Top 5 Best Baitcasting Rod under $100 Review in 2021


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Baitcasting rods, for one, are nearly impossible to get your hands on a good one. In a market that seems to be flooded with top-notch products and manufacturers, it becomes difficult to identify the ones that really work, even more so when you are a novice.

This is where we come in. For all those looking to purchase or upgrade their baitcasting rod, we have compiled a list of tried and true products – all under 100 dollars!

A buying guide and answers to several frequently asked questions will allow you to find the baitcasting rod.

We are confident you will love the products mentioned in this article that will meet all your expectations and then some more!

Best Baitcasting Rod Under $100 Review in 2021

Baitcasting Rod Review

You can get a taste of the world of fishing or even upgrade your existing baitcasting rod without breaking the bank! Listed below are some products that will help you do just that!

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

Constructed with high-quality IM6 carbon, our first product is bound to impress. This baitcasting rod is made with some of the most durable materials, titanium oxide, for instance, making you wonder how it could possibly fit your 100 dollar budget. All of its top-notch features are housed in a power-packed, sleek rod.

The cross-slot resin wrap and layered carbon add incredible strength, durability as well as the flexibility to the rod.

This series of baitcasting rods are popular for its sensitivity. The rod’s length, weight, handle, and power are all designed, keeping the goal of maximizing efficiency in mind.

Additionally, the rod is super lightweight and easy to maneuver. Performance is ensured by four guides at different angles.

Pure power transition allows the user to transfer maximum energy to the hooksets. Moreover, the O-Seat is designed to increase contact between the grip and your palm.

These two features together result in you using up to 35% less energy to operate this rod. Tackling bigger fish becomes less difficult, and fishing trips more efficient.

Less strain is transferred onto the rod itself, keeping it from snapping or cracking under pressure. As a result, a long service life can be enjoyed from the rod.

A budget baitcasting rot brimming with high-end features is not one you come across every day. However, this rod features a number of them.

‘S’ style hook keeper, high-density EVA grips, turned ergonomic high strength graphite reel seat – these are all drool-worthy features that have been included in this budget-friendly rod.

An anti-line twist tip ensures that your fishing line stays in place at all times. It also makes casting smoother and helps you cast farther.

This 2-piece baitcasting rod surpasses all expectations in terms of performance. It truly is one of the best models you can purchase within 100 dollars.


  • High-quality materials
  • Very sensitivity
  • Pure power transition
  • Improved grips
  • High strength graphite reel seat


  • Tendency to twist in fishing line
  • May crack with too-large fish

Entsport E Series – Camo Legend

Entsport E Series – Camo Legend

For those looking for versatility, we’ve got just the product for you! Our next recommendation comes with two power rod tips – medium and medium-heavy.

Two tips make it easier to adjust the casting weight, and it essentially serves as two different rods altogether. This feature makes it a bang for the buck!

Made of 24-ton carbon fiber, the rod has a lightweight yet impressively strong build. This also adds to the power transfer throughout the rod, making sure most of it reaches the hook rather than remaining in the rod, which can cause it to snap. However, strength does not come at the price of sensitivity.

This particular model is widely loved for its sensitivity. It allows the user to feel the riverbed or a bite really well.

The reel seat on this product has been improved to ‘open up’ to allow more contact with your fingers. It is also ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.

That’s not all when it comes to the rod’s comfort. The exclusively designed camo patterned grip also has an ergonomic design that does not put a strain on your hands while reeling in big fish or after prolonged use.

A corrosion-resistant reel seat ensures all the component stays in good condition all throughout the rod’s service life.

Additionally, durable ceramic inserts also boost the lifespan of the rod while making casting smoother.

Overall, this baitcasting rod is one is well worth every penny. It checks all of our boxes in terms of versatility, builds, sensitivity, performance, and durability (that too within an incredible price!), and we hope it does for you too.


  • Comes with two tips
  • Lightweight
  • Great overall strength
  • Corrosion-resistant guides
  • High-density EVA handles


  • Fitment problem with the tips
  • Some parts are brittle

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Cadence CR6B Baitcasting Rod

Cadence CR6B Baitcasting Rod

This particular manufacturer is an underdog in the world of baitcasting rods. Their products offer a great price to quality ratio and several features that put them on par with some industry-leading products.

This model has made it to our list of baitcasting rod due to its versatility.
You can tackle both freshwater and saltwater fish equally well with this baitcasting rod.

Its construction materials ensure that the rod or its components, such as the stainless steel eyelets) do not corrode under these circumstances (subject to proper maintenance). As a result, you can venture further into different fishing sites and locations.

