Citica vs. Tatula – What’s the Difference?


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When it comes to fishing reels, it’s vital to pick the perfect one for your needs. Having a reel that can take all the pressure you’re about to put through it is necessary for optimum performance.

Many brands promise you this, but very few can prove to their words. Expectedly, it is good to make sure that the brands have an excellent reputation. Some of these are the Shimano and Daiwa brands.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Citica vs. Tatula- what’s their difference? Also, you will know their respective pros and cons. Dive into this article to see which model would suit your preferences best.

Citica vs. Tatula – Comparison

Shimano Citica

Shimano Citica

Shimano has been in the manufacturing industry for almost a century now. Their first products were bicycle freewheels. Coming from humble beginnings, they began to expand their manufacturing scope.

Today, they’re well known for producing quality biking, rowing, and outdoor gears, clothing, reels, and rods. Their reputation precedes them and for a good reason.

The Shimano Citica reel comes from the low-profile family. For a reasonable price, the quality features offered do not disappoint. The technology provided in the Citica is comparable to their Curado reels for how well they perform.

It also features the same “hagane body” that utilizes a metal body instead of graphite. This contributes to a stable foundation that allows you to have better transfer cranking power and rigidity.

An outstanding feature in this model is that it also has an aluminum spool and body, super stopper, and a variable breaking system that contributes to backlash prevention.

It also has one ball bearing and a roller bearing that’s comparable to the performance of 4-5 ball bearing performance.

The Shimano stable spool design delivers smooth performance, paired with an SVS Infinity brake system that’s guaranteed to provide accuracy and control every time.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to oil and clean it regularly as it tends to break every once in a while. Also, it will result in producing a loud noise when you cast it. This is when you use heavy lines.

Nevertheless, it’s good quality and hardworking reel and does not embarrass Shimano’s standard of quality.

It does give good value for your money. If you’re looking for a tough and durable reel, look no further than the Shimano Citica.


  • Ensures longevity
  • Optimum durability
  • The metal body makes it more stable
  • Great starter reel
  • Provides accuracy and control


  • Needs to be maintained regularly

Daiwa Tatula

Daiwa Tatula

As an angler, you must have high endurance when you use a lightweight reel; however, that won’t be necessary.

The Daiwa Tatula is lightweight and ergonomic, fitting easily in your hand, it’s great for when you’re fishing for a long time.

It features an oversized spool, so you won’t certainly have to worry about emptying the spool. The Daiwa Tatula series’s reputation is their ease of casting, and on this model, it does not differ. This fantastic feature makes fishing for long periods seem like a breeze.

Moreover, its compact 38mm size means that it’s a featherweight at 6.9 ounces. Definitely, this product is suited for finesse applications with light line baitcaster. Another great feature that it has is its T-wing system.

This reel is perfect for those looking for a small form factor reel with precise castability. With an appealing price point, you can still expect a sound quality that will undoubtedly give you excellent performance.


  • Cheap value for expensive performance
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with an ergonomic design
  • Accurate casts every time
  • Good quality


  • Has a half-sized spool tensioner knob, which is intended to be used just once

Citica or Tatula Fishing Reels?

Now that you’re aware of their main features, the question remains. What are their differences, and what makes one better than the other? We can start by analyzing their features through categories, beginning with:

Ergonomics and Comfort

Coming from closely similar price points, the Shimano Citica and the Daiwa Tatula have their features up for competition.

Both are relatively lightweight; however, the Citica boasts a metal body that adds to its overall stability.

In comparison, the Daiwa Tatula is a featherweight, but you can expect precise castability with it. You can expect to keep casting for hours on end without any strain because of its ergonomic and lightweight build.

Durability and Strength

Any outdoor equipment needs to be strong enough to handle the stress and durable enough to last longer.

Having a metal body, the Shimano Citica is much less prone to breakage. It isn’t as fragile as other reels, and it’s overall more durable and more potent.

As for the Daiwa Tatula, its body is made of lightweight aluminum, meaning that it’s as strong as steel but without all the weight.


Both reels boast smooth performance and optimum versatility, but what makes the Shimano Citica stand out is that its performance is comparable to the well-revered Curado.

The only reason that it’s not being compared to the Curado is because of its price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my reel?

The best way to wash away saltwater from your gear is by cleaning it lightly by spraying it with fresh water.

To avoid water contamination of the drag stack, it’s encouraged that you tighten the drag. When you’re finished cleaning the gear, it’s best to let it dry under the sun.

How do I wash my reel

My drag is jerky; why?

This might be because of a lack of grease in the washer. The remedies would be to re-grease the washer, oil the washer, or replace the washer.

Why does the handle spin backward on hookset?

This could mean that the anti-reverse bearing is faulty, so you’ll need to replace the anti-reverse bearing, or it could mean that it’s over-lubricated with oil; as a remedy, you should clean off all the oil from the bearing.

What do I do when there’s a line twist?

This might be because the line was not wounded on the spool properly. Reels with slow oscillation must have a line wound on using the reel itself.

Lubricate with oil, or replace it altogether because of the possible faulty bearing.

How do I minimize damage to my reel during use?

The number one culprit for damage is saltwater. Make sure that when you use the reel in saltwater, you clean it thoroughly and dry it properly to avoid rust.

If it is unavoidable, try your best to avoid getting sand and dirt into your gear. Put it away safely when you’re traveling in the sea to avoid the saltwater spray.


The Shimano Citica is an amazing product, as is expected from a good brand that is Shimano. On the other hand, the Daiwa Tatula is a great starter reel if you’re just starting.

Both perform very well and are reliable equipment for your fishing needs, whether you may be a newbie or a well-seasoned Angler.

So, between Citica vs. Tatula- what’s their difference? Well, it is their build and features. For their similar price point, however, the choice of purchase relies mostly on your personal preference.

Overall, it is best to purchase according to your needs, with all the factors and features taken well into consideration.


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