The 5 Best Gaming Monitor under $150 Review in 2021


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It is quite rare to find the best gaming monitor under $150. Specs for a high-end gaming monitor costs a lot more than that.

A good monitor for gaming will help you go into an immersive gaming experience and let you have all the best controls over the game.

As we have stated that looking for affordable gaming monitors is difficult, but it is not impossible. That is why we are here to bring you the top 5 best gaming monitor under $150.

We have taken into consideration all the needed specs for the high-quality gameplay you are looking for.

Hopefully, you will find this review helpful in making your gaming monitor decision.

Top 5 Gaming Monitor Under $150 Review in 2021

Given all the options in the market, you may find it challenging to have the best product. But, we’ve compiled everything for your convenience. Just read on!

Scepter E205W-16003R LED Monitor

Scepter E205W-16003R LED Monitor

This high-end monitor sports a panel with an average-sized bevel, together with its sleek matte black design.

Simply, it is the best gaming monitor for 150 dollars. The Scepter LED monitor is ultra-slim, half an inch to be exact, making the screen space wide enough for all your visual needs.

Moreover, the stand of this monitor is worth to be mentioned. It is from hard plastic with an oval base that helps in the sturdiness of the monitor. As soon as you lock the base to the screen, the hinges allow tilting adjustments.

But, there are more than just tilting capabilities. Scepter adds in complimentary spacers so that you can mount your monitor to the wall.

The box includes a screwdriver to help you with the mounting process. They have prepared all the things you need to give you the best gaming experience.

When talking about the screen resolution, this gaming monitor won’t back down. It has a resolution of 1600 x 900, which may seem like it offers grainy quality images, but Scepter will prove you wrong.

This level of resolution offers crisp and high definition images. It supports refresh rates that are suitable for gaming.

If ever you are on a tight budget, but still want that high-quality gaming monitor, do not worry because Scepter has got your back.

They have specifically innovated the E205W-16003R to gamers who are looking for a budget-friendly option. The monitor gives all your basic monitor needs with great gaming visuals as a bonus.

For a price of under 150 dollars, this gaming monitor can go head to head with all the other high-end brands, especially its response time.

With an impressive 5ms rapid response time, that only a couple of monitors have, the Scepter LED gaming monitor is one of the leading gaming monitors out there.


  • 1600 x 900 screen resolution display
  • Affordable
  • Simple yet sleek design
  • Ultra-slim
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only tilting adjustable is available

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Scepter C248-1920RN 24” Curved LED Monitor

Scepter C248-1920RN

A gaming monitor with a high-speed and high-resolution display should be your choice. Well, this product comes with a 75Hz extended refresh rate; it deserves to be on our list of best gaming monitors.

For this gaming monitor, Scepter added a more ergonomic function on the adjustments with its -5 to 15 degrees tilt. Same as the E205W-16003R, this one does not have a height or swivel adjustment.

Its base is oval-shaped, which helps in increasing surface area for the stand. The stand makes the entire gaming monitor sturdier.

Much more, its display supports a full HD resolution based on a vertical alignment panel, best known for its brilliant high contrast ratio, remarkable color reproduction, and impressive viewing angles.

VA panels are said to be as good as IPS panels. This gaming monitor has 178 degrees wide viewing angles, which lets you view clear quality images from any corner of the screen.

The curvature of the screen gives off a visual experience like no other. Watching all types of multimedia are perfect for this monitor.

Like all monitors, this one has all the necessary ports you need, a single HDMI, audio, and VGA port. The Scepter C248-1920RN does not have built-in speakers, so look for good quality external speakers or an excellent headset.

Scepter has created this curved LED monitor to satisfy the aesthetic visual needs of its customers.

This gaming monitor is under 150 dollars, but it has all the excellent qualities and features of an expensive branded LED monitor.

A small problem lies in its response time. As much as VA panels are great for bringing richer screen-display, it does not work well with fast-paced games.

Fast-moving images will turn-out blurry, and the VA panel may have a hard time with screen tearing.


