Shimano Citica vs Curado – What’s the Difference?


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When it comes to fishing, owning a good baitcasting reel is essential for every angler. A cylindrical gear attached to your rod to wind and stow line will help you fish more efficiently and aim accurately.

Although fishing reels are first invented during the Song Dynasty of China (as the earliest illustration of a fishing reel was on a Chinese painting dated back 1195AD), modern fishing has never been this easy.And two brands stand out in the market today- Citica vs. Curado.

But, between Citica vs. Curado- what’s the difference? Nowadays, fishing reels, specifically baitcasting reels, are used by competitive anglers or casting sports, increasing your fishing performance’s efficiency.

It allows you over the lure by how long or how fast you want it to be as you overturn the spool during casting.

You might want to know more about them first. Hope this small overview of the baitcasting reel adds up to your knowledge. Now, let us describe to you the fishing reels.

Shimano Citica vs Curado – Comparison

Shimano Citica

Shimano Citica

Citica reels of SHIMANO Company, all the way from Japan, are made from its latest technology. Undeniably, they are among the best baitcasting reels loved by anglers and fishers today. The company is known for its quality.

Therefore, it is safe to say that you won’t be disappointed if you’d purchase one of their products.

The reels are tough and durable while allowing you to achieve a maximum casting distance as you reach your bait.

It comes in 7.2:1 and 6.3:1 gear ratios and weighing 7.40 ounces; this product is well-built and stable, yet lightweight, making it comfortable to use.

Citica reels are popular among anglers since the access to its spool is simple, meaning it’s straightforward to use.

Moreover, if you’re planning to upgrade your reel to prepare for your casting competition, you’ll love this product.

As baitcasting reels are made for heavy lures, this one is furnished with a HAGANE body made of aluminum. This feature was kept from the Curado reels, making it a heavy-duty reel.

The material used makes the body sturdier to transfer all your force to the cranking power and makes it more rigorous.Because of this, you don’t need to worry about body flex occurring.

Much more, this product is made of SVS infinity brake, a system responsible for the reel’s best and precise cast control.

Not to mention, its X-Ship function reduces friction and enhances the durability of your fishing reel.

Adding to these features are one super stopper anti-reverse roller bearing, Shimano stable spool design for smooth performance, and five ball bearings.

Despite its unique features, it has flaws as well. The price of these reels is not ideal for a general angler. Sport fishers usually are the ones who would invest in this product.

Furthermore, due to its magnetic casting brake and centrifugal adjustments, the reel is hard to dial. When some anglers leave one brake on, the casting distance decreases drastically.

Regardless, more people are impressed by the quality and performance of this reel. Buy it yourself to know if it is true!


  • Gives out a super smooth and long-distance casting
  • A cheaper alternative of Curado reel
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • Has a rigid and stable body made of aluminum


  • You might have to oil it daily for maintenance
  • The brake adjustment is placed on the top, making it awkward to adjust

Shimano Curado

Shimano Curado

From the same reliable brand, the Curado baitcasting reel is top-notch. When you hear the name Shimano from Osaka, Japan, there won’t be any doubt that this product is high-quality.

They started in 1921, producing bicycle parts which they do until now. But today, they are also specializing in fishing equipment that anglers love.

Despite the HAGANE body made of aluminum, weighing 7.6 ounces, and a gear ratio of 8.5:1, it is lightweight.

Being made from such material, we can say that the Curado reel is exceptional in durability and rigidity.

You can use this baitcasting reel in either freshwater or saltwater. Now, you don’t need to worry about saltwater corrosion or any salt build-up on the line or in the reel itself.

Moving on, you will love its SVS infinity braking. This feature will prevent your line from tangling as you change lure weights, throw tiny spinners, jigs, crankbaits, or cast your line into the wind; due to its centrifugal design, which relies on friction.

Say goodbye to your line problems as it is adjustable with an infinite range of settings. Much more, you will be amazed by its shrunk size.

Curado K series decrease in size than Curado I by 10%. The reduction in size made it more fittable on your hands.

It has a larger handle, making it more comfortable to use and improved its cranking power. Additionally, the reel can be used by left and right-hand configurations.

Also, it has a super stopper anti-reverse roller bearing. The feature won’t allow backward movements to occur. Instead, it will provide you an instant and an excellent hook-setting power.

Yes, it comes with a MicroModule gearing; it is mostly found on expensive flagship models. But guess what? Shimano added this premium feature to their cheaper series!

Now, you can afford a slicker, smoother, and durable gearing made from aluminum. Curado baitcasting reel has more features. Regardless, you still want to know its pros and cons, do you?


  • Smooth and efficient gearing
  • Tough and durable
  • From a trusted brand
  • Worth at its price
  • Good casting performance


  • It’s not as lightweight as it seems due to the addition of reliable brass gearing

Shimano Citica or Shimano Curado Fishing Reel?

Shimano Citica or Shimano Curado Fishing Reel

Now that you are aware of both products from Shimano, you can’t avoid comparing the two to know which one is better to use.

Some can’t tell the difference between the two since they have almost the same feature; however, the type of bearings and spool material of the Curado reel is improved, and more features are added.


The added feature A-RB makes the reel corrosion resistant. Both baitcasting reels are used in saltwater and freshwater, but Curado reels are less likely to be corroded by salt due to the added feature.


You can say that Citica is a cheaper version of Curado; without the added feature, it’s still a good baitcasting reel for anyone.

The Comparison

Slight changes in appearance, drag, and handle are visible in the Curado reels. Because of the upgrade in its gears, the Curado series allows you to use a lot of bait and makes your retrieve faster.

And of course, extra features equal to a higher price. Because of its promising performance, most anglers would invest in Curado reels.

Nevertheless, it will still depend on your budget. If you find these additional features unnecessary, then you might as well go with Citica baitcasting reel.

It’s almost the same reel as Curado because of the HAGANE body, SVS Infinity Brake System, and Shimano System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better? Citica or Curado?

Both products are unique but are exceptional for a baitcasting reel. As you read this article, you will learn more about them, and it’s up to you which one you think is the best.

Is Citica reel for seawater?

It’s a freshwater reel, yet you can still use it in saltwater. However, it will not work that well and may corrode because of salt build up on your equipment.

Are these reels available for left-handed people?

Yes! Both are available for left or right users. Do search the Shimano websites to differentiate between the right and left reel or ask the buyer before purchasing.

Can you use Curado reels in saltwater?

Sure, you can! Thanks to its AB-R feature, for corrosion resistance. Its stainless bearing is made for saltwater that will last you three years better than Citica if you’d rinse it regularly.

Why should I buy from Shimano?

Well, if you’re looking for a quality fishing equipment, then you might as well check their products.

Aside from coming from Japan, known for its one of the top manufacturers, their fishing pieces of equipment, specifically baitcasting reels, are used by many anglers and competitive fishers.

You might as well buy on to try it out!


Whether you choose Citica or Curado reels from SHIMANO, we assure you that both products will give you an exceptional fishing experience. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you which one you’d like to spend on.

Hopefully, we cleared out “Citica vs. Curado- what is the difference” for you. Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead!


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