Best Compound Bow under $300 Review in 2021


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If you are familiar with hunting, then you might have heard about a compound bow. A professional hunter always prefers this hunting instrument for good performance.

This compound bow is available in the market in different price ranges. Some of them are quite good and some of them, as usual, turns out to be a disappointing one.

It is recommended by all to go through the review of a certain product before buying it.

For this reason, in this article, we have mentioned about the top 10 compound bow, keeping in mind the budget issue.

Best Compound Bow under $300

Well, obviously you will choose the best product at a lower price than usual, won’t you?
Read the whole article carefully so that you don’t miss a single thing.

After reading the whole article, you will also get to know more details about this hunting instrument.

So, without any further delay, let’s get into the topic, shall we?

Best Compound Bow Under $300 Review in 2021

Compound Bow Reviews

Why waste 1000-1500 dollars on a compound bow, when you can find a great one under 300 dollars only?

Hence, we are here to introduce the top compound bows out there at a very reasonable price!

Genesis Original Kit

Top Pick[amazon box=”B004U5DC6U”]

Are you a beginner, looking for a suitable compound bow that will help you become a professional?

Well, if that’s the case, then here’s a bow that you should purchase right away! You will surely enjoy practicing with it more than you would with other bows.

This bow is made for people of all ages and height. Whether you are a kid or a fully grown adult- it doesn’t matter.

You are going to have unlimited fun with this bow, which other similar tools can barely offer.

Even if you lack in athletic abilities, there is nothing for you to worry about with this.

It is great for starters, which is why, even with little to no athletic knowledge, you can absolutely thrive with it just after a little bit of practice.

On the other hand, you really don’t have to worry about whether or not the compound bow will last for a long time, because it undoubtedly will.

With heavy-duty composite limbs and sturdy strings, the product will go on for a long time.

Moreover, it also consists of a machined aluminum riser as well as an idler wheel and aluminum cam.

As a result, not only will the product remain intact for a considerable period, it will also not rust easily.

More importantly, along with all these facilities, the bow provides accurate shooting as well, with less noise.

You will not face any sort of tuning issues with this, and it also makes sure there is less recoil, which increases convenience.

However, you may not end up with the color of arrows, as shown in the pictures. That might be a little disappointing, as a lot of other consumers have faced this.

Moreover, the draw length cannot be adjusted, which can be quite inconvenient.


  • Made for people of all ages and height
  • Best for starters
  • Lasts for a long time because of its sturdy construction
  • Made of metal but will not rust
  • Accurate shooting with less noise


  • You might end up with the wrong color of arrows
  • Draw length cannot be adjusted

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Genesis Original Bow

Genesis Original Bow

This brand is known for producing bows that impress everyone. And this particular compound bow is no different.

Built for starters, it knows what a beginner needs, and it provides exactly that. That is why it is often called the good compound bow for under 300.

First of all, this product does not discriminate when it comes to a person’s height or age. It is made for all.

Even a kid can practice with it; so can an adult who’s trying to regain his passion for shooting.

This product does not come with a specific draw length. The benefit of this feature is that kids cannot possibly outgrow the product.

Hence, they can use it for a long period of time without any hassle whatsoever.

And, the tool will actually last for that long, thanks to its sturdy construction.

With a machined aluminum riser, idler wheel, and aluminum cam, you won’t have to worry about the bow breaking apart after multiple uses.

On the other hand, the bowstrings included are very tough, and the composite limb that comes with it is heavy-duty as well.

So, you can use the product however you want, without worrying about it bending or breaking.

Lastly, the product knows how to make its users shoot accurately for a boost in confidence.

You will also never face tuning issues, and with less noise and recoil, your experience with the bow will always be delightful.

Whenever you are using the bow, you should wear gloves. That is because it can injure your fingers, and you surely wouldn’t want that.

Moreover, the bow does not have a let-off, which might be quite unpleasant for some of the users.


  • People of all heights and ages can use it
  • Does not come with a specific draw length
  • Sturdy construction
  • Composite limbs along with tough bowstrings
  • Shoots accurately with less noise and recoil


  • Can injure fingers if gloves are not worn
  • Does not have a let-off

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

If you are going to invest in a compound bow, then you would surely want something that is worth the money.