It also very travels friendly, given its lightweight 2-piece design. The weight of the product, however, must not be taken for poor quality. Constructed with 30-ton graphite blanks, the rod possesses immense strength and power.

The power transition on the rod is also very smooth, making casting easier. An impressive proportion of the power exerted finds its way to the hook, which then helps reel in your catch.

A good power transition system keeps the rod itself from cracking under pressure.
In terms of sensitivity, this model checks all our boxes. Furthermore, an exposed reel seat and ergonomically designed high-density EVA handle both provide unparalleled comfort.

As a result, the strain of prolonged use or tackling heavier fish cannot be felt in the users’ hands.

All of these features are housed in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing baitcasting rod – all for under a 100 dollars. It may sound too good to be true, but let us assure you that this is a purchase you will not regret making!


  • Smooth power transition
  • High sensitivity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Travel friendly
  • High price to quality ratio


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Relatively expensive

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KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

Our next recommendation is a product that was designed with heavy attention to detail. Described as ‘bare and beautiful,’ the baitcasting rod possesses all necessary features without taking away from the simplicity of it.

Firstly, the rod comes with twin tips. A choice can be made between medium and medium-heavy or medium and medium light.

This allows the user to choose the strength of their rods in accordance with the fishing sites they frequent and the types of fish they catch.

Smooth power transition, using the company’s very own power transition system, ensures that the rod is more durable.

Power transition allows the rod to remain strain-free at all times by transferring the power exerted to the hooks.

Fishing is also made very comfortable by this baitcasting rod. High-density EVA grips, coupled with an ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seat, provide great comfort even after prolonged use.

All of these features together make it easier to reel in heavier fish and tackle more fishing conditions.

Made of 24-ton carbon and the manufacturer’s KastFlex technology, the rod remains strong and durable while maintaining flexibility.

This makes it a great choice for experienced anglers. Additionally, great sensitivity makes it easier to identify any contact on the hook.

It is usually difficult to create a product with such features without being overkill – however, this manufacturer seems to have hit the nail right on the head.

For under 100 dollars, you will get some of the best features on the market.


  • Twin tip
  • Smooth power transition
  • High strength reel seat
  • KastFlex technology
  • High sensitivity


  • Problems with durability
  • Faulty connector

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

If your number one priority is value for money, look no further. Our last product recommendation is where your search ends.

Even though the name of the product is far from savory, we assure you that the performance of this product that blends quality and heritage is just the opposite.

The materials used to make this rod are different from several other competing products – graphite and fiberglass.

It creates an exceptionally strong rod with great sensitivity. Users have described this rod as ‘ridiculously durable.’ They have gone as far as making video challenges to see if they can get it to snap!

The tip has a unique clear tip design that allows you to differentiate it from other rods. However, the benefit of a clear tip does not stop there.

It also provides great sensitivity and helps you immediately identify even the stealthiest of fish. This model has improved and redesigned guides that provide maximum durability.

The EVA grip takes over from the traditional cork grip in this model. It provides comfort to the user’s hand even after hours of casting or retrieving.

Despite the force of the water or weight of the fish, you are unlikely to feel any strain on your hands.

Being lightweight and balanced, it is easier to cast and hit a target with this baitcasting rod than several other products available for purchase – many of which are way above the 100 dollar mark.

After several decades in the business, this manufacturer has become a cult favorite and continues to impress with its ever-improving products.

With incredible durability and top-notch features, we really cannot recommend this baitcasting rod enough.


  • Incredible durability
  • Improved guides
  • EVA grip
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Extreme sensitivity


  • Two-piece models likely to break
  • Some might prefer cork handles

Features to Look for Before Buying

Down below is a list of all the things that you must keep in mind before making your purchase. Give it a read, I am pretty sure you will learn a thing or two.


Sensitivity is the feature that allows you to feel any contact with the hook through the rod. So, with experience, you will begin to identify a fish close by, a bite, or maybe the river bed through your rod, and all that is made possible with the perfect sensitivity.

Poor sensitivity may render your rod useless as you most likely will not be able to identify any bait, let alone catch and retrieve it.

This is definitely one of the most important features to look into while selecting the perfect baitcasting rod.


rod Grip

Grips are usually ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort to the user. However, comfort is subjective, and your preference may vary greatly from other users’.

High-density EVA, cork, and several other options are available on the market, and you can make a choice according to your preference.


The construction materials are of the utmost importance when picking a baitcasting rod, and the idea is to know what the ‘blanks’ are made of. Not all materials perform the same way, and all of them come with certain pros and cons.

Graphite tends to feel the best and offers great sensitivity. However, the material does not allow the rod to stretch.

