5 Best Tool Box under $100, $200 Reviews of 2021


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As a handyman, suitable storage for your equipment should be attained for on-the-job repair. It is to avoid the catastrophe needed to find each tool across your house or, worse, forget something along the way.

You will always need a way to transport your materials efficiently and conveniently, and this is where the toolbox of your needs comes your way!

The best toolbox under $100, $200, comes in different styles, and it is your job to know which one is for you. To help you narrow it down, here are some of the things you need to consider!

Taking care of your profession also means taking care of your equipment. While doing so, here are some of the well-structured and affordable toolbox variety for you:

Best Toolbox under $100 Review

Toolbox under $100 Reviews

Investing in a toolbox is an investment for your profession, though, this does not mean that you need to pay a hefty price. Here is some toolbox under 100 that is worth every penny!

DEWALT Tool Organizer, 2 Drawers, Tough System (DWST08290)

DEWALT Tool Organizer, 2 Drawers, Tough System (DWST08290)

If you want a unique design that represents your work, this is a toolbox that you can consider! It is designed for those who prefer to have a drawer-like organization for retrieving their equipment.

Specifically, it offers two deep drawers, where you can store even your large equipment since there are no further barriers available.

The metal ball underneath offers convenience in sliding, to prevent any rigidness even on the first usage.

Together with its foundation and design, the manufacturer designed it in a way to withstand any rough usage that may occur during your work.

Moreover, it can also be stacked with multiple kinds of toolboxes, with its built-in stacking latches.

In it can be stored heavy-duty hand tools or small nails, screws, and bolts. Even if it seems compact, each space can be utilized entirely based on your needs!


  • Two deep drawer mechanism
  • Metal ball underneath the slides
  • Can withstand rough handling
  • Has stacking latches
  • Can store large materials


  • The manufacturer does not sell the separate part item
  • The size is too big for some, depending on their equipment usage

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GEARWRENCH 20″ 3 Drawer Black Steel Tool Box – 83151

GEARWRENCH 20 inch  3 Drawer Black Steel Tool Box - 83151

For those who want to experience the best of both kinds, this toolbox is equipped with a 2-in-1 drawer and center casing that can suite your equipment organization.

Specifically, the sleek design with up to par quality offers three drawers and one center compartment for a more flexible storage capability.

The overall material of the product is made of steel, which contributes to its firm and sturdy frame.

Moreover, its black coat easily resists rust despite the environmental condition it can be assigned to. The drawers are also equipped with ball slides for smooth movement.

Another added feature is that it has a key centered lock that can serve as additional safeguarding of your equipment.

The security it offers is essential, especially for those that need each equipment for their livelihood, as your output depends on it.


  • Has built-in three drawers and the center compartment
  • Made of steel that contributes to its sturdy frame
  • Black coat to prevent corrosion or rust
  • Drawers have built-in ball slides for smooth retrieve of materials
  • Key centered lock


  • More preferred for small equipment
  • The steel appears too thin for some consumers

Best Toolbox under $200 Review

If you prefer to spend a few more but still want to experience the “affordability but worth it” factor, here are some products under 200 for you to try!

Rubbermaid ActionPacker️ 24 Gal Lockable Storage Bins Pack of 2, Industrial, Rugged Storage Containers with Lids

Rubbermaid ActionPacker️ 24 Gal Lockable Storage Bins Pack of 2, Industrial, Rugged Storage Containers with Lids

Whether you need the toolbox for camping or construction tools, this product is perfect for you! The latches are lockable for added security and for it to have tamper-resistance.

It is one of the key factors that are preferred for those that ship their materials, or on work travels.

The overall structure of the toolkit can also withstand harsh environmental conditions, with a temperature of 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.

It is best for those that are on electrical jobs, or elevated workspace due to lightning instances.
Also, the lids are tightly sealed and are double-walled for top support.

The style of its cover repels the water, preventing it from storing it at the top or even inside.
And the product can also be rugged and roughly handled since it is already designed for the workplace.

Its overall inside frame is large enough to store extensive tools and equipment since no additional barriers are installed in it. Lastly, it offers different sizes directed for your necessity.


  • Lockable latches
  • Designed for harsh environmental condition or temperature
  • Lids are double-walled
  • A unique style of the cover to repel water
  • It can handle rugged usage


  • Hard to grasp the handle on its sides when transporting
  • The bigger the size, the bulky it is for travel

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Plano 823-003 Contractor Grade Po Series Tool Box

Plano 823-003 Contractor Grade Po Series  Tool Box

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-carry toolkit, this product can be worth trying for!