Fortunately, here’s a product that provides good value for money, and it has a lot more to offer, which only makes it the compound bow.

The draw length of the bow is very easily adjusted whenever the user deems it necessary. Users can select any length from 24.5 to 31 inches.

In fact, the draw weight can be adjusted within 30 to 70 pounds without any bow press.

This product comes with sturdy construction, which ensures its durability. That is because, the bow is made of aluminum fully, and does not contain even a grain of plastic.

This aspect differentiates it from its competitors of the same price range.

On the other hand, the bow weighs only about 3.6 pounds and comes with an axle to axle length of 30 inches.

Moreover, with the right arrow, the bow can shoot as far as 315 each second. That is significantly more than what its counterparts offer.

More importantly, the kit contains everything that you will possibly need to operate this bow.

As a result, you will not have to spend extra bucks on a variety of parts- giving you a great deal overall.

The compound is designed in such a way, which lets about 75% of the weight to be let off whenever needed.

For instance, if you pull about 70 pounds, then you will just have to hold 17.5 pounds, which is highly convenient.

However, you have to be a little careful when using the tool, as the cable rod might come out after a few uses only.

Moreover, the cam that holds the strings might snap as well. So, you should be cautious with the bow with every use.


  • Draw length between 24.5 to 30 pounds and draw weight between 30 to 70 pounds
  • Weighs about 3.6 pounds and can shoot about 315 feet per second
  • Made of aluminum fully
  • Kit contains everything you could possibly need
  • 75% weight of the bow can be let off


  • Cable rod might fall off 
  • Cam might snap

Diamond Archery Atomic Neon Package

Budget Pick[amazon box=”B01N2QNQDO”]

If you want a suitable compound bow for your kid, then here’s one that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

However, the features of this product make it apt for adults as well. Nonetheless, it’s a great bow for mastering the art of archery.

First of all, the product comes with a draw weight of about 6 pounds. This weight range makes it very easy for kids to learn and practice with it.

However, that doesn’t mean the bow isn’t suitable for adults. In fact, the product is apt for absolutely everyone.

The low weight of the compound also makes it very effortless and comfortable to operate and make shots with.

You can shoot with it for a considerable period of time, and you still won’t experience pain in your hands or arms. With less fatigue, your performance will only improve.

On the other hand, the bow is very easy to adjust. Whether it’s the draw length or the draw weight, you will never face any issues while adjusting any of it.

Therefore, the bow will only provide convenience for you.

Moreover, even a beginner can make accurate shots with this bow. No athletic abilities are required to ace shooting with the compound.

This will only boost the confidence of the beginners and give them the incentive to practice more.

The bow includes 3 arrows with it, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of buying arrows separately.

Your kids, or even you, can try a few shots right after getting the compound without any hassle whatsoever.

Sadly, the product does not come with a peep sight, which is pretty disappointing and inconvenient.

On the other hand, the product has a lot of other important features missing, which could help in improving skills in archery.


  • Draw weight about 6 pounds
  • Comfortable and effortless shots because of low weight
  • Even beginners can make accurate shots with this
  • Includes 3 arrows
  • Easy to adjust and operate


  • Does not include a peep sight

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Are you looking for a right-handed compound bow that includes everything you could possibly need?

If that is the case, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this gem. Find out more about what sets this apart from its competitors!

First of all, the bow only weighs about 4.4 pounds. This allows its users to hold it conveniently at all times.

Furthermore, the draw weight of the product is about 50 to 70 pounds, among which about 70-80 percent can be let off.

On the other hand, the brace height of the bow is about 7.5 inches. But, the draw length that this bow provides is about 25 to 31 inches.

This is greater than what most of its competitors have to offer.

To adjust the draw length and weight, you will not need any bow press.

That is because, the tool provides an Allen Wrench, with which you can easily adjust both of the factors, whenever you deem it necessary.

The product provides a maximum speed of 310 feet per second, which will let you excel with this bow at hand.

