-efficient


  • Not suited for hot liquids/food
  • Single-serving

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Ninja 700-Watt Personal Blender

Ninja 700-Watt Personal Blender

If you are not satisfied with your blender at home because it cannot process food smoothly, then you should buy a new one.Then you need to have the Ninja 700-watt blender.

One thing that I like about this product is it can crush ice and frozen fruits and vegetables without having any problem.

The power from the blender makes it easier to blend your ingredients to make smoothies. Do you know it is also the best blender for smoothies under $50?

Using this personal blender is good. You can be able to control the blending speed. Another benefit from this heavy-duty blender other than break down harsh ingredients is it can extract nutrients that you can take to help your body.

Suppose you are also in a hurry because you’re already going to be late, take it easy because this comes with two Ninja cups that have sip & seal lids. You will be able to bring this with you anywhere you travel without difficulty.

The included cups are dishwasher-safe; however, the downside of these cups; it is hard to clean.

So it might take time before you can finish cleaning the used cups. And these cups are not for hot ingredients, so make sure to process cold liquids /food only.

Also, these cups’ openings are somewhat small, so you might need to slice large fruits and vegetables before putting them inside.

You will not be able to slide your hands inside if you are reaching for something, so you might need to use a stirrer with a long handle.

If this blender is not what you’re looking for, do not worry, there are more products ahead. But if you will try, this product will surely make you happy in some way, too.


  • Heavy-duty blender
  • Control blending speed
  • Dishwasher-safe cups
  • Anti-slid
  • Portable


  • Not suited for hot liquids
  • Cups are hard to clean

Tenswall Personal Blender

Tenswall Personal Blender

Are you worried you won’t be able to finish blending your smoothie when the electricity cuts off? Forget it because we have the rechargeable Tenswall multifunctional blender.

That’s what I like about this one. Not only is it multifunctional, but you can blend food without plugging this into an outlet.

This product is USB rechargeable and can squeeze up to 15 cups of juices in just a single charge. Tenswall is a great deal. It can perform as a juicer, mixer, and blender, too.

You do not have to worry about the cleaning process after using this. This product is self-cleaning. All you have to do is pour water and push the button for automatic cleaning.

The juicer/blender cup is also eco-friendly. It is made of non-toxic materials. That is also BPA-free, so you do not have to think about the effects on your body.

This is also cordless, handheld, and lightweight, which makes it very convenient to use. You can carry it with you to any place, like your office, school, dorms, etc.

The downside of this blender is that you cannot detach the cup from the base. That means you cannot use the cup for drinking. Also, the cup’s opening is small in size, so little chunks of ice, fruits, or vegetables can fit in.

But this disadvantage does not affect the overall performance of the blender. It is still good for you to purchase this because it can perform different functions, making you save more money. Doubt no more; this is one of the best blenders under $50.


  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Lightweight
  • BPA-free and eco-friendly
  • Multifunctional
  • Self-cleaning


  • Cup is not detachable
  • Single-serving

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Cincred Personal Blender

Cincred Personal Blender

Now, if you are looking for a blender that can process hot liquids, then choose Cincrad, another multifunctional blender that can give you its best standard in performing the built-in functions like juicer, blender, processor, etc.

The included cup is made of glass, which only means that it can withstand hot temperatures. So, if you want to blend with hot liquids, you should buy this product.

Also, the cup can be used to drink. It is also easy cleaning. You have to pour water inside the cup to flush the residues found inside.

Cincrad is also fast-cooling and convenient moving. You do not have to worry about the power base to heat up.

Manufacturers have made their power base to cool fast and also efficient to use without exerting more effort.

Another edge of this is it has a powerful motor. It can make smoother juices and crush ice easily.

Sadly, this cannot produce for more people. It can serve a single person. Suppose you have to prepare for a big group, you may have to look for another product.


  • Multifunctional
  • Cup can withstand hot temperatures
  • Easy-cleaning
  • Fast-cooling
  • Powerful motor


  • Single-serving

Ninja 400-Watt Blender

Ninja 400-Watt Blender

The next product can allow you to blend and also chop without spilling anything on your countertop, or worse, your clothes.

This 400-watt blender from Ninja is a must-buy for those people who do not have enough time to chop more ingredients.

It includes an interchangeable pitcher for blending and a chopper bowl for the chopping—no need for more energy to waste in preparing ingredients for a big party. The only thing you will do is peel what you need and put them inside the bowl.

For consistent results and ultimate control, the blender has a one-touch pulse button. This adds versatility to our kitchen.

Using this product, you will also be able to make smoothies or shakes for more visitors. The pitcher’s capacity is up to 6 cups, which means you can make something by batch.

You might be worrying over food spills on your counter or clothes. If you are, then you will not regret buying and using Ninja. It has no-slip bases and splashes guards, which will keep everything clean and steady.

Storage lids of this product are also included. This is to preserve the freshness of your food. Another, this is also dishwasher safe, so eliminate the worrying.

However, this product is a bit bulky compare to the other products. So it is not recommended to bring it with you. This is advisable to use at home, for your convenience.