  • 1800R curvature
  • Comes with VA panels
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Clear quality images ensured


  • Does not include Adaptive-sync technology

Acer R240HY LCD Monitor

Acer R240HY LCD Monitor

They say the good gaming monitors are the most expensive ones, but that is not true. In terms of performance and high-quality display level, the Acer R240HY has all the specs you need.

You can experience immersive gaming at an affordable price. It is safe to assume that this is the best budget gaming monitor under 150.

The first thing that will catch your attention with this PC monitor is the exceedingly thin bezel. If you those people who use two monitors at the same time, then putting these side-by-side will give you that wide landscape-look with a bezel in between to distract you.

This LCD monitor offers one of a kind high viewing angles due to the 23.8-inch In-Plane Switching (IPS).

Colors will surely pop and look clear and crisp with excellent color reproduction. At 60Hz, the display resolution of the Acer LCD monitor is 1920×1080.

You should consider purchasing this one if you are a gamer because of the low response time feature.

It works perfectly for gaming with its 4ms grey to grey response time and an input lag of 9.6ms. The LCD screen sports a matte finish, which is perfect in reflecting glares from the windows in your background.

There are three ports for connectivity for this monitor: An HDMI port with audio embedded in, a DVI-D IN port, and a usual VGA port. Also, together with these is a 3.5mm headphone jack beside a DC power input.

People who have purchased the Acer LCD monitor find little to no problems with this item. If there are, it is mostly about a manufacturing defect on the dead pixel count.


  • IPS display
  • Affordable
  • Low input lag
  • Excellent high viewing angles
  • Low response time
  • Vivid color reproduction


  • Only tilt adjustment is available
  • Dead pixels issue
  • No USB ports and not compatible to VESA mount

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BenQ 24-inch IPS Monitor

BenQ 24-inch IPS Monitor

The BenQ 24-inch monitor has reached the advance high-performance level in terms of its IPS. It covers all the standard RGB color gamut, and through dithering, can support 8-bit color.

With a full HD display, details on images pop out vividly on the screen. Inarguably, it is the best budget gaming monitor under 150 dollars.

In addition to all the gaming monitor’s excellent features, it comes with a flicker-free backlight, plus an integrated filter. These two features function together as protection for your eyes from dangerous blue lights.

Quick response time is a valuable feature that you must look out for in a gaming monitor. The BenQ has a response time of 5ms. This guarantees less apparent ghosting and trailing on moving objects in videos and games.

Speaking of gaming, you must turn on the advance motion acceleration option to ‘Premium’ so it can give an even better performance.

The same with the Scepter Curve LED monitor, this IPS monitor has 178-degrees wide viewing angles.

It means that no shifts in the color, contrast, or brightness will appear at any angle. The image will remain perfect as to how you see it when looking right in front of the screen.

Unique to the BenQ IPS monitor is its brightness intelligence technology. Embedded in here is a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts your screen brightness to the lighting around you, accordingly. You don’t need to struggle with using your monitor in dim places.

Although the stand only tilts from -5 to 20 degrees, it is different from others as you can VESA mount it with the use of a 100x100mm pattern.

A small but useful feature is how a part of the stand can conceal cables, leaving you with a clean and organized workspace.


  • Affordable
  • Quick response time
  • Low input lag
  • Unique brightness intelligence technology
  • Advanced motion acceleration option


  • Allows tilt-adjustment only
  • Does not have AMD FreeSync

Asus VA27EHE Full HD Monitor

Asus VA27EHE Full HD Monitor

Asus has been in the market for years now, providing the people with premium quality monitors and all other computer needs.

They have introduced their VA27EHE monitor this time, making your gaming experience worth a thousand bucks.

First of all, its 178 degrees viewing angle, just like the other two, gives you that crisp HD image with little to no color and contrast shifts. This gaming monitor is borderless; therefore, it is useful for all kinds of setups.

Lagging is always a problem for gamers. No one likes it when they’re in the zone of the game, and then suddenly, your screen lags; that is a very frustrating experience.

Luckily, the Asus VA27EHE gives you refresh rates from 48Hz up to 75Hz. With this, you’ll have perfectly smooth gameplays all the time.