Moreover, the axle to axle length of the compound bow is about 31.5 inches, with an arrow spine deflection of 0.405 inches.

Lastly, the kit comes with everything that you will need to operate this bow. As a result, you will not have to invest extra money in the necessary parts and accessories.

You will be getting the full package at a very reasonable price.

Sadly, the let-off can seem to be a bit too high for some of the users, which can turn out to be quite unpleasant for them.

Moreover, you need to have a strong grip on the bow, for as long as you are using it, which can prove to be quite inconvenient.


  • Weighs about 4.4 pounds and has a draw weight of 50 to 70 pounds
  • Draw length of about 25 to 31 inches
  • No bow press needed because Allen Wrench is provided
  • A maximum speed of 310 feet per second
  • Kit includes everything that you will be needing


  • Let off might seem to be too high
  • Strong grip required to use the bow

XGeek Compound Bow

XGeek Compound Bow

If you are looking for the right compound bow for 300 dollars, then your search can stop right here.

With amazing features and praiseworthy facilities, this bow knows how to grab its user’s attention.

And so, you should definitely not miss out on this tool. First of all, the bow is made of aluminum fully.

So, the strong and sturdy metal will make sure that the product remains intact for a long period of time without rusting or breaking apart.

But, just because it is heavy-duty, does not mean it weighs too much. That is because the bow is literally very light, with a weight of only 3.85 pounds.

Hence, you can operate the bow for a considerable amount of time without your hands hurting.

Setting up this tool is very easy. You won’t face any sort of hassle while following the process.

What’s more, the tool provides smooth action at all times. You won’t face any trouble even when practicing or actually shooting with the bow.

This aspect of the product makes it absolutely suitable for beginners.

Hence, if you are looking for something suitable to start with your passion for archery, then this is what you should be going for.

More importantly, with this package at hand, you will not have to go through the hassle of buying extra parts or accessories.

It includes everything that you could possibly need, which will save both your money and time.

The instructions provided with the product are not clear enough. That might give some trouble to the users during the installation process.

Moreover, the tool doesn’t necessarily allow to let off, which can be quite inconvenient.


  • Made of aluminum fully
  • Weighs only about 3.85 pounds
  • Easy set up of the tool
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Includes necessary parts and accessories


  • Unclear instructions have been provided
  • Doesn’t necessarily allow to let off

Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package M1

Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package M1

When it comes to compound bows, accuracy becomes one of the top-most priorities because, without this factor, you cannot really excel in archery.

Keeping that in mind, this product has been made, but it does have a lot more to offer along with that.

Speaking of which, the product comes with multiple amazing facilities, which will only make archery more convenient for you.

For instance, it has a draw length of 19-30 inches and an axle to axle length of about 28 inches.

On the other hand, the weight of the bow is about 3.3 pounds, and its draw weight is about 19-70 pounds.

With 80% of let off, you can shoot easily with this, without any hassle whatsoever, which will only improve your experience.

Moreover, the product is actually quite long-lasting. That is because it comes with an aluminum bow riser, which keeps the product intact for a long period.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Apart from that, to increase your convenience, the draw weight and draw length of the bow are easily adjustable.

You won’t be needing a bow press for the process, which only makes the task more effortless for you.

More importantly, you can blindly trust this product to perform greatly in every instance, because it comes with good value for money.

Hence, you can be assured that you will not be investing in the wrong product.

However, the string provided with the product might break off after a few uses or even after the first shot.

So, you should be careful with it. Furthermore, the limbs of the product are out of alignment, so you may not be satisfied with it.


  • Draw length of 19-30 inches and axle to axle length of 28 inches
  • The draw weight is 19-70 pounds with a bow weight of 3.3 pounds
  • 80 percent let off
  • The draw weight and length can be adjusted without a bow press
  • Comes with an aluminum bow riser


  • Bowstring might break off after the first shot
  • Limbs of the product are out of alignment

Diamond Archery

Diamond Archery

Being able to use a compound bow comfortably is one of the most important aspects when it comes to acing the art of archery.

While not all compound bows offer this feature, this one does, which is why you are going to love shooting with it.

You will be amazed by how this product comes with facilities that make using it much easier.