As a result, retrieving fish that require some stretch becomes difficult and could also cause the rod to snap.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, may not be as lightweight or sensitive. It does, however, provide maximum flex and stretch.

As a result, it can help catch the heaviest of fish without cracking even the slightest bit.


When looking into baitcasting rods, one of the first things you will notice is that almost all the models are offered in various lengths.

There is an ideal length for every individual, and if one picks the wrong length, they might not be able to wield the rod in the first place.

The length also determines how much effort the person has to put into using the rod. Power transition might become inefficient if the length is wrong.

However, the correct length does not always depend on the individual. Longer rods are often preferred by those who want to cast further or cast bait.

So a mixture of preference and math comes in to create an ideal length for you. Do some research, consult experienced anglers, and you will be able to find out yours in no time.

Power Transition

Power transition has been discussed several times throughout the article – and for a good reason. The effort and power exerted by the user need to move along the rod to the hook.

If that does not happen efficiently, the strain will remain in the rod and cause it to break or split.

Without the efficient transfer, it will become difficult to catch heavier fish as well. So to boost the durability of the rod and increase the user’s own comfort, this remains one of the most important features to consider before buying.


Power may also be called the rod’s ‘lifting power.’ It is categorized as such: ultra-light, light, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, and heavy.Each of them serves a different purpose.

For lighter finishing lines and small fish, ultra-light and light power finishing rods are the best options.

The other rods are designed to bring heavier, bigger fish and throw heavier lines.
With medium to heavy power rods, you may need additional equipment such as bait caster poles to ensure it can withstand the heavy lines and lift heavy fish without breaking.

Power will also determine how much movement the rod can withstand. Light power rods can bend more and can take on more movement. On the other hand, heavier power rods usually have less flex.

So do not jump into purchasing high power rods if you do not require them – you will definitely be missing out on the several beneficial features that lighter power rods have to offer.


Action determines wherein the rod the ‘bend’ occurs and also how fast a rod recovers from a bend (which is directly related to durability).The concept of action is closely linked to power.

‘Fast Action’ rods bend near the tip. They also tend to have stiffer backbones and tend to perform better with lighter fish. Other benefits of fast action rods are that they have great casting distance and are very sensitive.

On the other hand, ‘slow action’ rods bend closer to the butt, or the base, on the rod. As a result, you would be better off using them for heavier or moving fish.

They are the most flexible, and some slow action models bend uniformly all throughout the rod to better distribute strain.

If you are a seasoned angler, you may also look into other options such as extra fast and medium action rods to see what fits your requirements the best.

Corrosion Resistance

It is a no brainer that a product that is primarily used in water would need to be corrosion resistant.

However, it is also a simple factor that may go amiss amidst the several features and baitcasting jargon, so we thought we’d remind you!

The reel seat, guides, and eyelets are usually the areas on the rod where corrosion mostly starts building up. Check to see if your rod of choice has rust-proofing or great materials.

A great part of corrosion build-up also depends on maintenance, but it does not hurt to know your product has what it takes to fight the pesky rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got the answers!

Can live bait be used with baitcasting rods?

Live baits are an effective way of catching fish, and they can be used with baitcasting rods.

Can live bait be used with baitcasting rods

What is the difference between baitcaster and spinning rods?

The main difference lies in how the reel operates. Spinning rods have a reel that spins, whereas the reel on a baitcasting rod rotates.

Additionally, the eye guides on spinning rods face the ground. On baitcasting rods, however, the guides face upwards. Baitcasting rods are suitable for more seasoned anglers too.

Baitcasting vs. spinning: which one is better?

Both spinning rods and baitcasting rods are immensely popular, meaning they both have tonnes to offer to the angler.

Baitcasters offer more accuracy, are more durable, can support more heavy catches, and have a great drag system.

Spinning rods, on the other hand, are a more beginner-friendly option both in terms of the price and ease of use.

The choice you make will depend heavily on how much you are willing to spend and how experienced an angler you are.

Are longer rods automatically better?

Simply put – no. Longer rods require more effort to maneuver and are less likely to be travel friendly.

If your own height and build do not require you to purchase a longer rod, we advise against purchasing one. You will always get more efficient use out of a length that is meant for you.

What is line weight?

Line weight refers to the overall power of the drag and lifts ability of the casting line. The concepts of power and action are both closely linked to line weight and should be considered before purchase.

Final Words

With the correct equipment, baitcasting can be an incredible hobby. Generations of Americans have taken it up as their hobby with good reason.

With the good baitcasting rod under $100, we hope you will find yourself a new hobby too!


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