Being a VESA mountable is a sought-out feature for a gaming monitor, especially when you don’t have enough space in your room.

Included in this gaming monitor are a flicker-free feature and an exceptional blue light technology that protects your eyes from getting strained.

This model of the Asus monitor went through innovations and processes to keep up with current technological advancements. They have improved the connectivity with an added D-sub and HDMI port.

A powerful monitor like this one has more added features, just like multiple user ports. It can support the Adaptive-Sync feature, AMD Radeon, GeForce, and NVIDIA graphic cards.

The Asus VA27EHE monitor is perfect for light and heavy gaming, letting it have the best pc gaming monitor under 150 dollars.


  • 27-inch IPS
  • VESA wall-mountable
  • Adaptive-Sync feature
  • Blue light technology
  • Flicker-free feature


  • Limited available external ports

What to Consider Before Buying

It is crucial to know what you are looking for in an item before buying. Specs and features are essential to help you decide what standards to set when purchasing a monitor.

Everything we have listed down here is what you must consider in a high-quality gaming monitor.

We hope you take time to read and understand each one and see how important they are in the decision-making you will be doing.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in Hertz (Hz). This feature tells how fast your monitor can refresh an image on the screen.The best refresh rate for a gaming monitor is at 144Hz.

But, gaming monitors that come with this high of a refresh rate are more expensive. For monitors under 150 dollars, the best you can get are those with a 60Hz refresh rate. This kind of monitor can be used for casual or office use too.

If you’re a professional gamer or aspiring to be one, we would suggest you save up some more to afford a monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate. You will see the difference it brings.

Panel Types

Panel Types

Looking at our list of top-rated gaming monitors under 150 dollars, we have talked about the IPS and VA panel types.For gaming performance, IPS has a faster response time compared to VA.

In terms of image quality and color, IPS outperforms VA too. If you’re a gamer, we recommend you choose a monitor with an IPS panel type.

A monitor with an IPS panel type is more expensive compared to the one with a VA panel type. But, your purchase is still worth it since VA offers you high image quality and gaming performance. VA panel type is more on general or beginner use.

Screen Resolution

The highest screen resolution you can get from a gaming monitor under 150 dollars is 1080p. A monitor like this is compatible with almost all types of PC, especially those with older features.

Other monitors have higher resolution, but those are already the high-end expensive ones.
It is better for a beginner gamer to start with an affordable option but still hold excellent quality features. Screen resolution is vital for the clarity and crisp factor of your monitor.

Response Time

Response Time

It is common knowledge that the lower the response time, the better the gaming performance it produces.

If the response time is below average, there will be less ghosting happening to the images, giving better quality pictures.

They are opposites of refresh rates. In gaming, you will prefer a monitor with a high refresh rate and a low response time.

Most gaming monitors under 150 dollars have response times at 5ms and lower. This level of response time is already enough for light and certain heavy games.

It is mostly applicable for the monitor’s general use, but it can work with watching videos and gaming too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is screen resolution necessary for performance?

It is essential for performance because it is the one that commands how your GPU will carry out whatever graphic requirements each title needs.

The higher the screen resolution, the more detailed and sharp the images will look.

Why is input lag important?

An input lag is how long your monitor takes to process a picture coming from the graphics card and command that came from your controls.

Input lag has been one of the main reasons why gamers mess-up in their games. That is why it is taken into consideration and is deemed important.

How can contrast ratio better my gaming experience?

The contrast ratio is what differentiates dark and bright color values. It can better your gaming experience by letting you have distinct and vividly different colors on your screen.

Can a monitor affect game performance?

People assume that they only need a good controller or keyboard to be able to get excellent gaming performance.

They tend to forget that every control and finger movement they do is dictated by what they see in the monitor.

If your monitor lags all the time or does not display images very well, then your performance will be severely affected.

Which panel type is suitable for gaming?

We recommend the IPS panel type since it has a faster response time and better quality graphics.

Final Words

In this review, we have shown that we can have a good gaming monitor under $150, suitable for gaming, and be at par with the more expensive gaming monitors out there.

You do not need to spend a lot of money for that one of a kind gameplay experience.



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