For instance, the bow offers rotating draw length modules, with which you can easily adjust the length up to 12 inches.

On the other hand, you can shoot quite fast using it without any sort of complications. The bow can accelerate arrows up to 295 feet per second.

With fast and simple shooting, you can master archery in no time. Moreover, the tool comes with a unique limb system.

The benefit of this facility is that it can adjust the draw weight from about 5 pounds to 55 pounds without any hassle whatsoever.

But that’s not all. Despite the speed and the draw weight that the product offers, it is still quite stable.

As a result, you can effortlessly make steady shots. Now, this aspect is quite important to make accurate shots.

More importantly, most compound bows are not comfortable to operate, and that might degrade the performance of its users.

That is why this one has been made in such a way, which would allow its users to feel comfortable and at ease when shooting.

However, the rotating draw length modules are made of plastic. Hence, they might break off easily.

On the other hand, the advertisement for the product states that it comes with a quiver, whereas it actually doesn’t.


  • Rotating draw length modules of the product can adjust up to 12 inches
  • Can accelerate the arrows up to 295 feet per second
  • Limb system can adjust the draw weight from 5 pounds to 55 pounds
  • Ensures steady and accurate shots
  • Comfortable to use


  • Rotating draw length modules are made of plastic
  • False advertisement of the product

Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow

Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow

If you are looking for a compound bow that offers both accurate shots and comfortable, then we have got good news for you.

That is, you have come across the perfect product for yourself, and it is never going to disappoint you.

It doesn’t matter as to what kind of a hunter you are. That is because this product is made for all.

With 21 to 31 inches of draw length, you will never feel like there’s a lack of variation in the shots you make.

Furthermore, the product also offers a draw weight of about 40 to 70 pounds. With 70 percent of let off on top of that, you will never feel like you are missing out on anything.

You can try different types of shots without any hesitation whatsoever.

But that’s not all. Along with that, the product also offers fast shots. It can shoot about 300 feet per second.

That is significantly more than what its competitors offer, which is what will make you love this even more.

On the other hand, the bow has an axle to axle length of 31.5 inches, for more convenient shooting.

Along with that, the product has a brace height of about 7.125 inches.

More importantly, the pledge weighs only about 4.25 pounds. The low weight of it makes sure its users can make shots more comfortably.

Hence, even if you practice with it for a long period of time, you will not feel any sort of pain in your hands and arms.

Sadly, the product does not come with limbs or a string stop system. This can be pretty inconvenient for the users.

Furthermore, the bow creeks during the drawback. That can be a matter of concern for a lot of its users.


  • Draw length of 21 to 31 inches
  • Draw-weight of 40 to 70 pounds with let off of 70 percent
  • Can shoot about 300 feet per second
  • Axle to axle length of 31.5 inches along with a brace height of 7.125 inches
  • Pledge weighs about 4.25 pounds


  • Does not come with limbs or string stop system
  • Bow creeks during drawback

Cruzer X Bear Archery RTH 5-70# Right Hand Mossy Oak Camo Bow Package

Cruzer X Bear Archery RTH 5-70

At this reasonable price, you will be shocked at the features that this product has to offer.

Starting from convenient draw length to the lightweight body of the bow, you will find no sectors to be disappointed in. In fact, this will only exceed your expectations.

First of all, with this bow, you are bound to make accurate shots. Therefore, it is suitable for both newbies and professionals alike.

In fact, even with little to no athletic abilities, you will ace with this bow.

On the other hand, the bow shoots arrows at about 310 feet per second. With this speed, you can shoot your arrows fast and better than anyone else.

But, if you want, you can also lower the speed according to your convenience.

Apart from that, the bow only weighs about 3.6 pounds. Now, compounds that are heavier than this can end up giving a hard time to its users.

With a lower weight, you can operate the product and make shots much more comfortably.

Furthermore, with this product, you will be getting a draw length of about 25 inches. With this draw length, you can include variations in your shots.

As a result, you can practice different types of shots without any hesitation whatsoever.

Overall, you can use the bow for multiple purposes. That is, you can use it for hunting, as well as to practice or participate in archery tournaments.