The compartment is ideal for different kinds of equipment, with a hollow main compartment for great tools and extended wirings, while two small compartments are embedded on the lid for small materials such as nails, nuts, and bolts.

And the wide handle accompanied by the lid square-hole design also makes it easy to pick up and transport, which is essential for on-the-move work, or when stationed at different locations at a time.

When the time comes that a single toolbox is not enough for you, do not worry, for it also supports stacking!

It is equipped with latches for a secure connection and has a rigid frame to support the weight. Moreover, the equipment supports rough usage.

It can be scratched and tossed around without giving severe damage to the content inside.


  • Supports stacks
  • Side compartment on the lid
  • Support rough handling
  • Wide handle for easy pick-up
  • Can store large equipment inside


  • Generic style
  • Water can be accumulated on handle hole

Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-22-8425 Pack out, Large Tool Box, Red

Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-22-8425 Pack out

This product is perfect for stacking, or for a stand-alone toolbox usage. If you are a technician whose workplace includes different weathering conditions, its overall makeup is designed for you.

Due to its IP65 weather seal rate, it is ensured to last even in terrible weather. No need to worry if your tool can make the trip, for it surely can! The reinforced metal handle is also an added key feature that can help in portability and rigidity of transportation.

Also, it has heavy-duty latches that protect its content to avoid spillage, as well as an added support in its corners and locking point.

Moreover, it comes with an organization tray that can help you make sure that each tool is within reach and are inside.

The large size makes it suitable to carry not only small equipment but also great hand tools for your job.

And the rugged, tight system also makes sure that it can withstand extreme handling without damaging the content, not even a scratch!


  • IP65 weather seal rate means can handle extreme conditions
  • Metal handle for portability
  • Heavy-duty latches
  • Comes with an organization tray
  • Can carry large material


  • Expensive compared to others but worth the money
  • Too large for some who only uses medium-sized tools

What to Look for before Buying

Before taking a trip to your nearest hardware store or site, it is best to know first the key essentials you should look for when buying the toolbox.

Remember that a proper toolbox is a reflection of your work, and to prevent any mishaps when choosing, here are some that you need to know-

Price Allotted

It is essential to know your price point for it to be aligned with the best features that you can get within the range. Also, it helps narrow down the choices for easy selection.

High Quality

Ask yourself if it can hold the tools that you will put in it. This includes the fragility, the ease of retrieving, carrying, and that if it can withstand any kind of stress.


There are different kinds of the toolbox, from open casing to pure drawers, and so it is vital to assess which one would be suitable for you.

Portability is also a fundamental foundation if you are the kind that goes from one area to another a lot.

It should be light enough to carry but strong enough to guard your equipment safely.


The setting of the area should be considered, especially if you tend to be outdoors when working.

If the answer is yes, or if large bodies of water surround you, it is essential to invest in a waterproof toolbox.

Locking Mechanism

Some toolboxes can be left unattended for long periods, and this is where the locking mechanism is essential.

Some offer added security like key or number induced, and you can choose it if you tend to travel separately with your equipment. Though, a sturdy lock that would not spill the components is already enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best toolbox under $100 and $200:

How can I clean my toolkit?

To keep it in pristine condition, you can start by lubricating the drawer slides at least once or twice a year.

The other parts can be cleaned with water and detergent. You can also apply car wax to keep the shine.

How can I clean my toolkit

My lock is broken. What should I do?

If your toolbox comes with a built-in lock, removing and inserting another depends on its style. Usually, the manufacturer sells a spare lock in the shop if requested.

The process can be made by you or them depending on the flexibility of instruction.

What does it mean by maximum product weight?

It is the combined weight of the toolbox and the content it can carry.

What composes a basic toolbox?

It depends on what your work will be. It can compose of screwdrivers, hammers, electrical tape, tape measure, level, wrenches, wire stripper, and different sizes of nuts, bolts, screws, and nails.

Which one is better, plastic or metal toolbox?

Metal can be chosen for those that prefer more rigidity and structure, as well as a high degree of rough handling.

Meanwhile, plastic can be selected if you want a lighter variety, rust-resistance, and more careful handling.

Final Words

Your toolbox would serve as your partner in constructing or fixing escapades, and so it is essential to have high quality but affordable one designed for you.

Now that you know the key factors and products to consider, look for the best toolbox under 100, 200 now!


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