Yet, this brand is still a recommendation. You do not have to worry about preparing for visitors in case you have a group going to your house.


  • Multifunctional and heavy-duty
  • Convenient to use
  • Dishwasher-safe and spill-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Can serve more people
  • Preserves food


  • Bulky
  • Heavyweight

Features You Should Consider When Buying Blenders

Features You Should Consider When Buying Blenders

Among different budget-friendly blenders that are sold in the markets, it might be challenging to find a quality blender that can be useful at the same time in our kitchens. You should be able to identify which product is the most efficient for you to buy.

The following are the features that you should consider in choosing blenders under $50.


One factor you should consider when buying cheap blenders is power. You do not have to settle for less just because you are purchasing a cheap one. Always check the product you are looking for to meet the requirement you need.

Also, try to ask if this can cut through food and gives you a result that you are looking for. If you need a heavy-duty blender, then the Ninja 700 and 400-Watt blenders are what you are looking for.


The size is one of the essential features of a cheap blender that you should ponder. You need to check that how many people will be served.

This is to avoid delays, especially when you are preparing for a large number of visitors at home. And also, check if this size goes well with the size of your kitchen.

For servings, if this is only for one person, the Hamilton, Tenswall, and Cincrad are perfect for you. When it’s for more people, I suggest you buy the Ninja brand.


We know that cheap blenders do not have high-grade features. So, do not hold back in criticizing which product you should buy.

These affordable ones may not have fine speed settings; on the other hand, it might be efficient for you because you can control the blending and processing of your ingredients more.

Most budget-friendly blenders have multiple buttons. So if you can find one with only a single button just like the Hamilton Personal Blender, then decide wisely.


These are some of the most critical parts of a blender. Always have in mind to look at the material used in the blades before buying.

Check if it is long-lasting and can cut through ingredients. The right edges are sharp and durable.


You do not want to wake up your companions at your home, especially if you have a baby early in the morning when you are preparing your diet’s smoothies. So, remember to inspect the blender that you are going to buy is not making a loud noise.

It might be challenging to find a cheap, noiseless blender, so choose the product that is producing lesser noise than others.


Blades of blenders are challenging to clean. It is dangerous to touch those sharp edges with your bare hands, for it might cause an accident.

Always check the blender you are buying is easy to clean and will not take too much effort and time in cleaning it.

Assess if the blades can be removed when cleaning. And also, look at it to figure out that you will not face any difficulty assembling the blender you are buying.

Cup Capacity/Material

Cup Capacity Material

Take a look at how many servings the blender you are buying can serve. Always consider how many people are going to be accommodated by the blender at home. When you can find a big one, always check if it is needed to have that size at home.

Another one is the material that is used to manufacture the jars for the blender. Be mindful of where you are going to use your blender. Consider if you are going to pour hot liquids on it.

Jars made of Glass are recommended for those who are putting hot ingredients to their smoothies, etc.

It can withstand high temperatures. Some blender jars are made of plastic, so you have to choose the right blender for your kitchen.


If you are going to buy a blender with a warranty, then that is good. When the purchased product has defects, you can always ask for a product replacement by just presenting the contract that is offered to you upon buying your blender.

Malfunctioning of the product can also be consulted to the customer support in case it is only needed to be fixed or ask for a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between a blender and a food processor?

Yes. Food processors perform functions such as chopping, dicing, and making purees out of vegetables and fruits.

Blender can do the same. The only difference is that blenders are also capable of grinding and mixing ingredients.

Can I use blenders in processing hot ingredients?

That only depends on what type of material is the blender jar made of. Some blender jars are made of plastic, so you should be careful about what you pour in it.

If you want to use hot ingredients, then some pots are made of Glass. Just make sure these are safe for hot temperatures also.

Can I use the jars as food preservers?

Some blenders have storage lids included as you purchase a product. If you plan to use blender jars as containers, then find a product that can store your food.

How do I clean the blades of the blender jars?

Each product has a manual. Always make sure you read and understand the product’s specifications and process on how to clean them before actually using them. This is to ensure that you will be able to avoid any accidents in your kitchens.

Can I control the speed settings of my blender?

Each blender is different. So, it only depends on what product you purchased. Some might have multiple buttons, which can help you control how fast your blender could go. But some only have a pulse button which is pressed according to your liking.

If damaged, how can I fix my blender?

If you know about fixing electronic devices, you should go on with setting it yourself. However, always be mindful of your safety.

If you are not knowledgeable enough, check the manual or consult the customer support to avoid any injuries.

Can I replace the blades of my blender?

Some brands are producing spare parts for their unit products. The only thing you need to do is buying and changing them.

On the other hand, if no blade replacement is available, you may need to purchase a new blender that you will use inside your kitchen.


You may be exposed to different types and brands of blender out there. After reading this, we hope you are more decisive in choosing which blender is the best for your kitchen.

Rest assured that the mentioned products above will surely satisfy you and give you what you are looking for.

In this short review, we have talked through each product’s descriptions and functions. The products are quite similar, for they are all blenders.

However, we hope you would choose the appropriate one for your kitchen among the best blenders under $50 in the market.


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