No matter what you use the tool for, you will ace nonetheless.

However, the bow does not offer a let off. That can be pretty inconvenient when shooting.

On the other hand, you might need to attach a stabilizer on it, as otherwise, the bow may not ensure steady shots.


  • Ensures accurate shots at all times
  • Shoots at about 310 feet per second
  • Only weighs about 3.6 pounds
  • Offers a draw length of 25 inches
  • Can be used for multiple purposes comfortably


  • Does not offer a let off
  • You may need to attach a stabilizer to it

SAS Siege 29” Compound Bow

SAS Siege 29'' Compound Bow

This is the greatest compound bow price range and cheapest in our list.

By using this product the archers can have a good time for hunting as it gives the right gear to the user for high quality and durability.

It is one of the starter compound bows. All the features of the product are worth appreciating and impressive.

The ideal weight and strength of the product are good and attractive. The limb pockets of the product are also astonishing. The compressed ABS limbs are life long.

Siege compound bow features

  • Good draw length
  • Good draw weight
  • Impressive let of size
  • Best with a paper target
  • Aluminum arrows

SAS Rage 30” Compound Bow

SAS Rage 30'' Compound Bow

This is the last best product under the price range. All the features of the product are good and impressive.

The strong piece layered limb of the compound bow is worthy and valuable. The weight and strength of the product are also ideal among all others.

One can have a wide range of all hunting abilities and can have a very good time outside. It provides a baffle look f the compound. This bow is most durable among all other compound bows.

It offers a wide range of accessories that you can use during your leisure time. The curb appeal of the product is also important and good.

SAS Range compound bow features

  • Durable
  • Ideal strength
  • Ideal length
  • Maximum speed
  • Compressed limbs

What is the best compound bow for the money?

Out of all the great compound bows available, we will nominate the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro compound bow as the best one out there for the money.

This compound bow is an all-rounder compared to other compound bows. It might not be affordable for some folks, but it offers the best quality for people who seriously want a good bow in exchange for money.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Features

This bow only weighs about 3.2 pounds, which means it’s very lightweight. Even children can use the Diamond Infinite Edge bow easily and get the hang of it. Its speed of shot arrows is around 310 frames per second (fps), making it probably the fastest bow in the current world market.

And this bow is also very durable and creates minimal noise and vibration. If you buy this compound bow, you can use it for different purposes like hunting, target practicing or shooting, competitions, etc. It would turn out to be a multipurpose bow for you.

Moreover, this bow doesn’t only give you great speed and accuracy, but it even has a smooth release and has a great design for people who love aesthetically pleasing weapons. This compound bow also has low maintenance costs. So, compared to the cost of this bow, if you can save up on maintenance costs, then we call this a win.

What is a good cheap compound bow?

In our opinion, a good compound bow that also comes cheap would be the Bear Archery Species compound bow. This bow is rather cheap in comparison to a lot of bows. But that doesn’t mean the Bear Archery Species isn’t a good bow to use.

Its speed is about 320 frames per second (fps), which means it’s pretty fast despite being cheap. This bow might not be as lightweight as some expensive professional bows, but it’s the type that is always ready to shoot, and it is still powerful.

But an interesting thing that makes this bow special is that it offers a special package called Ready To Hunt (RHT). This special package includes extra accessories like a rest, stabilizer, sight and peep sight, wrist sling, string loop, etc.

Because of all this, the Bear Archery Species compound bow is a much more attractive bow to purchase at a low price. You end up getting more than you asked for.

How much does a good hunting bow cost?

As a beginner, you might be confused about the costs of different bows from different manufacturers. Of course, there are side costs depending on the accessories or devices you want to buy along with your bow.

Considering all that, the costs should fall around $500. It would be wiser for you to start off with a simpler and cheaper bow as a starter. Buying a complicated and expensive one would be a waste of your raw talent in archery.

Maybe later down the road, you can save up and buy a better one once you wrap your head around how a bow works and its various techniques. If you do plan on buying a beginner’s bow, you can probably find cheaper ones that cost less than $400 altogether.

But don’t worry, just because they’re cheap, it doesn’t mean the bow quality will be bad. They’re still as lethal as any other bow. You can use them for hunting or in competitions, just like you would with any professional bow.

How far can a compound bow shoot?

Compound bows are very modern and much more powerful compared to the traditional bows made of wood or other natural materials. They obviously shoot much further with more accuracy and speed compared to traditional bows.

But if we were to determine the distance an arrow covers if it was shot by an ordinary compound bow, it would differ from archer to archer. It also depends on the type of place the archer is in and the kind of weather.

If the archer is shooting uphill or downhill, or if he’s in bumpy land or shooting while moving or pacing, then you can’t make a proper calculation on how far the compound bow can shoot. The same goes for when the weather is too windy or if it’s raining. It creates more wind resistance for each arrow to travel.

In case we were to talk about stable situations like an archer shooting on flat land with generally dry weather, then the arrow can travel farthest and with the most accuracy. But this is where skill matters. If an amateur shot the arrow with a compound bow, the arrow would probably travel 25 to 30 yards at best.

Yet if a professional shot the arrow with a compound bow, the arrow would reach a distance of 40 to 60 yards. So, we can safely assume that compound bows can shoot up to 60 yards.

How do you make a compound bow easier to pull back?

Pulling back bow strings takes a lot of strength because it requires a lot of force to pull the weight of the string backward to get it in place. And you are required to do this for every arrow you’re going to shoot. You need to exercise and build up your strength and stamina if you want to be able to manage this.


This pulling action takes so much force that the weight of the string being pulled back can also be calculated in pounds. It is called poundage. Poundaging is nothing like weighing heavy gym equipment.
It’s more like a pulley system of measuring how much weight each person can pull to create tension on a string so that that tension can be converted into energy to propel arrows. This is similar to having to pull on strings with an arrow in hand when you’re using a traditional bow.
But in modernized bows such as the compound bow, there is a certain stopper at a length that’s good enough for the arrow to be shot at. Now doing this may be difficult for many people. And if you’re a beginner, you need to be careful not to strain yourself.
You should always start with a bow that is suitable for your height and weight. And you’ll never have it easy if you pull back strings on a bow that’s too big and heavy. The best thing you can do is start off by practicing with beginner bows that are lightweight.
Once you’re stronger, you can move on to heavier and more powerful bows.

Conduct Steady Breathy Exercises

Another thing you can do as you’re practicing your pulling is to have steady breathing exercises. When you’re pulling the string back towards yourself to the stopper, make sure to breathe in as you’re pulling. And prepare yourself to exhale once the string is at the stopper.
These tricks will make it easier for you to pull back your bow.

Things to Consider Before Buying Compound Bow

Buying Compound Bow

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the field of archery and hunting, there are certain aspects that you should adhere to before getting a compound bow for yourself.

Otherwise, you might end up getting one, which is neither convenient for you nor suitable for your shooting style.

After all, amidst so many options, it is only normal to make such mistakes.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of all the factors that you should not overlook when you are choosing a compound bow for yourself.

If you keep these in mind, you will surely end up with one that will stand up to your expectations.

Type of Compound Bow

Type of Compound Bow

Single cam

They come with a round idler wheel at the top. And they are great for beginners, as they are easy to use.

Twin Cams

These ones contain two cams at both ends. The cams can be either circular or elliptical. They are great for the accuracy or high-speed shots.

Binary Cams

With a cutting edge design, they contain three-groove twin cams. They are mostly known for their high-velocity feature.

Hybrid Cams

Equipped with dual asymmetrical and elliptical cams, these are known for being low maintenance with an upper hand in tuning.

Speed of Arrows

The arrow speed is quite an essential factor when it comes to compound bows.

They determine the velocity at which you will be making your shots and plays a great role in the art of hunting.

Hence, you should go for bows that offer a speed of at least 220 to 310 feet per second.

Anything lower than that will surely not make accurate shots, and will rather give you a hard time when hunting.

Therefore, you should not overlook this factor.

Features for Adjustability

Traditional bows don’t give much importance to this aspect; however, the same cannot be said about compound bows.

That is because most of your shooting style and accuracy depends on this.

For instance, if you are an adult, then you will surely need a wide range of draw length or weight to adjust.

If you feel like the process of adjusting is hassle-some, then you will have a hard time operating the bow.

Your Superior Eye

There are two types of compound bows available- the left-handed ones and the right-handed ones.

Now, much to everyone’s surprise, which one you need is actually determined by your superior eye.

Now, if you are unaware of which one might be your dominant eye, then you can follow a simple process to find out.

Stretch your arm, and then aim your index finger at any object, which is about 10 feet away.

Afterward, close your left eye. If the object remains at its place, then your right eye is the superior one.

If not, then it’s surely your left eye. And that’s how you determine which bow you will be needing.

Axle length

compound bow Axle length

The axle length of a bow is the overall length of it. As a beginner, you should choose one that comes with greater axle length.

That is because these ones are easier to operate and shoot with in general.

However, shorter bows are more liked by hunters and professionals.

Draw Length

The draw length of a bow is technically the distance of the bowstring from the grip when you fully draw length.

Even though it’s preferable to go for higher draw length ranges, it’s recommended to draw shorter lengths.

That is because the shorter the length is, the more accurately you will be able to make your shots. In fact, a shorter draw length even increases the speed of the shots made.

Draw Weight

Now, this element is technically the amount of effort you need to put to fully draw the bow.

Even though it doesn’t have much to do with weight, it is expressed in pounds as its unit.

If you want to make fast shots, then you should go for bows that come with the greater draw weight.

However, those are harder to shoot with. Hence, they are usually preferred by hunters and professionals.

Beginners should choose bows with the lower draw weight.

Brace Height

This is technically the opposite of draw length. It measures the distance from the grip to the bowstring when it is not drawn. Now, why does this factor matter?

That is because lower brace height provides more speed to shoot the arrows. However, that could be a little challenging for beginners; hence, professionals prefer this mostly.

Weight of the Bow

When it comes to using a compound bow conveniently and comfortably, the weight of it comes into play.

That is because the heavier the bow is, the harder it will be for you to handle.

Hence, you should always choose bows with a relatively lower weight. For instance, a weight of 3.6-4.5 pounds would be ideal.

Anything heavier than that can put unnecessary on the user.

But, do make sure that the compound is heavy-duty enough. Light bows can contain parts made of plastic, which reduces its durability. And you surely wouldn’t want that.

Your Suitable Price Range

You can find bows at a price range of 1000-1500 dollars, and you can also find them within 200-300 dollars. Now, of course, there are good and below-average bows available in both the ranges.

Hence, determine your budget first, and then start hunting for the perfect compound bow for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions of Compound Bows

When should compound bowstrings be replaced?

The span of a bowstring depends on how well it is maintained. It also depends on how you shoot with it, or the draw weight of the bow.

However, if you take care of the part properly, then it can last for about 3 years, or 2 years minimum, and that’s when you should replace it. Or else, you can replace it after a year.

How many shots do compound bows last?

This factor depends on the durability of the bow itself. If the product is durable enough, then it might last for about 30-50 years.

However, the sturdier the product is, the more expensive it’s going to be, and the more shots it will last.

How many shots do compound bows last

How many strings are there on a compound bow?

Compound bows come with 3 strings attached to the bow. Traditional bows usually include 1 string, and that is what differentiates compound bow from the rest.

Why shouldn’t a compound bow be dry fired?

When a compound bow is dry fired, there is no arrow to which the energy generated can be transferred to.

As a result, the energy remains in the bow and goes backward, which creates strong vibrations. Due to this, the bow undergoes serious damage.

Why should I wax compound bowstrings?

The bowstring of a bow determines how accurate and stable one’s shots are going to be. So, waxing it is a part of maintenance and strengthening that element.

The wax makes the strings waterproof and also ensures that they don’t fray after frequent use.

Final Words

In order to make your hunting experience more worth it, we have developed this whole article after comprehensive research.

Hopefully, it will be easier for you to choose the compound bow in this saturated market. Thanks for your patience in reading throughout the article.


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